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The First Initiation of Fire

When dealing with transcendental and practical esotericism, we can and even must emphasize the following.

Everything which has been stated in occultism about geomantic boards, astrology, magical herbs, marvelous parchments with cryptographic languages (in spite of being absolutely noble and true) is certainly nothing but kindergarten, the minor part of the great wisdom inherited from the East. This wisdom consists of the radical transformation of oneself by means of the revolutionary asceticism of the new Aquarian Age (an extraordinary mixture of the sexual arousal with spiritual longing).

Indeed, we Gnostics are the elect ones, possessors of three great treasures that are:

A) The Philosophical Stone 

B) The Clavicle of Solomon

C) The Genesis of Enoch

These three factors constitute the living foundation of the Apocalypse, besides the collections of Pistorius, the Theosophy of Porphyry and many other very ancient secrets.

The absolute radical change within ourselves, here and now, would be impossible without the Philosophical Stone.

Clearly and plainly speaking, I declare: the Ens Seminis (the entity of semen) is certainly that venerable matter (cited by Sendivogius) with which we must elaborate the Philosophical Stone.

Sexual Magic is the way... Thus, this is what I understood in my present reincarnation when I wanted to elaborate upon the Philosophical Stone.

We can accomplish that alchemical maxim that states Solve et Coagule by means of the blessed stone.

We need to dissolve the psychological “I” and coagulate the Hydrogen SI-12 within us in the form of the solar bodies, inner powers, virtues, etc.

It is the Philosophical Stone that valorizes the sexual seed and gives the power of germination to it, like a mystical leaven that creates fermentation and raises the complete metallic mass in order for the king of creation to appear in his integral form, which is not the intellectual animal mistakenly called “human being,” but the authentic human.

Willpower — Thelema — acquires the power of transmutation that converts vile metals into gold, in other words, evil into good, in all circumstances of life. For this reason, Thelema demands a minimum quantity of Philosophical Stone or “powder of projection” for the transmutation.

Each vile metal dissolved in the sexual alchemical crucible is always replaced with the pure gold of some new virtue (Solve et Coagule). The modus operandi is mentioned in the eleventh chapter, fifth story, of this same treatise (for more information you must study my book entitled The Mystery of the Golden Blossom).

To light the individual Fohat, the flame of Eros, in our sexual alchemical laboratory is certainly the foundation of the Dionysian wave. Thus, this is how I profoundly comprehended it when studying at the feet of my Guru “Adolfito.”

Unquestionably, I was always assisted during the meta-physical copulation. The other divine guruji, to whom payment was given in the temple (see chapter twelve), accomplished his pledged word.

This great soul assisted me astrally during the chemical coitus. I saw him making strong magnetic passes upon my coccygeal bone, dorsal spine, and superior part of my head.

When the erotic igneous serpent of our magical powers awoke in order to initiate its inner, upward march, I felt very thirsty and a very sharp pain in my coccyx that lasted for many days. 

I was then congratulated in the temple. I can never forget that great cosmic event.

During that epoch, I was dwelling in peace within a small house at the seashore, in a tropical zone on the coast of the Caribbean Sea...

The ascent of the Kundalini from vertebra to vertebra was performed very slowly, according to the merits of the heart.

Each vertebra is very demanding. We can infer with this that there are difficult ordeals. 

As a corollary we affirm: the ascent of the Kundalini to any vertebra is not possible if we do not fulfill the precise moral conditions for it.

These thirty-three spinal vertebrae are denominated in the superior worlds with symbolic terms like “canyons,” “pyramids,” “holy chambers,” etc.

Certainly, the mystical ascension of the flame of love from vertebra to vertebra and from chakra to chakra along the medullar canal was performed upon the foundation of Sexual Magic, as well as sanctification and sacrifice (goodwill).

The assisting mahatma granted me help by conducing the sacred fire from the coccygeal bone (base of the dorsal spine), to the pineal gland, situated, as it is already known by physicians, in the superior part of the brain.

Posteriorly, with great mastery, that “great Ssoul” made my erotic fire flow up to the region of the mid-brow.

The First Initiation of Fire became the corollary when the igneous serpent of our magical powers made contact with the atom of the Father in the magnetic field at the root of the nose. 

Certainly, it was during the mystical ceremony of the Last Supper when the cosmic date for the initiation was settled. 

The Holy Grail, as a sacred ember, flamingly shone upon the table of the Pascal banquet.

The true history of this Holy Grail is written in the stars and does not have its foundation in Toledo, as it is stated by Wolfram von Eschenbach...

The principal known origins of all these chivalrous legends related with the legend of the Holy Grail are:

A) The History Rerum in Partibus Transmarinis Gestarum by Guillermo from Tyre (1184), a Latin work translated into French with the title of Roman D’ Eracle. It is a book which serves as a foundation for the book Gran Conquista de Ultramar, translated from French into Castellan in the late thirteenth century or the beginning of the fourteenth century. In this book Gran Conquista de Ultramar, the five main branches which refer to the cycle of the First Crusade are summarized: The Chanso D’ Antiocha, the Chanson de Jerusalem, Les Chetiis (or captives), and Elias (the Knight of the Swan).

B) The Dolopathos by John of Haute-Selve, written in 1190.

C) The poem which Paris called Elioxa or Helioxa — The Solar Calf — the primitive name of Insoberta or Isis-Bertha from the Knight of the Swan. This last work has great analogies, in accordance with Gayangos, and with the famous Amadis of Gaul.

D) Parsifal and Titurel by Eschenbach.

E) Count of the Grail by Chrétien de Troyes (1175), Lohengrin or Swan-Ritter (the Knight of the Swan), an anonymous Bavarian work from the thirteenth century published by Goerres in 1813.

F) Tristan and Isolde by Godofrede of Strasbourg (1200-1220), and also there are many analogous “Tristans” found in literature.

G) The “Demand of the Holy Grail” with the marvellous acts of Lancelot and his son Galahad (fourteenth century), with all of its concordant works.

I waited with infinite anxiety for the date and hour of the initiation. The date was related with a very sacred 27th.

I wanted an initiation as the one obtained by Commander Montero in the Temple Chapultepec, or like the initiation obtained by Gines de Lara (the reincarnated deva) in that sancta sanctorum or adytum of the Templar Knights on an extraordinary night of an eclipsed moon.

However, my case was certainly different, and even if this seems to be incredible, I felt disappointed during the night of my initiation.

While resting with infinite anguish on my hard bed within a humble cabin by the shore of the sea, I passed the night uselessly waiting in vigil...

My priestess wife was sleeping, snoring, sometimes moving in her bed, or pronouncing incoherent words...

The frightfully roaring sea was beating the shore with its furious waves, as if protesting...

Daybreak came and nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Oh God, what a “dog’s night”... Bless my soul, oh God, and hail Mary!...

What intellectual and moral tempests I had to experience in those mortal, nocturnal hours!

Indeed, there is no resurrection without death, nor a dawn within nature (or within the human being) without darkness, sorrows, and nocturnal agony preceding them, which makes their light more adorable. 

All of my senses were tested and tortured in mortal agony that made me exclaim, “My Father, if it is possible take this cup away from me, but not my will but thine be done.”

When the sun arose like a ball of fire, seemingly emerging from within the tempestuous ocean, Litelantes awoke saying, “Do you remember the festivity that they offered to you up there? You received the initiation...”

“What? But what are you saying? Festivity? Initiation? Which? The only thing that I know is that I passed a night more bitter than bile...”

“What?” exclaimed Litelantes, astonished. “So then you did not bring back any memory to your physical brain? You do not remember the great chain? Did you forget the words of the great initiator?”

Overwhelmed by such questions, I interrogated Litelantes, saying, “What did the great being tell me?”

“He warned you,” exclaimed the Adept-lady, “that from now on you will have double the responsibilities for the teachings that you will give to the world... Moreover,” said Litelantes, “you were dressed with the white linen tunic of the adepts, of the occult fraternity, and the flaming sword was delivered unto you...”

Ah! Now I understood. While I was passing through so much bitterness in my anchorite, penitent bed, my real inner Being was receiving the cosmic initiation...

Bless my soul, oh God, and hail Mary! But what is happening to me? Why am I so slow-witted?

“I am a little hungry. I think that it is time for us to get up for breakfast...”

Moments later, in the kitchen, Litelantes gathered some dry wood that would serve as combustion for lighting the fire...

Breakfast was delicious; I ate with a great appetite after such a painful night...

Another day of routine: I worked as I always did in order to gain the daily bread, and then close to midday I rested in my bed...

I was certainly tired, and a small nap seemed to me just, and moreover, I was sorrowful within my heart...

I did not have any inconvenience in lying down with my body well-relaxed in the “dorsal decubitus position,” in other words, lying on my back, facing up...

Suddenly, while being in the state of vigil, I saw that someone entered my room. I recognized him as a “chela” of the venerable White Lodge...

This disciple held a book in his hands; he wanted to consult me and to solicit a certain authorization...

When I wanted to give an answer, I spoke with the type of voice that even surprised me. It was Atman answering through my creative larynx. He is terrifically divine.

“Go,” said my real Being, “accomplish the mission that is commanded unto you.” The thankful chela left.

Ah! How different I was... Yes, now I understand. Those were my exclamations after the departure of that chela...

Happily, I arose from my hard bed in order to talk with Litelantes. I needed to tell her what had just occurred...

I felt as if something superlative, a transcendental, ethnic change of an esoteric, divine type had operated within the interior of my consciousness. 

I was longing for the night. For me, that tropical day was as a vestibule of wisdom. As soon as possible, I wanted to see the sun like a ball of fire sinking once again into the boisterous waves of the ocean.

When the moon started to turn the boisterous water of the Caribbean Sea metallic, precisely when the birds of the sky were withdrawing into their nests, I had to urge Litelantes to conclude her domestic chores. 

That night we went to bed earlier than usual; I was longing for something. I was in an ecstatic state...

While laying down again on my anchorite, penitent hard bed in that Hindustani asana of a dead man, “dorsal decubitus” (facing up with a relaxed body, arms along the sides, heels together, with the feet opened like a fan), I was waiting in the state of alert perception, alert novelty.

Suddenly, in a matter of a thousandth of a second, I remembered a distant mountain. 

What happened then was something unusual, unexpected...

Instantaneously, I saw myself there, upon the distant summit, very far away from my physical body, affections, and the mind...

I was Atman without boundaries, far away from the dense body and in the absence of the supra-sensible vehicles...

The cosmic initiation that I received the previous night was a palpable fact, a living crude reality that I did not even need to remember in those moments of Samadhi...

When I placed my dexterous hand over the golden belt, joyfully I could verify that there I had the flaming sword, exactly at my right side...

All the details that Litelantes had given me had become precise for me. How happy I felt now as a Spirit-Man! I was dressed with the tunic of white linen...

I cast myself into the infinite sidereal space while in complete Dionysian inebriation. I joyfully moved away from the planet Earth...

While submerged within the ocean of the universal spirit of life, I did not want to return into this valley of bitterness. So I then visited many other planetary abodes...

While smoothly placing myself upon a giant planet from the unalterable infinite, I exclaimed, “I dominate the whole of this,” as I unsheathed the flaming sword...

“The human being is called to be the governor of the whole of creation,” answered a hierophant who was at my side.

I then put the flaming sword within its golden sheath and while submerging myself even more within the “sleeping waters of life,” I performed a series of extraordinary invocations and experiments. 

“Buddhic body, come unto me!”

Then, attending my call, the beautiful Helen, Guinevere, the queen of the Jinn knights, my beloved Spiritual Soul, came to me.

She entered within me and I within her, and between us we formed the famous Atman-Buddhi of which Oriental Theosophy speaks greatly.

It has been said, and with just rightness, that Buddhi (the Spiritual Soul) is like a glass of alabaster, fine and transparent, within which the flame of Prajna (Atman) blazes.

From within the very depths of the chaos, I continued to perform those singular invocations in a successive order, and I then called my Human Soul, saying, “Causal body, come unto me!”

I saw my Human Soul gloriously dressed with the causal vehicle (the Theosophical Superior Manas).

How interesting that moment was when my Human Soul joyfully entered into me...

At that moment, that Theosophical Triad, known in Sanskrit as Atman-Buddhi-Manas, was lucidly integrated in an extraordinary way. 

Unquestionably, Atman (in other words, the Innermost) has two souls. The first is the Spiritual Soul (Buddhi), which is feminine. The second is the Human Soul (Superior Manas), which is masculine.

While inebriated with ecstasy, I subsequently called my mind as follows, “Mental body, come unto me!”

I had to repeat this invocation numerous times because the mind is tardy in obeying, but finally it presented itself with great reverence saying, “Lord, here I am. I have concurred to your call. Excuse me for being delayed. Did I accomplish your orders well?”

In those instants in which I was going to give an answer, the solemn voice of my Pythagorean Monad emerged from my profound interior, saying, “Yes! You obeyed well. Enter...”

That voice was like the Ruach Elohim, which according to Moses sowed the waters in the dawn of life...

It is not irrelevant to emphatically state that I concluded these invocations by calling the astral body. This body was also a little delayed in coming to my esoteric call, but finally it entered within me.

I, from within the Chaos (the primitive abyss), already dressed with my supra-sensible vehicles, could have also called my physical body which in those moments was within its anchorite and penitent hard bed. Obviously, this body would have concurred to my call.

This is never impossible: my physical body, which was resting in those very interesting moments within the hard bed, could be helped with the fourth aspect of Devi Kundalini. It could have abandoned the three-dimensional region of Euclid in order for it to concur to my call.

However, I then preferred to emerge from within this “vacuum” (vacuum, in the sense of a completely unlimited and profound space), in order to return to the planet Earth...

In those moments, I resembled a solitary ray emerging from the abyss of the Great Mother...

The return to this planet of bitterness, governed by forty-eight laws, was relatively very quick.

Frankly and plainly speaking, I declare: I returned into my physical body with complete self-cognizance by penetrating within this body through that marvelous door of the soul cited by Descartes. I am referring to the pineal gland...

It is a pity that Cartesian philosophy ignores what objective knowledge is.

Since such a type of pure knowledge is accessible to my cognitive faculties, I have written these lines for the good of our beloved readers...