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The Teachings

Only life intensely lived provides lasting wisdom.  However, the mind, which is the one that causes us to commit errors, impedes us from arriving at the amphitheatre of cosmic science.  The errors of the mind are those ‘“I’s” or psychological defects that the intellectual animal, falsely called a human being, carries within his interior.

The psychological defects are within the 49 levels of our consciousness.

We cannot recognize or find the ‘“I’s” or egos of the 49 subconscious levels, because each one of them has parts of themselves within our different bodies. To know them, we must appeal to a force that is superior to the mind, so that this force may disintegrate them. This force is our Divine Mother Kundalini; she will disintegrate them with her serpentine fire.

Only the Mother Kundalini of Hindu mysteries knows the 49 levels of our subconsciousness.

The studied psychological defects do not form part of our Being.  This is why after having studied the psychological defect through meditation one supplicates Ram-Io (the Mother Kundalini) to disintegrate it with the sexual energy during Sexual Super-dynamics.

We cannot get to see a defect in the mind by means of the intellect and reflection. Everyone remains stagnant there because we do not know the other seven bodies of the mind.  It is there that the ego has its den.

The mind, the intellect, the reasoning (and all the more subjective methods with which the human being works) can never reach the profound levels of subconsciousness, which is where the ego continuously develops its film and makes the consciousness slumber. Only the Kundalini, with its sexual fire, can reach the 49 levels in order to definitely disintegrate that which causes us pain; that which holds us in misery; that which people painfully love; that which present materialistic psychology has wanted to deify; that which is called ego, which the revolution of the dialectic wants to destroy in order to achieve an integral revolution.