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After having profoundly studied the sunspots, the great Russian erudite Georges Lakhovsky reached the point of discovering that an intimate relationship exists between sunspots and wars.

In this era of remote-controlled rockets, profound studies have been made on cosmic rays and their influences on the living cell and organisms in general.

The complex mechanism of remote-controlled rockets can be controlled by means of radioactive waves. Neither the radioactivity of the planets in space, nor their electromagnetic influence upon living organisms can be denied any longer.

There is a cosmic law called Solioonensius. After the submersion of Atlantis, this law has manifested itself upon our planet Earth forty times. Such a cosmic law is the outcome of the electromagnetic tension of the worlds.

Our solar system of Ors has a neighboring solar system called Baleooto. In the cosmos the famous comet Solni also exists. Sometimes this comet Solni draws dangerously close to the resplendent Baleooto sun.

Many times in the past this resplendent sun has been forced to develop a strong magnetic tension in order to be able to firmly maintain its customary cosmic path. This tension naturally and logically provokes identical tension upon all the neighboring suns; among them is our sun which is called Ors.

When our sun Ors also puts itself in electromagnetic tension, (in order for the cosmic path that it follows not to be modified) it originates identical tension upon all the planets of the solar system of Ors, including our planet Earth. This is the cosmic Solioonensius. This great law acts upon our planet Earth at very long intervals.

Normally, this great law produces intense religiosity and profound yearning for inner Self-realization. However, when humanity is not psychologically prepared for the action of this law, the outcome is customarily catastrophic.

In the year 1917, the aforementioned cosmic law manifested itself intensely. Nevertheless, this Solioonensius was combined in an abnormal and negative manner within the psyche of each individual due to the fact that the Russian proletariat was full of profound resentments and bitterness. Thus, the outcome of such a negative combination was the Bolshevik Revolution.

Russia had already been preparing itself psychologically for this bloody revolution for a while. Therefore, the Bolshevik revolution was certainly the outcome of an extremely bad combination of the Solioonensius with the psychological idiosyncrasy of each individual. “Yearning for freedom” is one of the characteristics of this law when in action.

Nonetheless, during the time of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia there were only a few people who were able to intelligently take advantage of the Solioonensius in order to develop Objective Reasoning, individual self-consciousness and the revolution of the dialectic. This will also eventually occur during these present times.

Many years have passed and we still do not know when the Solioonensius will return. What we indeed know is that we must psychologically prepare ourselves in order to receive it in an intelligent manner. Thus, with the help of the Solioonensius, we will achieve the integral revolution that I present in an objective manner in this treatise.

Therefore, it is logical to think that if the Solioonensius finds us without any psychological preparation, the outcome will be catastrophic.

It is good to record in our memory and to never forget that the Bolshevik Revolution and the Seven Day War were indeed a social catastrophe.

We must aspire to perform the revolution of the dialectic upon the Earth. It is necessary to prepare ourselves psychologically as best as possible for this objective. It would be lamentable indeed for the next Solioonensius to find us without any type of psychological preparation.

In ancient times when the Solioonensius manifested itself and humanity was not prepared it was catastrophic. Let us remember ancient Egypt; between one dynasty and another there were terrible events. Twice did the Solioonensius manifest itself in a catastrophic manner in the sunny land of Kem.

In the first Solioonensius, the people, in a bloody revolution, elected rulers through blood and death. The candidate who had within his “sacred vase” the greatest number of eyes belonging to the legitimately constituted ruling class was elected the new ruler. It is clear that the scenes of such a revolt were horrible.

In the second manifestation of this cosmic law, the infuriated Egyptian people rose against their rulers and killed them by piercing them from side to side with a sacred metallic cable. On that occasion, neither sex nor age was respected. This cable seemed more like a macabre necklace which was later dragged by beasts and thrown into the Nile.

The Solioonensius produces yearnings for liberation, for a revolution of the consciousness. However, when the human being is not prepared, the only thing that arises within him is to kill the rulers, or to assassinate others, or to dethrone kings, or cause wars, etc.

We must prepare ourselves psychologically for the Solioonensius. We need to become self-cognizant and to perform upon the face of the Earth the revolution of the dialectic.