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Tarot Arcanum 1: The Magician

The First Arcanum signifies that which initiates, that which starts, that which is sown, that which begins. Every beginning is difficult. One has to work hard, because one has to sow in order to reap. This arcanum gives aptitude in order to resolve problems. It grants power as much for awakening as for dominating passions in the physical world.

It tends towards the organization of the natural elements and towards the forces in movement. Gives aptitude in order to acquire, dispose, modulate, and apply.

The First Arcanum is the unity, the principle of the Light, the Father, the world as a manifestation, the human being as a complete living unity within himself, the foundation of reason of all actions, the synthesis of all, the initiation into the mysteries and the power to decipher and to be served by them, the volitional power. The First Arcanum gives triumph, but with struggles, due to karma.

Kabbalistic Sephirah: Kether

Hebrew Letter: Aleph א

Transcendental Axiom: “Be thou in thy deeds as thou art in thy thoughts.”

Forecasting Element: It promises dominion of material obstacles, new social relations, happy initiatives, the concourse of loyal friends who aid the development of projects, and jealous friends who obstruct it.