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The Root Races

Every planet develops seven Root Races and seven subraces. Our planet Earth already developed five Root Races; it needs to develop two more Root Races.

After the seven Root Races, the planet Earth, already transformed by cataclysms over the course of millions of years, will become a new moon.

This entire Earth’s devolving and evolving life came from the Moon. When the great life abandoned the Moon, it died; it became a desert. The Moon also developed seven Root Races and each one of them developed seven subraces. The soul [of the Moon], the lunar life, is now devolving and evolving in our planet Earth; this is how the worlds reincarnate.

The Aztecs state that the human beings of the first Root Race were extraordinary, dark-colored giants. This was a very civilized, androgynous, asexual, semi-physical, semi-ethereal Root Race. Their individuals could reduce their height to the size of an average person of this present Aryan Root Race. Their rituals—as well as their wisdom—were portentous. Barbarism did not exist in their epoch; this Root Race was devoured by the Tigers of Wisdom.

The regent of the first Root Race was the God Tezcatlipoca. Each individual was a Master of Wisdom. Their reproduction system was effectuated by means of the fissiparous act; this is a system similar to that which organic cells use for reproduction, which is the process of cellular division. This is how the organism of the father-mother was divided into two, and the androgynous child was fastened to the father-mother for awhile.


The first Root Race lived on the Sacred Island situated in the north polar cap. That island still exists, yet it is in a Jinn state within the fourth vertical.

The second Root Race was governed by Quetzalcoatl; this was the Hyperborean humanity. The degenerated people of the second Root Race converted themselves into monkeys; these are the ancestors of present monkeys. They reproduced themselves by budding, such as the plants do: from their trunk sprout many branches. They were wiped out by strong hurricanes.

The third Root Race was the Lemurian race, which inhabited Mu, which today is the Pacific Ocean. They perished by fire raining from the sun (volcanoes and earthquakes). This Root Race was governed by the Aztec God Tlaloc. Their reproduction was by means of gemmation. Lemuria was a very extensive continent.

The Lemurians who degenerated had, afterwards, faces similar to birds; this is why some savages, when remembering tradition, adorned their heads with feathers.

The fourth Root Race was the Atlanteans and was governed by the Aztec God Atonatiuh. It finished with a great inundation. The pre-Columbian tribes of America are descendents of this Root Race, as well as the primeval Chinese and Egyptians, etc.

The fifth is the Aryan Root Race: we are this Root Race. The present Aryan race will end with a great cataclysm.

This cataclysm is perfectly described in the Ahau Katún, which is the 13 Ahau Katun, the thirteenth to be counted. Cabal lxbach Chachalaca town. Kinchil Coba, Chachalaca of solar face is the base of the thirteenth Katun.

The branch of the lords of earth will be black by the universal justice of God, our Lord. The Sun will turn away. The face of the Moon will turn away.

Blood will run on trees and stones. The heavens and earth will burn by the word of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Holy Justice, Holy Judgement of God, our Lord.

The force of heaven and earth will be worthless when the big cities and the hidden towns, and the great city Maax-Monkey and all the small towns everywhere in the flat country of Maya-Cusamil-Mayapán, Mayan-swallow-deer-banner, become Christians.

It will be the time when two-days-humanoids (homosexuals and lesbians) will raise, in the heat of lechery, as the children of the wicked and the perverse — height of our perdition and shame.

Our children will be offered to the May flower and there will be no good for us.

The rising Moon will be the beginning of death by bad blood, and on the coming of the full Moon, the whole of the blood will come.

The good stars will also show kindness to the dead and the living.

Until here we read what the book of the books of Chilam Balam, sacred jewel of the Mayan people, textually states.

Sixth Root Race: Koradi. It will exist after the cataclysm of the fifth Root Race; it will live on a transformed Earth.

The seventh Root Race will be the last one.

Now, it is necessary to talk about the seven planetary rounds.

After these seven Root Races, the Earth will become a new moon. In the first round, our Earth was created with matter from the mental plane. In the second round, our Earth condensed into substance of the astral plane. In the third round, our Earth condensed into an ethereal form; and in this present, fourth round, the Earth crystallized into a physical and chemical form. It is urgent to know that the physical-chemical Earth evolves according with the laws of planetary karma. The future fifth round will develop in the ethereal world, the sixth round in the astral world, and the seventh round in the mental world. Afterwards, the great cosmic night will arrive.

The evolutions in the first round were very poor; likewise happened in the second and third rounds. So, the fire accomplished very little in those former planetary rounds. Thus, we have the outcome before our sight in this present, fourth round in which we live, which is the frightful luciferic man of this fourth round.

Because of the poor achievements in the former rounds, the scantly developed planetary fire became overcharged with karma, thus producing in our physical world a slow, heavy, and terrible evolution. Therefore, due to the planetary karma, the three coming rounds will accomplish very little.

The Gods from nature had worked very much in order to create self-cognizant beings. The Gods have performed difficult experiments within the laboratories of nature. However, it is good to know that the struggle in order to create true human beings has not finished yet. Still, the human being, or the so called human, has to discharge a lot of elements that will be present in the zoological gardens of the future.

The kingdom of Malkuth is a terrible filter; whosoever wants to be free of this fatal wheel of Samsara has to dissolve the ego and to incarnate their Soul. Those who achieve it are very rare. The common and ordinary are the refuse of this filter and are swallowed by the abyss.

The gold, the select, the true human being, is the one who has their Soul and Spirit incarnated; they are awakened within the internal worlds after death.

Nature is implacable and the birth of an angel-man costs millions of victims.

Many are called but few are chosen.

Those who sustain that the human being comes from the ape are totally mistaken; indeed, it is the ape who comes from the human being. The transformation of species and the Darwinist evolution are false. No one has seen the birth of a new species; no one has seen the birth of a human being from a family of apes. They abuse comparative anatomy; they abuse the law of analogies in order to document their false assumptions; however, no one has ever seen the birth of a new species. Indeed, all living species, with few exceptions, are living remainders of the human kingdom.

Present human beings descended from antediluvian giants, as we already explained.

Every Root Race has seven subraces. The seed of our Aryan Root Race is Nordic, but when the Nordics mixed themselves with the Atlantean survivors, they originated the subraces of the Aryan truck.

First subrace: Flourished in central Asia, in those now vanished kingdoms of central Asia, and whose ruins still exist in the Himalayas around the country of Tibet. Powerful spiritual civilizations of the first Aryan subrace existed in those regions.

Second subrace: Flourished in India and the entire south of Asia. In Pearland, the sacred land of the Vedas, in the ancient Hindustan, where the second Aryan subrace developed, formidable esoteric cultures and tremendous civilizations existed.

Third subrace: Created powerful civilizations. Babylon, Chaldea, Egypt, etc., etc. were the scenario of very rich and powerful civilizations created by the third Aryan subrace.

Fourth subrace: Developed in Rome, Greece, Italy, and Athens, the great city founded by the Goddess Athena. Before their degeneration and destruction, Greece and Italy were marvelous scenarios where the powerful civilizations of the fourth Aryan subrace developed.

Fifth subrace: The Anglo-Saxon and Teutonic. The First and Second World Wars, with all of their barbarism and moral corruption, point with their accusatory fingers to the men and women of the fifth Aryan subrace.

Sixth subrace: The mixture of the Spanish Conquistadors with the Native American tribes. The effort to form the sixth subrace in the redskin territory was very difficult, because the English Conquistadors destroyed them; they assassinated them, instead of mixing themselves with the natives. Only in a very insignificant and incipient way was the mixture of blood performed. This is why the Occult Fraternity saw the necessity of converting the North American territory into a melting crucible of races. So, the formation of the sixth subrace in the United States had enormous difficulties; there, all the races of the world have mixed. The sixth subrace in Latin America was formed very easily and this is something that must not be ignored by the treatisers of anthropogenesis and occultism.

Seventh subrace: Will be formed by the survivors of the new great cataclysm that soon will destroy this Aryan Root Race; they do not exist yet, but they will.

So, this Aryan Root Race, instead of evolving, has devolved, and its corruption is now worse than that of the Atlanteans in their epoch. Its wickedness is so great that it has reached unto heaven.

This Aryan Root Race will be destroyed so that the prophesies which Ra-Mu made in the submerged Atlantis will accomplished:

If they forget that they should not amass material things, not only for their own progress, but also for the generosity towards mankind, the same fate will surprise them.

Melchizedek, the genie of the Earth, King of the World, made the following prophecy in Tibet:

Men (or better said, rational mammals) will gradually forget their souls to only take care of their bodies. The greatest corruption will reign on earth.

Men will resemble ferocious beasts, thirsty for their brothers’ blood.

The half moon will darken and its adepts will fall in perpetual war. The greatest misfortunes will fall upon them and they will fight each other.

The crowns of the kings, great and small, will fall; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. A terrible war among all peoples will break out.

The oceans will roar. The earth and the bottoms of the seas will be covered in bones.

Kingdoms will disappear, entire populations will die... Famine, disease, crimes not covered by the laws, never seen, neither dreamed of by men...

Then, the enemies of God and the Divine Spirit that lie in man himself will come. Those who raise their hands against others will perish as well.

The forgotten and the persecuted will rise later; they will be the center of the attention of the whole world.

There will be thick darkness, horrible storms. Mountains, until then arid, will be covered with forests.

Earth will be shaken. Millions of men will exchange the chains of slavery and humiliations for hunger, pestilence, and death.

Roads will be crowded with people, walking randomly from one place to another.

The greatest, the most beautiful cities, will disappear in fire... One, two, three. Out of ten thousand men, one will survive, and he will be naked, deprived of reason, and lacking strength to build a shelter or find food. And these surviving men will bark like mad wolves, they will devour corpses and bite their own flesh, and they will challenge God for combat.

Earth will be deserted, and even God will leave... Only death and night will be on the empty Earth.

Then I will send a group of people (the World Salvation Army), until then unknown, who, with strong hands, will remove the weeds from the cultivating field of vice, and will lead the few faithful to the Spirit of man in the battle against evil.

They will found a new life on Earth, purified by the death of nations.