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The predicaments made by the smart-alecks of these times of human degeneration are horrifying. We do not deny the value of preventive medicine, but we assert that it is criminal to kill children by mistake. Cemeteries are filled with these mistakes, and the way to the abyss is paved with good intentions.

National campaigns against cancer, tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, and smallpox have cost thousands of victims in every country. We knew the case of two beautiful children, full of life, who were vaccinated against poliomyelitis, and a few days later both beautiful children were quadriplegic; they were infected with infantile paralysis. In these cases the physicians limit themselves to state, “These victims were prone to contract such a disease, they had it already in a latent manner, etc., so, in conclusion, both children fell ill as quadriplegics.”

Frightful crimes are being committed in public schools: children who did not have tuberculosis contract the disease after being vaccinated; children who did not have smallpox contract the disease after receiving the vaccine.

Public hygiene workers - the ones who are in charge of public health - kill children in the schools; this is atrocious, frightfully horrible, yet true.

The smart-alecks of medicine have created a situation that seems intent upon killing children in schools, and all of this with the approval of parents, who are full of love, but ignorant.

Before World War II, more than fifteen hundred children were murdered with a vaccine in a city of Germany; this caused horror, but nevertheless the smart-alecks of medicine continued vaccinating children in the schools.

It is logical to try to save a population when there is an epidemic - then the vaccines are justified - but it is absurd to vaccinate against smallpox when there are no smallpox epidemic, or to vaccinate against typhus when there is no epidemic of typhus, or to vaccinate thousands of schoolchildren against tuberculosis when there is no epidemic of tuberculosis.

It is a fantasy of very bad taste to vaccinate against smallpox or any other disease, as they say “just in case,” “if possibly,” “perchance” this or that epidemic will come to the city.

In any case, no regulation should be constructed on FANTASIES, nor a serious decision of any type be made based on FANTASIES. It is a shame that medical science is still empirical and fantastic. To state that medical practitioners are going to vaccinate the children of the schools and all the citizens “just in case such epidemic comes to be” is obviously absurd.

By any means, vaccines are absurd; however, since the gentlemen of medical science do not have any other effective procedure of preventive medicine, we do not have any choice but to resign ourselves to vaccines, but let those gentlemen of hygiene and public health cease to abuse people.

Nobody would commit the stupidity of firing cannons against an enemy who does not exist, thus, it is stupidity to vaccinate against this or that epidemic when such an epidemic does not exist.

We are not against physicians nor against medicine, we only pronounce ourselves against the abuse of preventive medicine.

They are already thousands - and maybe millions - of victims from vaccines, while the ones in charge of guarding the public health continue vaccinating.

By all means it is criminal to infect people with horrible diseases that they do not have.

It is criminal to infect children in the schools, to kill our offspring who are just starting to live.

The vaccines should only be used as a last resort in case of epidemics; it is clear that for such a reason the vaccines would still cause harm, yet in any war there are always attacks, defenses, and the dead, likewise in the wars against epidemics.

The workers of hygiene or public health have not had mercy for anybody: often wanting to do much good, they have done much bad.

In a certain country (whose name I do not mention), the morbid idea of fumigating all of the houses, shops, warehouses, huts, working houses, field houses, etc., occurred within their boneheads, apparently with the goal of terminating malaria, yet instead what they terminated  were the domestic birds and the cats. Nowadays in that unfortunate country, the cats and poultry are very expensive since they do not have many. Naturally, as the vulgar saying states, “Some to the soul of the business, and others to the business of the soul.” The profiteers from all of this were the mice; they now enjoy great banquets in barns, corrals, worked soil, etc. etc. etc. Most interesting of all this is that the malaria continued spreading in that country; it did not end. It followed its usual course, and the famous fumigations as a campaign against malaria did not work.

Now all they lack is to give this country the final blow with some “special vaccine” against malaria.

Indeed, vaccines are not what is needed in order to fight against diseases. What is urgently needed are VITAMINS, good nourishment, pure water, and sun.

It is necessary to defend the organism; any organism is immune when it develops wonderful organic defenses. Let the immune system be fortified, this way vaccines will become worthless, that is all.