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The Consciousness

In our former chapter, we talked about the abominable Kundabuffer organ or tail of Satan. We clearly stated that it is an electronic, sexual, Luciferic fire that descends from the coccygeal bone (situated at the base of our dorsal spine.) This electronic, sexual, Luciferic fire is projected downward into the atomic infernos of the human being.

We stated that due to a lamentable mistake made by certain sacred individuals in times of yore, humanity developed the Kundabuffer organ, which later, fortunately, vanished from humanity.

Now, the electronic sexual fire (that was mistakenly projected towards the atomic infernos) looks like a serpent that is coiled up three and a half times within a certain magnetic center (situated in the coccyx).

It is clear that in its positive aspect, the electronic solar fire can guide us to “final liberation”; however, not a single human being is free from the negative flames or from the Kundabuffer fire.

Esoteric investigations have demonstrated that this infernal fire exists within the lower atomic depths of the intellectual beast (who is mistakenly called a human being).

If those splendid and marvelous worlds that cluster in infinite space are simple granulations of that positive solar Fohat, then we can affirm (without fear of being mistaken) that those demonic “I’s” (that we carry within) are mere crystallizations of the negative and blind Fohatic force of the Kundabuffer organ.

The consciousness, the Essence, the buddhata, that embryo of soul which every creature carries within, is always the innocent victim of all those granulations of the negative sexual Fohat.

It is lamentable that our consciousness is bottled up within those multiple demonic “I’s,” which in their conjunction constitutes the lunar ego, the myself, the oneself.

There is no true individual within the wretched intellectual beast. Each idea, each sentiment, each movement, each sensation, each desire, etc., are simply psychological manifestations of the distinct, different “I’s,” which are never connected amongst themselves nor coordinated in any way. Any given “I” will mechanically follow another “I,” and some of them may even have the luxury of appearing to work together, but not in any systematic order.

These satanic “I’s” (horrible crystallizations of the negative sexual fire) are frightfully subconscious and bestial in their depths.

Each one of these devil-“I’s” has stolen our consciousness, our life, our Essence, or psychological material.

In any given moment, each one of these satanic “I’s” represents only a meager part of our psychological function; nonetheless, that “I” believes itself to be the lord, the unique one, the whole.

The “I” that today swears eternal love to a beloved is displaced tomorrow by another “I” that cares nothing for that oath. Thus, as usual, the individual eventually withdraws and leaves the unhappy beloved one awfully disheartened.

The “I” that today swears fidelity before the gnostic altar is later displaced by another “I” that has nothing to do with such an oath. Thus, such an individual withdraws from our Gnostic movement and leaves all of our brethren astonished.

The intellectual beast is an unconscious machine without responsibility whatsoever. He does not have true individuality.

Within each “I” (of the legion of Satanic “I’s”), the consciousness sleeps profoundly. The consciousness dreams within each “I.”

People are hypnotized by that blind Fohatic force of the Kundabuffer organ.

There are four states of consciousness: dream, vigil consciousness, self-cognizance, and objective consciousness.

Imagine a house with four floors: the intellectual beast lives on the two inferior floors. By no means is it an exaggeration to affirm that the two superior floors in the house of consciousness are absolutely unknown to the wretched intellectual beast.

The first state of consciousness is normal, ordinary sleep. The pluralized “I” (enveloped by its lunar protoplasmic bodies) abandons the physical body and ambulates within the molecular world.

The second state (mistakenly classified as a state of vigil consciousness) is in its depth a simple continuation of our dreams. Indeed, this state is much more dangerous than the first state. People of this present humanity are dreamers, one hundred percent; as someone once unmistakably said, “Life is but a dream.” The intellectual beast labors and drives cars while in a state of slumber; he is born in a dream state and dies while in a dream state.

The four Gospels of Jesus Christ insist upon the necessity of awakening; however, the intellectual beast believes that he is awakened. When someone accepts that he is asleep, it is an unmistakable sign that he wants to awaken.

The world has “seven dimensions”; however, the intellectual animal only perceives three because his consciousness is asleep.

The intellectual animal has a frightful, tri-dimensional, psychological idiosyncrasy; this is why his deficient spatial sense only perceives length, width, and height.

The development of the spatial sense is only possible once the consciousness is awakened.

The clear perception of the superior dimensions of space is only possible with the “awakening of the consciousness.”

A line is the print that a dot leaves while moving through space. A plane is the print that a line leaves while moving through space. A solid is the print that a plane leaves while moving through space. A hypersolid is the print that a solid leaves while moving through space; it is the fourth dimension of any given body.

Hypersolids, hypervolume, and hyperspace are only perceptible with the awakening of the consciousness.

We have been told that the fourth dimension is time (in its exclusively temporal aspect).

We have been informed that the fifth dimension is eternity. Without a doubt, the sixth dimension is beyond time and eternity.

In dimensional subject matters, there is an absolute zero. The zero dimension is pure spirit; this is a seventh dimension.

The intellectual beast is bottled up in Euclidean geometry because he has never awakened his consciousness. The consciousness that slumbers is content with Euclid’s tri-dimensional geometry.

One-dimensional creatures possess only sensations of pleasure and pain, likes and dislikes, such as the snail, for example.

Bi-dimensional creatures such as dogs, cats and horses, etc., possess sensations and representations.

The tri-dimensional biped (mistakenly called a human being) possesses sensations, representations, and concepts.

The spatial sense can never be developed without the awakening of the consciousness.

The spatial sense includes, in an absolute manner, the five senses and many other senses that physiologists absolutely ignore.

This present humanity has their consciousness asleep and they are entering into the underworld in this state; yet, they are totally convinced that they are doing very well.