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The Jinn States

Despite the fact that I had occupied my life with so many studies, I also had to deeply investigate the “Jinn” states.

Behold, dear readers, how the words of this chapter are a cause for wonder and happiness for us, since we were able to experience in a direct way the real existence of the lands and people in the Jinn state.

“It will cause astonishment that in the first third of the eighteenth century, when the superstitious Phillips were not reigning any more, the very same Don Juan of Mur and Aguirre, former Governor of San Marcos of Arichoa in Peru, blindly believed in the existence of multiple mysterious islands throughout all the seas of the world.

“This was due to the more or less fantastic information that was sent to the general and to the royal audience about the repeated apparitions of those dreamt of islands. Such information did produce,” says Viera, “new feverish outbursts in all the spirit towards what is marvelous, and moved us to attempt the discovery of the Nontrabada Island for the fourth time.

Saint Brendain

“The truth is that the Nontrabada or Uncovered has not been seen by the mortals since the eighteenth century. The aggressive skepticism that has reigned in the world since the encyclopedia does not deserve anything but to make the veil of Maya more dull and dense to those kind of uncovered ethereal mysteries, or mysteries of the fourth dimension.”

“The Nontrabada or Uncovered Island, more generally known as Saint Brandain's Island,” says Benitez in his history of the Canary Islands, “is one of those enchanted countries that has preoccupied the modern people as much as the golden fleece of the ancients. Certainly, they had powerful reasons for this, because effectively from the islands of Palma, Gomera, and Hierro, they were used to seeing O.S.O. from the first one and the O.N.O. from the last on. Running in the direction N. to S. was a kind of mountainous land that in accordance to the most generally admitted computation, would be forty leagues of distance from the Palma, and that could have (we do not know how it was measured) about 87 leagues long by 28 leagues wide and that could be at 28 and some minutes of a latitude north, because sometimes it was shown from the southwest of Tenerife.

“The third day of April of 1570, the Doctor Hernan Perez de Grado, First Regent of the Audience of the Canaries, delivered a recommended order to the islands of Palma, Gomera, and Hierro, with the purpose of performing an exact investigation with all the people who observed the apparition of such a land, or, that had proof of its existence from any other sources.

“Because of such information, from the island of Palma he removed the Portuguese pilot Pedro Vello, native of Setubal, who said that because of a tempest, he disembarked on the island Nontrabada with two persons from his crew, and that there, he contemplated such and such marvels (extraordinary phenomena, giant prints, etc.).

“Then, the sky became cloudy at dawn, the hurricane blew horizontally, and being afraid of losing the ship, he returned to board it very quickly.

“In the moment of setting sail they lost sight of that land, and when the tempest ended they tried to go back to it, but it was impossible for them to discover it from any point of view. Therefore, they were disappointed, especially for two men of the crew who were abandoned within the thickness of the jungle.” 

This true Jinn story that is represented here for you, dear reader, is taken at face value from old chronicles.

Ancient traditions, truly, very respectable traditions, tell us that in the golden age of Lacio and of Liguria, the divine king Jano or Saturn (I.A.O., Bacchus, Jehovah) reigned over those holy people, all Aryan tribes, though from diverse epochs and origins. Then, it may be said that in the same epoch with the Hebrew people, those Jinns and mankind lived happily together.

The Jana, Yana, Jnana, or Gnosis is nothing but the science of Jano, meaning the science of initiatic knowledge, the science of Enoichion, or the seer. The variants of his name are so many that there is one in each language, such as Jan, Chhan or Kan, Dan, Dzan, D’Jan, Jain, Jian, Ioan, Kwan, Swan, Thanos, Thoan, Chohan. All of them are equivalent to the most sublime conception of a planetary spirit, the regent of Saturn, a nazada, a kabir in the most complete sense of the word.

The Jinn sciences are not an opinion for me, but an established truth, and if you want me to show this with my lived experience, listen with patience to the following narrative.

Thirty times had I seen the autumn leaves fall in my present reincarnation when I had to work consciously and positively with the doctrine of the Jinns or of Jano.

On one night of marvels, Litelantes, my priestess-spouse, proposed to me a sublime invitation...

I was resting with my relaxed body, face up (lying down position) on the nuptial bridal bed...

I must affirm with a certain solemnity and for the good of the Great Cause that in those moments I was in the state of alert novelty, alert perception.

I was dozing with attention and vigilance as a watchman in an epoch of war. 

Obviously, I was longing with infinite thirst for something extraordinary.

After the well known rigorous invocations, I felt as if another human being was lodged upon my relaxed body, exactly upon the sheets, blankets, or bedclothes that delicately protected me from the cold of the night.

Unquestionably, that being was Litelantes. I recognized her because of her voice when, in a forceful way, she called me by my Christian name...

Clearly, that adept-lady, by means of the extra help of some Jinn people, had managed to place her physical body within the fourth dimension.

“Come on,” she told me, “come on, come on!” 

I, who with infinite longing always waited for this instant, promptly arose from my bed.

It is obvious and evident that when I arose from the bed, being helped like this, I passed through the crossing gate of the speed of light. Then I stood beside my anchoritic bed of penitence with my physical body fully submerged within the fourth dimension.

Any sincere Gnostic could certainly perform the same if in the initial moments of falling asleep he concentrates himself intensely in his particular, individual Divine Mother Nature...

The following is a very special magical formula:

I believe in God.
I believe in my Mother Nature.
I believe in White Magic.
My Mother, take me with my body.

This prayer must be prayed thousands of times in the instants when we want to sleep. 

Nonetheless, it is important not to forget a common saying that states, “Strike with thy rod while thou beg to thy God.”

When slightly asleep, get up from your bed while begging, and then jump with the intention of floating in the surrounding environment. Have faith even the size of a grain of mustard seed, and you might move mountains.

If you do not achieve floating, go back into your bed again and repeat the experiment.

Many are those who triumph immediately, and others persevere months and even entire years in order to attain their entrance into the Jinn paradises...

After this small but important, indicative type of divergence, let us continue with our story.

I left my bedroom with a steady and decisive step. I passed through a small patio, and directed my steps towards the street.

Granting me the way with a lot of reverence, a certain group of elderly women respectfully bent before my insignificant person who has no value. I thanked them for this special deference.

I left the city, very closely followed by this group of Jinn people. I directed myself towards the neighboring mountains.

I felt as if I was submerged into a very ancient, sub-lunar, distant past. I understood that I had penetrated within an inferior cosmos...

I was submitted to ordeals of courage, being forced to fly over profound precipices...

By floating in the surrounding environment of the fourth dimension in the company of Litelantes and the whole procession of Jinn people, I traversed the boisterous ocean and arrived at a certain secret place in old Europe...

I courageously entered into a certain castle where I admired with astonishment a strange symbol that had a crucifix underneath it...

The return to my mansion was relatively easy, because it is a law in the fourth dimension that everything returns to its original point of departure.

Litelantes and I very happily talked about all of this. Obviously, we had achieved a marvelous triumph.

Some days after, we continued with these experiments, learning to place the physical body into a superior cosmos...

Today we know by direct experience that with the help of the Divine Mother Kundalini, we can place the physical body into a Jinn state in order to travel throughout the cosmos.