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Apparently, our civilization appears to be so brilliant because of its conquest of outer space and the penetration of matter, but in reality, it is rotten due to the leprosy of the decadent ethics of homosexuality, lesbianism, and drug addiction.

The present civilization has entered into its phase of devolution in order to terminate itself (as had occurred with other civilizations). As a testimony to this, history shows us that when the signs of devolution surged forth from within the arrogant and imperial Rome, the greatness of this austere and moral nation suffered radical changes and sunk it into vices. This occurred after having been a conquering community of the old world.

What do I base this on? On clear and conclusive facts! A great culture such as that of England now only exports a psychological leprosy that is mentally contaminating the young generations of this day and age. The British group The Sex Pistols is capable of doing everything that is contrary to what is established, but negatively. This they do in order to appear as outstanding figures. They are the creators of punk rock and fabricators of songs that are plagued with bad words and themes that they employ for direct attack of not only institutions, but also against the public itself who listens to them with a sleeping consciousness. Filth is the flag of The Sex Pistols; they deliver a subjective message, rotten to the core, to this barren humanity. Thus, The Sex Pistols is an aggressive group that commits abuses against everything that is pointed out by the punk rock religion. Songs against love, filled with cynicism and aggression, but against repression, are created by four young people of the English working class who are against elitism.

It is ludicrous that these intellectual animals are able to create a religion when ignoring that the word religion comes from the Greek religare, which means “union with the Divinity.” But, what type of divinity do these degenerated people have that young people adore in their hypnotic trance, as if it was something great?

The musical current that is shown by The Sex Pistols creates the most infernal atmosphere in present existence. This is confirmed by the hundreds of young people who were at the concert at the One Hundred Club in London; they sunk themselves into the most profound spiritual and psychological ignorance.

The punk wave advances in spite of opposition, and their subjective fashion already appears in innumerable international magazines. Clothes cut into strips, discarded pieces of any existent materials that they employ as adornment. Short hair dyed with many colors, shirts and T-shirts with statements against everything. This is a clear demonstration of the symptoms of the psychological leprosy that this humanity has and that makes it so rotten.

In many of their “encounters,” physical aggressiveness (anger) is a habit. With enormous ease, insults are uttered; bottles are even flung from the very stage of The Sex Pistols. Often, all of this leads to brawls, jail, and even hospitals.

As an outcome of all of this insulting verbiage and flinging of objects, hundreds of young people appear at their concerts, yelling that they love The Sex Pistols because they are “the maximum” (as had occurred at The Paradise Club on Brewer Street).

Curiously, this band is led by Johnny Rotten (the leader who had never ever sung before this), Sid Vicious, Paul Cook, and Steve Jones. They do not respect anyone in England and it would be very difficult for them to come into our country.

I consider that life could not be explained without periodic evolution and devolution (such as that of the punk wave). This can also be noticed in plants, animals, human beings, in stars, and in constellations.

Likewise, historical cycles have their evolution and they also have their devolution, which fatally presents itself. Devolution wears out rocks, pulverizes suns, transforms someone who was once a boy into an old man, transforms the tree into coal, and sinks continents into the bottom of the oceans, or causes them to emerge.

Our postulates presented in this book seek to establish the foundations of a new civilization that will not have leprosy and that will be based on psychogenesis. In other words, it will first be based on the creation of the Man (the true human being), and it will then move towards the creation of the Superman through mental and Sexual Super-dynamics (which we have been emphasizing in this book).

Whosoever wishes to do so can enter into our Gnostic institutions (that disseminate my teachings), as long as they have aspirations to improve and to carry out the psychogenesis within themselves, here and now.

People who have not carried out the psychogenesis within themselves can only use an infinitely small part of their capacities and potential. This is why I invite our readers to practice the psychological teachings that I deliver in these chapters so that they can learn how to obtain the maximum yield from their psyche.

Within every human being there exist infinite possibilities for a limitless knowledge. All of us possess (in an embryonic stage) great psychological faculties that will emerge in that very moment when we initiate the work, that is, when we accomplish the psychogenesis within ourselves, without delay, here, in this very instant. The human being must prepare himself to know everything that concerns him within his existence. This fact is as natural as free will.

Why are we here? Where did we come from? Where are we going? All of this must be known here. Thus, we will prevail, free of dogmas and theories.

In other words, we will be able to improve psychically; we will be able to accomplish the psychogenesis in ourselves by means of the psychological disciplines that I have been indicating. Thus, we will place ourselves in contact with the different dimensions of nature.

Consequently, as we work on our psychogenesis, our own individual improvement will be perceived. This is how we will have access to the profound esoteric teachings that throughout the course of countless centuries have been there at the disposal of every human being who sincerely yearns to find an answer to a number of questions and who has an internal emptiness. Teachings that, without us knowing it, answer the immortal suggestion of the Great Master: Seek and thou shalt find…

In synthesis, we will say that psychogenesis is based on the phrase inscribed on the Temple of Delphi:

I warn thee, whosoever thou art, Oh, thou who wish to probe the arcana of nature, if thou do not find within thyself that which thou seek, neither shalt thou be able to find it outside. If thou ignore the excellencies of thy own house, how doth thou intend to find other excellencies? Within thee is hidden the treasure of treasures. Oh, man, know thyself, thus thou shalt know the universe and the Gods!