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3. Psychoanalysis

There exists a didactic that teaches us how to know and how to eliminate the positive and negative values that we carry within. This didactic is called inner psychoanalysis.

In order to know our psychological defects it is necessary to appeal to inner psychoanalysis. A great difficulty arises when we appeal to inner psychoanalysis; I want to emphatically refer to the force of counter-transference (which is this great difficulty).

We can investigate ourselves, we can introvert ourselves, but when we attempt to, the difficulty of counter-transference emerges. The solution to this difficulty lies in knowing how to transfer our attention inward, with the purpose of exploring ourselves in order to know ourselves and to eliminate the negative values that harm us psychologically, socially, economically, politically, and even spiritually.

Unfortunately, I repeat, when one tries to introvert oneself in order to explore oneself and to know oneself, counter-transference immediately arises.

So counter-transference is a force that makes introversion difficult. If counter-transference did not exist, then introversion would be easier.

We need inner psychoanalysis; we need intimate self-investigation in order to really know ourselves. Homo Nosce Te Ipsum. Man, know thyself, thus thou shalt know the Universe and the Gods.

When one knows oneself, one can change. For as long as one does not know oneself, any change will become subjective. However, before anything else, we need self-analysis. How can the force of counter-transference (which makes intimate psychoanalysis or self-psychoanalysis difficult) be overcome? This can only be possible by means of transactional analysis and structural analysis.

When one appeals to structural analysis, one then knows those psychological structures that make intimate introspection difficult and impossible. Thus, when we know such psychological structures we comprehend them, and by comprehending them we overcome the obstacle.

But we need something else, we also need transactional analysis. In the same manner that banks, and commercial transactions, etc., exist, so do psychological transactions.

The different psychic elements that we carry within our interior are subject to transactions, to exchanges, to struggles, to changes of position, etc. They are not something motionless; they always exist in a state of motion.

When one knows one’s different psychological processes, one’s different structures by means of transactional analysis, then the difficulties for psychological introspection concludes. Afterwards, the self-exploration of oneself is carried out with great success.

Whosoever achieves complete self-exploration of this or that defect, whether he explores himself in order to know his anger, his covetousness, his lust, his laziness, his gluttony, etc., can carry out a formidable psychological progress.

In order to achieve complete self-exploration, one will have to first begin by segregating the defect that one wants to eliminate from oneself in order for it to be subsequently dissolved.

A percentage of psychic Essence is liberated when a defect is disintegrated. Thus, the psychic Essence that is bottled up within our defects will be completely liberated when we disintegrate each and every one of our false values, in other words, our defects. Thus, the radical transformation of ourselves will occur when the totality of our Essence is liberated. Then, in that precise moment, the eternal values of the Being will express themselves through us. Unquestionably, this would be marvelous not only for us, but also for all of humanity.

When we achieve the total disintegration or annihilation of our negative values, we will respect ourselves and others. Thus, we will become, we might say, a fountain of kindness for the entire world, a perfect, conscious and marvelous creature.

Therefore, the mystical self-image of an awakened person will consequently or as a corollary originate the perfect image of a noble citizen. His circumstances will also be beneficial in every sense. He will be a golden link in the great universal chain of life. He will be an example for the entire world, a fountain of joy for many beings, an enlightened one in the most transcendental sense of the word, someone who will enjoy continuous and delightful ecstasy.