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The Path of John

Since ancient times, the authentic and genuine esoteric work has always been symbolized by a chariot pulled by oxen transporting the Holy Ark. Therefore, to forget this basic symbol and to go astray from the path is frightening.

The chariot reminds us of the human being and his internal bodies. The oxen brings into our imagination the sacred cow with five legs, the sacred symbol of the Divine Mother. The sacred Ark encloses the mysteries of sex; the Ark itself is sex.

In other times, the humble psalmist always paved the way for the holy cup, the cup of Hermes, by dancing and jumping; and in that moment, he was nothing more than a king.

This also reminds us of the whirling dervishes of Mohammedan esotericism. The objective of all of these dances is to awaken the consciousness.

Within ancient schools of mysteries, sex yoga (Maithuna) was never taught to the neophytes who previously did not accomplish the basic requirement of awakening their consciousness.

Asleep, unconscious neophytes cannot have cognizant consciousness of the work that they are performing; thus sooner or later they abandon the great work.

Nevertheless, in these times of world crisis, we have to take the risk and publicly teach sex yoga no matter what the cost might be, because at the present time everything is lost. Therefore, at least we can rescue “the hat of the drowning one.”

Present human beings are simple slugs from the mud who were born with the purpose of forming an angelical butterfly within them that could soar towards the justice of God without any impediments. Unfortunately, these defected insects, these miserable chrysalides, almost all remain without any development. Indeed, they only serve as nourishment for the entrails of this planet on which they live.

It is urgent to tread upon the path of Peter and to hang Judas on the bridge in order to have the right of treading upon the heavenly path, the path of the Word, the path of John.

If to practice sexual magic (Maithuna) is mandatory on the path of Peter, then on the path of John sex is absolutely forbidden.

The living, golden-feathered eagle of the spirit soars in the sky throughout the starry firmament, and hovers with open wings waiting to descend, in the habit of hunting exclusively in the purgatorial fields. Like lightning, this mysterious eagle of the spirit majestically lunges in order to snatch aloft the soul to the higher spheres of the universal fire. Ganymede, metamorphosed as an eagle, was snatched aloft to high Olympus in order to serve the gods as a cupbearer.

It is impossible to enter onto the heavenly path without having previously prepared oneself within the fields of the purgatorial region.

Whosoever enters into the interior purgatory receives the mark of the letter “P” seven times upon his forehead. Upon the sidereal forehead of the Twice-born, the guardian angel of purgatory inscribes such a letter seven times with the blunt point of his flaming sword.

The guardian angel of purgatory says, “Look, when entered, that thou wash these scars away.” The washing of feet symbolizes the same. It is written that at the Last Supper, before rising onto Golgotha, Jesus the great Kabir washed the feet of his disciples. The scars of the seven “P’s” upon the forehead are washed away little by little as the Luciferic fire and all of the seeds of Judas are eliminated.

The silver chariot (loaded with multiple stones made of the same lunar metal) must be delivered by the divine couple, Buddhi-Manas; the chariot must be delivered as a gift to the temple of the Divine Mother.

The sexual act is prohibited for the Twice-born not only in the physical world, but also in each and every one of the forty-nine regions of the subconsciousness.

It is impossible to tread upon the path of John without having previously passed through purgatory. The path of John is the path of the Word. The Army of the Voice progresses and develops in nine circles (which correspond with the nine spheres of the sensible world).

Starting with the inferior circle, the adept has to convert himself into an angel, later into an archangel, and finally he enters into the kingdom of the principalities.

Continuing with the second circle, the adept has to transform himself first into a virtue, afterwards into a potency, and later into a dominion.

Concluding with the third circle, the adept has to convert himself into a throne, later into a cherub, and in the end into a seraph.

It is very opportune to remember that the master who founded the White Lodge on our planet Earth was precisely a Throne known by the name Sanat Kumara. This man lives in an oasis in the Gobi desert. His age is indecipherable; his name is mentioned in many very ancient religious scriptures.

Know that the bodhisattva who renounces Nirvana in order to live to benefit mankind is confirmed and called the “Thrice Honored.” Thus, after having gained and lost Nirvanas and eternities because of boundless pity and compassion for the world of deluded mortals, the bodhisattva finally has the right to enter into a world of Super-nirvanic happiness...

When a master wants to reincarnate in order to help wretched, suffering humanity, he emanates, he projects, his human soul (bodhisattva) and commands his human soul to enter into “the vestibule of the world,” meaning into a womb.

Bodhisattvas possess solar bodies. When a bodhisattva allows himself to fall, he loses his solar bodies. It has been stated unto us that the fallen bodhisattvas must reincarnate under more and more difficult conditions until finally, after much suffering, they come and rise again.

Bodhisattvas who are definitively lost, bodhisattvas who did not rise in spite of having had an assigned, determined number of lives for their rising, bodhisattvas who did not take advantage of their opportunities, enter into the submerged devolution within the infernal worlds accused of three crimes:

First, having had assassinated his buddha;

Second, having dishonored the gods;

Third, other various debts.

In these times of the end, a great initiate from the past mahamanvantara (called in cosmogony “Mahamanvantara of Padma,” or “Lotus of Gold”) has sent his bodhisattva to the Earth. The name of that great initiate is very well known in the Old Testament. He is the Biblical Jehovah; he is the most exalted being of the ancient lunar chain, the governor of the ancient Moon-Earth.

It has been stated to us that the bodhisattva of the Lord Jehovah was born in a certain country in South America in a humble family of working peasants. The bodhisattva of Lord Jehovah had a joyful, simple, and easy infancy and adolescence. However, now (1967), he is a youngster, and this worries us because of what his modern surroundings are like and the types of friends he could have in these times. In these moments, this youngster lives in a certain city; obviously, he is doing the same inappropriate nonsense as all the other youths of this epoch.

If the reincarnation of this bodhisattva becomes a success, then the great Master Jehovah will incarnate within his bodhisattva and perform a great work.

When a bodhisattva renounces all of his psychic powers, when he radically eliminates the false idea that in order to be happy he needs something external, then a particular knowledge, a marvelous resplendence, will come upon him. In esotericism this is called Dharma Megha (“cloud of virtue”). These types of bodhisattvas can no longer fall; these types of bodhisattvas possess within themselves all of the basis of knowledge; they enjoy the most profound peace, and from their hearts spring the substance of love.

Based on renunciations (each time more incredible), one advances on the path of John.

Thus, just as a tree has many branches, likewise many transverse paths sprout from the direct path. Many of those paths take us to elemental paradises where we convert ourselves into genii or devas of nature. Other paths lead us into the entrails of the cosmos where we transform ourselves into planetary gods. Other paths submerge us into the joy of Nirvana, etc.

Those who abandon the direct path, those who enter onto the transverse paths, sooner or later have to reincarnate in order to return to the path of John, the heavenly path, the direct path.

Omniscience and omnipotence are very coveted qualities; they confer on us remarkable powers over all of nature. If we renounce these tremendous powers, then the destruction of certain seeds occurs that in one way or another (after every great pralaya) always brings us into new manifestations through successive mahamanvantaras.

It is urgent to know, it is indispensable to comprehend, that the universe is made up of an illusory nature. We need to die, to die, and to die within ourselves, and to renounce, renounce, and renounce, and to cease existing within all of the seven cosmos in order to have the right TO BE within the Absolute.