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The Heaven of Mercury

Now comes the second work of Heracles in a transcendental and transcendent way: the destruction of the hydra of Lerna, a symbolic monster of immortal origin, endowed with nine sinister heads that regenerate each time they are destroyed. It is a threat to cattle and harvests.

This is a hard battle in which the solar hero is accompanied by “Yolao,” his charioteer and inspirator, whose notable play is very similar to that one of Krishna and his relation with Arjuna (Read The Bhagavad-gita, The Song of the Lord).

Even though this magnificent work can be interpreted as a beneficial labor in the swampy delta, as that of the sacred Nile, this multi-faceted hydra is also an allegorical image that clearly personifies the mind with all of its psychological defects.

As a constellation, this symbolic hydra has its frontal part between Leo and Cancer, and extends itself towards the south, to the resplendent feet of Virgo.

“Yolao” burns the reborn heads with flaming embers while Heracles crushes the other heads with his war club. After all of this, Heracles cuts off the immortal head, which is an extraordinary symbol of authentic love. He hides this head beneath a rock, which obviously will serve as a “Philosophical Stone” of his regenerated, exquisite, spiritual life.

It is written in the book of life with characters of fire: “Whosoever wants to ascend must first descend.” “Every exaltation is always preceded by a humiliation.”

Unquestionably, I was longing with all the forces of my soul to rise, to ascend into the heaven of Mercury, the Devachan of the Hindustanis, the mental superior world, the abode of the archangels. However, to descend, to go down into the infernos of the mind in order to destroy the hydra of Lerna was indispensable.

Those psychological defects of a multi-faceted structure, which in the lunar infernos I had reduced to cosmic dust, continued to exist as the abominable heads of the fatal hydra in all of the enclosures of the mind.

Horrifying animal creatures, disgusting abysmal engenderings, clearly personified each one of my own psychological defects.

One can give oneself the luxury of comprehending any psychological defect; nonetheless, its deep significance may still not have been captured...

Unquestionably, we need with undeferable maximum urgency to not only comprehend, but moreover, to trap the deep significance of that which we want to eliminate.

To eliminate the heads (psychological defects) of the hydra of Lerna is only possible by means of the transcendental sexual electricity during the “Sahaja Maithuna,” in the “forge of the Cyclops.”

Since the “metaphysical copulation” in the “Ninth Sphere” is a form of prayer, I beseeched Devi Kundalini in those instants...

Goethe, the great German initiate, when worshipping his Divine Mother Kundalini, exclaimed while filled with ecstasy:

Immaculate Virgin in the most beautiful sense.
Oh Mother, worthy of veneration.
Chosen Queen for us
And whose essence is equal to the gods.

When longing for the death in himself, here and now, during the chemical coitus, such a great bard said:

Arrows trespass me;
Lances subdue me;
Clubs hurt me.
Let all disappear,
Let all vanish,
Let the perennial star shine,
The focus of eternal love.

Unquestionably, I always proceeded in a very similar way. So, the hydra of Lerna was slowly, little by little, losing each one of its abominable heads...

On a certain occasion, while being in a monastery of Oriental Tibet, I had the occurrence of telling my Divine Mother Kundalini the following, “You and I converse and we look like two different persons, nonetheless we are the same Being.”

It is not irrelevant to emphatically asseverate that the answer was certainly extraordinary, “Yes, my son, you and I are the same Being, but derivative.”

In the name of the truth, frankly and plainly speaking, I confess that without the immediate help of my adorable Divine Mother, in no manner could I radically eliminate the hydra of Lerna... (my psychological defects in my intellectual subconsciousness.)

Ere the gold flame can burn with steady light, the lamp must stand well guarded in a spot free from all wind. - Voice of the Silence

The terrestrial thoughts must die before the doors of the temple.

The mind which follows the rambling senses makes the soul as helpless as the boat which the wind leads astray upon the waters. - Bhagavad-gita

When the Sun of Midnight victoriously shone in the spiritual firmament, I then returned into the archangelic state that in foregone times I had lost, and joyfully I entered into the heaven of Mercury...