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As the human being precipitated himself downwards on the path of devolution and degeneration, as he became more and more materialistic, his senses also became deteriorated and degenerated.

It comes into our memory a school in Babylon that was dedicated to the study of everything related to the olfactory sense. They had a motto that stated, “Seek the truth in the shades of aromas obtained between the moments that something is in the act of becoming frozen and the moment that something is in the act of becoming decomposed.”

That school was persecuted and destroyed by a very terrible chief. This chief had very dishonest business matters and he was soon indirectly accused by those affiliated to that school.

The sense of smell developed extraordinarily. It permitted the students of this school to discover many things which were not convenient for government officials.

There was another very important school in Babylon. This was the school of painters. The motto of this school was, “Discover and elucidate the truth, only by the tonalities which exist between white and black.”

During that time, those affiliated with such a school could normally utilize, without difficulty, nearly one thousand five hundred shades of the color gray.

From the Babylonian period to these sad days in which we live, the human senses have been degenerating frighteningly due to the materialism which Marx justifies in his own manner with the cheap sophistry of his dialectic.

The “I” continues after death and perpetuates itself through our descendants. The “I” complicates itself with materialistic experiences and becomes robust at the expense of the human faculties.

As the “I” has become invigorated throughout the centuries, human faculties have been degenerating more and more.

Sacred dances were authentic informative books which were deliberately transmitting certain transcendental cosmic teachings.

The Whirling Dervishes do not ignore the mutually equilibrated seven temptations of living organisms.

The ancient dancers knew the seven independent parts of the body and knew very well what the seven different lines of movement are. The sacred dancers knew very well that each of the seven lines of movement possesses seven points of dynamic concentration.

The dancers of Babylon, Greece, and Egypt did not ignore that all of this crystallized in the whirling atom and on the gigantic planet that dances around its center of cosmic gravitation.

If we could invent a machine that would imitate with exactness all the movements of the seven planets of our solar system around the sun, we would then discover with amazement the secret of the Whirling Dervishes. Indeed, the Whirling Dervishes perfectly imitate all of the movements of the planets around the Sun.

The sacred dances in the times of Egypt, Babylon, Greece, etc., go even further. They transmitted tremendous cosmic, anthropogenetic, psychobiological, mathematical truths, etc.

When the first symptoms of atheism, skepticism, and materialism began to appear in Babylon, the degeneration of the five senses accelerated in a frightening manner.

It is perfectly demonstrated that we are what we think. Therefore, if we think as materialists, we degenerate and fossilize ourselves.

Karl Marx committed an unforgivable crime. He took away the spiritual values of humanity. Marxism has unleashed religious persecution. Marxism has precipitated humanity to its total degeneration.

Materialistic Marxist ideas have infiltrated everywhere, in schools and in the home, in the temple and in the office, etc.

The artists of each new generation have become true apologists of dialectical materialism. Every breath of spirituality has disappeared in ultramodern art.

Modern artists no longer know anything about the Law of Seven. They no longer know anything about the cosmic dramas. They no longer know anything about the sacred dances of the ancient mysteries.

The tenebrous ones have stolen the theatre and the stage. They have miserably profaned it. They have totally prostituted it.

The Sabbath, the day of the theatre, the day of the mysteries, was very popular in the ancient temples. Marvelous cosmic dramas were then presented.

Drama served to transmit valuable teachings to the Initiates. Different ways to experience the Being and the manifestations of the Being were transmitted to the initiates by means of drama.

Among the dramas, the most ancient one is that of the Cosmic Christ. The Initiates knew very well that each of us must become the Christ of such a drama if we indeed aspire to the Kingdom of the Superman.

The cosmic dramas are based on the Law of Seven. Certain intelligent deviations of such law were always utilized in order to transmit transcendental teachings to the neophyte.

In music it is well known that certain notes can produce happiness in the thinking (intellectual) center, other notes can produce sadness in the sensitive (emotional) center and other notes can produce religiosity in the motor center.

Indeed, the old Hierophants never ignored that integral knowledge can only be acquired through the three cerebrums. A single cerebrum cannot give complete information.

The sacred dance and the cosmic drama, wisely combined with music, served to transmit tremendous archaic teachings of a cosmogenetic, psychobiological, psychochemical, metaphysical type, etc., to the neophytes.

In addition to this, it is suitable here to mention sculpture. The latter was grandiose in bygone times. The allegorical beings chiseled on hard rock reveal to us that the ancient Masters never ignored the Law of Seven.

Let us remember the Sphinx of Giza, in Egypt. The sphinx depicts for us the four elements of nature and the four basic conditions of the Superman.

After the Second World War, existentialist philosophy and art were born. When we have seen the existentialist actors on stage, we have arrived at the conclusion that they are truly maniacal and perversely sick people.

If Marxism continues to be disseminated, then the human being will end up totally losing his five senses (which are in the process of degeneration).

It is already proven by observation and experience that the absence of spiritual values produces degeneration.

The paintings of this day and age, as well as the music, the sculptures, etc., are nothing but the product of degeneration.

The initiates of ancient times, the sacred female dancers, the true artists of ancient great times, no longer appear on the stage. Now, only sick automatons, degenerated singers, rebels without a cause, etc. appear on the stage.

Ultramodern theatres are the antithesis of the sacred theatres of the great mysteries of Egypt, Greece, India, etc.

The art of this day and age is tenebrous; it is the antithesis of Light. Modern artists are tenebrous as well.

Surrealistic and Marxist painting, ultramodern sculpture, Afro-Cuban music and the modern female dancers are the outcome of human degeneration.

The young men and women of the new generations receive by means of their three cerebrums data which is sufficient to convert them into swindlers, thieves, assassins, bandits, homosexuals, prostitutes, etc.

No one does anything to put an end to this bad art and everything marches towards a final catastrophe due to the lack of a revolution of the dialectic.