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The Ex-personality and the Quantum Theory

The cause of the effulgence of the atoms comes from units of energy which are called quanta.

The quanta move themselves within the diamond at half of their usual velocity; their velocity progressively decreases within the air, water, and earth.

An atom is like a vibrometer that produces waves whose momentum flows in accordance with its type.

The emotional attachment of disembodied people diminishes the velocity of the quanta within their ex-personality in such a manner that the radiance from the deceased’s ex-personality can become accessible to the retina of a living person. Then, the ex-personality of the deceased person is physically palpable.

The Garcia Peña Case

On a certain day I encountered an old friend of mine on Cinco de Mayo Street in Mexico City. I greeted him raising my arm and I continued on my way. A few days later I met a relative of this friend of mine, who to my surprise told me that Mr. Garcia Peña, my friend whom I had greeted on Cinco de Mayo Street, had died two months ago. Undoubtedly, the ex-personality of this friend of mine made itself tangible because he was emotionally attached to this world in which we live. Thus he was repeating the same actions that he was mechanically accustomed to.

It is indubitable that a close relationship exists between the energetic and atomic personality and the quanta which possess their own vibratory frequency. The disembodied persons customarily unconsciously decrease the quantum vibration of their personalities due to their emotional attachment towards this three-dimensional world. Thus, this is how they make themselves palpable and perceptible.

When the quanta are fast they are not perceived. When they are too slow, they are not perceived either.

Normally, the quanta travel at the speed of light and in a circular way.

The secret of time is hidden within the atom. The concept about time is negative. No one could demonstrate the velocity of time. Time cannot be enclosed in a laboratory.

We place the concept of time between one event and another. The proof of this is in the great number of different calendars.

The attitude that we have at a given instant is what decreases the velocity of the quantum. This same quantum phenomenon is what usually occurs at spiritualistic meetings.

The processes of the cosmos are performed in an eternal now. The rising and setting of the Sun are performed in an eternal instant.

We must move on towards the developing of our own way of thinking. From the energetic point of view, each of us is a mathematical point that allows to serve as a vehicle of specific values, whether they are positive or negative.

Image, values, and identity within the one who annihilated the ego are positive. Death must be considered as a mathematical subtraction.


Reincorporation is the new principle that explains the incessant incorporation of values within mathematical points.

Energy is indestructible. I do not believe that the quanta can be destroyed. However, it is possible to manage to transform them. Every human being who likes the psychological revolution must reflect upon all that which is related with the quantum phenomena, in order to extract from it the self-concept and the evident self-reflection of the Being.

The study of the quantum can be performed by that one who through his actions can live the Mental Dynamics in his own flesh and that through it achieves the emancipation of his mind.