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Dreams and Astral Experiences

1. We finish the first part of this work by inviting all human beings to receive the direct knowledge.

2. Most students are already so separated from nature that when they talk about astral experiences, they fall into the horrible aberration of wanting to establish an abyss between astral experiences and their dreams.

3. These students despise their dream experiences, without realizing that their dreams are indeed the very astral experiences that they are looking for.

4. They fall into the same error—or similar error—of wanting to establish an abyss between clairvoyance and imagination.

5. These types of mistakes arise because the mind of the student is filled with artifices, and instead of looking for everything inside, within the realm of nature, they fall into the absurdity of looking for everything outside...

6. Thus, they erroneously believe that astral experiences are something different from their dream experiences, as artificial, extra-natural, new features, etc.

7. We invite all those students to study chapters two, four, and seven of the book of the prophet Daniel, in order for these devotees to corroborate our affirmations with the sacred scriptures.

8. Our critics cannot know more than the prophet Daniel, a pure and perfect man of God.

9. Therefore, brothers and sisters of mine, I have to inform you that astral experiences are indeed the same dream experiences that are very much despised by the “erudite” of this dark age.

10. Plato, in his book The Republic, “Dialogue with Socrates,” said that the individual is known by his dreams.

11. Tenebrous dreams are from the abyss, and the luminous dreams are from the Light.

12. During the hours of ordinary sleep, the internal man, dressed in his astral body, leaves his physical form so that the ethereal body can repair the physical body.

13. During the vigil state, many organic residues are stored in the nervous canals that obstruct the free circulation of the vital fluids.

14. Then the ego loses control over the physical body, thus is found the necessity of withdrawing from it.

15. Thus, when the internal man withdraws, the physical body falls asleep; it enters into the dream / resting state.

16. During the hours of sleep, the thyroid gland cleans with its iodine all the nervous channels, and during this time of rest the vital body focuses on the solar magnetism, in order to vitalize the red globules that flood the sanguineous channels.

17. When the sum of leukocytes exceeds the sum of erythrocytes, it is a sign that the ethereal body is ill, and consequently or as an inevitable consequence the physical body also becomes ill.

18. After normal sleep, the ethereal body totally repairs the physical body, and the solar forces that enter by the splenic chakra pass to the solar plexus and circulate freely around the nervous channels, vitalizing all the plexuses, and regulating all organic viscera and all organic ganglia by means the vasomotor nervous system.

19. Thus, this is how after sleep, our physical body is completely repaired for the new activities of the internal ego.

20. During the hours of sleep, the ego dressed in its astral body wanders outside the physical form, occupied with the activities that are familiar to it.

21. Thus, during the hours of sleep, the evildoers execute the same evil acts that they are accustomed to.

22. During the hours of sleep, all our disciples visit the temples of mysteries and work under the direction of the White Hierarchy.

23. We test the disciples during the hours of sleep.

24. Before testing the disciples, first we awaken their consciousness, and when their consciousness gives exactly the same note of their vigil state, then we submit them to the initiatic tests.

25. In these cases, the bodies of the disciples are sleeping, but their internal consciousness acts just as it does in the vigil state.

26. If the disciples believe in those moments that they really are in bone and flesh, much better for us, because in this way, we can test them better.

27. There are no false dream experiences; even the most absurd dreams—if they are interpreted based on the law of philosophical analogies—contain magnificent revelations.

28. During the hours of sleep, all human beings are outside their physical form, and occupied in the same activities that are familiar to them. For that reason Plato, the founder of the Mysteries of Eleusis, affirmed in his Republic that any individual is known through his dreams.

29. Students acquire “continuous consciousness” little by little, in accordance with their advancement; thus they become more and more familiar with the internal worlds.

30. As soon as the disciples return to the vigil state, they must practice a retrospective exercise in order to remember all the places and instructions received during the dream.

31. All those who want to differentiate between astral experiences and dream experiences are totally mistaken.

32. Let our critics study the book of the prophet Daniel from the Old Testament, so that they can realize that astral experiences and dream experiences are the same thing.

33. We, the masters of the White Universal Brotherhood, have continuous consciousness, and whether our bodies are sleeping or in a vigil state, we are always consciously working in the internal worlds, in the work of the Father.

34. Accordingly, as the disciples awaken their chakras, they will acquire continuous consciousness, which will convert them into conscious citizens of the super-sensible worlds.

35. Disciples must not talk with anybody about their astral experiences, because the incredulous people—with their negative vibrations—will destroy the wonderful petals of their chakras, and will end up damaging their powers.

36. In the beginning, the disciple must be like a sealed book.

37. Disciples who want to know, to learn how to interpret their dreams, should study chapters 37, 38, 39, 40, and 41 of the book of Genesis, and the book of the prophet Daniel.

38. It is necessary to form Jehovah within each chakra in order to awaken the consciousness.

39. In the super-sensible worlds, common and ordinary human beings walk asleep during the hours of their sleep, and after their death.

40. When our disciples make their chakras spin, they awaken their consciousness, and then during the hours of sleep they walk in the internal worlds with their awakened consciousness.

41. It is not enough to awaken the chakras, because the chakras are wide-awake in any vulgar psychic or any black magician.

42. What is important is to form the Holy Spirit in each chakra.

43. Thus, accordingly, as the disciple is forming Jehovah in each chakra, they will awaken their consciousness in the internal worlds.

44. Jehovah is formed in each chakra by intensely practicing sexual magic with our spouse.

45. Understand that sexual magic can only be practiced with our priestess/priest spouse.

46. No man can practice sexual magic with different women, because that is adultery, and whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

47. A woman can practice sexual magic only and exclusively with her husband, and those that violate these decrees of the Holy Gnostic Church will fall inevitably into black magic.

48. However, we must know that the authentic marriage is the union of two beings in spirit, soul, and body.

49. Religious or social formulism is nothing but a requirement that we must fulfill in order to satisfy our duties with society.

50. The Lord Jehovah gives us wisdom and magical powers.

51. Consequently, we must form Jehovah in each chakra, in order to awaken the consciousness during dreams.

52. Jehovah is the Holy Spirit that must nest within each one of our chakras.

53. In these very moments in which I am finishing this book entitled Igneous Rose, the Solar Logos has appeared visibly before me; he is the blessed one, the divine Rabbi of Galilee, our Lord the Christ, whose divine essence we must store in our astral body in order to form the inner Christ within ourselves, thus to raise us to the Father.

54. I, Aun Weor, have remained absorbed before the sublime presence of the head of all the souls. This is how, in this way, this book was approved.

May peace be with all of humanity.