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We need to de-egotize ourselves in order to individualize ourselves, and then super-individualize ourselves. We need to dissolve the “I” in order to have the PCC (which we had studied about in the previous chapter).

The pluralized “I” foolishly wastes the psychic material in atomic explosions of anger, covetousness, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc.

Once the “I” is dead, the psychic material accumulates within us and thus, becomes the PCC.

In this day and age, the human being, or better said, the biped who classifies himself as “human,” is really a machine that is controlled by the legion of the “I.”

Let us observe the tragedy of people in love: how many promises they make! How many tears they shed! How many good intentions they state! But, what happens? All that is left are their sad memories. They marry, then time transpires, and the husband falls in love with another woman or the wife falls in love with another man, and their castle in the sky falls to the ground. Why? It is because the person does not yet have his PCC.

The small “I” that swore eternal love is replaced by another small “I” that has nothing to do with that promise. That is all. We need to become individuals and this is only possible by creating a PCC.

We need to create a PCC and this is only possible by dissolving the pluralized “I.”

All of the inner contradictions of the human being, if seen in a mirror, would be enough to drive anyone insane. The source of such contradictions is the plurality of the “I.”

Whosoever wants to dissolve the “I” has to begin by knowing his inner contradictions. Unfortunately, people like to deceive themselves in order not to see their own contradictions.

Whosoever wants to dissolve the “I” has to begin by not being a liar. All people are liars unto themselves; everyone lies to himself.

If we want to know the plurality of the “I” and our perennial contradictions, we must then not deceive ourselves. People deceive themselves so as not to see their internal contradictions.

With just reason, everyone who discovers his intimate contradictions feels ashamed of himself. He comprehends that he is a nobody, that he is a wretched person, a miserable worm of the earth.

To discover our own intimate contradictions is a success because then our inner judgment is liberated spontaneously, thus permitting us to see with clarity the path of individuality and that of super-individuality.