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Tarot Arcanum 19: Inspiration

In the Kabbalah of prediction, the Nineteenth Arcanum predicts total victory, whether by personal effort or with the help of others.

The Nineteenth Arcanum is the arcanum of victory or success. This victory is related with all the aspects of life: economical, social, political, moral, etc.

The Kabbalistic synthesis of the Nineteenth Arcanum is 1 + 9 = 10. The number ten is a profoundly sexual number; here the circle and the line are found, which are the mysteries of lingam-yoni. It is only possible to reach the realization of the Self through the transmutation of the sexual energy. 

Within the Nineteenth Arcanum a great alliance is established between two souls. Man and woman must kill desire in order to reach the great alliance, in order to perform the Great Work. 

Hebrew Letter: Kuf ק

Timetable: Tenth Hour of Apollonius: “The doors of heaven open and man comes out of his lethargy (this is the number ten of the second great Initiation of Major Mysteries, that allows the initiate to travel in the ethereal body. This is the wisdom of John the Baptist).”

Transcendental Axiom: “Take the shield of thy faith and advance with a determined step, no matter if the wind is in thy favor or all the winds are against thy favor.”

Forecasting Element: It predicts the increment of power, success in determination, joy in the acts that are performed, benefits for the concept of personal efforts and efforts of others, inheritances, clarity in that which is desired and fire that consumes the desired.