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Probationism is the science which studies the mental essences which imprison the soul. Probationism is the science of esoteric ordeals.

Probationism is that internal wisdom which permits us to study the prisons of understanding.

Probationism is the pure science which permits us to know in depth the errors of individual minds.

The human mind must be liberated from fear and appetites. The human mind must be liberated from the eagerness towards accumulation, liberated from attachments, hatreds, egotism, violence, etc.

The human mind must be liberated from the processes of reasoning which divide the mind within the battle of the antitheses.

A mind which is divided by the depressing process of options cannot serve as an instrument for the Innermost.

We must exchange the process of reasoning for the beauty of comprehension.

The process of conceptual election divides the mind, thus this is how the mind gives birth to erred action and useless effort.

Desire and appetites are obstacles for the mind. Those obstacles lead human beings to exert all kinds of errors which result in Karma.

Fear exerts over the mind the desire for security. The desire for security enslaves willpower, converting it into a prisoner of definitive self-barriers within which all human miseries are hidden.

Fear brings all types of inferiority complexes. Fear of death causes human beings to arm themselves and assassinate one another. The human being who carries a revolver at his waist is a coward; he is a fearful one. The brave one does not carry weapons because he does not fear anyone.

The fear of life, the fear of death, the fear of hunger, the fear of misery, the fear of cold and nakedness, engender all types of inferiority complexes. Fear leads human being towards violence, hatred, exploitation, etc.

The human minds live from one prison to another. Each prison is a school, a religion, an erred concept, a prejudice, a desire, an opinion, etc.

The human mind must learn how to flow seriously, in an integral manner, without the painful process of reasoning which divides the mind with its battle of the antitheses.

The mind must become like a child in order for it to be able to serve as an instrument for the Innermost.

We must always live in the present because life is just an eternal instant.

We must liberate ourselves from all types of preconceptions and desires. We must move only under the impulses of the Innermost. Covetousness, anger, lust, have their den in the mind. Covetousness, anger, lust, lead the souls towards the Avitchi.

The human being is not the mind. The mind is merely one of the four bodies of sin. When the human being becomes identified with his mind he falls into the abyss.

The mind is merely a donkey upon which we must ride in order to enter the Heavenly Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Therefore, when our mind besieges us with useless representations, let us talk to it in the following manner, “Mind, remove from my inner sight these representations, I do not accept these from you. You are my slave and I am your lord!”

Thus, when our mind assaults us with representations of hatred, fear, anger, cravings, covetousness, lust, etc., let us then talk to it in the following manner, “Mind, remove these things from my insight, I do not accept these from you; I am your master, I am your lord. You must obey me because you are my slave until the end of time!”

Now, we need human beings with Thelema, human beings with willpower, who do not let themselves be enslaved by their mind.