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Mental Stomach

In the previous chapter, we learned that there exist three known types of nourishment:

  1. Nourishment related with breathing.
  2. Nourishment that is strictly considered comestibles.
  3. And nourishment through impressions.

The outcome of respiration is the assimilation of oxygen which is so valuable for human life.

The digestion of comestibles brings upon the assimilation of the vital principles for our blood as the outcome.

The assimilation or digestion of impressions brings about as an outcome the absorption of energy that is finer than the other two.

The five senses correspond to impressions. Two types of impressions exist: pleasant and unpleasant.

The human being needs to know how to live, yet in order to do this one has to learn how to digest and to transform impressions. This is vital for comprehension.

If, indeed, we want to know how to live, then we have to transform impressions. The Hydrogen 48 is related with all the impressions that reach the mind. Unfortunately, human beings live mechanically. Human beings can transform the Hydrogen 48 into Hydrogen 24 in order to fortify the chakras. They can transform the Hydrogen 24 into Hydrogen 12 to fortify the mind and transform the Hydrogen 12 into Hydrogen 6 in order to fortify willpower.

In this day and age, one needs to transform the mind, to move it onto a new mental level. Otherwise, impressions will always continue to arrive in the wrong centers. People believe that they are able to see things from different angles and that they are almighty. However, they do not realize that their human mind is limited by their preconceptions and prejudices.

In these modern times, we need to transform our mental apparatus; we must be different, distinct. It is urgent and necessary to build a superior intellectual apparatus that will be adequate in order to transform and digest impressions.

In the same manner that the digestive apparatus has a stomach in order to assimilate the food, in the same manner that the respiratory system has lungs to assimilate oxygen, so too must a mental stomach be created by the mechanical human being. Please do not misunderstand or misinterpret this statement. This is not a bodily cellular stomach.

We have to transform impressions before digesting them. The creation of such a mental stomach is granted and facilitated by the Gnostic teachings, consequently making the intellectual animal something different.

The necessity of transformation cannot be born without having comprehended such a necessity. This comprehension emerges when one has the Gnostic knowledge.

When one thinks differently and positively about people, it is a sign that one is changing. We need to cease being what we are in order to become what we are not. One has to become missing to oneself. The outcome of all of this is the advent of someone who is not oneself.

On the path of the transformation of impressions, we have to be sincere with ourselves and we do not have to persuade ourselves. Justification appears in us in the beginning; however we need to study that such a justification might be the fruit of self-esteem.

We need to discover the causes and motives of our behavior while in the presence of impressions. When impressions are transformed, everything becomes new.

Only the Masters of the Occult Fraternity can immediately transform their impressions, whereas human machines do not transform them.

Those situations which were brought about through past, present and future impressions can only be modified by a conscious human being. Therefore, if people will not be capable of transforming their circumstances, they will continue being toys of circumstances and of others.

Life has an objective. A superior world is the objective of life. Thus, the Gnostic teachings instruct us in how to live in a superior world, how to live in a solar and immortal humanity; if one would not accept a superior world, transformation would then not have a purpose, this is obvious.

As it is now, our mind is good for nothing. One needs to organize it, remodel it, furnish it, etc., in other words, to place it on a superior intellectual level.

In order to be able to transform our impressions, we need to reconstruct the scene just as it happened, to find out what hurt us the most. If there is no digestion of impressions, then nourishment from them will not be attained. If there is no nourishment, the essential bodies of the Being will languish.

The “I” is governed and nourished with the Hydrogen 48. Each day, each hour, new “I’s” are continuously being born. For instance: mosquitoes bother us, the rain also, etc. Therefore, an addition and subtraction of “I’s” always exist.

Good impressions should also be transformed. If during the day one has had three impressions which have affected his psychological mood, then they must be studied and transformed at night by utilizing an orderly procedure. Each “I” is connected with others; they are associated. The “I’s” conjoin together in order to form the same scene.

We have to be analytical and judicious in order to transform impressions, so that new faculties will appear as an outcome. When people do not transform themselves, they continue to have a shameful and ludicrous psychological state. One is devolving if the digestion of impressions does not exist.

Therefore, we have to digest the impressions the same day... Do not permit the sun to set on your anger! We have to see things as they are. We have to create the convenient mental apparatus or the mental stomach in order to not become victims of anything.