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The intellectual animal, falsely called a human being, has the fixed idea that the total annihilation of the ego, the absolute dominion of sex and the inner Self-realization of the Being is something fantastic and impossible. However, he does not realize that this very subjective way of thinking is the fruit of defeatist psychological elements that manipulate the mind and the body of those people who have not awakened consciousness.

The people of this decrepit and degenerated era carry within their interior a psychic aggregate that is a great obstacle on the path of the annihilation of the ego: defeatism!

Defeatist thoughts handicap people from elevating their mechanical life to superior states. The majority of people consider themselves defeated even before beginning the struggle or the Gnostic esoteric work.

One has to observe and analyze oneself here and now, to discover within those facets that make up defeatism.

In synthesis, there exist three common defeatist attitudes:

  1. To feel handicapped because of a lack of intellectual education.
  2. To feel incapable of beginning the radical transformation.
  3. To walk around with the psychological song, “I never have opportunities to change or to triumph!”

First Attitude

Feeling handicapped because of a lack of education

We have to remember that all of the great sages such as Hermes Trismegistus, Paracelsus, Plato, Socrates, Jesus the Christ, Homer, etc., never went to universities because verily, each person indeed has his own Master. This Master is the Being, who is beyond the mind and false rationalism. Therefore, do not confuse education with wisdom and knowledge.

The specific knowledge of the mysteries of life, cosmos, and nature is an extraordinary force that allows us to achieve integral revolution.

Second Attitude

Feeling incapable of beginning the radical transformation

The human-robots who are programmed by the Antichrist (materialistic science) feel that they are at a disadvantage because they do not feel capable enough. We must analyze the following: because of the influence of a false academic education that adulterates the values of the Being, the intellectual animal has created in his sensual mind two terrible “I’s” that must be eliminated. The first is a fixed idea that states: “I am going to lose!” The second is a laziness to practice the Gnostic techniques through which we will acquire the knowledge that is needed to emancipate ourselves from all the mechanicity and to once and for all come out from this defeatist tendency.

Third Attitude

Walking around with the psychological song: “I never have opportunities to change or to triumph!”

The thinking of the mechanical human being is: “Opportunities are never provided to me!” The scenes of existence can be modified and one creates his own circumstances. Everything is the result of the Law of Action and Consequence. However, the possibility that a superior law transcends an inferior law exists.

The elimination of the “I” of defeatism is urgent and unpostponable. It is not the quantity of theories that matters, but the quantity of super-efforts that are exerted in the work of the revolution of the consciousness. The authentic human being fabricates, in the moment that he wishes, the opportune moments for his spiritual or psychological growth!