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The Sexual Energy

Sex has an 84 year cycle and is governed by the planet Uranus.

In a cyclical manner, the north and south poles of the planet Uranus alternately point towards the Sun. Those poles are the determining factors of the wonderful 84 year cycle in the human species.

If the masculine, positive pole of Uranus is pointed towards the Sun, then the masculine sexual impulse predominates on the Earth; yet, if the feminine, negative pole of Uranus is pointed towards the Sun, then the feminine sexual impulse predominates on the Earth.

For 42 years the masculine sex predominates. For 42 years the feminine sex reigns sovereign.

The history of piracy, the age of Isabel, where masculinity is displayed, like chivalrous adventures, clearly represent the masculine sexual cycle.

This year 1965, in which women reveal their bodies more, and who predominate, command, and protest, clearly indicates the sexual feminine cycle.

In fact, the mature man or woman lives in the opposite sexual atmosphere of the one they were born in. That atmosphere is in fact totally stimulating, and explains with complete exactitude why sexual feelings are often more vigorous and rich in the forties than in the thirties.

Sex should be the most elevated creative function. Unfortunately, ignorance reigns sovereign, and humanity is too distant to comprehend the great mysteries of sex.

If we study the book of heaven—the wonderful zodiac—we can then comprehend that the new era of Aquarius is governed by the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, the water carrier.

The symbol of Aquarius is a woman with two full water pitchers, who intelligently attempts to mix the waters of the pitchers. This symbol reminds us of sexual alchemy. In Pisces human beings were mere slaves of their sexual instinct—symbolized by the two fish within the waters of the life—thus in Aquarius human beings must intelligently learn how to combine the waters of existence; they must learn how to transmute their sexual forces.

Aquarius is governed by Uranus, the planet that governs the sexual functions. Thus, it is incongruent and absurd that some isolated individuals and certain pseudo-esoteric schools reject the Maithuna (Sexual Magic) and nonetheless pretentiously boast of being the initiators of the new era.

Uranus is one hundred percent sexual, thus in the new era governed by this planet, the human being must know the mysteries of sex in depth. So, to reject the Maithuna (Sexual Magic) signifies in fact to pronounce oneself against the sign of Aquarius, governed by Uranus, the king of sex.

We must remember that the most subtle, most powerful, most refined energy that is produced and marvelously conduced through the human organism is the sexual energy.

By very deeply analyzing the astounding power of the sexual energy, we arrive at the conclusion that it is extraordinarily volatile and very difficult to store and control.

The sexual energy is like a deposit of dynamite; its presence signifies a formidable source of tremendous potentiality, and also a constant danger of a catastrophic explosion.

The sexual energy has its own channels of circulation, its own organized electrical system.

When the sexual energy infiltrates the mechanism of other functions, it can produce great explosions, tremendous biological, physiological, and psychic catastrophes.

The violent and destructive types of manifestations of the sexual energy are generally derived from certain negative psychological attitudes towards sex. Sexual suspicion, fear of sex, sexual prejudices, the cynical, brutal, or obscene sense of sex, etc., obstruct the channels whereby the sexual energy circulates, and therefore the sexual energy deviates and infiltrates other channels, systems, and functions where it produces frightening catastrophes.

The aspect of such catastrophes is usually multifaceted. Sometimes it has the aspect of a fire that flames with passionate wrath, at other times the bitterness of an injurious retort, hurtful words, violent denunciations, etc; all of this and thousands of disgusting subject-matters of the human species are the outcome of the infiltration of the sexual energy into other channels and functions.

People who squander their sexual energy in morbid sexual conversations, who watch pornographic movies, or who read dishonest novels become impotent.

People who miserably spend their time reasoning about the sexual act without fulfilling their sexual functions become impotent; indeed, when—aside from any reasoning— they are going to perform the sexual act, they cannot, and fail.

When imagination and reasoning are poorly used, they can lead us to a psycho-sexual type of impotence. Morbid imagination, the wrong use of imagination, exhausts the sexual energy, and the individual about perform the sexual act fails, becoming impotent.

Excessive reasoning about sex leads to impotence. The one who lives only analyzing the sexual act without performing it, when he is truly ready to actually perform it, must pass through the tremendous surprise that he cannot: he is impotent.

Let our readers not be frightened when arriving at this part of the chapter; it is urgent to study the mysteries of sex, yet to abuse reasoning about sex while excluding the sexual act for an indefinite length of time produces psycho-sexual impotence.

Sub-imagination and infra-imagination exist. Some people—if they wish—can contemplate a person of the opposite sex with purity, nevertheless their sub-imagination and infra-imagination can betray them in the submerged levels of their mind, and thus lead them to perform the coitus in other states of consciousness, whose outcome is usually nocturnal pollutions with abundant loss of seminal liquor.

At this Patriarchal Headquarters of the Gnostic Movement in Mexico City constantly arrive many letters from people who complain about having erotic dreams accompanied by nocturnal pollutions. We always answer by advising to those people the Maithuna, Sexual Magic, A.Z.F. (sexual union without ejaculation of the semen) as the unique remedy against nocturnal pollutions.

It is clear that by means of daily Maithuna the human being becomes accustomed to refrain in the sexual act in order not to spill the semen. The outcome is that the person becomes so accustomed to this super effort that when in dreams the person performs the sexual act, then already by habit, by instinct, the person refrains in order to avoid the spilling of the seminal liquor, thus sexual pollution does not take place.

Sex and imagination are intimately associated. To arrive at absolute chastity is impossible if we did not transform the imagination into a pure mirror without the smallest spot.

It is urgent to transform the mechanical and morbid sub-imagination and the automatic and lustful infra-imagination into the imagination of a newborn child. This type of transformation is only possible with the special aid of the Divine Mother Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

It is necessary to know how to pray, to know how to beg the divine serpent, asking for the miracle of transforming our subjective and mechanical imagination into the imagination of a newborn child.

Only She, the Divine Mother, the sacred serpent, can transform the morbid sub-imagination and the bestial infra-imagination into the innocent imagination of a newborn child.

A small boy can contemplate a beautiful naked woman in a pure and perfect manner, without feeling the slightest lust. Indeed, until we be converted and become as innocent as little children, it is impossible to enter into the kingdom of esotericism.

In the physical world, some people have attained perfect chastity, thus they can give themselves the luxury of contemplating the naked body of a person of the opposite sex without feeling any sort of lust. It is clear that such exceptional people believe that they have also achieved absolute chastity in the subconscious territories of the mind, without even remotely suspecting that their sub-imagination and their subjective and mechanical infra-imagination betray them below the surface of their intellectual sphere. These types of exceptional people may have a chaste imagination, but they ignore that their sub-imagination and infra-imagination fornicate frightfully in regions unknown to their reasoning and intellect. When these types of people are submitted to tests of chastity in the superior worlds or within the submerged worlds of nature, when they are placed in situational states and different times of an infraconscious or subconscious type, they fail lamentably.

Many people write to us requesting a remedy for nocturnal pollutions. We always answer these sick people, we always prescribe them Sexual Magic, the Maithuna.

Whosoever becomes accustomed to restrain the sexual act in order not to ejaculate the seminal liquor becomes cured of nocturnal pollutions.

Morbid, lustful dreams are the outcome of the mechanical sub-imagination and the erotic and automatic type of infra-imagination.

If we turn on a television, then before the eyes of the viewer many scenes, pictures, and figures follow one after the other in an automatic manner. Imagination is like a television: any sexual shock turns it on, not only in the intellectual sphere, but also in other submerged territories of the mind.

Any dreamer in the internal worlds can be affected by morbid types of representations. Those representations produce erotic dreams and nocturnal pollutions.

If the dreamer is accustomed to restrain the sexual act, in this case the erotic dream will continue to exist, but without nocturnal pollutions.

If the dreamer has transformed their sub-imagination and infra-imagination into the imagination of an innocent child, then erotic dreams are impossible; they disappear in a radical, total, and definitive manner.

If any esotericist student were submitted to frightening sexual tests in the internal worlds without first having passed through very long periods of daily Sexual Magic, it is clear that the student would fail lamentably, thus losing the seminal liquor through nocturnal pollutions.

Without Sexual Magic, without Maithuna, A.Z.F., is impossible to move forward on the path of initiation.

When the sexual energy is centrifugal—when it flows from inside towards outside—the outcome is seminal discharges, nocturnal pollutions. Yet, with Maithuna, Arcanum A.Z.F., Sexual Magic, the different currents of sexual energy reverse their course, they become centripetal; then they flow from outside toward the inside. Seminal discharges, nocturnal pollutions, are totally impossible when the sexual energy flows from the exterior towards the interior.

In a molecular, superior level, the sexual energy contains within itself the universal seal or cosmic design of the true human; by means of Sexual Magic we can make this design crystallize in each one of us.

Whosoever wants to achieve in-depth realization must descend into the Ninth Sphere and work with the fire and the water, origin of worlds, beasts, humans, and Gods; every authentic white initiation begins there.

There is an intimate relationship between the sexual energy and imagination. The sexual energy is the basic foundation for the realization of our Inner Self.

The initiates who go along the path of the razor’s edge are submitted to many sexual tests within the infra-conscious, unconscious, human, sub-human, and infra-human worlds. If initiates do not transform their morbid sub-imagination and mechanical and erotic infra-imagination into the imagination of a newborn, innocent child, then it is clear that they will inevitably fail all their sexual tests.

It is necessary to know that in the internal worlds the initiates are placed in other times, places, situations, and different, distinct, diverse, sub-human, infra-human states of consciousness, where they not even remotely remember their studies, the path, etc.

Now our readers will comprehend the urgent necessity of transforming the sub-imagination and the infra-imagination into conscious, objective, and chaste imagination, like the imagination of a newborn child.

Now our readers will comprehend the intimate relationship between sex and imagination.

The sexual energy can transform any person into an angel or into a beast.

In the Western world are many people who mortally hate Sexual Magic; these people justify their absurd hatred with many pretexts. They state that Maithuna, Sexual Magic, “so to say” is only for Eastern people, and that we, the Western people, are not prepared. Those people affirm that with these teachings of sex yoga the only thing that will result is a harvest of black magicians. What is interesting about this is that those types of reactionary, conservative, regressive, and retarded people do not utter a single word against fornication, adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, pederasty, masturbation, etc. All of this seems to them to be quite normal; thus, they do not have any inconvenience in squandering their sexual energy miserably.

The ignorant fornicators from reactionary pseudo-occultism absolutely ignore the secret doctrine of the Savior of the World, the Christian esotericism.

The pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist reaction ignores that the primeval Christian Gnostic sects practiced Maithuna, Sexual Magic. Maithuna was always taught in all ancient schools of Western mysteries. Maithuna was known among the mysteries of the Templars, among the mysteries of the Aztecs, Mayan, Incas, Chibchas, Zapotecs, Araucans, Toltecs, mysteries of Eleusis, mysteries of Rome, Mithra, Carthage, Tyre, Celtic mysteries, Phoenicians, Egyptian, Druids, and in all the primeval Christian sects, such as the sect of the Essenians, who had their monastery at the shores of the Dead Sea, and one of their most exalted members was the Divine Rabbi of Galilee.

Maithuna, Sexual Magic, is universal. It is known in the mysteries of the North and the South, the East and the West of the world, nevertheless the reactionary, regressive, fornicating pseudo-occultists violently reject it.

The fundamental stone of the authentic and legitimate schools of mysteries is Maithuna, Arcanum A.Z.F., Sexual Magic.