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Knowing How to Listen

We have to learn how to listen. In order to learn how to listen, we have to awaken the consciousness.

In order to learn how to listen one has to know how to be present because the one who is listening is always escaping into his own psychological country or city.

The human personality and the physical body (because it is its vehicle) do not know how to listen.

People are filled with themselves, with their pride, with their faculties, and with their theories.

Therefore, there does not exist even a little corner or empty space within for knowledge, for the word. We must have our bowl facing upwards, like the Buddha, in order to receive the Christic word.

Psychological listening is very difficult. We have to learn to be attentive in order to know how to listen. We have to become more receptive to the word.

People do not remember their previous existences because they are not in their psychological house, they are outside of it.

One has to remember oneself. One has to relax the body as many times as one can during the day.

People commit many errors because they forget their Being. Great things happen when one remembers the Self.

Consultation is necessary but the important thing is to know how to listen. In order to know how to listen, one has to have the emotional, motor, and intellectual centers in supreme attention.

False education impedes one from listening. False education harms the five centers of the human machine—the intellectual, motor, emotional, instinctive, and sexual centers.

One has to listen with a spontaneous mind, free of mental assumptions, theories, and preconceptions. One has to open oneself to what is new with an integral mind, with the mind not divided by the battle of antitheses.