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Infant’s Self-cognizance

We have been wisely told that we have ninety-seven percent of subconsciousness and three percent of consciousness.

Plainly and bluntly speaking, we shall state that ninety-seven percent of the Essence that we carry within ourselves is bottled up, stuffed, inserted within each one of the “I’s,” which in their conjunction constitute the “myself.”

Obviously, the Essence, or consciousness, bottled up within each “I,” processes itself in accordance to its condition.

A determined percentage of consciousness is liberated when any “I” is disintegrated. Hence, the emancipation or liberation of the Essence or consciousness without the disintegration of each “I” is impossible.

The greater the quantity of disintegrated “I’s,” the greater the degree of Self-cognizance. The lesser the quantity of disintegrated “I’s,” the lesser the percentage of awakened consciousness.

Therefore, the awakening of consciousness is only possible by dissolving the “I,” by dying in oneself, here and now.

Unquestionably, as long as the Essence or consciousness continues bottled up within each one of the “I’s” that we carry within our interior, it will always be asleep, in a subconscious state.

It is urgent to transform the subconsciousness into consciousness. This is only possible by annihilating the “I’s,” by dying within ourselves.

So, it is impossible to awaken without first having died within ourselves.

Those who try to awaken first and then die do not possess a real experience of what they affirm. They advance resolutely on the path of error.

Newly born children are marvelous. They enjoy total Self-cognizance. They are totally awake.

The Essence or consciousness is re-embodied within the body of the newly born child. This is what gives the baby its beauty.

We do not mean to state that one hundred percent of the Essence or consciousness is re-embodied within the newly born child; it is only the three percent of free consciousness that normally is not bottled up within the “I’s.”

Nevertheless, that free percentage of Essence, re-embodied within the organisms of newly born babies, gives them full Self-cognizance, lucidity, etc.

Adults look at the newborn with a type of pity. They think that the baby is incognizant; nonetheless, they are lamentably mistaken.

The newborn looks at the adults exactly as they actually are: unconscious, cruel, perverse, etc.

The “I’s” of the newborn come and go. They circle around the cradle and wish to enter into the new body. However, because the newborn child has not yet built a personality, all attempts by the “I’s” to enter the new body are more than impossible.

Sometimes, babies are frightened when they see those phantoms or “I’s” that approach their crib and then they cry, scream. Yet, adults do not understand and assume that the child is ill or is hungry or thirsty; such is the unconsciousness of adults.

As the new personality forms, the “I’s” that come from previous existences penetrate the new body little by little.

When the totality of the “I’s” have entered into the new body, then we appear in the world with that horrible ugliness that characterizes all of us. We then wander like somnambulists everywhere, always unconscious, always perverse.

When we die, three things go to the sepulcher:

  1. The physical body
  2. The organic vital body
  3. The personality

The vital organic body floats like a phantom in front of the grave and disintegrates little by little, as the physical body also disintegrates.

The personality is subconscious or infraconscious. The personality enters and leaves the sepulcher whenever it wants. The personality rejoices when mourners bring flowers, it loves its relatives and dissolves very slowly until it becomes cosmic dust.

That which continues beyond the sepulcher is the ego, the pluralized “I,” the myself, a bunch of devils, in which the Essence, the consciousness, is bottled up. The ego, in its due time, returns and reincorporates.

It is lamentable that the “I’s” also re-embody when the new personality of the child is built.