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The Rhetoric of the Ego

By analyzing the three-brained biped called a human being, we arrive at the logical conclusion that he does not yet have a Permanent Center of Consciousness, a Permanent Center of Gravity.

We cannot affirm that human bipeds are individualized; we are sure that they are only instinctualized. In other words, they are only impelled by “I’s” that manipulate the Instinctive Center at their pleasure.

The beloved ego does not have any individuality. The ego is merely a sum of conflicted factors, a sum of small loose cathexis of egotistical psychic energies.

Each small “I” of those that constitute the legion called ego really has its own personal criteria, its own projects, its own ideas and its own rhetoric.

The rhetoric of the ego is the art of speaking well, with elegance, in such a subtle way that we do not realize at which moment we have fallen into error. The rhetoric of the ego is so subliminal that our consciousness sleeps without us ever realizing it.

We see the ego with its rhetoric leading countries on an arms race: “The volume of heavy commerce among the Third World countries duplicated between 1973 and 1976 [airplanes, warships, and armored transport], while their imports doubled.” The interesting thing is that in an age in which they talk about arms control and peace, the countries in the process of supposed “development” with the help of the supposedly “industrialized” ones, increase their capacity for destruction! Is this truly the appropriate road for disarmament and world peace? On the contrary, it is the rhetoric of the ego.

While human bipeds continue to be fascinated with inventions and with all the apparent marvels of the Antichrist [materialistic science], in Ethiopia hundreds of thousands of people have died of hunger since 1973. Is this civilization? This is the rhetoric of the ego...

The human biped only wants to live in his tiny world, which is no longer good for anything. Materialistic psychology (experimental psychology) is good for nothing. Proof of this is the fact that materialistic psychology has not been able to solve the mental problems that affect the country of the United States. For example, in the large cities of the American Union, the famous “gangs” continue to multiply. Let us take a look at New York City where many “Pool Sharks” exist. They are a group of people whose members are about 30 years old and wear dirty clothes and leather boots. They meet on roof tops and pride themselves on being good billiard players. “The Unknown Cyclists” are also more or less the same age. They dress in the fashion of the “Hell’s Angels” and wear leather jackets with big zippers. Their bicycles are old Schwinns that have been adapted with elongated forks to resemble motorcycles.

Violence is an accepted part of the lives of each of the thousands of members of gangs that exist in that country. Painfully enough, there are human bipeds of other countries who want to imitate them. Is this psychological liberation? False! This is the rhetoric of the ego, which has deceived everyone. It is only by living and putting into practice the teachings that I have delivered in this entire authentic treatise of revolutionary psychology that human bipeds will be able to free themselves from the rhetoric of the ego.