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God as Father is wisdom. God as Mother is love. As Father, God resides within the Eye of Wisdom. The Eye of Wisdom is located between the eyebrows.

As love, God is found within the heart temple.

Wisdom and love are the two basal pillars of the great White Lodge.

To love, how beautiful it is to love. Only the great souls can and know how to love.  Love is infinite tenderness... Love is the life that beats in every atom as it beats in every sun.

Love cannot be defined because it is the Divine Mother of the world; it is that which comes to us when we really fall in love.

Love is felt within the depths of the heart; it is a delectable experience; it is a consuming fire; it is divine wine, a delight to those who drink it. A simple perfumed handkerchief, a letter, a flower, give rise to great inner uneasiness, exotic ecstasy, and ineffable voluptuousness within the depths of the soul.

No one has been able to define love; it has to be lived, it has to be felt.  Only great lovers really know that which is called love.  The Perfect Matrimony is the union of two beings who truly know how to love.

In order that there truly be love, it is necessary for man and woman to adore each other in all the seven great cosmic planes.

In order for love to exist, it is necessary for a true communion of souls to exist in the three spheres of thought, feeling, and will.

When the two beings vibrate in affinity in their thoughts, feelings, and volition, then the Perfect Matrimony is consummated in the seven planes of cosmic consciousness.

There are people who are married in the Physical and Ethereal Planes, but not in the Astral Plane. Others are married in the Physical, Ethereal and Astral Planes, but not in the Mental Plane.  Each one thinks in his or her own way; the woman has her religion and the man another; they do not agree in their thoughts, etc.

There are marriages with affinity in the worlds of thought and feeling, but that are absolutely opposed in the world of will.  These marriages crash constantly; they are not happy.

The Perfect Matrimony should be performed in the seven planes of cosmic consciousness. There are marriages that do not even reach the Astral Plane, hence sexual attraction does not even exist; these are true failures. Such a marriage is founded exclusively on matrimonial formality.

Some people live a matrimonial existence in the Physical Plane with a given mate; however, in the Mental Plane they lead a married life with a different spouse. Rarely in life do we meet a Perfect Matrimony.  For love to exist, it is necessary that there be affinity of thought, feeling, and will.

Where there is arithmetical calculus, there is no love.  Unfortunately, in modern life, love implies the bank account, commerce, and celluloid material.  In those homes where there are only additions and subtractions, love does not exist.  When love leaves the heart, it rarely returns.  Love is an elusive child.  The marriage that is consummated without love and is based solely on economic and social interest is really a sin against the Holy Spirit.  This type of marriage inevitably fails.

Lovers often confuse desire with love, and the worst of all is that they get married believing they are in love. Therefore, when the sex act is consummated and carnal passion is satisfied, then disenchantment arrives and the terrifying reality remains.

Lovers should analyze themselves before getting married to see if they are really in love.  Passion is mistaken easily for love.  Love and desire are absolute opposites.

Whosoever is truly in love is willing to shed even his last drop blood for his beloved.

Examine yourself before you get married.  Do you feel capable of shedding even your last drop of blood for the being you adore?  Would you be capable of giving your life so that your beloved could live?  Reflect and meditate.  Does a true affinity of thought, feeling, and will exist with the being whom you adore?  Remember that if complete affinity does not exist, then your marriage, instead of being a heaven, will be a true hell. Do not let yourself get carried away by desire.  Kill not only desire, but moreover, the shadow itself of the tempting tree of desire.

Love begins with a flash of delectable sympathy.  It is substantiated with infinite tenderness and it is synthesized with supreme adoration.

A Perfect Matrimony is the union of two beings who absolutely adore each other.  In love, there are neither projects nor bank accounts.  If you are making plans and calculations, it is because you are not in love.  Reflect on it before you take the great step.  Are you really in love?  Beware of the illusion of desire.  Remember that the flame of desire consumes life and then the dreadful reality of death remains.

Contemplate the eyes of the being you love; lose yourself in the joy of his or her eyes, but if you want to be happy, don’t let yourself get carried away by desire.

You who are in love, do not confuse love with passion.  Analyze yourself in depth.  It is urgent to know if your beloved belongs to you in spirit.  It is necessary to know if you are in complete affinity with your loved one in the three worlds of thought, feeling and will.

Adultery is the cruel result of the lack of love. The woman who is truly in love would prefer death to adultery.  The man who commits adultery is not truly in love.

Love is terribly divine. The blessed Goddess Mother of the world is what we call love.

With the terrifying fire of love, we can transform ourselves into Gods in order to penetrate into the amphitheater of cosmic science with full majesty.