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The Fall of Atlantis

In the Atlantean records are to be found the happenings which have been preserved to us in the book of Genesis. There were adepts in those days so closely in tune with nature’s consciousness that they created forms and images which they were able to endow with mortal significance. If they desired a plant or flower to assume a certain shape, this was impressed through the medium of their thoughts upon, and executed by the parental stem of activity with which the plant was endowed. This power was one of the causes of nature’s upheaval, which brought about the destruction of that great civilization. By the exercise of this endowment of nature the Atlanteans were abundantly furnished with supplies for nourishment. But they went beyond this permitted and legitimate use and used this secret power, which was referred to as “Nature’s permitted instinct,” to engender all living things with an increased activity. They ruthlessly destroyed nourishing supplies, while they were also increasing yields, and forcing development. By the self-determination of their minds, endowed with nature’s will, they would hasten the growth of a plant so that in a single day it would mature, blossom, and wither.

But the law that would permit them to tap the forces of nature for the welfare of the people, when those forces were used illegitimately, brought about monstrosities both in nature and in mankind. That law would not permit the Atlanteans, by their own determination and for the purpose of creating want and suffering, to enlarge, or to confine nature by the control of her art. Thus this race, able to create forms of speech and learning out of mind stuff matter, and to endow nature’s products with an activity similar to personal will, was destroyed. The great secrets were drawn back into nature, but the mental debris which was cast off was a dynamic power which controlled malformations, want and suffering both in nature and in mankind.

This debris became the natural environment in which these monstrosities lived and on which they fed. Hence these robots of the later Atlantean period still live within themselves and subsist in this mental debris, which enslaves and molds their minds, and in reacting to this mental debris, they believe they are exercising what they call today “intellect.”

Following the destruction of Atlantis this mental debris has been disseminated and man to-day, entranced in pursuit of learning, feeds his mind on these forces through the reading of books on what others have experienced, rather than by searching within himself for the records of his own experiences.

Some few professors, using books as a stimulus, delve deep into the past in their research work, in order to discover something which may have escaped the observation of other clever minds. They are like miners following a vein of gold, seeking for a greater deposit of wealth. While the ordinary man seeks happiness and finds distress in the gratification of his passions and desires, the intellectual student gains the greater happiness through the pursuit of intellectual gold. But it is only the intellectual giant that dares reveal his treasure to a world where the concensus of opinion is adverse.

However surprising, intellect is not experience. From experience man gains intelligence, but not intellect. From intelligence he attains to the greater wisdom. But he does not gain the greater wisdom from the perusal of other people’s experiences, disseminated through this Atlantean mental debris.

The later Atlanteans made use of the forces of malformed mind stuff, to give their robots and monstrosities the power of governing.

The Atlanteans conveyed their thoughts through syllables of speech far different from our own. They used the sound vowels of nature, and could thus converse with her creatures and inhabitants. Thus did they converse with the intelligences of earth, air, fire, and water, and with the devic creations which assist nature in her design and framework.

The work of these devic beings is to instill into humanity the intelligence of the fixed principle in nature, so that man may become qualified to understand her purpose.

This fixed principle in nature is her governing force, and is similar to human, personal will, by which we seek to determine our actions. Long ago man lost this understanding, but it can be reattained in some degree through Yoga practice.

When man seeks to harmonize himself with the nature of his own Lord God of Truth, within his own self-constituted world, the gift of intelligence is then bestowed upon him.

In allying ourselves with this great principle of nature, we ally ourselves with the Lord God of Truth within, for when we assume responsibility to nature and her works, we slowly begin to assume her character of expression. This is governed by this determinative principle—the will of conscious nature—God.

Down the long ages man has sought union with God, but man images God as outside of himself. Until man learns to align himself with the “God within” he is but a blind wanderer upon the perilous sea. In order to energize the spirit of truth within, he must ally himself with this fixed principle of nature, a principle which commands, but never heedlessly destroys.

In other words, the will to power, the will to knowledge, and to truth, and the understanding of truth comes not from man’s self-created personal will, but from the power given by nature’s will and understanding. It is a return in thought and desire to union with the truth within.

In its terrific passage through space our earth picks up much cast-off Atlantean debris and, in certain places, it stimulates the earth to mental activity, and to the gratification of intellectual desire.

Sometimes intellects so stimulated argue that murder, rapine, lust, and unnatural vice must be experienced in order to know the Good (God). The student recognizes, however, that out of the body men are easily known by the light they radiate about them. In the dark twilight sphere the true character of a man expresses itself. On the earth plane only a sensitive can see this light, which reveals man’s true character.  When I was living with a tribe of red Indians in America I discovered that they had nine-tenths vision. I have been told that the average man has only four-tenths vision, but before long people will be born who will be able to determine a person’s character by the atmospheric color, which betokens his true nature of being. Jesus has said that by a man’s light is he known, and the deva creations say that when a man advances to that period where he can discriminate between the true and the false, he has received his first degree in the acquirement of knowledge of the truth.

When nature calls on us for service the devas expect us to obey. It is just before nightfall, and at certain other times of the day, when nature calls upon us to assist the Elder Brothers in our tribal community. This is a time when self-interest should be laid aside, and we should assist in some way the aged and infirm brothers of our community, for nature’s laws are manifested in order that the strong may assist the weak. It is only through self-sacrifice and clean living that the weaker brothers can be brought to the higher levels of well being, which are enjoyed by the others of the community.

Binding ourselves to the consciousness of well-being determines the speed at which well-being will approach our human minds, since the activities of a thing determine its place in nature’s manifestation. For instance, if we look at a globe of crystal and notice its florescence, we determine its speed of activity by its atomic radiations which encircle our minds. When we tap a thing with our knuckles, we bring about a relation between the thing we touch, and the sensation which we receive with our fingers—therefore, unconsciously our mind brings about a union with the thing we tap.

A mantel surmounting a fireplace is a favorable absorbing station for the minds gathered about it, and a seer can easily discover their type of mentality, for the people living in the house have thrown their mentality into the mantel, and by this means the history of the past is easily read.

The moment the student aspires inwardly for truth, he unconsciously taps nature’s will, and from that moment he slowly begins to build up an alliance with nature’s understanding. Nature’s will, as the Yogi understands it, is totally different from that outer framework with which we have built up our personality. The miracle worker, in all the sciences, arts, and professions, is he who goes to nature for her truth and understanding.