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The Pluralized “I”

There is energy that is free in its movement, and there is static energy. The “I” is a knot that must be untied. The “I” is static energy. The universal Spirit of life is energy that is free in its movement. The spirit is not the “I.” The Soul is not the “I.” The physical body is not the “I.”

It is necessary to know that the “I” is the Satan of which the Bible speaks. The “I” is Ahriman of the Persians. The “I” is a handful of memories, desires, passions, hunger, fears, etc. A so-called “superior I” does not exist. Indeed, our real Being is beyond any type of “I.” Our real Being is the Being and nothing but that: the Being.

The soul is the Being, the Spirit is the Being, but the “I” is not the Soul or the Spirit. The “I” is the devil, and that is all. The “I” exists in a pluralized manner: with this we mean that the “I” is a legion of devils.

Just as water is made up of many drops, just as the flame has many sparks, likewise the “I” is made up of many small “I”s.’

Each desire is personified by a small “I.” Each appetite is personified by another small “I.” The seven capital sins are personified by seven “I’s”—one for each capital sin, seven for the seven capital sins.

All vices, passions, and evilness are personified by small “I”s that in their conjunction constitute the “I” or reincorporating ego. What reincorporates is the “I.” The “I” reincorporates in order to satisfy desires and to pay karma. The “I” is the origin of pain; the “I” is the origin of all of our evilness.

When the “I” is reduced to dust, what remains within us is the Soul. Indeed, the nature of the soul is happiness. The soul is happiness. To seek outside for happiness is absolutely absurd, since happiness comes to us when the “I” has died. Therefore, while the pluralized “I” continues to exist, there can be no happiness.

In life, there are pleasant hours and enjoyments, nevertheless, happiness cannot exist as long as the “I” is not dissolved.

When the “I” is reduced to dust, we can then reincarnate on other more advanced planets in order to work on the realization our inner Self.

The dissolution of the “I” brings true freedom.

The Venusians are truly happy because already annihilated the “I”; they do not have “I.”

The Venusians do not need money because they do not have anxieties for accumulation. Since they do not desire anything, they do not have greed; they are satisfied with their daily bread. That kind of consciousness is possessed by Beings who no longer have the “I.”

Authorities are not necessary in Venus because there is no violence. Only the “I” is violent. Government is not necessary in Venus because each citizen knows how to be governed by his Self. When the “I” has been annihilated, each citizen becomes governed by his Self; then, who wants to govern others?

On Venus, private families do not exist. All the Venusians form a single family; this is only possible thanks to the fact that they already annihilated the horrible pluralized “I.” The “I” is what we call “my” family, “my” house, “my” properties, “my” lust, “my” resentments, “my” desires, “my” passions, “my” memories, etc.

The “I” continues in our descendants. The “I” is the race, the nation, my social class, my money, my family, my inheritance, etc.

The “I” is the subconsciousness. When the “I” is annihilated, the subconsciousness becomes consciousness.

We need to annihilate the “I” in order to transform the subconsciousness into consciousness. Only by annihilating the “I” can the subconsciousness become consciousness. When the subconsciousness becomes consciousness, the problem of astral projection has been resolved.

When the subconsciousness becomes consciousness, we no longer needed to worry about astral projection, because while the physical body sleeps, we live in an absolutely conscious manner within the internal worlds.

At the present time, humanity is ninety-seven percent subconscious and only three percent conscious. We need to become conscious one hundred percent.

The inhabitants of Venus are one hundred percent, totally conscious. The humanity of Venus annihilated the “I.”

Indeed, the “I” can only be annihilated by means of a rigorous creative comprehension. We need to perform a self-dissection of the “I” with the scalpel of the self-criticism. Instead of criticizing others, we must criticize ourselves.

Practical life is a full-length mirror where we can see ourselves as we really are. When the mind is in a state of alert perception while coexisting with the neighbor, we can then easily discover our defects because they spontaneously arise. Our defects emerge in an astounding manner while in relation with the neighbors, with our friends, with our fellow workers, with our spouse, with our children, with our acquaintances, etc., thus, if we are alert and vigilant as watchmen in the time of war, it is clearly logical that we can see our defects as they really are.

Self-discovery exists while coexisting with others, if we are in the state of alert perception.

Any discovered defect must be intellectually analyzed; nonetheless, the intellect is not everything. The intellect is only a fraction of the mind.

We need to delve; we need to explore the subconsciousness more deeply in order to discover the inner roots of our defects. Yes, only through very deep meditation can we really explore the subconsciousness. Thus, when we have comprehended a defect completely, the energetic “I” that personifies it can be disintegrated. Thus, this is how we die from moment to moment.

We need mystical death. We need the death of the “I.” Let us remember that each one of us carries a legion of devils within. Yes, the “I” is a legion of devils. The body of desires exists within each person and within the body of desires exists the pluralized “I.”

The pluralized “I” miserably squanders the Essence, that is to say, the raw matter, the substance of the soul. The “I” squanders the precious psychic Essence in atomic explosions of anger, greed, lust, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc.

When the “I” is dead, the Essence is accumulated and becomes the soul. We need the death of the “I”; we need only that which is happiness to live within us, that which we call soul. When the “I” dies, karma ends, and in fact we become free.

The inner contradictions of each person are due to the pluralized “I.” I.e. “I am going to read the newspaper,” says an “I” in the intellectual center. “I do not want to read, what I want is to ride a bicycle,” says another “I” in the motion center. “I love that woman, I adore her,” says an “I” in the center of emotions. “I do not love her, what I want is money,” says another “I” in the mental center. “To the devil with these preoccupations, what I want is to eat,” says the “I” of gluttony through the digestion system, “and I want to eat a lot,” says the “I” of greed… “I swear to be faithful to Gnosis,” says the mystical “I.” “To the devil with Gnosis,” furiously exclaims the intellectual “I.” “It is better to get money,” says the “I” of greediness. And, “I will affiliate myself to another school, better than Gnosis,” says the “I” of curiosity.

Thus, this is how we do not have individuality; yes, we are not individualized because we are legion of devils. Thus, when the “I” is dissolved, individuality—that is to say, the individual soul—is the only thing that remains within us.

The Venusians are true, sacred individuals, because they do not have “I.” The Venusians are truly perfect human beings. We Earthlings are intellectual animals, because we do not have authentic individuality.

We have seen too many people swearing fidelity to Gnosis, giving an oath before the altar, and thereafter in time they go to another school and declare themselves enemies of Gnosis. This is because they do not have individuality. The “I” that in a given moment was enthusiastic about Gnosis is later displaced by another “I” that detests Gnosis.

Present “human beings” cannot have continuity in their purposes because they do not have individuality. They are legions of devils, and each devil has its own criteria, ideas, opinions, etc., etc. The present human being is a non-realized being.

We still do not possess the Being, and only the Being can grant us true individuality.