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Fear Mongers

There are many people who have the tendency of inciting fear in the devotees who begin to practice Sexual Magic. These fear mongers incite innumerable fears, i.e. fear mongers who state that Sexual Magic is harmful, or fear that the spouse might disagree and become angry, or that the Kundalini may flow through other canals, etc.; all these and other types of fear have been invented by the Black Lodge in order to shut the door of Eden unto this suffering humanity.

Sexual magic cannot in any way be harmful since it is the normal primeval way of performing the sexual act by human beings. Seminal ejaculation is a vice that was taught unto humanity by the Luciferics, and any type of vice is harmful.

Where comprehension exists, anger cannot exist. An incomprehensive spouse is a problem for the initiate; yet, that problem is resolved with silence, art, and intelligence. Thus, before the incomprehensive spouse, it is better to be silent. In such cases, one practices in silence, vocalizes in silence, one transmutes the sexual energy but does not say anything about it, the whole rite must be perform without saying it; then art and love fill the void. Let those who have intelligence understand what we are stating here between the lines.

The other fear that the Kundalini may flow through other canals is false, because when the initiate begins to raise his first serpent, he is assisted by a master specialist, who has to direct the Kundalini of the disciple through his/her spinal canal; thus, when the work is finished, the specialist receives his payment.

Thereafter, when the initiate begins to work with the second serpent, he is then assisted by another specialist, and so on successively. So, the disciple is not left alone.

Therefore, all these fears were invented by the Fear mongers of the Black Lodge in order to shut the doors of Eden to this suffering humanity.