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The Ain Soph Paranishpanna

There is a divine ray within the human being. That ray wants to return back into its own star that has always smiled upon it. The star that guides our interior is a super divine atom from the abstract absolute space. The Kabbalistic name of that atom is the sacred Ain Soph.

The Ain Soph is our atomic star. This star radiates within the absolute abstract space full of glory. Precisely in this order, Kether (the Father), Chokmah (the Son), and Binah (the Holy Spirit) of every human being emanate from this star. The Ain Soph, the star that guides our interior, sent its ray into the world in order to become cognizant of its own happiness.

Happiness without cognizance of happiness is not real happiness.

The ray (the Spirit) had cognizance as a mineral, plant, and animal. When the ray incarnated for the first time within the wild and primitive human body, the ray awoke as a human being and had self-cognizance of its own happiness. Then the ray could have returned into its own star that guides its interior.

Disgracefully, within the profound bosom of the voracious and dense jungle, wild desire gave birth to the “I.” The instinctive forces of nature trapped the innocent mind of the human being and the false mirage of desire emerged.

Then, the “I” continued reincarnating in order to satisfy its desires. Thus, we remained submitted to the law of evolution and karma.

Experiences and pain complicated the “I.” Evolution is a complicated process of the energy. The “I” became strong with experiences. Now it is too late. Millions of people have been converted into monstrous demons. Only a tremendous revolution can save us from the abyss.

When the human being dissolves the “I,” then there is a complete revolution.

Human beings will stop suffering when they are capable of dissolving the “I.” Pain is the result of our evil deeds.

Pain is Satan (the psychological “I”), because Satan is the one that makes the evil deeds. The abstract absolute space, the universal Spirit of life, is absolute happiness, supreme peace, and abundance.

Those who make mysticism out of pain are masochists. Satan was the creator of pain. Pain is satanic. No one can be liberated with pain. We need to be alchemists.

The “I” is dissolved with Alchemy. Desire is the root of the “I.” Desire is transmuted with Alchemy.

If you want to annihilate desire, you need to transmute. Sexual desire is transformed into willpower, and willpower is fire. Miserly desire (greed) is transmuted into altruism. Anger (frustrated desire) is transmuted into sweetness. Envy (frustrated desire) is transmuted into happiness for the good of others. The words of desire are transmuted into words of wisdom, etc.

Analyze all the human defects and you will see that they have their foundation in desire. Transmute desire with Alchemy, and desire will be annihilated. Whosoever annihilates desire dissolves the “I.” Whosoever dissolves the “I” is saved from the abyss and returns into his own interior star that has always smiled unto him.

Only with Holy Alchemy we can dissolve the “I.” The fundamental base of Alchemy is the Arcanum A.Z.F. The Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Potencies, Thrones, etc., are the exact outcome of tremendous interior revolutions.

We already passed through an involution (the descent of the Spirit into matter). We already suffer horribly in the evolution (a complicated process of the energy). Now a complete revolution is urgent (the dissolution of the “I”). No one can be happy until reaching his interior star. We return to the super divine atom based only on internal revolutions; little by little, we pass through the Angelic, Archangelic, Seraphimic, Logoic, etc. states until finally the ray will fuse with its star, the Ain Soph that shines with happiness.

The abyss is terribly painful. The horrible antithesis of the Ain Soph is the abyss, the Klipoth of Kabbalah. The Klipoth are atomic, tenebrous; they belong to the lunar path.

Let us analyze the divine primordial atom from which the ten Sephiroth of the Kabbalah emanate.

If we self-observe we find:

1. the physical body

2. the ethereal or vital body

3. the astral body or body of desires

4. the animal mental body

5. The Essence (normally bottled up within the “I”)

Beyond this Essence exists the divine triad that is not incarnated within the human being:

6. The causal body, the Human Soul, Manas

7. The buddhic body, the Divine Soul

8. The atmic body, the Innermost

The fifth and the sixth are related because the fifth is a fraction of the sixth. We have a fraction of the Human Soul incarnated. This is the Essence or Buddhata.

Atman in Himself is the ineffable Being, the one who is beyond time and eternity, without end of days. He does not die, neither reincarnates (the ego is what returns), but Atman is absolutely perfect.

Atman unfolds Himself into the Spiritual Soul. The Spiritual Soul unfolds into the Human Soul who is the Superior Manas; the Human Soul unfolds into the Essence, or Buddhata. In total, these are principles. This Essence is the one that incarnates in its four vehicles. The Essence is dressed with them and remains bottled up within the psychological “I,” the ego.

The mental body, the body of desires, the ethereal body, and the physical body integrate the personality. The Essence remains bottled up within the ego when penetrating these bodies. That which returns is a fraction of the Human Soul.

Beyond the Theosophical triad exists a ray that unites us to the Absolute. This ray within the human being is the resplendent dragon of wisdom, the internal Christ, the Sephirothic Crown; the Kabbalah describes it as follows:

Kether: The Ancient of Days

Chokmah: The Son, the Cosmic Christ

Binah: The Holy Spirit

The Sephirothic Crown is the first triad that emanates from the Ain Soph.

In the final synthesis, each one of us is nothing but an atom of the abstract absolute space, the Ain Soph, which is found secretly related with the pineal gland, the Sahasrara chakra or church of Laodicea.

Tree of Life 2.0 plain

We must make a specific differentiation between the Ain Soph and the Ain Soph Paranishpanna: in the Ain Soph, interior realization of the Self does not exist, but in the Ain Soph Paranishpanna interior realization of the Self does exist.

Any Mahatma knows very well that before entering into the Absolute, the solar bodies must be dissolved. The day in which we will be liberated we will leave, we will abandon all of the vehicles.

For what purpose do we build the solar bodies? With which purpose do we descend into the Ninth Sphere if we must abandon the solar bodies? With what purpose do we build something that we are not going to use? An atomic seed from each one of these Christic vehicles remains when they are dissolved. It is clear that in these vehicles four atomic seeds remain. It is indubitable that these atoms correspond to the physical, astral, mental, and causal bodies.

It is obvious that the four atomic seeds are absorbed within the super divine atom, the Ain Soph Paranishpanna, along with the Essence, spiritual principles, laws, and the three primary forces. Afterwards comes the profound night of the mahapralaya.

The Ain Soph without intimate realization of the Self does not possess the four atomic seeds; it is just a simple atom of the absolute abstract space with only the three primary forces, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, within.

The Paranishpanna atom of a Master that has been liberated is very distinct from the Ain Soph atom that is without realization of the Self. In the aurora of a mahamanvantara, a Self-realized master unfolds his bodies by putting their germs into activity. He possesses his solar bodies; he can restore them at any moment that he wishes. The fact of having built these bodies gives him autonomous cognizance.

The Ain Soph that possesses the atomic seeds can reincarnate at the hour that It pleases, and It remains dressed with Its solar bodies. When the Ain Soph wishes to manifest itself, it emanates those solar atom seeds and appears at any given place in space.

There is a formula that defines all of this:

C. O. N. H.

These are four forces, the four bodies of the initiate, four bodies with which the Seity is dressed when the Seity wants to be manifested.

1. C - Carbon. In Alchemy, the letter “C” symbolizes the conscious body of willpower; it is the carbon of occult chemistry.

2. O - Oxygen. In Alchemy, the letter “O” symbolizes the true solar mental body which was built in the forge of the Cyclops, the oxygen of sacred chemistry.

3. N - Nitrogen. In Alchemy, the letter “N” symbolizes the authentic Solar astral body, which is very different from the body of desires. It is obvious that the legitimate sidereal body is the nitrogen of occult chemistry.

4. H - Hydrogen. In Alchemy, the “H” symbolizes the physical body, the three-dimensional vehicle of flesh and bones.

The four atoms are within the Ain Soph Paranishpanna and from there emanate the four bodies with which the Seity dresses Itself. The Seity builds them instantaneously, in other words, at any given moment, when the Seity wishes to work in a world for the good of humanity, and then It appears as a Self-realized, a self-cognizant master, owner of life and death.

The three primary forces:

  • The Holy Affirmation: The Father
  • The Holy Negation: The Son
  • The Holy Reconciliation: The Holy Spirit

These three primary forces manifest themselves through the three atoms C.O.N. (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen). The H (hydrogen) is a force that is independent from the other three. Therefore, it is the physical vehicle which serves as an instrument for the body of will, mental, and astral bodies.

We do not exaggerate if we emphasize the alchemist’s transcendental idea that an Ain Soph Paranishpanna atom possesses within itself the four atom seeds C.O.N.H.

With these four alchemical atoms, the Ain Soph Paranishpanna rebuilds the Merkabah, the chariot (the solar bodies), in order to enter into any universe when it is necessary.

We must not forget that Merkabah is the chariot of the centuries, the celestial human being of the Kabbalah.

As a sequence or corollary, we can and we must affirm that those who have not performed the work in the Ninth Sphere (sex) indeed do not possess the chariot, the Merkabah.

It is unquestionable that everything changes in the active field of the Prakriti due to modifications of the Trigunamayashakti, and that we, the human beings, also modify ourselves in a positive or negative way. But, if we do not build the chariot, the Merkabah, the Ain Soph remains without intimate realization of the Self.

Those who have not eliminated the Abhayan Samskara, innate fear, will flee from the Ninth Sphere by telling others that the work in the forge of the Cyclops (sex) is worthless.

These are the hypocritical Pharisees who strain at a mosquito but swallow up a camel [Matthew 23:24]. These are the failed ones who do not enter into the Kingdom, thereby not allowing others to enter. Truly, sex is a stumbling rock and a rock of offense.