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Secret Teachings of Moses

Sex, the Soul, and God in the Garden of Eden

A Book by Aunel va Daath

The Hidden Knowledge of Genesis Revealed

See what the religious authorities have hidden (or forgotten) for centuries.

  • Unveils the true foundation of the greatest Western religions
  • Restores the practical focus of true spirituality
  • Solidly rooted in Kabbalah and the Hebrew letters

Moses, the great patriarch in the heart of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, wrote the first five books of the Bible or Tanakh, perhaps the most influential books in Western history. Yet, because they were written in Hebrew, a highly symbolic and deeply mystical language, few have revealed the true meanings of the stories and events he described. When you know the Hebrew letters and the structures of Kabbalah, the secret teachings of Moses radiate with stark clarity, and echo throughout the entire range of Jewish and Christian scriptures, especially in the Gospels of Jesus.

This book focuses on the second chapter of Genesis (Bereishit), which establishes the foundation of the Jewish and Christian religions. With this knowledge you can understand the true meaning of Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, the presence of the serpent, and all of the rest of the teachings that follow these symbols. Yet, this is not merely scholarly theology: by understanding what Moses actually wrote, anyone can see the true basis of human suffering and how to change it.

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More Information:

  • Paper 4 1/8 x 6 3/4 inches
  • 340 Pages
  • Illustrated
  • Includes a complete translation of one of the oldest known books of Kabbalah: Sefer Yetzirah
  • Glossary and Index
  • ISBN 9781934206454

Chapters include: The Secret Teachings, The Names of God, The Four Worlds, Creation and the Trinity, The Two Gardens of Eden, The Waters, The Four Rivers and the Four Tattvas, The Mystery of Lucifer, The Two Trees, Becoming, The Three Hebrew Mother Letters, The Physical Body, The Fruits of the Tree of Life, The Serpent of Eden, The Two Wombs, The Beast and the Serpent, The Archangel Samael, The Temptation of Eve, The Two Seeds, The Children of Adam and Eve

About the Author

Aunel va Daath is the pen name of a student of Samael Aun Weor, the founder of the worldwide Gnostic movement. Both of their names are Hebrew. Under the guidance of Samael, Aunel has taught Gnosis, the primordial religion that gave birth to all religious forms, in many countries around the world. “The Secret Teachings of Moses” was crafted from his lectures, the outcome of many years of study and meditation on the scriptures of Judaism and Christianity.

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