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Mechanical Creatures

By no means can we deny that the Law of Recurrence processes itself in every moment of our life.

Indeed, repetition of events, states of consciousness, words, desires, thoughts, volitions, etc., exist in each day of our existence.

It is obvious that when one does not observe oneself, one cannot observe this incessant daily repetition.

It is evident that whosoever does not have any interest in observing himself also does not desire to work in order to achieve a true radical transformation.

To top it all off, there are people who want to transform themselves without working on themselves.

We do not deny the fact that each person has a right to the true happiness of the Spirit. Nonetheless, it is also true that such happiness would be more than impossible if we do not work on ourselves.

When one truly manages to modify his reactions against the diverse happenings that occur daily, one can then change intimately.

However, we could not change our way of reacting to the facts of practical life, if we do not work seriously upon ourselves.

We need to change our way of thinking. We need to be less negligent. We need to become more serious and to face life in a different manner. We need to face life in its real and practical sense.

However, if we continue the way we are, behaving the same way everyday, repeating the same errors, repeating the same negligence as always, then indeed any possibility of change will be eliminated.

If one truly wants to know oneself, one must then begin by observing his own conduct while facing the events of any day of his life.

We do not want to imply by this that one must not observe oneself daily. We only state that Self-observation begins with the first day that one starts observing oneself.

There must be a beginning in everything; thus, to start by observing our conduct in any given day of our life is a good beginning.

Certainly, the most appropriate beginning is to observe our mechanical reactions when facing all those small details at home, in the bedroom, in the dining room, in the house, on the street, at work, etc., what we say, feel and think.

Then, what is important is to see how or in what manner we can change these mechanical reactions. However, we will never change if we think that we are good persons, that we never behave in an unconscious and mistaken manner.

First of all, we need to comprehend that we are machine-persons, simple marionettes controlled by secret agents, by hidden “I’s.”

Many people live inside of us; we are never identical. Sometimes, a selfish person manifests through us, other times an irritable person, in any other instant, a generous, benevolent person, later on a scandalous one, a slanderous person, afterwards a saint, then, a liar, etc.

Thus, inside of each one of us we have people of all types, “I’s” of all species. Our personality is nothing more than a marionette, a talking doll, something mechanical.

Let us start by acting consciously during a small portion of our day. We need to stop being simple machines, even if it is for at least a few brief daily minutes. This will have a decisive influence on our existence.

When we observe ourselves and do not do what this or that “I” wants us to do, then it is clear that we begin to stop being machines.

A single moment in which one is sufficiently conscious as to stop being a machine, if it is done with will, tends to radically modify many disagreeable circumstances.

Unfortunately, we live daily a mechanical, routine and absurd life. We repeat occurrences; our habits are the same; we never want to modify them. They are the mechanical tracks on which circulates the train of our miserable existence. Nevertheless, we think the best of ourselves.

“Megalomaniacs” abound everywhere. Those who think themselves to be Gods, nonetheless, are mechanical routine creatures, people from the mud of the earth, wretched dolls moved by diverse “I’s.” People like this will never work upon themselves.