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Within that world, which is the realm of comprehension, everything is abstract and apparently incoherent. This incoherence appears at the time one takes the first steps into the world of comprehension.

The mind and the psychological universe are found within a great chaos. This is why there is no concatenation of ideas, sentiments, etc.

In the 49 levels of the subconsciousness, a great quantity of files with powerful information exists. Unfortunately however, they are found in disorder and anarchy.

When one works in the world of comprehension, images and words emerge in the form of koans.

In the first works on the comprehension of defects, the assistance of sleepiness becomes necessary. In this comprehensive action one reaches confused levels, where images do not have coherence and where color does not yet possess neatness, in other words, color does not possess much brightness.

One of the principal obstacles in the comprehension of a defect is not being able to focus on the psychological element being studied; this is because the mind tends towards distraction.

In the world of comprehension when one tries to work on an “I,” everything becomes dark; one cannot see absolutely anything and at certain moments the consciousness loses its lucidity, thus rapidly falling into fascination.

The current of thoughts and sentiments is an obstacle in order to arrive at the comprehension of a defect.

When we want to comprehend an “I,” we fall into a dark void; we fall into a kind of amnesia within which we do not know what we are doing, who we are or where we are.

The force of Eros and the creative energy are the most perfect helpers for comprehension.

The creative energy, transmuted or sublimated during Sexual Magic (without the ejaculation of the entity of the semen), opens up the 49 levels of the subconsciousness, thus causing all of the “I’s” (which we have hidden) to come out from within them. These psychic aggregates emerge in the form of dramas, comedies, movies, and through symbols and parables.

It is written that the clue of comprehension is found within these three psychological keys: Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition.