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The Guardian of the Threshold

The Guardian of the Threshold is the human “I” which later metamorphoses into a divine angelic “I.” After death, following the course of his inner development, the Being abandons the astral and mental bodies. Thus, the Being submerges himself in the starry infinite. Unfortunately, the Guardian of the Threshold (which is the “I”) remains at the threshold of mystery. When the Being returns in order to enter into a new womb, the “I” then comes and continues to build our lunar or inferior Astral Body.

Upon his rebirth, the Being is enveloped anew within mental, astral, ethereal, and physical bodies. These four bodies form a new, innocent personality; unfortunately, little by little the human “I” takes over this new personality until totally controlling it.

The Being is pure, yet the human “I” is a horrible larva. The Being is transparent like crystal, yet the human “I” is monstrous like Satan. The Being is never offended by anything, yet the human “I” is offended by everything. The Being is indifferent before pleasure and suffering, before praise and insult, before victory and defeat, yet the human “I” is offended by everything; it suffers and cries, enjoys and seeks pleasures.

The human “I” always seeks for security, yet the Being is never afraid, and this is why he never seeks for securities. The human “I” is afraid of life, afraid of death, afraid of hunger, afraid of misery, etc. The “I” of humans exploit each other because of fear. They go to war because of fear. They steal and accumulate because of fear. They kill because of fear. They arm themselves because of fear.

The Being is beyond desire, beyond attachment, beyond yearning and fears, beyond death and the intellect, beyond human will, beyond intelligence. The Being is the Tree of Life.

The human “I” becomes intellectual and suffers because of its attachments and fears, because its jealousies and passions, its egotisms and hatreds.

Let us not confuse the human “I” with the “I Am” of which Jesus speaks to us. The human “I” is the larva of the threshold, whereas the “I Am” is the Crown of Life, the resplendent Crown of the Being.

The human “I” speaks of honors, seeks satisfactions, is subject to like and dislike. All imperfection in us is related to the horrible human “I.” The Being is beyond like and dislike, pleasure and suffering, intellect and reasoning.

We have to kill our human “I” in order for our Being to be born in us.

The human “I” enjoys exhibiting powers. Wretched are the initiates who go around prophesying to people; they shall die assassinated because of not knowing how to be silent. The clairvoyant must not get involved with the lives of others, because he can be assassinated.

Gradually, the human “I” dies, and the Being is being born according to the ascension of the Kundalini through the spinal canal. Each of the thirty-three spinal vertebrae demands certain virtues. This means the death of specific defects in each vertebra. This is how the Being is being born in each vertebra, and how the human “I” is dying in each vertebra, little by little. In each initiation, something is born within us. In each initiation, something within us dies.

This is why we call every initiation a birth, because to be born is impossible without dying. It is impossible to be born if it is not through sex. Therefore, whosoever wants to be born has to enter into the womb of a woman, and only in this way is the right to be born attained.

The mere knowledge of the process of the human “I” is useless in terminating the “I.” The Being cannot be born without fire, and without sex, fire cannot awaken. The “I” only dies under the blazing edge of the flaming sword. That sword is the Kundalini, and it awakens only by practicing sexual magic with our spouse.

We have to kill our “I” with the terrific sword of cosmic justice. Thus, the majesty of God can be expressed through us only with the death of the “I.” The sword of justice is the Kundalini. Let us awaken the Kundalini with our spouse.