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Anger annihilates the capacity to think and to resolve the problems it originates. Obviously, anger is a negative emotion.

Two negative emotions of anger that confront each other do not achieve peace or creative comprehension.

Unquestionably, when we project anger onto another human being, a crumbling of our own image is always produced; this is never convenient in the world of interrelations.

The diverse processes of anger lead the human being towards horrible social, economic, and psychological failures. It is clear that one’s health is also affected by anger.

There exist certain foolish persons who enjoy anger since it gives them a certain air of superiority. In these cases, anger is combined with pride.

Anger is also usually combined with conceit and even with self-sufficiency. Kindness is a much more crushing force than anger.

An angry argument is nothing but excitement lacking conviction. On confronting anger, we should decide, we should choose, the type of emotion that is most convenient to us.

Whosoever lets himself be controlled by anger destroys his own image. The person who has complete self-control will always be on top.

Frustration, fear, doubt, and guilt originate the processes of anger; they cause anger. Whosoever liberates himself from these four negative emotions will dominate the world. To accept negative passions is something that goes against self-respect.

Anger belongs to crazy people; it serves no purpose; it leads us to violence. The goal of violence is to lead us to violence, and this produces more violence.