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Nature’s Warnings

In these moments of global crisis, scientists have discovered with astonishment that the magnetic pole of the compass does not coincide with the physical north pole of the Earth. One thing is the magnetic pole and another is the physical pole.

Without a doubt, the axes of the Earth are now modifying their inclination; consequently, every minute the poles are consecutively deviating towards the equator.

These very remarkable geological changes have an exclusively cosmic origin; however, these can be accelerated by the scientific madness of the intellectual animal through his atomic experiments or through the frightening explosions of the hydrogen bomb.

Thus, in the manner that this impending doom is progressing, it is reasonable to be familiar with the idea of the revolution of the axes of the Earth as an inevitable catastrophe that will convert the poles into the equator and the latter into the poles. Where today there are only enormous icebergs, tomorrow there will be enormous and profound equatorial jungles, and vice versa. The present equatorial lands will be the icebergs of the future.

The revolution of the axes of the Earth is a natural cosmic phenomenon that can be accelerated by the scientific madness of the intellectual animal.

In a very abrupt way, the revolution of the axes of the Earth finished off the infamous Atlantis.

It is very intriguing and significant that rain is falling on the Sahara desert and in many other places where rain has not fallen before.

It has been confirmed that the ice of the North Pole is melting, and the consequence of this phenomenon brings upon the terrible hurricanes and cyclones that are presently lashing out at the world. Let us remember the hurricanes that lashed out against the coast of Sonora, Mexico, and Manzanillo in the Pacific Ocean, and all the other hurricanes that have devastated Japan, the United States, etc.

Earthquakes are now occurring in a continuous manner; these earthquakes are showing us that within the interior of this afflicted planet in which we live, the planetary fire has entered into terrible agitation. As soon as Turkey trembles, so does India; today North America trembles, and tomorrow Italy, Central America or South America, etc.

Ancient volcanoes are like dormant lions that are beginning to awaken from their millenarian dreams and are beginning to roar. Let us call to mind Fuji in Japan, Etna, and many other volcanoes that exist. Let us remember how Vesuvius finished off Pompeii.

Most intriguing of all is that the “Old Lions” are not the only ones that are awakening; besides them, new volcanoes have been born, some with a fleeting life, others with a life more powerful. Let us mention for instance Paricutin in Mexico and the other one in the cold and martyred land of Siberia.

With infinite astonishment, explorers have found lakes with warm water in the South Pole, lakes that are getting bigger and bigger as each day passes. Without a doubt, the growth of these lakes is due to very intense subterranean activity, whose development stretches far away.

Three volcanoes are now erupting in the South Pole; in Antarctica, they are spewing a very special type of rare lava; nonetheless, some nations have now hurriedly placed their flags on that continent. How imprudent humanity is!

All of these phenomena of Antarctica invite us to think. There is no doubt that the recent earthquakes of Chile (which also shook the bottom floor of the Pacific Ocean all the way to Japan) are intimately associated with the catastrophic processes of the South Pole. The final outcome of all of this has to be frightful.

It has been proven in a definite way that in the Gulf of Guinea (which is located over the equator) there are certain water currents coming from the Atlantic Ocean that have been uncommonly warmed; these water currents flow in the well-known “Gulf Stream” towards the north. Here they have been secretly undermining the ice, fracturing the icebergs, which then travel in chunks towards the equator (in expedient urgency) in order to fill the emptiness left behind by extreme evaporation.

There is no doubt that this creates a current inverse to the “Gulf Stream.” This inverse current is very cold and fundamentally alters the climate of the coastlines that it flows by. Thus, life is given to cyclones, hurricanes, terrible windstorms, torrential rains, and every type of climatological disturbance that are presently causing great alarm to the whole human race.

Profound investigations allow us to logically deduce that these uncommon waters that are being warmed near the equator are intimately related with the volcanoes of Antarctica.

By all means, it is clear to comprehend that the warm currents of the Pacific Ocean, as a final resort, come from Antarctica. These waters arrive at the Gulf of Guinea and create an elevation in the temperature of the equator.

Common sense (as someone once said, “should be the most common of the senses”) allows us to comprehend that these currents of warmed water (when arriving at the North Pole) will undermine and crack enormous icebergs, thus reducing (in the already mentioned “Gulf Stream”) those previously compact icebergs.

The enigmatic volcanoes of the South Pole will intensify their igneous activities; thus, consequently, the lakes with warm waters from Antarctica will grow excessively.

Each day, the marine currents will become even hotter, and this will allow them to penetrate more and more powerfully within the solemn icebergs of the North Pole, until eventually achieving the total meltdown of the ice.

It is an absurdity to suppose that the South Pole with its erupting volcanoes will remain in an unmodified state. It is clear that its ice will melt just as the ice of the North Pole, thus the outcome will be an apocalyptic horror.

Logic makes us comprehend that when the polar ice has melted, the maritime waters will increase in volume, and that if the receptacle, the cup, the marine floor, is not deep enough, then the waters shall have to spread out, to overflow, to inundate the lands, thus, swallowing up entire countries. This is obvious.

Let us remember what we already stated in this 1967 Christmas Message. The sea has lost profundity in diverse parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the bottom of the ocean floor has been continuously rising up towards the surface, in other words, the profundity of certain seas has decreased.

Without even the tiniest amount of fear of being found mistaken, we can asseverate with complete solemnity that the cause of this formidable marine crack is found in the volcanic activity of the South Pole.

Based on what we have already stated in this chapter and former chapters, we can be certain that the Earth will return again to a primeval age where the existence of any kind of animal life will be impossible.

The Nahuas (Aztec masters) said that the children of the first sun (the first root race, the protoplasmic polar race) were devoured by tigers.

The Aztecs said that the children of the second sun (the second root race, the Hyperboreans) were cleared away by strong hurricanes and converted themselves into apes or monkeys.

The Aztecs said that the children of the third sun perished by the sun raining fire upon them and they transformed themselves into birds. The children of the third sun were the Lemurians whose continent, situated in the Pacific Ocean, was destroyed by earthquakes and volcanoes.

The Aztecs said that the children of the fourth sun (the fourth root race) were swallowed up by the waters and they converted themselves into fish.

The Aztecs said that the children of the fifth sun (we, the Aryan root race) will perish by that which is called movement: earthquakes.

The sacred scriptures of the Aztecs did not give any symbol to the degenerated humans of our present fifth root race, as they did for the previous four root races. However, the Christian gospel gives the symbol of sheep for the saved ones, and goats [Matthew 25] for almost all of the human beings of the Aryan root race.

The Aztecs said that in the epoch of the children of the sixth sun (the future sixth root race) the gods will resurrect.

The Nahuas (Aztecs masters) have prophesized ineffable things for the seventh root race, for the children of the seventh sun.