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The Moon

It is absolutely false to state that the Moon is the offspring of the Earth. The Greek legend of Selene (the Moon) is very suggestive and goes beyond purely geological explanations.

Selene is the lunar race, this perverse race of Adam. It was born of Theia (the Earth) and of Hyperion (the Sun) as a giver of life, who was loved by Pan (the world of nature).

The Greek legend states that the beautiful and enchanted Selene was enamored with Endymion, this lunar race, which was put to sleep by Zeus in an unfinished dream.

The Greek legend of Selene refers to the lunar race and has no relation to that capricious theory from the nineteenth century that affirms that the Moon is from a cosmic cataclysm, a detached fragment from the still unformed Earth.

Based on very ancient archaic documents and on esoteric investigations performed within the Akashic Records of nature, the great martyr of the nineteenth century H. P. Blavatsky affirmed that the Moon is anterior to Earth, it is the mother of the Earth [The Secret Doctrine vol 1 (1888)]. The Moon is a dead world.

During the past mahamanvantara the Moon was a densely populated world, filled with sun, life; yet now, it is a cadaver.

The lunar anima mundi was absorbed within the Abstract Absolute Space during the great Pralaya, the “cosmic night.”

When the dawn of the new mahamanvantara, the “cosmic day,” was initiated, the lunar anima mundi took on a new form again on the planet Earth.

When this subject matter related with lunar and terrestrial events is seen from a cosmic angle, then we can affirm that H.P.B. was not mistaken when she stated that the Moon is the mother of the Earth, the antecessor of our globe. The Moon is where our parents or Pitris came from.

Now, in relation to our satellite, the Earth has a responsibility that appears to be unique within the solar system. Our afflicted planet seems to hold ten times more weight than the Sun. The total mass formed by all of the planets of our solar system is just an eight hundredth part of the mass of the Sun. However, the lunar mass is nothing more than the eightieth part of the Earth.

Nonetheless, the lunar mass in itself is not the only thing that afflicts our planet. The space-distance (from the Earth to the Moon) that the Earth utilizes in order to hold its Moon also afflicts our planet. Only the Ancient of Days, old Saturn with its resplendent rings, holds a big moon at such a distance, and that moon is comparative to a feather.

If we compare the Earth with a clock, then we would say that the Moon is its pendulum, and if we compare it with a ship, then we would say that the Moon is its ballast.

Wherever the motive-power energy is applied to any given mechanism, any type of weight is indispensable in order to soften and accentuate its animating force and to also impede its whole from being precipitated into space.

Medics know very well that the organism of this wretched intellectual animal is constituted by a defined number of elements. Thus, they know that the dense weight of iodine needs to be below in order to balance the active principle of hydrogen which is located above.

Since the Moon regulates and administers solar energy, it acts as a mechanical commander for the Earth.

Without the Moon as a powerful equilibrator of weights, the rotation of the Earth and the magnetic solar attraction would cause all the liquids from the terrestrial surface of the Earth to inevitably be tossed into outer space.

The effect of the Moon on the tides is something that nobody can deny. Facts are facts, and by facing the facts we surrender to them.

The Moon controls the whole mechanism of nature. The Moon acts upon the incorporeal and inorganic liquids and also upon the liquids that are incorporated into organic matter. The Moon controls the growth of plants; it exercises influence upon the sexual fluids. The Moon regulates the menstrual flux of women. The Moon governs the conception of all creatures, etc.

Indeed, the Moon is like the weight of the pendulum of a clock. The mechanism of the clock is the organic life on planet Earth. The whole mechanism enters into movement thanks to the oscillation of the weight (the Moon).

Everything that happens in this valley of tears is due to the lunar influence. All of the multiple processes of organic life are lunar.

All of the processes of people’s thinking, feeling, and acting are lunar. All the vices and evilness of crowds are lunar. Wars, hatred, adulteries, fornications, envy, ambition, avarice, all degenerations and abominations of this great harlot (humanity), whose number is 666, are lunar.

The Moon, as a tenebrous vampire, sucks the sensible pellicle of organic life that covers the planet on which we live.

The wretched intellectual biped (mistakenly called a human being) fatally carries the Moon within himself: he carries it in his ego and in his protoplasmic lunar bodies.

The entire mechanization of the Earth is governed by the Moon, and disgracefully, the rational animal is nothing more than a machine.

Only through the revolution of the consciousness is it possible to become absolutely liberated from this lunar mechanization.

The Moon is that great apocalyptic harlot that every intellectual beast carries within.

This perverse race of Adam is one hundred percent lunar. This lunar race mortality hates the solar race, the sons of the Sun, the prophets, the masters of wisdom.

Lunar multitudes crucified Christ, poisoned Buddha, incarcerated and calumniated Cagliostro, gave venom to Milarepa, burned Joan of Arc, betrayed the omni-cosmic and very sacred avatar Ashiata Shiemash and destroyed his work, etc.

The great war between the solar and lunar races in the submerged Atlantis was marvelously chanted by the Asians in their Mahabharata. Traditions state that such a war endured for many thousands of years. This war, made up of a series of wars, lasted for centuries, and started about 800,000 years ago. According to The Secret Doctrine, this is the date on which the first of the three Atlantean catastrophes occurred. The second catastrophe occurred 200,000 years ago. These wars ended with the third and last catastrophe related to Poseidonis Island in front of Gades, which happened about 11,000 years ago. People have a more or less befuddled memory of this latter catastrophe and its deluge.

The Garden of Hesperides, which was the most powerful initiatic center of the good law of Atlantis, was frightfully hated by the lunar race.

The Atlantean evil magic from the Black Islands was exceedingly frightful. The Moon is the black and smoking mirror. Black magic is lunar.

The left-hand adepts, the black magicians, normally live in the sub-lunar regions of the submerged mineral kingdom within the infernal worlds.

Schools, sects, and orders of a lunar type mortally hate white tantra.

Very ancient kabbalistic traditions state that Adam had two wives: Lilith and Nahemah. Both wives represent lunar infrasexuality.

Lilith is the mother of abortions, pederasty, homosexuality, masturbation, hatred of sex, and every type of vice that performs great violence to nature.

Nahemah symbolizes adultery, sexual abuse, passionate fornication, and lust.

Infrasexuality is the foundation of perverse lunar magic. Infrasexuality reigns with sovereignty in the sublunar regions of the submerged mineral kingdom.

Within the sublunar regions, Dante found the lustful Empress Semiramis, who in vice of luxury was so shameless that she made pleasure lawful by public decree.

“This is Semiramis, of whom ‘tis writ,
That she succeeded Ninus her espous’d;
And held the land, which now the Soldan rules.”
—Divine Comedy, Inferno 5

Within the sublunar regions, Dante also found the woman who in amorous fury slew herself, and then broke her faith to Sichaeus’ ashes. He also found the beautiful Helen and Cleopatra, the lustful queen.

Within the infernal worlds, under the faint light of the new Moon, Dante found the infamous Brunetto Latini and many other degenerated homosexual henchmen of Lilith.