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Natural Magic

KNOWLEDGE of natural magic came to us in the early Lemurian days. This was handed down to Atlantis and from there to the Initiate priests of Egypt. This power caused animate things to respond to their invocations, and in this manner they carried on interesting conversations with their sacred animals. They could also interpenetrate substances with atoms and place records within them, so that later adepts could contact this atomic substance and read its message.

The Master atom within the Silver Shield can instruct us in this ancient science.

Egyptian statues impregnated with such records were immersed for several weeks in a substance that imprisoned these atoms; for they believed that in a future life they could return and reveal what they had hidden. It should interest the student to know that perhaps he himself has sealed up, by the use of elemental magic, his own records that he might release in some future day. This, as we have previously written, is his own birthright.

Many Atlantean records sealed in this manner were possessed by the Egyptians, and we have been told that future scientists will invent instruments whereby much of Egypt’s hierarchal wisdom will be unlocked.

In ancient Atlantean days the well-being of the community was vested in a small body of Initiates. They were united to their Innermost, and for some time their enemies were slain by the sword of Justice. Their atmosphere was completely different from that of this age. They formed a sacred college wherein they passed their wisdom down to their disciples and brought about a golden age of intelligence for those under their Shekinah before great destructive wars overwhelmed their civilisation.

Their method of instruction was to return to a disciple his own knowledge of Nature’s laws, and they also taught about the future, and, knowing what kind of future atmosphere was to surround this globe, they created what are called Teraphim, or speaking idols, that could be adjusted to a future age.

A student was immersed in liquids of an alcoholic nature: the atmosphere that was to be; then a seated image was placed in the bath, an element of the student’s Nous atom being transferred into this image. When this occurred the atmosphere of the Nous atom followed and formed within the Teraphim a composite atmosphere similar to the Nous atom. This process usually took several weeks, and an instrument was used for the purpose of transferring this atomic element. This image could then impress its mental activity into those minds that contacted it; for now a powerful intelligence was imprisoned in this image.

Ages later one of these images was placed in the Ark of the Covenant that then delivered its oracles.

A certain brotherhood possesses a means of receiving information from their Teraphim when permitted to consult it.

To enter the consciousness of Nature and gain her determinative energy one becomes schooled by her teachers in this elemental or natural magic. We all possess these substances composed of the elements in the ether surrounding us, and we can draw upon what our physical body has reserved.

If we are healthy we always have a reserve of these elemental atoms, and the Yogi seeks to build up a huge reservoir of this force that is responsive to Nature’s will. These reserves are similar to an army radiating about our nerve centres and can be drawn upon in moments of great strain or anxiety. It is this that we have attracted to each nerve centre that determines our strength and power of resisting the opposition atoms of this world. If our reserves are exhausted we easily succumb to evil and disease, if not we can live to a long age as well as enjoy health in all our organs.

In the golden age of Egypt the average age of a religious man was 120 years; for their religious observances dealt with the proper sanitation of their environment, and the cleanliness and purification of their outer as well as inner bodies.

In the future, scientists will discover that our supply of energy is within the keeping of elemental Nature, and if we disturb her functions within our system we shall not be assisted unless we are ignorant that we have broken her commandments; for Nature, the great mother, tempers her justice with mercy.

If we insist in doing things against our health, Nature will refuse to give us the use of her reserve energy stored for critical periods.

The Master atom within the Silver Shield determines how we should protect ourselves in cases of accidents or infectious diseases, for it controls this reserve energy, and if we can call upon Nature’s determinative will we shall then possess a great reserve of this elemental vitality. When we come under the directing intelligence of the Master atom, it often calls upon us to spray this power into diseased bodies, and this assists them to return to a normal state.

It is interesting to note that the Master atom can sense the abnormal conditions of people about us, and to protect its own instrument it will seek to assist the Worker atoms in the bodies of others within its vicinity. When a student sprays a person’s atmosphere with this healing force the person on leaving will sometimes remark how much stronger and vital he feels. This is also why sick people like to bask in the atmospheres of healthy bodies. But selfish people can never draw upon this energy from the Master atom; though they often vampirise others.

Man little realises how great this latent reserve force is and how seldom it is drawn upon. When we serve Nature, Nature will serve us fourfold.

There is a plane in the inner spheres called “The World of Secrets.” Strange to say, it is the Mohammedan Initiates who know most about it. But there are rules to prevent them from revealing this knowledge.

Here the student can see those inventions that will be used by man in the future, and sometimes, if he is worthy, and the time is ripe, he will study an invention and be allowed to bring it to the world.

Early Rosicrucians in Europe taught their students the method of leaving the body and entering this secret plane, and they kept many inventions hidden till the world was ready for them. Their power to transmute base metals to gold was common knowledge to the initiated, but this was only used to favour certain causes; such as the endowments of hospitals, asylums for the poor and aged, and seats of learning for the young.

Scientists are not permitted to go beyond a certain point. Nature then steps in and for a time closes down the activities in certain fields of science. If one seeks to reveal that for which the world is not ready he is warned three times, and if he persists he is removed.

This once happened to a great soul I was privileged to know, though I was ignorant of his name at that time, or the great work he did for his country, till after his death.

He met me apparently by chance in a foreign country, and only afterwards did I realise that he travelled a long distance to meet and welcome me. One evening returning to my room I found him seated in my armchair, and this seemed strange to me, for I had not told him my name or address when I met him; but before going out I had ordered a fire to be lit. Why I did so I did not know, for I was very poor and living the life of a student. Yet whenever I had ordered a fire to be lit that winter, I found him in my room on my return from an evening class.

Before he died he addressed an audience of scientists and told them that in his next lecture he would reveal a great discovery he had made, after eighteen years of research in deciphering an ancient Arabic alchemical document, that would place chemistry upon a new footing. But this was not to be, and he died; for the world was not yet ready to receive this knowledge.

In this plane of secrets can be seen models of aircraft and locomotives entirely different from those now known, and engines of destruction carefully guarded from those who would inflict them upon the human race. There are also methods that would wipe out a famine in a short time and eradicate carriers of disease and obnoxious germs over a large area. I have seen solidified liquids that can retain their shape without any mould or dispersion of their properties, and germinating fluids to produce longevity for several hundred years. Also books that will enkindle the minds of future generations.