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The Kalkian Personality

Each day we must become more and more conscious of the work that we are doing. Therefore, it is fundamental to know the differences that exist between the Gnostic Movement and all the other pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist organizations that we find in the world today. If we want to comprehend the work that we must do, we have to know how to situate ourselves, how to center ourselves, above all else.

If we take a general look at the different pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools that presently exist in the world, we can easily discover their origin.

On one occasion in Rome, Italy, there occurred the case of a nun who constantly fell into a hypnotic trance. She confessed and clarified the causa causorum of those fatal trances to a priest. First of all, the priest managed to figure out that she had had a lover and that although she was cloistered, she kept a photograph of her lover with her. The priest made her bring the photograph to him. He suddenly realized that just by merely looking at that picture, the nun would fall into a trance. The priest asked for assistance from a psychologist in order for him to perform some psychic experiments on the nun. Afterwards, they realized that it was not the photograph of the man that put the nun into a trance, but rather some very shiny stones that were around the picture frame.

The investigations continued and very soon it was possible to conclude, as a consequence or corollary, that all types of brilliant objects predispose people to fall into hypnotic states. As a result, an entire school was formed on that finding. They were able to verify that by means of hypnotic states, it would be possible to modify, in some way, the psychological states of patients. It was thereby resolved that hypnosis should be use to cure patients or sick people.

This is how the famous medical hypnotists were born. It was then that many followers of hypnology, catalepsy, mediumism, etc. made their appearance in the world. It is not irrelevant to remember Richet, Charcot, Luis Uribe, Cesare Lombroso, Camille Flammarion, etc. with certain emphasis.

In that school of hypnotists, an Englishman (whose name I do not recall in this precise moment) and the famous Charcot are the ones who especially stood out. The Englishman had all the properties of a Hasnamuss, and Charcot was no doubt “a momma’s boy.” He was the “baby” of the family, the spoiled child, and everything that he did was a “marvel.” He did, however, have some noteworthy experiments. 

If I generally mention any of these passages and experiments of magnetism, hypnology, catalepsy, Spiritism (and fifty thousand other things of that sort) it is to make you see where the different pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism schools come from in this dark age of Kali Yuga.

It was during the time when Oriental Theosophy began to emerge that a famous phantom named Katie King materialized for three consecutive years in front of the eyes of many scientists of the world through the young ladies Fox of Mirville (mediums). It was in those days when all of Europe became agitated with psychic phenomena, especially that of Eusapia Paladino of Naples. Anyone who has visited any of those types of organizations knows that there always exists a mixture of Spiritism with Hindu-type theories. Theosophy has never been free of the spiritualistic phenomenon.

When we know the origin of the different organizations that presently exist, it cannot surprise us in any way that Theosophy is mixed with some form of medium-channeling.

That fact that Theosophists become frightened when facing Tantra is normal because it is not a school of an esoteric type, but rather a school of a pseudo-occultist type and nothing more.

Unquestionably, many branches or organizations (let’s call them pseudo-rosicrucianism, pseudo-yogism, etc.) had to branch off, as is natural, from that school of hypnotists. These branches are so innumerable that we would need to consult an encyclopedia to find out all of their names.

But let us get to the bottom of this subject matter. What is the foundation of such schools? It is the dogma of evolution. From where did such boasted dogma come from? It comes from Mr. Darwin, of course.

It seems incredible that Mr. Darwin has put into his pocket many eminent figures, many esotericists, pseudo-esotericist investigators, and many sincere aspirants. But we cannot deny how it happened.

The concept of reincarnation that was created by those pseudo-esoteric organizations in the western world is false. Lord Krishna never said that all human beings reincarnate. He said that only the Buddhas, the Gods, the solar Heroes, have the right to reincarnate. It is clear that the rest of us are subjected to the Law of the Eternal Return of all things.

In the East it was also never said that all humanoid beings possess the superior existential bodies of the Being. Nevertheless, it was easy for the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools to make humanity believe that the entire world already possesses such superior vehicles. In this manner, they speak about the subject of “the septenary of man” with such certainty and confidence that it seems as if all humanoids truly possess that entire set of vehicles.

Therefore, the Kalkian personality (the personality that is characteristic of this Kali Yuga) is the outcome of all this sort of morbid knowledge that was disseminated throughout the western world in all of these subjective, incoherent, vague, and indefinite schools.

Kalkian personalities are disrespectful, irreverent. This type of personality from these pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools has lost not only the sense of authentic devotion and of true religiosity but also that of veneration for the ancient Patriarchs. In this manner, humanity (having been able to be directed by truly wise religions) has degenerated in its ridiculous pedantry, thus forming the Kalkian personality.

It is convenient to know how to confront a Kalkian personality with an authentic esoteric personality. What is the difference? The Kalkian personality is full of pedantries; it is bottled up in the dogma of evolution, misinformed about the internal constitution of the human being. The Kalkian personality ignores the Tantric mysteries. The Kalkian personality fears the development of the igneous serpent in the spinal column, besides the fact of being stuffed with theories, which produces a feeling of self-sufficiency.

Unquestionably, the Kalkian personalities are victims of self-deceit. They believe that they have achieved everything when indeed they have achieved nothing, and what is worse is that they have lost their sense of veneration. They have forgotten the true and authentic religiosity. They have also lost their humility before the Creator Logos. This is what the Kalkian personalities are.

We cannot walk on the path of the Kalkian personality. We cannot accept false dogmas such as evolution; such as that of believing that all humanoids are perfect and complete human beings who possess their existential bodies; such as fearing the igneous serpent of our magical powers and the lived experience, etc. We prefer instead to follow the path of authentic wisdom, the path of the Tantras, the path of the dissolution of the ego and of the recognition of our own misery and incapacity. Yes, we prefer to recognize that we are nothing, that we are only miserable slugs in the mud. Yes, we are concerned about working on ourselves, upon ourselves. We want the dissolution of the “myself,” of the “oneself.”

We, the Gnostics, use the intelligent power of the creative energy. We work in the forge of the Cyclops, which frightens pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists so much. Therefore, we are on a different, one hundred percent revolutionary path, and which nonetheless has the frightening antiquity that is lost in the unbearable night of all ages.

Certainly, the characteristics of the Kalkian personalities are unmistakable. Above all, their self-sufficiency, their terrible pride, and their frightening vanity (based upon theories) stand out. We see, for example, in the schools of psychoanalysis, parapsychology, etc., what terrible pride and self-sufficiency seize those people with true Kalkian personalities. They stand out not only in certain groups but they also appear on television, they appear in the press, on the radio, and have the entire world completely poisoned with certain types of vibrations that in esotericism are called poisoniooskirian vibrations.

They have complete self-sufficiency; they look at the people of the Middle Ages with disdain. They think that they are super-civilized. They believe that they have arrived at the non plus ultra of wisdom. Their pride is such that they plan to conquer the infinite, outer space. They laugh at what they consider to be superstitions of the medieval sages. Behold, this is what the Kalkian personality is.

But, how does one make those Kalkian personalities comprehend that they are mistaken?

It would not be sufficient to simply tell them, for they would deny it, isn’t that true? Since those Kalkian personalities have mastery over reasoning and that is their combat weapon, their little battle horse. Therefore, we have to lead them to comprehend what the reasoning process is.

We have to make those self-sufficient and proud people know that Immanuel Kant, the philosopher of Konigsberg, the great German thinker, wrote a book called The Critique of Pure Reasoning, as well as The Critique of Practical Reasoning.

If we study Immanuel Kant, we will see how he deciphers us, not only in his prosyllogisms, episyllogisms, and syllogisms, but also in the manner how he analyzes the conceptual contents in the Critique of Pure Reasoning.

It is clear that through external sensory perceptions we inform the mind, it then elaborates its conceptual contents based precisely on the crude sensorial connections. Because of that, it is circumscribed only by the data provided by the senses. Therefore, what can the subjective reasoning know about intuitions, and about ideas a priori, and about that which escapes the conceptual contents, based only on external sensory perceptions? Nothing! Isn’t that so?

There exists another type of reasoning that the Kalkian personality absolutely ignores. I want to emphatically refer to Objective Reasoning. Obviously, the data of the consciousness is its foundation; it is with this data that it functions.

In authentic esotericism the consciousness is called Zoostat.

Objective Reasoning was developed before the Greco-Roman period emerged. The primeval Aryans of the first sub-race of the great Aryan Root Race (which flourished in Central Asia) had developed it. The people of the second sub-race (prior to the period of the solar Rishis) possessed it. The Egyptians of the ancient dynasties of the Pharaohs, the Babylonians, the sages of Afghanistan, Turkestan, and Iraq also used it. This type of reasoning practically ended with Greek reasoning.

The Greeks were the ones who began to play with words and ended up establishing the subjective reasoning based on external sensory perceptions, thus drowning out the Objective Reasoning, eliminating it from the face of the Earth. Since then, humanity only possesses subjective reasoning, external sensory perceptions, the data provided through the five senses.

Conceptual contents are based on the sensorial connections, etc. Thus, subjective reasoning can know nothing about that which escapes the aforementioned factors. The sensualistic subjective reasoning can know nothing about what is real, the divine, about the mysteries of life and death, etc. It is ignorant of all that escapes its sphere of action, which are the five deficient physical senses.

Unquestionably, the powers of the heart do exist. These powers are those qualities that are beyond the intellect and its purely reasoning process, which the sensualistic subjective reasoning knows nothing about.

In the land of the Vedas there exists an old manuscript that states the following:

The one who meditates on the heart center will achieve control over the Vayu Tattva (the ethereal principle of air) and will also acquire the siddhis (the powers of the saints.)

In these moments there comes into my memory the case of Joseph of Cupertino. They say that he elevated himself into the air seventy times. This magical event, which happened around 1650, was the reason why he was canonized. It is indubitable that he had his heart center developed. When a Cardinal interrogated him, he asked, “Well, why is it that you clamor at the moment that you are going to rise while in prayer?”

He then answered, “The gunpowder, when ignited in the harquebus, explodes with a great noise. The same thing occurs to the heart when it is inflamed by Divine Love.”

So, in a practical manner, Joseph of Cupertino gave the clue of the Jinn State. The heart center is what we have to develop in order to be able to achieve the Jinn States.

Christina, the extraordinary saint, constantly levitated. Once she died (it was believed that she was dead), they were going to bury her, then suddenly, from within the coffin, she arose, floating all the way towards the bell tower of the church.

We could continue narrating innumerable cases... For instance: the case of Francis of Assisi. A good brother, who took care of Francis, brought him food but the monk was already in levitation, floating in the atmosphere. On other occasions, the good brother could not manage to give him the food because he could not reach him; Francis of Assisi was already too high. At times he would disappear into a nearby grove.

All these mystics had the heart center developed. Not having that center developed, one cannot acquire dexterity in the Jinn States.

Ordinarily, the one who has developed the intellect suffers much in order to achieve the Jinn States, because his intellect is developed but at the expense of the energies of his cardias. Thus, by sucking the energies of his cardias, he loses the powers of his cardias. In other words, he exchanges the powers of his cardias for his intellect.

It would be preferable to not be an intellectual and instead have the powers of the cardias, isn’t that true? Nevertheless, instructors must not worry. The heart center once again can be developed by cultivating superior emotions, listening to the advanced music of the great Masters, and meditation. Thus, one develops the heart center once again by becoming more mystical, more profoundly devout. This is very pleasing.

Besides my dear brothers and sisters, we must get to know, to be able to comprehend, that the human being is divided into two consciousnesses: the true and the false.

When one comes to this world, one brings within the essence all the data (which is deposited by nature) that one needs for the inner Self-realization of the Being. But, what happens? One is put into schools where one receives a false education and much advice and precepts that are futile. In the end, one creates a false consciousness. The true consciousness within, with the deposited data that one needs to follow the footsteps, to follow the path, to arrive at the liberation of the Being, remains at the bottom, sadly categorized with the name of subconsciousness. Have you ever seen anything more absurd?

We have to become sincere with ourselves, to recognize that our false consciousness is the one that they have formed for us; the one that was created with all their theories learned in elementary and secondary schools, in college, etc., and through so many other ways (such as with the examples of our elders and the prejudices of this society in which we live). Therefore, it is not the true consciousness.

We must eliminate everything that is false within us. We must completely eliminate, definitely eradicate, that false consciousness (that is based on what we have been told, on school precepts, on college lessons, etc.) so that only the true consciousness, the Superlative Consciousness of the Being, remains within us; that is what matters.

See for yourselves how these modern psychoanalysts, these famous psychiatrists, psychologists, parapsychologists, followers of hypnotists, exert themselves more and more to drown out the true consciousness of the Being, to suppress it, to eliminate it. More and more, by all means, they want to invigorate that false consciousness that we possess.

Mesmer was a marvelous man. He had a premonition that a double consciousness existed in human beings, thus he resolved to study it. He realized that a false consciousness exists as well as a real legitimate consciousness stored in our depths and that we underestimate the real legitimate consciousness. Therefore, Mesmer began to carry out experiments of magnetism that were, without a doubt, contrary to hypnology.

Poor Mesmer, he was ridiculed and criticized a lot in his time and they still continue to ridicule and criticize him to this day. Presently many texts of hypnotism begin by talking against Mesmer. Hypnotists hate him precisely because he pronounced himself against that false consciousness; he discovered that a double consciousness exists: the false and the true consciousness. Mesmer came to unmask the false consciousness before the solemn verdict of public opinion and it is clear that they almost swallowed him. This is the crude reality of facts.

Well, in order not to deviate so much from the theme, what I want to state is that inner development is only achieved by endeavoring to throw the false consciousness into the trash and by paying attention to the true consciousness, the authentic consciousness.

What is understood by false consciousness? It is that consciousness that they have formed for us from the time that we were born. It is that consciousness that was created with examples, with the precepts of all of our relatives. It is that consciousness that they formed for us in schools, and with all the social prejudices that subsist and shall subsist.

Therefore, we have to throw away all that constitutes our false consciousness in order to cause our true consciousness to emerge to the surface so that we can work with it. This shows us that in order to work psychologically, that is, in order to put the true wisdom into play, one needs to become a child, to become an infant, a baby, stripped of all theories.

Therefore, the reason I have written this chapter is so that we center ourselves; so that we recognize the position in which we are in this world; so that we understand that we, the Gnostics, do not march on the path of all those “little schools,” sects and orders that are created by the Kalkian personalities. We Gnostics are different, that is all.