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Dispersed Mind and Integral Mind

In Mental Dynamics, it is urgent to know how and why the mind functions. We can make of the mind a useful instrument only by resolving that how and why.

Intellectual liberty is only possible on the basis of understanding, comprehension, and knowledge of the different functions of the mind.

Only by knowing the diverse mechanisms of the mind is how we liberate ourselves from it. This is how we make of the mind a useful instrument.

If indeed we want to control our own mind in an integral manner, it is unpostponable to know ourselves.

Hippocrates, the great physician, was one of the classical masters of the mind.

The human mind is conditioned.

Willpower without chains is only possible by dissolving the ego. The mind must become an obedient mechanism to the human being. Maturity begins when we accept the reality that the human mind is conditioned.

It is possible to achieve the liberation of the mind if we discover the intelligence which it possesses. We need an integral mind instead of a dispersed mind.