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Positive and Negative Clairvoyance

The Rosicrucian initiate Max Heindel states in his book The Rosicrucian Cosmoconception that when the chakras of the astral body rotate from left to right (clockwise), then clairvoyance becomes positive. Max Heindel asseverates that when the chakras rotate from right to left (counterclockwise), then clairvoyance becomes negative.

The exerted clairvoyants are positive. The mediums and seers of spiritism or spiritualism are negative. The positive clairvoyant knows how to drive his faculty by will. The negative clairvoyant sees without wanting to see. The negative clairvoyant always becomes cheated by the tenebrous entities.

The crime of “Mama Coleta” that occurred on February 6, 1944 in the San Francisco Farm, Rodrigo neighborhood, close to Cifuentes, Province Las Villas, Cuba, is a concrete example of negative clairvoyance, as well as spiritist or spiritualist mediumism. The neighborhood of “Mama Coleta” was indeed the scenario for mediumism, spiritualism, negative clairvoyance, incest, and crime.

The female medium Francisca, with her psychopathic and nervous personality, was indeed victim of the tenebrous entities that wander in the astral plane. The medium Francisca’s fear contaminated her sister Candida. The two sisters sheltered themselves in the bed of their brother Candido. This is how both sisters fell into the crime of incest. There was a double incest.

Their brother Candido had lived with a concubine; thus, when he saw the nervous state of his clairvoyant sister, he distrusted the woman with whom he had lived. He supposed that his ex-concubine had cast a spell on their home. The panic reached the maximum when his younger brother brought him a doll that the ex-concubine had given him as a gift.

Afterwards came the second part of this drama that culminated with the crime of “Mama Coleta.” Candido consulted a “santero” who, in spite of the opposition of “Mama Coleta,” performed some ceremonies and a cleanse onto the medium-seer Francisca. Thereafter, he declared that the one responsible for his disgrace was the soul of a warlock named Barrueta. Afterwards, the “santero” granted the medium-seer Francisca the power of rejecting spells. Indeed, the female medium Francisca, with her negative clairvoyance, was seeing tenebrous entities. She was seeing against her will. She was seeing demons everywhere. She could not control her sixth sense.

When “Mama Coleta” discovered the incest, the negative clairvoyant Francisca defended herself by stating that she did not have carnal relations with her brother. She was instead having intercourse with the soul of the warlock Barrueta, who was inserting himself within the body of her brother. To that end, in accordance with her, she was not perpetrating the crime of incest.

The night of the events was terrible. The medium Francisca seemed a lunatic. She violently ejected the food that was cooked for her, believing it to be poisoned. She ripped at the furniture of her home. She threw the clothes of her family outside their house. She was in a state of delirium: shouting, dancing, and clairvoyantly seeing the warlock Barrueta.

Her whole family kneeled with their faces towards a wall with their arms opened in the shape of the cross. Soon, all of them fell into a mass suggestion. All of her brothers struck the father of that family, because they stated that the warlock Barrueta was inserted within the body of their father.

Afterwards, they killed “Mama Coleta” by punching her horribly, because the seer Francisca saw demons going inside the body of the wretched old woman.

The last victim of that medium’s negative clairvoyance was her brother. The seer Francisca saw her brother transforming himself into the warlock Barrueta. Thus, she struck her brother’s head with a big, heavy rock that fractured the bones of his cranium and tossed out from it pieces of his encephalic mass.

The last thing this female seer did, naked and armed with a stick, was ride a horse outside in the streets. Screaming, she rode the horse around the streets while beating demons with the stick. Moments after, she was stopped by the police and everything ended when all of them were imprisoned.

The former narrative is a concrete case of negative clairvoyance. The seer Francisca had a “mental deficit, together with transitory amnesia and absolutely negative clairvoyant visions of a mediumistic character.”

Commonly, these types of seers are oligophrenics who exhibit the same credibility as a weak and thoughtless being.

These negative seers fall into compulsive suggestion. These negative seers, while under their compulsive or pathologic suggestion, reach the horrible abyss of delinquency.

Indeed, these negative clairvoyants see forms that exist within the infraconsciousness of this great nature.

A true scientist cannot accept the visions of a negative clairvoyant as infallible. Only true, positive clairvoyance is infallible.

In order to develop positive clairvoyance, it is required to practice the necessary esoteric exercises and to study the best authors of Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, yoga, psychology, etc. Our worst enemy is ignorance, therefore we recommend our readers study the great works of the female Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, entitled The Secret Doctrine. We also recommend Kundalini Yoga by Sivananda, the books of Dr. Arnold Krumm-Heller, the books of Dr. Adoum, the books of Rudolf Steiner, etc.

Positive clairvoyance is achieved only with great intellectual culture and great esoteric discipline. The truly positive clairvoyance is only achieved by the highest cultured people who are submitted to the most rigorous intellectual disciplines. The illuminated intellect is the outcome of positive clairvoyance.