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The Ninth Sphere

In the great ancient civilizations which have preceded us in the course of history, the descent into the Ninth Sphere was the greatest ordeal for the supreme dignity of the hierophant. Hermes, Buddha, Jesus, Dante, Zoroaster and many other great masters had to pass through that difficult ordeal.

Remember, most beloved disciples, that the Ninth Sphere is sex.  Many are they who enter the Ninth Sphere; however, it is very rare to find anyone who can victoriously pass that difficult ordeal.  Most occult students live fluttering from school to school, from lodge to lodge, always curious, always in search of novelties, on the lookout for any new lecturer who arrives in the city.  When any of those students resolve to work with the Arcanum A.Z.F., when any of those students resolve to descend to the Ninth Sphere in order to work with the fire and the water he does it as always: “searching,” always curious, always “foolish.”  The occultist student turns everything into “little schools and theories.”  If he enters the Ninth Sphere, he does so as if he enters into another “little school,” always an imbecile, always curious, always foolish.  It is difficult to find a serious and determined aspirant of the truth on the path of the Perfect Matrimony.  Sometimes students appear who are apparently very mature and serious; however, in the long run, they show what they are really made of.   It is a sad truth, but a fact of life.

The ordeals of the Ninth Sphere are very fine and subtle.  The doctor advises the devotee to fornicate, because otherwise, the doctor says he will become ill.  Tattling women stir up fear in the wife; the so-called brothers of different organizations frighten the student.  The magicians of darkness, disguised as saints, advise the devotee to spill the semen in a saintly manner.  The so-called sages teach the aspirant negative Sexual Magic with the spilling of the semen.  The manner of teaching, the sublime and mystic tinge that the tenebrous ones (disguised as saints) give to their doctrine succeeds in misleading the devotee and keeps him away from the path of the razor’s edge.  Then the student falls into black magic.

When the student goes astray, he believes he is wiser than the masters of Gnosis.  Indeed, the failures of the Ninth Sphere, those who do not succeed in passing the very long and hard ordeals of this Arcanum, in fact become terribly perverse demons.  Worst of all is that no demon believes himself to be bad or perverse.  Every demon believes himself to be saintly and wise.

In the beginning, the practices of Sexual Magic affect the organism.  Sometimes the sexual and parathyroid glands become inflamed, the head aches, one feels a certain dizziness, etc.  This frightens the curious butterflies of the “little schools,” who then flee terrified, looking as always for refuge in some new “little school.”  This is how these poor “fools” spend their lives, always moving from flower to flower.  The day comes when these poor fools die, having achieved nothing.  They have miserably wasted their time.  Thus, when death arrives, these fools continue as a legion of demons.

The Ninth Sphere is definitive for the aspirant to the realization of the Self.  It is impossible to intimately realize the Self without having incarnated the Soul.  No one can incarnate the Soul if one has not engendered the Christ-astral, the Christ-mind, and the Christ-will.  The present internal vehicles of the human being referred to by Theosophy are only simple mental forms that every human being must dissolve when they try to achieve intimate Realization of the Self.

We need to be born and being born is, has been, and will always be an absolutely sexual problem.  It is necessary to be born, and for that, one must descend to the Ninth Sphere.  That is the greatest ordeal for the supreme dignity of the hierophant.  That is the most difficult ordeal.  It is very rare to find someone who can pass that difficult ordeal.  As a rule, everybody fails in the Ninth Sphere.

It is necessary that husband and wife love each other deeply.  People confuse desire with love.  The whole world sings of desire, and this is confused with that which is called love.  Only those who have incarnated their Souls know what love is.  The “I” does not know what love is.  The “I” is desire.

Everyone who incarnates his Soul becomes, as an outcome of that fact, a Buddha.  Every Buddha must work in the Ninth Sphere to incarnate the Inner Christ. The Buddha is born within the Ninth Sphere. The Christ is born within the Ninth Sphere.  First we must be born as Buddhas and then as Christs.

Blessed be love. Blessed are the beings who truly love one another. Blessed are those who become victorious in the Ninth Sphere.


Many pseudo-esotericists have committed unspeakable genocides.  When fear-mongers act against the Kundalini, indeed, it is a true genocide.  It is an indescribable crime against humanity to tell people in published books that the awakening of the Kundalini is dangerous.  Those who spread fear against the Kundalini are worse than war criminals.  The latter committed crimes against people; however, the pseudo-esotericists who spread fear, commit crimes against the Soul.  Whosoever does not awaken the Kundalini cannot incarnate his Soul.  Whosoever does not awaken his Kundalini remains without Soul; he loses his Soul.

It is false to state that the Kundalini can awaken without moral progress, and due to this, one must wait until such progress is made.  The development of the Kundalini is controlled by the merits of the heart.  We give concrete instructions about the Kundalini and every true serpentine culture knows the path in depth.  It is false to state that the Kundalini may flow through different channels when white Sexual Magic is practiced.  It is only when black Sexual Magic is practiced that the Kundalini descends to the atomic infernos of the human being and becomes the Tail of Satan.  Therefore, that absurd affirmation of the fear mongers that the Kundalini can leave the medullar canal, tear tissue, produce terrible pains and cause death is false.  These affirmations of the assassins of Souls are false, because each of the seven serpents has its specialized masters who watch over the student.  The student is not abandoned in the work.  When the student awakens the first serpent, he is attended by a specialist, and when the second serpent is awakened, he is helped by another and so on.  These specialists take the serpent through the medullar canal.  No student is abandoned.  The specialists have to answer for the student.  The specialists live in the Astral World.

The Kundalini awakens negatively only when the semen is spilled. Whosoever practices Sexual Magic without spilling the semen has nothing to fear.

Nobody can actualize the superior aspects of the Kundalin without perfect sanctity. It is then false to say that there are disastrous possibilities in the premature actualization of the Kundalini. This affirmation is false because the premature actualization of fire cannot occur. The Kundalini can only be actualized based on sanctification. The Kundalini does not rise even one vertebra if the conditions of sanctity required for that vertebra have not been conquered.  Each vertebra has its moral conditions of sanctity.  It is false and stupid to say that the Kundalini can awaken ambition or pride, or intensify all of the coarse qualities and animal passions of the animal ego.  Whosoever uses these fear mongering tactics to keep students from the real path is truly ignorant, because the Kundalini awakened with white Sexual Magic cannot progress even one degree when true sanctity does not exist.

The Kundalini is not a blind force. The Kundalini is not a mechanical force. The Kundalini is controlled by the fires of the heart and can only be developed based on Sexual Magic and sanctity.

We have to recognize that in Mexico, the serpentine culture was and continues to be formidable.  Every Aztec sculpture is a marvelous book of occult science.  We have been enraptured contemplating Quetzalcoatl with the serpent entwined about his body and the lingam-yoni in his hands.  We have been amazed contemplating the giant serpent devouring the magician.  We have been filled with singular veneration to see the tiger with a phallus hanging about its neck.  Indeed, the Word is in the phallus.

In the Aztec culture, there are no fear mongers.  Each book of stone, each indigenous lamen invites us to awaken the Kundalini.  It is urgent to first awaken the Kundalini and then to be devoured by the Kundalini.  We need to be swallowed by the snake.  We need the Kundalini to swallow us.  We need to be devoured by the serpent.  When one is devoured by the serpent, one also becomes a serpent.  Only the human serpent can incarnate the Christ.  Christ can do nothing without the snake.

The authentic Aztec and Mayan cultures, the Egyptian and Chaldean, etc. are serpentine cultures that cannot be understood without Sexual Magic and the Kundalini.

Every archaic culture is serpentine.  Every authentic and true civilization is serpentine.  A civilization without the wisdom of the serpent is not a real civilization.

The Ascent and Descent of the Kundalini

Those pseudo-esotericists who affirm that the Kundalini descends once again into the Church of Ephesus or coccygeal center (after having ascended to the Crown Chakra or Lotus of a Thousand Petals) and remains stored there, are lying terribly.  The Kundalini only descends when the initiate lets himself fall.  The initiate falls when he spills the semen.  The work to raise the serpent after having fallen is very difficult and arduous.  The Lord of Perfection said,

The disciple must never let himself fall, because whosoever falls then has to struggle a great deal to regain that which was lost.

The Hindus state that within the medullar canal there exists a channel called Sushumna, and within this channel another called Vajrini exists and within this a third called Citrini, which is “as fine as a spider’s thread on which the chakras are threaded, like the knots on a bamboo pole.”  Thus, this is what the sacred books of India state, and we know that the Kundalini rises through the Citrini solely and exclusively with the Maithuna, Sexual Magic, Arcanum A.Z.F.

We practice internal meditation to achieve ecstasy; however, we know very well that the Kundalini does not awaken with meditation, because the Kundalini is sexual.  It is false to affirm that the awakening of the Kundalini is achieved through meditation.  Meditation is a technique to receive information.  Meditation is not a technique for awakening the Kundalini.  The pseudo-esotericists have done much damage with their ignorance.

In India there are seven fundamental schools of yoga and all speak of the Kundalini.  These schools of yoga are of no use if Tantra is not studied.  Tantra is the best of the East.  Maithuna (Sexual Magic) is practiced in every authentic school of esoteric yoga.  This is Tantra.  The Tantras give fundamental value to yoga.

In the center of the lotus of the heart, a marvelous triangle exists.  This triangle also exists in the coccygeal chakra and in the chakra located between the eyebrows.  In each of these chakras a mysterious knot exists.  These are the three knots.

These knots enclose a profound meaning.  Here we have the three fundamental changes in the work with the serpent.  In the first knot (Church of Ephesus), we abandon the system of spilling the semen.  In the second knot (Church of Thyatira), we learn to truly love.  In the third knot (Church of Philadelphia), we gain true wisdom and we see clairvoyantly.

The Kundalini in its ascent must untie these three mysterious knots.

The pseudo-esotericists marvel that the primeval Hindu yogis hardly mention the ethereal chakras or plexuses, but instead concentrate all of their attention on the chakras of the spine and the Kundalini.  In fact, the primeval Hindu yogis were Tantric and practiced Maithuna. They were true initiates of the wisdom of the serpent.  They knew very well that the key to our redemption is found in the spinal medulla and in the semen.  They understood that the awakened Kundalini opens the spinal chakras and that these in turn activate the chakras of the plexuses.  Therefore, the foremost are the spinal chakras and the serpent.  All the great sages and patriarchs of the ancient serpentine civilizations knew this very well.

In the three triangles—base, cardiac, and frontal—the Deity is represented as a sexual lingam.  This symbol reveals all; however, the learned ignoramuses always search for evasions and excuses in order to alter the truth.  It is not fair that pseudo-esotericists continue to deceive this poor suffering humanity consciously or unconsciously.  We have studied the great serpentine civilizations in depth, and therefore we speak clearly so that those who want to be saved can truly save themselves.  We are here to utter the truth, and we utter it even though pseudo-occultists and infrasexual people declare themselves to be our worst enemies.  The truth must be uttered, and we utter it with great pleasure.

It is necessary to work with the Kundalini and untie the three knots.  Those three knots are the three triangles which transform our lives with chastity, love, and wisdom.

The Sexual Spasm

The White Lodge has totally and absolutely prohibited the sexual spasm [orgasm]. It is absurd to reach the sexual spasm. Those who practice Sexual Magic must never reach the spasm. Those who attempt to avoid seminal ejaculation without giving up the pleasure of the spasm may suffer disastrous consequences to the organism.  The spasm is very violent, and if the organism is violated, the results come right away: impotence, damage to the nervous system, etc.  Therefore, those who practice Sexual Magic must withdraw from the act long before the sexual spasm.  Doctors know very well the reasons why those who practice Sexual Magic must withdraw before the spasm.  Sexual Magic must be practiced only once a day.  One must never practice twice a day.  Never in our lives must we spill the semen.  Never.  Never.  Never.  One has to know how to understand this order of the White Lodge, because if by misfortune, the spasm comes against our will, the disciple will then withdraw from the act and immediately lie down in decubitus-dorsal (face up) and will then quickly refrain with the following movements:


1. Execute a supreme effort, (one like that of a woman who is giving birth) sending the nervous current towards the sexual organs while also making an effort to close the sphincters or exits through which the seminal fluid usually escapes.  This is a supreme effort.

2. Inhale as if you were pumping, or making the seminal fluid rise with the respiration towards the brain.  As you inhale, vocalize the mantra HAM.  Imagine this energy rising to the brain and then passing to the heart.

3. Now exhale the breath, imagining the sexual energy being fixed in the heart.  While exhaling, vocalize the mantra SAH.  

4. If the spasm is very strong, refrain, refrain, and continue inhaling and exhaling with the help of the mantra HAM-SAH.  HAM is masculine.  SAH is feminine.  HAM is Solar.  SAH is Lunar.

One must expel the air rapidly through the mouth producing the sound SAH in a soft and delightful way.  One must inhale with the mouth half open, mentally chanting the mantra HAM.

The basic idea of this esoteric exercise is to invert the respiratory process, making it truly positive, since in the present state the negative lunar aspect SAH predominates, which leads to seminal discharge. By inverting the respiratory process through this breathing exercise, the centrifugal force becomes centripetal and the semen then flows inwards and upwards.


The instructions that we have given in the former paragraphs can also be applied in the case of spasm and, in general, to every practice of Sexual Magic.

Every practice of Sexual Magic can be concluded with this marvelous exercise.  The work in the Ninth Sphere means struggle, sacrifice, effort, and willpower.  The weak ones flee from the Ninth Sphere, horrified, terrified, frightened.  Those who are devoured by the serpent become serpents, Gods.

In very grave cases, when the sexual spasm occurs suddenly, with imminent danger of seminal ejaculation, the initiate must immediately withdraw from the act and lie on his back on the floor, holding his breath.  To do this one must seal the nasal passages, pressing them with one’s index finger and thumb.  This effort must be accompanied by concentration of thought.  The neophyte must concentrate intensely on the pulsations of the phallus, which are a repetition of the cardiac pulse.  He must try to refrain these sexual pulsations to avoid spilling the semen, and if he is forced to inhale oxygen, this must be done with a very short and rapid inhalation, continuing with the maximum retention of breath.