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Questions About the Path

The sacred scriptures state, 

“Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” —Matthew 7:7

Therefore, ask and I will be very glad to answer what should be answered.

Student: Master, I want to know the reason why I have for a long, long time a big concern about who am I, where I come from, what is my role in life, if I have a mission to perform? I want to know something related with all of this. 

Samael Aun Weor: You want answers to your vital questions, right? Who am I, where do I come from, where am I going, what it is the purpose of my existence?, etc. Unquestionably, it is necessary to know if you feel or do not feel, we might say, any concern of a spiritual nature. Obviously, if you did not feel any concern of a spiritual nature, you would not be here. That is clear. 

Now, why do you feel that spiritual concern? Since if someone feels it, it is because the divine spark, the immortal spark — to speak more clearly, the Monad (in the language of Leibnitz) — is working your Essence, and this is why you have that concern. When the Monad does not work upon the Essence, such concern does not exist. How could the essence feel such longings if the divine spark does not work upon it? Now, the divine spark works upon the essence when that spark wants the realization of its Self, to attain mastery. But if the divine spark does not ever want to attain mastery, then the divine spark will not work upon the essence, and therefore it will never feel intimate, inner disquietude. 

Now, in you there is inner disquietude: this shows you that your divine spark is working upon you. Obviously, therefore, you want to know if there is a mission in life, right? The same question, therefore, contains a deep meaning. If you did not have a specific, defined mission in life, you would not ask such a question, since there cannot be an effect without a cause, or a cause without effect. If the question exists, it is because there is a mission; if there were no mission, then the question would not be made. 

Now, if to clarify such a mission is the point, well, the same facts will answer it. If you look carefully the relationships, all the interrelationships, that you have had in your life, you will then realize that when combining them with Gnosis they have a great outcome. Which? The disclosure of the teaching, right? So obviously, this is your mission. But it is clear that in order to work with great success, it is necessary to know the teachings in depth, because if you disclosed the teaching without knowing them thoroughly, then you would not disclose them in a perfect way. Therefore, it is required for you to study the doctrine thoroughly so that the disclosure will be correct.

To disseminate the teachings; this is your mission. And if you look at the features of your life, you will verify and experience it for yourself. As you get to work for mankind, you will also be accomplishing the third factor of the revolution of consciousness.

We must work with the three factors: 

To die: yes, to turn the ego into dust, to reduce it to ashes. 

Birth: yes, we must create the existential superior bodies of the Being in order to achieve the Second Birth. 

Sacrifice for humanity: we must raise the torch of the Logos, high up, in order to light the way for others. You must work with the third factor, and this is your mission, precisely that. 

Is there another question?

Student: This is more than a question. I have a tremendous problem. Sure, it is a defect: a tremendous laziness to read, tremendous, tremendous, and this is also due to a physical defect, bad sight. I would like to ask for a credit so that the instructions can be given unto me from above, internally, so that I can learn faster and thus devote myself to the instruction. On the other hand, I work too much and I do not have much time left. What facilities could I have in order to receive such quick instructions for the benefit of mankind?

Samael Aun Weor: Those instructions can be given so you can receive those instructions, but if you do not pass that knowledge to your physical brain, what good would it do for you to get such training? Obviously, the first thing that you have to do before receiving such instruction is to awaken your consciousness, and in order to achieve such awakening you must eliminate your inhuman elements. So, what you need to do is to work on yourself. Only when you eliminate those inhuman elements, only when you transform your subconsciousness into consciousness, can you then really enjoy the light, and bring into your physical brain all the teachings of higher order. So you must work on yourself. You do not have any other alternative.

Student: That will be a fairly long work, since it is clear that I have to work on myself in order to carry the message.

Samael Aun Weor: Sure, this is how it is! Things are done correctly, as should be. One must know how to do things properly. 

There are many people of subjective psyche who boast about being enlightened, and therefore they give lessons to humanity, and through their lectures proclaim themselves to be gods, without having eliminated their egos. Indeed, they are deceivers, or in other cases, sincere but mistaken people. This is the harsh reality of the facts. 

We must go to the concrete, to what is clear, to what is precise, without ambiguities of any kind, without incoherencies. We must work with a higher type of logic: exact in our concepts and our actions.  

Student: Are these teachings precise?

Samael Aun Weor: Precise, indeed! So then, what you really need is to die in order to be — that is, you need to eliminate your undesirable elements in order to become illuminated. Only then you can receive and transmit the teachings to the people. Otherwise, it is not possible.

Student: And in the meantime?

Samael Aun Weor: What you can do today is to help communicate the doctrine as it is written in the books. This does not mean that you have to read the whole doctrine rapidly, that is, to read a book in a few hours. No, it is better to proceed slowly while meditating in depth about what is studied. So, in this way, you will give the teachings in a most fruitful, efficient, better way... However, if you read a book at "five hundred kilometers per hour" and thereafter want to repeat it when giving the teachings, then you will make of the teachings a mechanistic work, right? 

Each word must be meditated upon, submitted to profound reflections, integrally comprehended. Therefore, the knowledge, the information that we are placing in our minds, must become cognizant. That is the way, I say, to elaborate the superior knowledge in our minds.

Student: Indeed, since day after day we see in the people more interest in this type of education, yet we also can observe that the type of teachings that are being given are delivered by people who do not know what they are saying, people who are speculating. There is a tremendous speculation about the knowledge of all of these things, about everything. For example, cases have happened as those related with interplanetary beings; no one has given an exact version…

Samael Aun Weor: Well, unquestionably for many years a lot has been said about flying saucers. Indeed, after the Second World War, newspapers around the world devoted to spread to the four winds several stories about those flying saucers, about UFOs, to speak more clearly. 

The Perfect Matrimony (1950)On that occasion I said emphatically that these Frisbees were spaceships crewed by inhabitants of other planets, and so I gave the news in the first Spanish edition of my book entitled "The Perfect Matrimony” (1950). I have the satisfaction of having been the first to give the news to the world. The people then did not believe me, they laughed at me, and they even considered me crazy. Nevertheless, today, here, there, yonder and everywhere, there are reports of people who have made direct contact with people from other planets. 

Nonetheless, I do not want to say that one hundred percent of the news about flying saucers is accurate. Naturally, many people have the habit of mockery: subjects that laugh, who cast certain illuminated flying balloons, who do tricks, etc. It is obvious that darkness is always next to the light. From the sublime to the ridiculous, there is always but one step. However, this matter about flying saucers or UFOs is not less interesting because of those people. I repeat: from the sublime to the ridiculous, there is always but one step. Therefore, in regard to this subject of spaceships, we must try to eliminate the ridiculous and look for the serious people. 

Precisely here in the capital city of Mexico, from the Latin American Tower we saw a spaceship. We were drinking coffee, very quietly, when all of a sudden, one of the people caught our attention and wanted all of us to look towards a point in the sky. We observed, indeed, a wonderful spaceship, hovering low over the capital city of Mexico a relatively short distance from the Latin American Tower. It seemed to be stationary in the sky; it was glowing because of the sunlight, since we were in broad daylight. Later, the ship moved away slowly and then ascended vertically in order to disappear in the infinite outer space. Thus, we were witnesses of this fact. Sure, if we had a camera at that time, we would have been able to photograph the ship, but we did not have a camera.

Some days ago, on television it happened that Jacobo Zabludovsky addressed the people of Mexico, mocking the flying saucers or UFOs. After watching his television broadcast, some young people who were in the street called my attention. I went out to see what was going on. With amazement we saw a spaceship passing over the roof of my house: it slid slowly in the sky, thus the neighbors who had called me could not help but laugh about Jacobo Zabludovsky and his skeptical remarks, since we all had there before our eyes a cosmic ship. We saw that ship, we would say gliding, and finally vertically ascending until disappearing into the infinite.

Student: Master, what is the function, or what are those aliens that come to Earth doing here? What is their mission?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, they intend to help humanity in these critical times in which we live. That is all.

But continuing with narrations that concerns me, I will tell you this: one day I managed to get in direct contact with the crew of one of those cosmic ships. The ship landed in the Desierto de los Leones, here in Mexico. I went, naturally, towards the place in the forest where the ship landed. I was fortunate to have seen it, and as I approached, I was astonished that the ship was perched on a wonderful tripod. It was a formidable, round, extraordinary ship. A door opened, and the captain, followed by the entire crew, descended from it. I had no objection to address the captain of the ship. I said, “I would like you to take me to the planet Mars. My divine Monad is the ruler of that world, however I have not been brought there personally, physically.” The captain kept silence. Then came the best: all of the crew sat on the grass, we would say, they sat on the ground of the Lions’ Desert ("desert" because there are few people there, but it is not a desert, it is a forest). Among the crew there were two ladies. I continued, telling the captain, "I am a writer. I have a mission to help humanity. If I ask you to take me to other planets, it is not for me, but for humanity, thus I want you to take me to Mars..." 

“To Mars? That is just around the corner,” said the captain, as if I was requesting a trip to Xochimilco. For him, my request had very little wisdom.

Yet, I kept at my request, saying, "Well, it is because I am a writer, and I want to bring from other planets their culture and civilization, and to write about it in order to help humanity. I am not an intellectual animal, I am a human being, and the request that I do, I said, is with the responsibility that a human being can grant to such request, and not as an intellectual animal would, but as a human being does, which is different." He kept silence. 

One of the ladies of the crew took the floor and said, "If we put a plant that is not aromatic next to a plant that is aromatic, it is clear that the one that is not aromatic will get impregnated with the aroma of the one which is aromatic, right? " 

I answered, "Indeed, that is true, that is true." 

She continued, "So it is with the planets in space. Planets whose humanities in the past went bad, little by little were impregnated with the good vibrations of the neighboring humanities of other planets, so the the humanities that were lost were transformed, and now they march in tune with the neighboring humanities that move well. But we just arrived at this moment to the planet Earth and we see that is not happening here. What is happening on this planet? " Such was the question they asked me. 

I gave my answer, "It is because this planet suffers a mistake of the gods.” But then, on reflection, I finished my answer by adding the following, "This is the karma of the worlds…” Of course, those two ladies nodded in affirmation. The captain of the ship also nodded, and all of them agreed.

Thus, those men and women are true gods in human bodies. They are not ordinary profane, nor humanoids; again, they are gods. Those ladies are great beings, gods with female bodies, with bodies of true human beings. They are highly scientific, people with very deep knowledge.

I insisted on my request to the captain, and said, "I want you to take me now," and I even grabbed the tripod upon which the ship was planted. I was ready to leave. 

It was morning, I was ready to leave, yet the captain gave me an answer that was definitive. He said, "Along the way, we will see…” I understood the answer. I knew which “way” he was referring to: it is the esoteric path. I knew very well his profound, significant answer. I understood that they are waiting, right now, for what we call the resurrection. Once having gained the resurrection, through which every master of the White Brotherhood must pass (which soon will occur), then I will enter into that group. I also knew that ship was an intergalactic ship, and that they are intergalactic travelers. As I told you, my request was considered like a pretense of a low standard. 

I understood that they are perfect humans, gods, I repeat, with human bodies, sentient beings vastly superior to the people — better said, to the intellectual animals that populate the face of the Earth. Yes, they are sentient beings that the earthlings or intellectual animals are not capable of comprehending. Clearly, the rational earthly homunculi misjudge their fellow extraterrestrials, since earthlings are not properly prepared in order to understand them. 

Thus, I was very pleased with his response. 

Thereafter, the captain returned to his ship, and with his crew boarded that flying sphere. I withdrew to a some distance in order not to receive damage because of radiation, and the spacecraft took off from the center of that forest.

The skin of those humans was copper toned, of medium height, slender bodies, provided with a great science and vastly superior to the capabilities of the earthlings. They do not come to do any harm to people; they are simply studying the planet Earth, and intend to help humanity.

It may be soon that I will become part of such a group, and it will be in order to bring evidence — here on the Earth — of the existence of life on other planets: specimens of minerals, plants, and even living organisms that will be placed on the tables of the scientists. We will write texts that will publicly appear; additionally, we will deliver proof of what we write. Then the mentality of the people will be directed to the other worlds of space. Indeed, the minds of people will be directed to other worlds due to our evidence and tests. Then people will cast their minds towards these other worlds, and will attract, in a magnetic manner, the vibrations of the other worlds. So, that radiation will permeate the entire Earth, since it is necessary for our Earth to become impregnated with the vibrations of other worlds. 

In synthesis, this is the conclusion of what they have given, and with what I have said, this forms a unique whole. So, this is how this planet will receive a great benefit. 

Nevertheless, cataclysms will occur, since cataclysms are cataclysms, but the vibration will remain on the Earth in order to make a better world.

Student: Master, do those type of beings have a perfection similar to that of Jesus Christ, for example?

Samael Aun Weor: They are humans of a superior rank, human gods. We cannot make comparisons like that. It is not convenient to make to ever make comparisons like that. Nonetheless, by all means we can know that they have the Cosmic Christ incarnated. They are beings of a superior type.

Student. The Christ is also cosmic?

Samael Aun Weor: Christ, properly stated, is cosmic, universal. Christ manifests itself within every human that is properly prepared. Christ not only expressed within Jesus of Nazareth: one day Christ also expressed himself within Quetzalcoatl. Christ expressed through Krishna and through Gautama, the Buddha Sakyamuni, and through many other superior humans, like Hermes Trismegistus or the Holy Lama. Christ always expresses through prepared elements, when there are humans through which he can express.

Student: Essentially, what is Christ?

Samael Aun Weor: Christ is a cosmic principle that is beyond individuality, personality, and ego.

Student: Is Christ a God?

Samael Aun Weor: Christ is what is, what has always been, and always will be. Christ is the life that throbs in each atom, as it palpitates in every sun. This what Christ is. 

We must state that we must not define Christ as saying that is a god. Rather, Christ is that wonderful agent that expresses itself through any god, or any human, as long as such (divine or human) instrument is properly, exquisitely prepared.

Therefore, those inhabitants from other worlds with which we were able to make contact are true human gods, in the fullest sense of the word. 

People would like to catch, we may say, the “aliens.” What for? To take their ships from them, right? And thereafter to load those ships with nuclear weapons in order to destroy defenseless cities. Then the Earthlings would like to use those ships in order to invade other inhabited planets. But since it so happens that these extraterrestrials are very intelligent and comprehensive beings, they do not let themselves be caught, and this does not please Earthlings. Therefore, the inhabitants of the Earth prefer to say that "flying saucers do not exist,” that "those are hallucinations," that “it is a fantasy," etc. There is always a justification for everything in life.

Student: If one of those beings was caught, would he be able to return to his place of origin?

Samael Aun Weor: If caught, he could be killed, right? They would get him inside any laboratory in order to know of what he is made of, and his ship would be confiscated, and soon reproduced by the millions on the planet Earth. Then no one would have a safe and sound life or anything.

Student: Are Earthlings capable of reproducing such a ship?

Samael Aun Weor: They could build them once the formula is discovered. Then we would have tragedy. Invasion would come, Earthlings invading other planets. It would be a disaster! Moreover, the wars would be more frightening, because those ships, loaded with nuclear weapons, would be more powerful than the ultra-modern airplanes, those ultrasonic aircraft, etc. In a word, mankind would use their technology for evil, and the alien crews of those ships would be assassinated. This is why they, since they are intelligent, since they know what the earthlings are, they do not let themselves be caught, and they keep fleeing away from Earthlings. Extraterrestrials understand very well what these barbarians are, and while not causing them harm, not harming anyone, they also avoid being caught. They prefer to flee away from Earthlings. They are a superior type of people that Earthlings have not understood, nor they ever will understand.

Student: Are they doing some kind of experiment on Earth, working with some kind of radiation, etc.?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, presently, people from other planets come and bring a whole series of experiments, some forms of experimentation. Thus, exactly, the sixth root race of tomorrow is being formed outside the planet Earth. These alien crews have already taken the best human seed. Exactly, they are taking people of this planet in order to cross them with people of other planets. 

Student: Could you explain us something about the formation of that sixth root race?

Samael Aun Weor: I say that presently many people are disappearing; they are being taken to other planets. These people are taken in order to cross them with different planetary humanities. The outcome of such crossings will be brought back to Earth after the great cataclysm. So, these people will appear in the purified Earth of tomorrow, they will form the sixth root race. Therefore, the future Jerusalem of which the Revelation of Saint John speaks will have that new people, a holy and wonderful people. So, presently the sixth root race is being formed with people who have been taken from Earth, and who are being crossed with inhabitants of other planets. This is intriguingly interesting, right? This is what I wanted to clarify. 

Student: Are men and women being taken?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, crews of ships have disappeared, airplanes have disappeared, people who from one day to the next we do not know anything about them since they have been taken to other planets in order to cross them with people from those planets.

Student: But these men and women who are taken are healthy people, right?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, more or less healthy people, because the purpose is to collect the best human seed they can in order to cross it with other breeds, with people from other planets, in order to plant upon the face of the Earth a better type of humanity.

Student: That new kind of humanity, the sixth root race, will appear in how many years?

Samael Aun Weor: Actually, in few centuries. But, it will appear on the face of the Earth, a transformed Earth.

Student: The new root race will be then the descendants from those other humanities, because the present one will disappear, is that right?

Samael Aun Weor: Of course, indeed, the descendants will appear. This is why I speak clearly: the outcome of those crossings, the outcome of such human crossings, will be the future humanity, the humanity of the sixth root race.

Student: Did the Atlanteans and Lemurians exist before us?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, but the Hyperboreans existed long before the Lemurians, and the protoplasmic people or the Polar root race existed before the Hyperboreans. First was the Polar or protoplasmic root race, second the Hyperborean root race, third the Lemurians, fourth the Atlanteans, fifth the Aryans, who presently populate the face of the Earth. The sixth root race will be the future race, which will appear after the great cataclysm.

Root Races color fmt

Student: Master, what is the cause for the race to have so many colors, since from the crossing it is not possible for a black to come from a white or vice versa?

Samael Aun Weor: Different breeds are necessary. These different colors, then, are also due to the different latitudes where they have to live on Earth.

Student: But isn’t this because the whites came from a certain planet and the blacks from another?

Samael Aun Weor: No, absolutely not. The different colors of the race are due to the different latitudes; it is a matter of latitude. And this is pretty interesting, right? It is worth studying. There are several books written on the subject. 

In any case, these studies are long and deep. I am currently writing "The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac.” It will be the Christmas message for the year 1974-75.

Student: Who is Anahuac or who was Anahuac?

Samael Aun Weor: The secret doctrine of the ancient tribes of Anahuac is vast, extensive, and in it is where we have to put — upon the table of present times — the whole message of the Lord Quetzalcoatl.

Student: Mexican? 

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, the Christ, the Mexican Christ, who is Quetzalcoatl. We must put on the table of this day and age world, the message of the Lord Quetzalcoatl, all the cosmology of the Náhuals.

Student: In what epoch did the Lord Quetzalcoatl live?

Samael Aun Weor: Many, many thousands of years before America was discovered. Thus, we must disclose the secret doctrine of Anahuac, to get to know the mysteries that flourished in ancient Mexico. In it there is great wisdom to be broadcast all around the Earth. We will make this great wisdom known for the good of all the people.

Student: Does the Aztec calendar contain much information that is yet to be understood?

Samael Aun Weor: So far it has been not integrally understood, because they do not know that the calendar is based on the tridecimal system. It is not based on the duodecimal system, but on the tridecimal system, number thirteen.

Student: Thirteen, does that concern Kabbalah?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed, it concerns Kabbalah and High Science ...

Student: Master, some people believe that they can awaken the Kundalini and that they can raise the sacred fire through the spinal column by practicing only pranayama, that is, without the Sahaja Maithuna. We would like to know your opinion, to know if whether this is possible.

Samael Aun Weor: With great pleasure I will answer this question. I want you to clearly understand that there are three primary forces in the universe. First of all, anyone who has studied natural sciences cannot ignore the reality of the cephalopod organisms, meaning, endowed with a single brain. Example: mollusks, snails, insects that only endure a summer afternoon, etc. Only one force is expressed through them.

Then come the bicephalous creatures, which are equipped with two brains: eagles, horses, dogs, cats, all kinds of superior animals. Two forces are expressed through them.

centers male 2015Then come the tricephalous organisms. These three brains organisms only exist among the intellectual animal mistakenly called human. Three forces are expressed through them.

What I want to say is that the cephalopod organisms only have sensations, whereas the bicephalous creatures possess sensations and perceptions, and the tricephalous organisms have sensations, perceptions, and concepts. Obviously, only the three brained organisms could crystallize the three forces of nature within themselves here and now. 

These three forces are represented in India as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, the Holy Affirmation, the Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation; positive, negative, and neutral forces. 

Three forces are indispensably necessary in order to create a child. First, the Holy Affirmation would be represented by the male element, and the second, the Holy Negation, would be represented by the feminine element. During copulation, the Holy Conciliation reconciles the two forces (male and female) in order to create a child. Undoubtedly, it would be impossible to create a child without the support of the three forces of nature. 

Now let us address Devi Kundalini. Obviously, the igneous serpent of our magical powers could never develop and function by a single force, whether it be the male or female force. The intervention of the three forces is always required: positive, negative, and neutral; Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation and Holy Conciliation. To want to develop Kundalini with a single force is like trying to create a child with a single force. That is completely impossible, that would be like wanting to contradict the tantric wisdom. Those who want to truly know our basis should study Eastern Tantra, explore the Buddhist Tantra, Tantra of the Yellow Church of Tibet, the Zen Buddhist Tantra, or Chan of China, etc.

Anyone who has received the Tantra initiation, who is familiar with the Tantras and has deepened in the esotericism of the Sahaja Maithuna, knows from personal experience that the development of Kundalini is only possible through the cooperation of the three forces. And these three forces can only unite and work, indeed, in the forge of the cyclops, in the Ninth Sphere, the Sahaja Maithuna. 

Nonetheless, it so happens that many people who practice Pranayama can cause sparks from the flame to jump. It is clear that everyone has a true bonfire in the coccyx; yes, we have Devi Kundalini Shakti coiled three and a half times in the coccyx.

There is a close link between breath and sex. Through breath it is possible to cause sparks to jump. If you blow upon a dying spark out there, somewhere, having fuel, you will see how that spark can cause other sparks to jump. Thus, truly, with Pranayama all that one can do is to cause sparks to jump. Pranayama could never develop and unfold the serpentine annular fire that develops in the body of the ascetic. Through Pranayama you could never make the Kundalini rise up through the spinal column to the brain.

Those who practice Pranayama can cause certain sparks to circulate through their spinal nadis or channels, thus they may have had this or that enlightenment, this or that extrasensory perception, etc., and because of that believe they have awakened the Kundalini. Thereafter they go emphatically affirming that the Kundalini can be awakened based only on Pranayama. This affirmation is completely false and contradicts the Tantra initiation, against the Tantras taught in esoteric schools. So, I have said what it is: the reality.

Therefore, whosoever wants to truly awaken, develop, and unfold their Kundalini must necessarily descend to the Ninth Sphere. To deny this would be like tearing down the Divine Comedy of Dante, tearing down the old texts of ancient wisdom, or to reduce to powder Homer's Iliad, Virgil's Aeneid, esotericism of the four gospels, the Apocalypse of St. John, the esotericism of the Bhagavad Gita, and the Koran, etc. It is unfortunate that in the world there are still people who launch baseless concepts. They are wrong, that's all.

Student: Why do the Gnostic teachings indicate that a new creature can breed only in the dark? Why do they state that it is only possible to fabricate the superior existential bodies of the Being at night?

Samael Aun Weor: The crude reality is that because of the arrangement of the creative organs, reproduction takes place in the darkness. The spermatozoon emerges propelled from the male sexual glands in the darkness, not illuminated by sunlight. In darkness it finds its way through the fallopian tubes in order to meet the egg that descends from the follicle Graaf, and is gestated in the darkness of the womb.

What would happen if instead of emerging from the male sexual glands protected by darkness, the spermatozoon was propelled in the sunlight, could get out, uncovered, so that the sun could bath it with light? What would happen if the fetus was not in darkness, but was uncovered in the womb, exposed to direct sunlight? It is obvious that failure would be a fact. So, then, because of the arrangement of the very same creative organs, fertilization is always done in darkness. 

Also, the wise must also work within the obscurity and the august silence of thought in order to one day reach the intimate self-realization of the Being. 

The work at night is indicated by that virgin of the immaculate conception standing on the Moon and dressed in a blue robe.

Student: Dear Master, since Satan is the reflection of God and therefore Satan being love, it is not incongruent to say that "the ego is satanic"?  

Samael Aun Weor: Remember that there are two types of darkness. We will call the first the darkness of silence and of the august secret of the wise. We will classify the second as the darkness of ignorance and error. Obviously, the first is the superior darkness. Undoubtedly, the second is the infra-obscurity. This means that darkness polarizes itself, thus the negative is just the unfoldment of the positive.

By simple logical deduction, I invite you to comprehend that Prometheus Lucifer, chained to the hard rock, sacrificing himself for us, subjected to all the tortures, even being the needle of the scale, the giver of light, the guardian of the seven mansions, so that no one enter save those who have been anointed by wisdom, and who carry in their right hand the lamp of Hermes, inevitably unfolds himself into the fatal aspect of the egoic multiplicity, into those sinister psychic aggregates that form our “I,” and which have been properly studied by Tantric Buddhist esotericism. With this explanation, gentlemen, I think that you have understood my words.

Student: Master, would you be so kind to explain why, to start the esoteric work on ourselves, we must have the level of a good householder?

Samael Aun Weor: Certainly, whosoever wants to attain self-realization, to successfully walk on the "path of the razor's edge,” must first of all be a good householder, to know how to handle their home with harmony, with beauty and perfection. Those who in practical life have failed to organize their home are useless for the path, they can never self-realize themselves. I have observed that many of those who want to walk on the path have failed because they are not good householders, thus, they have certainly been manifest failures.

Student: Master, there are some managers from the Gnostic movement who think that the groups they lead belong to them; they think that these groups are “theirs.” We want to know what you think about these cases that we mentioned.

Samael Aun Weor: In the Great Work of the Father, we must all work selflessly. Ideas pass, people pass, everything passes; nothing belongs to us. The only reality is the Being (the Being never passes). To believe, therefore, there are “owners” of certain groups is selfishness and ignorance, because, again, people pass, and people who are with us today will no longer be with us tomorrow. It is therefore absurd to take possession of people. 

In the Gnostic movement we all work selflessly for the common good. All brothers and sisters form part of a great army, called The World Salvation Army. That is all.

Student: To what do you attribute the fact that a large number of people enter the Gnostic studies and then leave?

Samael Aun Weor: First of all, we must think about the permanent center of gravity. Unquestionably, very few people have formed in themselves that permanent center of gravity. It is very clear that the ego is composed of a multiplicity of selves, that is to say, we do not have a singular self, but multiple selves, and our consciousness is bottled up in the multiplicity of those inhuman elements which constitute the ego. All of those psychic elements fight for supremacy. The element that today, for instance, swears fidelity to the universal Christian Gnostic movement is displaced moments later by another element who has no interest in the movement, and then the subject withdraws.

If people would understand that inside them there are many people or selves, they would also understand why there is so much variety in the characters. The man who today swears loyalty to a woman is not the same all the time. The I who has taken the oath is just one of his many selves, displaced when another I take controls of the human machine; then the oath of love is undone, the subject withdraws, absent, and the woman becomes disappointed.

Many selves inhabit the human body. The ego that now is determined to tread the "path of the razor's edge" is replaced by another that is not interested in this path, and obviously, we see that sooner or later the person withdraws.

Student: Master, are you vegetarian?

Samael Aun Weor: I have reached the conclusion that such a system of eating is useless, so I am not vegetarian. I consider that animal proteins can never be replaced by vegetable proteins. We could eat foods like avocado (since Yogananda stated that it replaces meat) and we will convince ourselves that indeed avocado does not replace meat. Nonetheless, I am not stating that we have to be one hundred percent carnivores, because that would be absurd. We need a diversified diet; we need, at least, twenty-five percent of meat in our diet. Thus, we will live well. But if we continue with the vegetarian system, we will inevitably fail. That is my answer. [Learn more: Healthy Spirituality Course]

Student: Master, fasts of thirty or forty days are advisable and good for our health, or not?

Samael Aun Weor: Fasts of forty days are only for masters like Jesus of Nazareth. Any run-of-the-mill person who will try to endure a fast of forty days may die, and it would be regrettable to have to sing before their time the "Requiem In Pace" to our wretched Gnostics brothers or sisters. Therefore, it is not advisable. However, there are times when one can perform certain fasts, but the maximum would be nine days with the condition of having a proper health after medical examination. That is all.

Student: Could fasting be done at an appropriate time, with a suitable method? That is, could we properly fast?

Samael Aun Weor: That's right, but that is a luxury that few can afford. 

Student: But is not fasting a method for detoxifying the body? 

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, that is true.

Student: If those who are practicing vegetarianism use the animal protein that is in milk and its derivatives — plus eggs, etc. — which are patterns that some authors recommend and who also exclude meat because of having too much protein, then how is that they are going to feel weak?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I have heard the question and with great pleasure I hasten to answer it. Anything that certain authors say, or in general the various systems that in one way or another defend the vegetarian system, undoubtedly tend to justify the same system. The crude reality of facts is that there is nothing that can replace meat protein, although many theories are invented in this regard. So, undoubtedly, meat proteins are the foundation of organic cellular life. To remove meat in order to satisfy this or that theory, or because this or that hypothesis states that this other substance can replace animal protein, is completely absurd.

When I was vegetarian, I used precisely all those theories, I used all these methods, systems, procedures to replace meat, and in the name of the truth I must tell you that all of those systems failed completely. Moreover, I have had to witness, to see many vegetarians die. Yes, I have met many fanatical vegetarians, and I have never found a healthy one. All of them are sick.

Student: Master there is a question that is soaring in the air, in relation to a sentence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who said: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Will you tell us in what way is this symbolic and how material wealth is superseded by spiritual revolution?  

Samael Aun Weor: Precisely, that is the word of Christ, right? Undoubtedly, Jesus of Nazareth is not only addressing material wealth, but the cultivation of the intellect. Many people with "rich" intellects are never attracted to spiritual matters. Therefore, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”  

There are others who have a very simple mentality, they are simple, and therefore enter into the path easily. Thus, the words of the master do not solely refer to worldly wealth, but to intellectual matters.

It is also very true and all truth that there are avaricious people; there are individuals who have stored wealth, and of course never enter the path because they are attached to their wealth. From this point of view, that is exact. 

Nevertheless, one can have wealth, one can have money, without it preventing our entrance into the kingdom of heaven. Note that the Count St. Germain, for example, had untold riches. Note that Cagliostro could also transmute lead into gold and make the best quality diamonds. Both, the one as well as the other, possessed all the wealth of the Earth, however they were endowed with a tremendous spirituality, because they are resurrected masters. 

So the question is not about having or not having material wealth, but to know how to manage that wealth, to not be attached to it. Count St. Germain taught this by example: suddenly he appeared like a billionaire, rich, arch-millionaire (as when he presented himself before Louis XV); however, later after some time they saw him in a humble garret, living among the poor, not because he lacked money, not because he lacked wealth. The French government called him in order to provide him with employment; his response was, "I do not need a job, I really appreciate it very much. I am a prince and I possess a rich fortune." Of course, everyone was puzzled, and when he “died” (when they say that he died, because he did not die) when he posed as dead, his closest disciple saw him, then, in a small messy, dumpy room, where he was manufacturing ink in order to dye wax and even sickly, and with a sickness called drop and who knows what else. He “died” — they say that he died. He was taken to the Pantheon. Later, someone opened the tomb and he found nothing, not even the bones of Saint Germain were there. He appeared years later in Paris, full of life, and amazing everyone. So those masters pose as dead when they want, and handle all the wealth of the Earth without attachment to any. 

The truth, then, is that the great Kabir Jesus addresses not only worldly wealth, but the cultivation of the intellect.

There are many who have a powerful intellect, but they are not interested in spirituality, they are not interested in esotericism, their minds are too complicated. There are others who have worldly wealth and they are so attached to their worldly wealth that they also are not interested in spirituality, because they love more their wealth than anything else. Thus, earthly possessions are not everything — expand the concept to encompass the cultivation of the intellect.

Student: Regarding the practice of the Arcanum, I heard two theories. Some state that when the Arcanum is practiced with passion, one gets a better transmutation. Others sustain that the Great Arcanum should be practiced free and clear of all sorts of passions. Which of these two is right? 

Samael Aun Weor: In regard to the arcanum there are degrees and degrees. Unquestionably, we cannot demand an animal to be free of passion. What happens is that animal states, the inferior sexual impulses, must be eliminated. Yet, this is done in a progressively improving way. It would be absolutely impossible to demand from a pair of beasts to be holy from one day to the next. “Howbeit,” as it has already stated by the Apostle Paul of Tarsus: 

“…that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is animal; and afterward that which is spiritual.” —1 Corinthians 15:46 

The work of transmutation, therefore, starts at a very inferior level of animality, yet as one progresses on the rocky path, as the inferior animalistic states are being eliminated, the creature then becomes depurated, until finally becoming completely sublimated.

My memory recalls something very interesting regarding this. I remember that some time ago, when I was in Acapulco, an unusual event happened to me. Outside my physical body, I met a mystical man who appeared to be from the Middle Ages. He tried to make the famous stigmata on my hands; with a nail he tried to pierce my hands. It so happened that despite the advanced mystical manner in which I was doing my work in the Ninth Sphere, he managed to push the nail to certain point, but no more. Then, thunder and lightning erupted from the palms of my hands. But he did not achieve what he intended. 

Then he escorted me to the Gnostic Church, and introduced me to a great master. My real inner Being strode alongside me...

At that time, the perforations of the stigmata were not yet on my astral hands. The mystic said, "In regard to the issue of stigmata, here I bring this master…” Near the baptismal font a divine androgynous being was seated; he addressed him, and also my real inner Being, who is Samael, my particular Monad. Thus, talking about me, he said, "He is very strong and responds very well, but he needs to better accomplish the sacrament of the Church of Romae." 

I thought, "Oh, I understand perfectly. I will perform it better…” Thereafter, I returned into my physical body, since I understood what he had said to me.

Obviously, I had to sublimate, to refine even more, the creative energy. So, at that time, despite performing the coitus reservatus as a ritual, I needed to synthesize it more, to make it more static. During the sexual practice, I remember, that I did not even remember my creative organs nor the physical body; I performed the work in the Ninth Sphere while in a sublime, mystical ecstasy. The refinement of that kind of energy of sex was the outcome of that static state, and it was that kind of refined energy that came to shape the stigmata on my hands and feet. So, I succeeded. 

Later, much later in time, I passed beyond my will to do the work in the Ninth Sphere.

Today, I am forbidden to work, we might say, with the Sahaja Maithuna. However, this prohibition did not come until I achieved the Androgilia of Ammonius Saccas.

That "Androgilia" is achieved when one marries his Valkyrie, that is, when one marries his spiritual soul; in the man the spiritual soul is female, in the woman the spiritual soul is male. Since I managed such mystical marriage, thus, by my will, this type of magical sexual work, we might say, in the Ninth Sphere, would therefore be to some extent a little absurd, right? For the reason that I already have the two souls incarnated: I am integral, from that point of view.

See for yourselves how little by little one refines the energy and refines the sexual aspect. One starts in a gross, coarse manner, but over time, as one dissolves the inhuman elements, it is obviously that one has to become spiritualized, until finally one reaches absolute chastity.

So, this is how things are. Behold them are they really are. It is not possible to demand from a pair of beginners to have the sanctity of Saint Francis of Assisi. Let us place ourselves in the field of concrete and practical facts. 

Student: Master, I want to ask you another question, one observes that some Gnostic brothers and sisters, when they are starting on the path, suffer great disappointments in their work, for example, in the Ninth Sphere, even in their struggle to the destruction of their aggregates, their egos, since they do not see immediate positive results. Are these results not immediately visible to these neophytes because their consciousness is not awakened in order to be aware of them as they are produced?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, you have affirmed exactly what is true. They want immediate results, and things are not as the mind wants them to be, but as they are. Here you cannot see the results immediately, you have to work. The results that neophytes achieve cannot be perceived if one has not awakened the consciousness. Only by awakening the consciousness can one be aware of the results. 

This is a job for life. This is not achieved from one day to the next. 

There are times of terrible loneliness, and the best initiates have spoken about that loneliness. The "spiritual night" of Beethoven, the "spiritual night" of Mozart, the "spiritual night" of Jesus of Nazareth, the "spiritual night" of Hermes Trismegistus: times in where one is in the most terrible loneliness, separated from all spirituality. Above they do not welcome you, because you do not deserve it; down here they do not welcome you either, because one has become an enemy of the psychological ego. To that end, one walks like a disgraced one upon the clay of the earth. Many fail at the time of those spiritual nights. Yet, the few who manage to resist, truly succeed. But they are few, I repeat, those who manage to resist such a hard ordeal.

Student: Master, in order to know exactly if we arrive at that time named "spiritual night,” what are its characteristics and manifestations, in order to not be confused?

Samael Aun Weor: They are very practical and concrete: a lack of internal illumination, boredom, sexual failure, more despair, a high degree of materiality. Not a ray of light or a note of hope: only a sensorial, endlessly boring world, and nothing else. These, then, are the symptoms of the “spiritual night”; I repeat, these are the symptoms.

Student: I wonder, venerable master, how long the "spiritual night" endures and if it is equal for men and women.

Samael Aun Weor: The "spiritual night" is for men and women. It can last months, as it can last for many years; the time varies. The majority of people flee, they indulge in drinking, they escape. Again, rare are those who have enough strength and tenacity in order to reach the end of it. Those who persevere will be saved. Those who persevere will reach enlightenment. Those who persevere, will advance on the path of initiation. That is all!

Student: Master, what formulas could you give to the creatures that pass through that trance, so that they come out of it as soon as possible?

Samael Aun Weor: In the midst of solitude and silence, in the midst of pain and widowhood; before boredom, emptiness, there is only one way: meditation. When the mind is quiet, when the mind is silent, the new arrives. During meditation one must exhaust the process of thinking. When that process is exhausted, then the new arrives. If we achieve the emergence of the Illuminating Void within the mind, we will then receive enlightenment, and this will comfort us greatly. 

In times of strong temptation, as said by Fray Diego de Molina in his "Spiritual Guide,” one needs to submerge into introspection, into profound meditation. Therefore, whosoever wants to become triumphant during a "spiritual night,” let them deliver themselves to deep meditation. That is all.

Student: Master, you were just stating that meditation is practically “making the mind blank.” But there is another type of meditation that as a contrary is very dynamic, which is concentrating and thinking on a topic, indicating a mental dynamics. That is, are there two types of meditation?

Samael Aun Weor: There are many types of meditation, yet, if we want to apprehend the reality, if we want to experience the truth, if we want to feel in our psyche that element which transforms us radically, we need then the stillness and silence of the mind. This is not about “making the mind blank,” because indeed that is absurd. What is required is to attain the stillness and silence of the mind, and that is different. “Making the mind blank” is in the depth, and — excuse the word — even stupid. It takes more than that stupidity. Stillness and silence of the mind is needed. When the thinking process has been exhausted, the mind becomes still and in silence, and then the new arrives.

This is not a matter of fighting the thoughts that come so that the mind becomes still, no. The means is to contemplate those thoughts, to comprehend them, to intelligently contemplate those desires, to contemplate and understand all the memories that come to mind. 

When one is comprehending all that comes to mind, then one cannot say a word. For instance, let us say that the memory of a scene of anger at home comes to mind. What will we do? Try to comprehend it. And after comprehending it, what? Forget it! Then another memory arises, maybe a conversation with our godmother or godfather, or our neighbor. What to do? Reject it? Absurd! Then what? Meditate, and comprehend. Once it is comprehended, forget it... Then it may happen that the memory of a football game arises, what to do? Reject it? No! Do not reject it! What to do? I repeat: comprehend the futility of that, the vanity of that. Once it is fully comprehended, forget it. And so on with all that parade of thoughts, desires, feelings, memories, etc. They all have a beginning and an end. Thus, when that film of memories, desires, thoughts, emotions, etc., is over, the mind then is still and quiet… then the new arrives. 

And if it does not come? If nothing happens despite the fact of sensing that the mind is still and silent, then what happens? Simply, we have not yet reached absolute stillness in all the levels of the mind. Then, we have no other choice but to descend into deeper levels. 

What I mean is this: when quietude arrives at the purely intellectual level, we then must proceed to stillness at the second level: we must rebuke the mind, and ask it why it does not silence. The mind will respond with absurd thoughts, with sophistry. We must try to make the mind comprehend the futility or vanity of what it feels. 

Once this is achieved, we proceed to a third level, to comprehend on that third level the necessity of being quiet. And so on and so forth, from level to level, until reaching the forty-ninth. If we succeed, if we achieve each of the forty-nine levels obeying, then our mind will remain quiet and silent. The outcome will be that the Essence will become free from the intellect in order to experience that element that radically transforms: the new, the reality. Thus, through that way then, we will gradually come out victorious from the "spiritual night.”

Therefore, I repeat, it is not a matter of “making the mind blank,” because that is completely absurd, but to achieve the stillness and silence of the mind, which is different. And if despite all these practices the mind does not want to be still and silent, we must then recriminate it, scold it, make it to see its error — even to punish it — thus, in the end it will not have no choice but to be defeated and become still and silent, thus we will enter into ecstasy, Samadhi. The Essence will be released from the intellect and experience reality. So, this is how we will truly leave the "spiritual night.”

Student: Many students do not want to seek spiritual revolution in groups, they are not interested on attending the Lumisials or chains. They seek, rather, their revolution in a particular manner. What is more convenient and productive?

Samael Aun Weor: Self-realization is something extremely individual for each one. But we must consider the three necessary factors for the revolution of consciousness. 

To be born: this is only possible by working in the forge of the cyclops. 

To die: this is a matter of dissolving the psychological I. 

Sacrifice for humanity is love. We must somehow fight for our fellowmen. 

In the sanctuaries, for example, the Gnostic sanctuaries, there is the opportunity for sacrifice. By being part of a healing chain [prayer] to help or to heal others from a distance, we are providing an impersonal service. By the very fact of attending the sanctuary, we are helping others with our forces, because in each sanctuary a special magnetic center is formed. It is clear that such a center is vital for the consciousness, because in that center we can practice meditation, in that center we can stimulate our Essence. Therefore, these centers are cardinal and definitive for the new Age of Aquarius. Thus, it is always convenient to attend the Lumisials, not so much for ourselves, but for others. That is all.

Student: Master many of your critics called attention to the fact that books like the "Revolution of Beelzebub" and others are filled with diatribes, severe criticisms and claims against certain authors. They see a contradiction between your former attitude and the "Doctrine of the Heart" that you speak of in many of your books. Why did you use such diatribes and why you do not do it anymore?

Samael Aun Weor: The farmer that is going to sow must first burn the stubble, thistles, thorns, and all that which is useless in order to afford the luxury of planting the grain where life will sprout. The workers who are going to build a house must first break the soil, dig the hard ground, in order to establish firm foundations to build it. Likewise myself, who had to deliver the message for the new Age of Aquarius, I had the tough task of any farmer or laborer: I had to point out, indicate the obstacles, show the dangers, errors, before sowing the grain of the culture of the new age, which in these moments begins in the august thunder of thought.

Student: There are many stimulant plants like marijuana, which, for example, serve in order to achieve astral projection in a quick manner…

Samael Aun Weor: The chemical elements of drugs are harmful. 

Note that marijuana, like many other drugs, is one hundred percent subjective. It is true that by means of hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD (Lysergic acid), etc., astral projections are achieved, indeed, but they are subjective and inhuman kinds of projections. They are processed in the infra-dimensions of nature and the cosmos, and are not conducive to authentic, transcendental, objective enlightenment. They fail. They are a detriment.

Student: You as well as the Master Huiracocha once spoke about peyote, precisely as help for these cases of astral projection.

Samael Aun Weor: Peyote is quite different. The elemental of peyote cooperates, yes, with meditation, it does not create any kind of tendencies. Yet, the elemental is very demanding: it demands chastity. In no way will peyote help, for instance, the indecent, lustful ones. It has rules. 

Master Huiracocha talked about peyote. He narrated how the Master Rassinchi, inside the Temple of Chapultepec, used peyote in order to cause an astral projection. This is the only recommended plant with the condition of not abusing of it, since this is only for the K. H. [Kosmic Humans]. A student who wanted to use it for the third time, after receiving several instructions, was called to order by the lords of karma, and was prohibited from continuing with it; to be more precise, he was abusing it. Therefore, peyote’s elemental is useful, but one needs to know the proper procedures, and do not ever abuse it. 

As for other drugs, I will not say anything. 

We cannot consider peyote as a drug. It is a harmless plant that doest not create any kind of habit and that only cooperates with meditation, when one knows how to meditate. Someone could ingest much peyote and will not have any results. Another could chew a little bit of it, a few grams, and get an extraordinary result. The secret is to know how to meditate. The elemental cooperates with the one who knows how to meditate. The elemental really helps, but since it is illegal in some countries, of course we cannot in anyway recommend it.

"We do not recommend the use of this marvelous cactus... Indeed, what we recommend is practice, much practice, and soon you will act and travel within the Astral Body." - Samael Aun Weor, Aztec Christic Magic

Peyote is not found in the countries of South America or Central America. It is only found in Mexico, and with difficulty.

Student: Master, the ladies always wonder why they are relegated by some to an inferior level. Consequently, they want to know what their accomplishments could be, that is, what they could get if they work on themselves with the three factors of the revolution of consciousness?

Samael Aun Weor: I do not know why some want women to be relegated to an inferior level. The harsh reality of the facts is that women have the same rights as men; that is obvious. Like any man, women also have to create their existential superior bodies of the Being. Like any man, they must incarnate their Human Soul. Like any man, they have to betroth their Buddhi, to marry their beloved one. So, I do not know why some want to relegate women to an inferior level. The harsh reality of the facts is that women, those who are women in the physical plane, are men in the astral plane and vice versa. Men here in this physical plane are men, but, whether they like it or not, in the astral world they are women. So, why do men in this physical world want to relegate women to an inferior level?  

Student: Master, is the Key of Solomon used only to evoke dismal entities, or can it also be used in order to invoke divine entities?

Samael Aun Weor: With the Key of Solomon, one can invoke the angels, the holy gods. In the Middle Ages, the clavicles were used in order to invoke the "dogs." Sure, it takes a lot of courage to make a kind of invocation of this class. The invocations are very dangerous, because if the individual does not yet have the structure of an adept, of a magician, and performs an invocation like this, it may occur what happened to a good friend: he died three days later.  

Thus, it is not irrelevant in these moments to recall what happened in Costa Rica: the case of that prostitute who lived in an inebriated state from bar to bar. And even if to repeat her words becomes a bit grotesque, for the good of the Great Cause I will keep on repeating them. She said — and please excuse me the expression — “I do many every day: fourteen, fifteen men, twenty..." And she further said, “And if the devil appeared to me in person,” – I am refining the words, I am not uttering them completely, as they are too vulgar – “I will do him also.”

Well, they say — and it is known by everyone in that village in Costa Rica — that one day among others, apparently a sailor came to visit that woman. The sailor, of course, also wallowed with her. After the woman had performed the sexual act with the sailor in question, she sat at the doorway of her horrible apartment. There, she sat, while gazing the landscape, the panorama of people coming and going, etc., etc. Suddenly she felt that someone called her from within the bedroom; it was the sailor. He said to her, "You do not know me, you think that you know me because you slept with me, but you are wrong, you do not know me, turn around and look at me so that you can get to know me.” Thus, she looked towards her bedroom. So, what did she see? She saw Lucifer transformed into a true devil, terrible, as mythology paints him out there, with all of the horrors from some dark cave. The woman fell instantly unconscious. Three days later, she died in the hospital. 

Those who saw her say that the smell of sulfur came out of that apartment. Thus, for some time, people did not want to go down that street. 

Of course, before dying she told her story; she managed to tell someone. She did not resist and died... 

What happened? Well, her own Lucifer — who was so horrendous — it is clear that he intervened for her sake. Possibly, I say “possibly," but obviously he was sent by the Ancient of Days, by her own Father who is in secret, thus, he acted, and was physically materialized. Of course, the lesson for that woman was terrible: she disincarnated. 

We can be sure that when that woman returns to take a new body, she will never fall again into prostitution. It is even possible that she will follow the path of chastity, since the lesson she received was very bitter. That is, it is clear that her Father who is in secret decided to perform a surgical operation. Yes, grace utilized that part of the Being called Lucifer, and it is even possible for that woman to later take the path. 

Student: Then, venerable one, what should we do in order to whiten our Lucifer?

Samael Aun Weor: Destroy the ego, reduce it to cosmic dust. It is necessary to dress him in white. Moreover, it is necessary to dress him with the purple of the kings. We must feel pity for our own Lucifer.

Student: Does he grant us something? 

Samael Aun Weor: He grants the sexual impulse to everyone. You have to take advantage of that impulse, the whole of it, by thrusting the spear into his side. Remember that Lucifer is a ladder to descend, and remember that Lucifer is a ladder to ascend. Read The Divine Comedy and you will find ample illustration of Lucifer, in the Ninth Sphere. 

Student: Master, how is it that you say that Krishnamurti has no ego, when in fact, before attaining resurrection the master has to work in the infernos of the different planets, disintegrating, we might say, the germs of the egos, and after the Second Mountain, the master has to continue performing more tasks for his perfection?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, Krishnamurti. Mr. Krishnamurti is a very old soul, but really, despite that he — we might say — has no ego, he has not attained resurrection. Obviously, he must descend to the Ninth Sphere in order to work. Clearly, he has to eliminate something that he does not know. Yet, if we state that he has no ego, that he is clean of egos, this is so, in what is humanly understandable. Beyond, there are still some elements that escape, we might say, everyone's comprehension, and that we must also disintegrate.

Student: Venerable master, regarding Genesis and a question that was asked earlier, it is stated that after the separation of the sexes not all humans fell, and those great masters who did not fall continue their path. Therefore, necessarily, did all of those masters from the past mahamanvantara have to descend, or does the fall always occur anyhow?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, this is how it is described in Genesis, so it is in the "revolt of the angels.” But we must distinguish between a fall and a descent. Many are those who confuse a fall with a descent, since in both cases the initiate, or initiates, go to the ninth Dantesque circle in order to work with the fire and the water, origin of worlds, beasts, humans, and gods. Therefore this provides, we might say, many interpretations. But we must not ever confuse a fall with a descent. They are different, and are always given in any Genesis, all of these descents and falls.

Student: The Archangel Sakaky’s error occurs, so to speak, on all planets?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, Sakaky’s error does not occur in all cases. Archangel Sakaky committed a mistake here, in this solar system, specifically on this planet Earth, thus Sakaky’s case is “period, new paragraph…"

Student: Master, now referring not to Sakaky, I wonder, are there also others like him who were mistaken? Does the fall always occur on other planets?

Samael Aun Weor: In every newborn universe, there are falls and descents. The Elohim must descend, yet sometimes they fall, but in any case we always need to descend in order to later ascend victorious. Meaning, every ascent is preceded by a descent. Every exaltation is preceded by a frightful and terrible humiliation. If not, where would the merit be?

Student: What is Aelohim, and what is Elohim?

Samael Aun Weor: AElohim is AElohim and Elohim is Elohim. AElohim is the cosmic common eternal Father, the infinitude that sustains all, the all-merciful, the ineffable Absolute. And, Elohim is the second unit, the manifested unit, the host of Elohim creators, the host of the androgynous who created the universe, etc., that is, the Army of the Word, the Army of the Voice, the Logos. Undoubtedly, the Elohim who immerses himself in the bosom of the eternal cosmic Father, into the Absolute, receives a true title, which is Paramarthasattya. 

tree of life twelve bodies aelohim 500

A Paramarthasattya is something ineffable, something impossible to comprehend at a simple glance. A Paramarthasattya is beyond good and evil, beyond the personality, individuality, and self. A Paramarthasattya is crystal clear, terribly divine. Few are the Elohim who manage to become Paramarthasattyas. 

Student: Master, again regarding Lucifer: one has to bleach Lucifer, to turn him brilliant, right? So then, he, himself has to cooperate so that together one can turn him into that exalted Lucifer?

Samael Aun Weor: Lucifer collaborates with temptation, otherwise how else could he collaborate? Temptation is fire, and the triumph over temptation is light. If one overcomes temptation, then one defeats Lucifer. When one overcomes Lucifer, then on the same body of Lucifer, on his back, one triumphs and ascends... 

Remember that in The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, Virgil descends through the ribs of the Lord Lucifer and ascends through the same ribs of the Lord Lucifer. Lucifer is a ladder to descend. Lucifer is a ladder to ascend. If we overcome temptation, we ascend on the very back of Lucifer. Lucifer places us under temptation so that we can ascend. 

Behold how Christ disguised himself as Lucifer: how grandiose is Christus-Lucifer, how grandiose he is, putting the ladder so that we can go up!

Student: I want to ask, master, why do you say that in the causal world there are souls who live there, but nevertheless they do not have the causal body? Could you please explain that to us?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, they are souls who have not yet done the Great Work and who live in the causal world. Since they have not done the Great Work, therefore they do not have the bodies. This is why at the dawn, at the aurora of any Mahamanvantara, arise the self-generators, the self-generated, and the generated. The self-generators are those who are already capable of generating themselves, since they created their bodies, that is, the self-generated who already generated themselves; and the not generated also arise, who are those who have not created their bodies. That is, those who have bodies and those who do not arise from the great invisible at the dawn of any creation.

To create the bodies is indispensable. If you did not create them yet, then you can create them because they must be created; in order to create them you must do the Great Work. 

In the causal world we find millions of souls who have not yet created their bodies, who have not done yet the Great Work. They are known to the naked eye, the causal human knows them, and these souls are very obedient, they obey the causal human, but they have not yet done the Great Work: they wait in order to do it in the future.

Student: What can you tell us about the habit of Haitians who mourn the child at birth and have a party when someone dies? Is there anything transcendental about these things?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it has a bit of comprehension. Indeed, death is not something to cry about; the process of dying is as natural as birth. For them, it is harder to be born than to die. At birth, one comes to this world to suffer, and when we die, one leaves this cloister of bitterness. This is why they have parties when one departs. That is so: this habit for them is a form of comprehension.

Student: Master, to what extent could we accept the prophecies of Nostradamus? To what extent would you accept them?

NostradamusSamael Aun Weor: Nostradamus was never wrong, but bear in mind certain dates given for the future; one must know how to understand the calculations that he used. However, many prophecies of Nostradamus have proven accurate, wonderful, they have been mathematically fulfilled. It is worth studying them, but he is difficult to interpret. One needs to have the Donum Dei so that he can be interpreted. All the work of "The Centuries" is in verse, and those verses lead many into error because these are verses written in ancient French, and allegorical, symbolic — people can give them the most diverse interpretations.

Student: Someone once said that you were Nostradamus, that he was one of your reincarnations, a body that you had.

Samael Aun Weor: No, absolutely not; I never had that kind of reincarnation. Nostradamus is a separate individual, a great astrologer, a great seer. Many of his prophecies have already been fulfilled accurately, and have everyone thinking on his prophecies, because they have been fulfilled and continue to be fulfilled. He is the only astrologer no one has been able to laugh about. People are accustomed to laugh at the astrologers, at the prophets, the seers, etc., but they could not laugh at Nostradamus, because he has cost them dearly. It happens that all of his prophecies have been fulfilled, he has not failed any.

Student: What type of prophecies did Nostradamus make?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, he prophesied even his own death: “between his bench and desk,” and yes, that is where they found him dead. His body was buried in a cathedral in France. The intriguing aspect of this matter is that, some time later, a group of people went to uncover the tomb of Nostradamus and there they found his body, intact, along with a curse in writing that said: “The one who desecrate my grave will die, thus you will die.” Those who had opened the grave read the curse and left laughing about the nonsense they just had done, nonetheless that day all of them perished in an accident. 

So, Nostradamus always has been a problem and remains a problem. Everyone laughed at the astrologers, the seers and the prophets, but no one has been able to laugh about Mr. Nostradamus. Their laughter has cost them very much.

Student: Is Nostradamus a resurrected master?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, according to what I know, Nostradamus did not attain resurrection, but there is no doubt that he was a great astrologer, a great seer since his prophecies have been fulfilled. He specialized in that: in prophecies, in astrology. He described his world in "The Centuries.” They say that he spent the entire night before one of those a saucepans of copper, filled with water. There, on the water, he concentrated his sight, and since he was a seer, then in that water he could see future events. To that end, he prophesied with absolute confidence. He gave dates and names in an extraordinary manner. The book "The Centuries" continues standing, it is a book for today… 

One day, I saw a film about the end of the world, that commented about the end under the light of Nostradamus. It is a good movie, except that the end does not coincide; the end of that movie is absurd. Let me tell you in between parenthesis, that in the end the Earth appeared completely sterilized by atomic bombs, and a few dummies out there, walking around, crawling like snakes or monsters. Well, that end is absurd, because the reality is that it will be different. The reality is that with the arrival of Hercolubus, the revolution of the axis of the Earth will occur; this revolution of the axis was announced by Nostradamus himself. He said that the Earth will seem as if it comes out of orbit. Thus, it will be as stated by Nostradamus. Then the seas will change their beds because the equator will become the poles and the poles the equator. Then, by the changing bed of the oceans, the current lands shall be sunk to the bottom of the seas.

Student: The date given, the year 2000, is therefore wrong?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, many dates are given, but the harsh reality of the facts is that Nostradamus in particular said:

“The year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and seven months
“From the sky will come a great King of Terror
“To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois.
“Before after Mars to reign by good fortune.”

So, the final cataclysm will occur in the year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and seven months. Nostradamus sets the 1999, with the arrival of "a great king of terror" which is nothing else than Hercolubus.

“The end of time.... will be preceded by a solar eclipse more dark and gloomy than any since the creation of the world, except that after the death and passion of Jesus Christ. And it will be in the month of October than the great translation will be made and it will be such that one will think the gravity of the Earth has lost its natural movement and that it is to be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness.”

Student: What are the strict requirements in order to be part of the sixth root race, the Koradi?

Samael Aun Weor: In order to be part of the future nucleus of the sixth root race, as the first point of view, one needs to have annihilated the ego, because in the sixth root race a physical body will not be given to someone with ego. Any person with ego cannot enter the sixth root race. 

Student: If a person is working on herself and her work is not yet finished, what is next for her?

Samael Aun Weor: The Abyss and the Second Death; that is, in order to enter into the sixth root race, it is clear that if she still has the ego, a physical body cannot be given to her.

Student: What I mean is, if that person is working and has a high initiatic level yet she still has subjective entities ...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, if the initiate has subjective entities, even if she has a high initiatic degree, a physical body will not be given to her if she has ego, because she would harm others. She would end up ruining the Golden Age.

Student: Even if she is working with the three factors?

Samael Aun Weor: With these conditions, no one can receive a physical body in the sixth root race. It could happen that such a candidate will be taken into another planet in space, but regarding the planet Earth in the Golden Age, those who have ego cannot have a physical body. Only one person with ego will rot all the others, will cause harm to the others, thus the Golden Age would fail because one person. That would not be fair either, to fail an entire age for the whim of one master, for the whim of one person; that is not fair. Since the Earth has suffered much from this race, it is just to give it some rest. The Earth suffers; she needs a little break.

Student: What would one do with mastery, the one who has worked yet has not dissolved the whole ego?

Samael Aun Weor: That one might find favorable development on other planets in space.

Student: And can return then to the planet Earth?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, once devoid of ego, one can return to the Earth.

Student: Can those who have dissolved the fifty percent of the ego go to the "Promised Land"?

Samael Aun Weor: Those who have dissolved the ego, or part of the ego, may end up dissolving the rest of it on the island where those from the new exodus will be taken. There will be a select group from humanity that will be brought secretly to a place in the Pacific. Thus, there those selected people will dissolve the ego, if still they have not dissolved it, so that when the double rainbow and the emergence of new lands appear, such persons, or the sum of persons, can enter, we might say, into the new lands.

Student: Those who have deserved to participate in the new exodus, can they travel in spaceships like those that our Tibetan siblings have?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, that is intended. Many will be brought in those very cosmic ships to that island. It is also true that there are some of our people, earthlings, living on Ganymede — that is a satellite of Jupiter — or living on other planets like Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc. They are earthlings who have disappeared, who have been sought and not found; they have been taken. They have been crossed, or they have crossed or will cross, with people from other planets, where they have been taken. The outcome of these crossings is essential; when the time of the Golden Age arrives, the result of these crossings will be brought back to Earth. The result of these crossings will cross in their turn with the fundamental nucleus, and from there will emerge an entirely new race.

Student: Master, from my side, one last question. I will state my case. It happens that since childhood my parents have given me clothing, footwear, medicines, education and all that, and it so happens that I found Gnosis. I have not been able to pay them or reward them for the favors that they have done for me. Now, I do not know what to do: whether to return there or to continue the mission. What should I do?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the harsh reality of your question is already answered by the Great Kabir Jesus, as follows:

“And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.” —Matthew 8: 21, 22
“And whosoever does not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.” —Luke 14:27

So, we have no other choice but to follow the Intimate Christ, right? That is the truth. 

“The sun was risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Zoar. Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven; And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground. But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.” —Genesis 19:23-26

And the great Kabir Jesus warns us about the end of times, saying: 

“Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.” —Matthew 24:17, 18 

In a word, Jesus says, let he who is walking not go back. He warns us about the necessity of marching towards where we need to march. All of this might seem a little cruel, but certainly this is how the path of the Superman is. So therefore, this is how it is!

Student: So, in this moment I am not committing an error?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, you are, at this moment, following the Intimate Christ, and therefore you are not making any mistake, because you are following the path of the Intimate Christ; that is obvious. And therefore, one must not retreat!

Student: Master, what is the name of the new race?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, in the universal White Fraternity it is called the “Koradi Race.” As the name of the present race is the Aryan race, the future race is the Koradi.

Student: Is there any esoteric reason why it is called Koradi?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, there may be, but I have not thought to ask yet. I only know that this is how they call it, but I have not figured out; as all of them named it “Koradi,” likewise I also call it so, but I have not figured out why.

Student: How it could be proved that the Moon is older than the Earth?

Samael Aun Weor: That is a scientific matter, my dear brother, which has been already proven. In this day and age, science has very fine devices with which time can be measured. Thus, the stones brought by the astronauts have already been properly measured, and it has been proven over and over again that the Moon is older than the Earth. Scientists state that the Moon comes from very remote times, perhaps from the very origins of the cosmos. We go even further, my dear brother; we know very well by direct esoteric experience that the Moon is the mother of the Earth. The Moon comes from the past mahamanvantara named Padma or Golden Lotus. The Moon was a rich world. It had immense seas filled with water, volcanoes in constant eruption, rich plant life, all species of animals, flowering vegetation, powerful human civilizations, etc. But, as it is known, it is clear that everything is born, grows, ages, and dies. So today the moon is a corpse; it is already dead. That is all.

Student: Master, why it is stated that the pyramids of Mexico, the pyramids are Teotihuacan, are older than those of Egypt?

Samael Aun Weor: The pyramids of Teotihuacan, my dear brother, were built by the Atlanteans, and not by the Aztecs, as many suppose. Undoubtedly, those pyramids are older than those of Egypt; there are chronologies regarding it. 

In any case, I want to tell you something important. I remember my previous lives with exactitude. I lived in Atlantis, and it is not irrelevant to state that we did incessant pilgrimages. Sometimes such pilgrimages were to Egypt, sometimes they were to Teotihuacan. Thus, based on such experiences, I can affirm, then, that the pyramids of Egypt were built after those of Teotihuacan — that is, the pyramids of Mexico are older than those of Egypt. There are religious chronologies that affirm this, likewise by those who like me have direct esoteric experiences, by we who remember our past lives. So, those who lived in ancient Atlantis know that this is how it is.

Student: Someone told us in a public lecture that the reason why in the Gnostic movement is stated that Gnosis is engaged in controlling reproduction, is because in Heaven, that is, in the higher worlds, the number of incarnating souls is already completed. How can we explain this?

Samael Aun Weor: Much has been said about the matter of birth control, my dear brother; all scientists are concerned about that. Undoubtedly, mankind has high and low tides; times, we might say, of demographic plus and times of minus. There is an ebb and flow in all that exists, an incessant rhythm. So, at this moment there is, we might say, demographic explosion, a human “high tide.” It is obvious to comprehend that this plus, that this high tide, will be followed by a decline, a minus. So, the day is not far away in which terrible wars and cataclysms will produce the descent, the minus, the low tide, the reduction of the human population. But since scientists do not know anything about this, they do not understand this ebb and flow of humanity, they know nothing about the laws of the pendulum, rhythm, etc., they worry too much and try to control birth with artificial methods: birth control pills and countless systems that cause cancer and many other diseases, very grievous for the human species.

We, the Gnostics, have simple practical methods; we know how to control this issue, not of birth, because that would be criminal, but of fertilization. Birth control is a crime; control of fertilization is a duty. And fecundation can be controlled: for that we have the Sahaja Maithuna, Sex Yoga. The key is simple and straightforward, and it is known by all our brothers and sisters; it consists in the connection of the lingam-yoni without the ejaculation of the ens seminis, because, as Paracelsus said, “within the ens seminis is found the whole ens virtutis of the fire.” I do not want to tell you that through the Sahaja Maithuna human reproduction is eliminated; it is obvious that while there is sexual contact, it is clear that there is fertility. But the number of births can be reduced with it, and if that is what we want, nothing is better than the Sahaja Maithuna, Sex Yoga. That is all.

Student: Master, some people ask us if it is not dangerous to hold the sexual energy in the sacrum.

Samael Aun Weor: What is that about “holding the energy,” brother? Let us talk at this time of the sperm or ens seminis; let us be clear in our questions and our answers.

Have you seen, my dear brother, how the puddles on the roads dry up under sunlight? Their waters evaporate and become clouds and lightning and thunder. Well, that is what we need to do in our organisms. With the Maithuna, with the heat, with the creative fire of sex, the seminal waters, the spermatic liquor that lies in our sexual endocrine glands, is transmuted into what we call "vapor" or “humors," clinically speaking. Finally, these vapors become positive, negative energies; those energies rise through the sympathetic canals called Ida and Pingala in the East. These channels start from the very sexual glands to the brain, and that is already proven. Certainly, they are not completely physical, we might say; rather that they are semi-physical, semi-ethereal, but they exist. They are marvelously entwined along the spine, forming the Holy Eight, until reaching precisely the brain. 

Thus, what goes up, my dear brother, is not semen, because if semen would go up to the brain the entire world would become crazy. Therefore, we are not holding semen, we are transmuting it, which is something completely different. We are transforming semen into energy, and that is not a crime. This is how we cerebrate the semen. This is how we inseminate the brain. The matter is transformed into energy, my dear brother; this was stated by Einstein. 

So, why argue? If we manage to transmute the seminal matter into energy, if we can make that creative energy rise to the brain, that is not a crime. This is how the brain is fortified and the pineal gland develops. How can it be a crime to revitalize ourselves with the sexual energy? Why, what is the reason? What happens is one thing, my dear brother: all those fornicators, those who enjoy sexual pleasure, those who feel joy when spilling the ens seminis, want to justify their fornication, their lasciviousness; that is all.

Student: Master, who are the children of God and who are the children of the devil?

Samael Aun Weor: That question is very intriguing, my dear brother. In any case, I want to answer with the following. Jesus said, and he clearly stated to all the Pharisees and all the Sadducees, and those crowds who heard him: 

“If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? Even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.” —John 8:42-44

It is clear that when people feel lust, then they breed and reproduce. How are they going to say, then, that their children are born of the Holy Spirit, of divinity? Now, didn’t we descend from the original sin? Isn’t it stated that Adam and Eve fornicated? Isn’t it stated that they disobeyed the Eternal One? Then, would we who are children of Adam and Eve be children of God? It is obvious that we are children of the original sin, that is, of the devil. Or do you believe perhaps that God is able to commit the original sin? Now, if God is not capable of committing the original sin, who then can commit it? It stands by all means that the one who commits it is the devil. 

That which happened there in the Edenic paradisiacal times between Adam and Eve is repeated at every moment, my dear brother. Man and woman are sexually united because of lust, and this is how they reproduce their species, this is how their children who are of the devil are born, because God is not lewd or lascivious, he has no lust. Why, then, impute to God the children who are of the devil? 

We are all children of the devil. Thus, whoever wants to become a child of God has to earn it. That one has to eliminate the “I”, reduce it to powder, and fabricate the solar bodies in the forge of the cyclops. They must also sacrifice themselves for humanity. Only then, my dear brothers and sisters, only then can we become children of God, and there is no other way, there is no other formula. 

It is logical that all human beings, without exception, are children of the devil, as stated to us by our Lord Christ. Jesus is not a liar. He never lied. He spoke the truth. So we must march firmly, to tell the truth, to tell that which is and nothing more than what it is, no matter what the cost might be.

Student: What should we do in order to awaken the consciousness, and what percentage of awakened consciousness does humanity have now?

Samael Aun Weor: Humanity has only three percent of the consciousness awakened and ninety-seven percent sleeping. So, the situation is grave. Do you understand me? 

All people want to see, hear, touch, and feel the great realities of the higher worlds. People want to remember their past lives, etc., and talk to the gods. But unfortunately, as I said, people have only three percent of the consciousness awakened, and ninety-seven percent sleeping. 

Those who want to touch the great realities of the inner worlds, whosoever wants to attain the awakening of their consciousness, must resolve to die from moment to moment; this is indispensable, no matter what the cost might be... 

First of all it is urgent to know that we have a pluralized “I” within us. That “I” is “Seth” from Egyptian mythology, a conjunction of "red devils,” as stated by the priests of the ancient land of the Pharaohs. These submerged entities that come to personify the ego, or Seth, as we are stating, are the semblance of our own own defects. Our consciousness is bottled up, stuffed, flasked, asleep within each of these entities. So our consciousness, we might say, acts according to its conditioning. It definitely marches on the path of error. It is egoic, unfortunately.

If we want to awaken in order to see, hear, touch, and feel the superior worlds, in order to chat with the masters of the White Brotherhood, then we need to totally destroy Seth, the ego, the red devils, the I's. Only in that way can our consciousness be emancipated, freed, and radically awakened. 

When the consciousness awakens, then we can see the path. When the consciousness awakens, we can be in touch with the divine humanity who lives in the Jinn lands. When the consciousness awakens, we can remember our past lives, we can visit other inhabited worlds, we can then chat face to face with the gods of the mahamanvantara, etc. 

Only thus, being truly awakened, can we have direct knowledge. As long as one does not have direct knowledge, my dear brothers and sisters, one is nothing more than a theorist: repeating like a parrot what others say, and that's all. We need to have consciousness of what we study, we need to drink from the direct font of hidden wisdom. 

I, for example, can teach you, and I am teaching what I know, what I experienced, what I have lived, not only in this incarnation, but in my past existences. And even more: I can speak to you in a frank and sincere manner about events of past mahamanvantaras, because I was active in other mahamanvantaras. Therefore, I can give testimony of what I know, of what I saw, of what I heard, and that is not a crime. But indeed I tell you, and let us talk frankly, in order to awaken the consciousness one needs to have terrific esoteric discipline.

Student: Master, what do I do in order to dissolve the “I”?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, you want to dissolve the ego? I congratulate you, my dear brother. You want to dissolve the ego, right? It is interesting. I find it interesting that you want to dissolve the ego. Only then can you get to be awakened, my esteemed brother. Sure, but not only do you need to know how to comprehend every error, one must also to know how to eliminate it. 

Krishnamurti speaks to us, for example, about "comprehension." Okay, okay: one needs to comprehend each error. Let us say, for example, that you want to eliminate the “I” of anger. Well, you have to comprehend that “I,” and for that you must use meditation, reflection, in order to know its most subtle mechanisms. Because often, one gets angry for one reason or another; sometimes because someone touches one’s self-esteem, or jealousy, or emotional frustration, or a reaction to a hurtful word (that has so many facets). But once you comprehended the secret spring of an explosion of anger at any given moment, one must to appeal to a higher power, my dear brother. 

That higher power is within yourself: it is the igneous serpent of our magical powers, enclosed, as the Hindus say, in the Muladhara chakra situated in the coccyx. I am emphatically addressing Devi Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers. To her, yes, to her you must appeal; one must ask, beg, beseech her to eliminate the “I” of anger that you thoroughly comprehended, that you studied through meditation and profound reflection. 

The procedure is the same for any “I.” 

It is not enough to comprehend, for example, the secret motive of an attack of jealousy, or the origin of hatred: one needs to go further: to appeal (whether we like it or not, but this is how it is) to a higher power, since one cannot do anything just by oneself. The mind is not capable of eliminating defects. The mind can change them from one department to another, the mind can label them with different names, etc., but the mind cannot disintegrate them, the mind cannot reduce them to dust. If we want to reduce this or that defect to dust, a defect personified by this or that “I,” then besides comprehension we need elimination, and for this we must appeal to Devi Kundalini. I repeat: Devi Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, the bronze serpent that healed the Israelites in the wilderness. Understood?

Student: Venerable master, I insist again about awakening. Why is it that the lords of the "left hand" do not practice any of the three factors, however they hear and see and are awake in the superior worlds?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer your question, my esteemed brother, since your question is quite intriguing and I, naturally, have to answer it. Clearly, you demand an answer from me, and my duty is to give it. 

I want to tell you something very interesting, listen to me. A few days ago, I happened to summon, in the higher worlds, the Angel Adonai, the son of light and joy, the master of Count Zanoni, so wisely described by Bulwer Lytton in his novel "Zanoni." Clearly, that angel attended my call, thus delightfully we sat down to talk. The angel told me something very interesting; he cited a specific philosopher who at one time was with us in the Gnostic movement, and who is now a denigrator of the great cause. The angel said, "That gentleman has awakened in evil and for evil." 

Days later, I confirmed or verified the claims of the Angel Adonai, the son of light and joy. Certainly, I found the cited gentleman in the internal worlds. That man was completely awakened, but in evil and for evil. 

When in my esoteric studies I have had to visit the black moon, for example, there I found all of those red devils, that the "Book of the Dead" of the ancient Egyptians speaks about: they are fully awakened, and when we enter into the infernal worlds, in those nine Dantesque circles described by Dante in his "Divine Comedy" and located in the heart of the Earth, we find all those people of darkness, fully awakened, indeed, but in evil and for evil. 

This is because through technical and scientific procedures, one can also awaken in evil and for evil. The red devils, for example, know very well what awaits them. They are aware that they will devolve over time in the underground world, through the nine circles of Dante. One day they will be disintegrated, reduced to cosmic dust in the heart of the Earth. They do not ignore that their essence will escape from their ego, when the ego is dead in the heart of the Earth. And they like it. Thus, when they are warned, they do not show any remorse. By means of the Second Death, they know that their essence, someday, after escaping from the heart of the Earth, will enter a new development on the surface and in the sunlight. They know that their soul will become a playful gnome in the rocks, later a plant, then animal, and finally will reenter the human condition in some epoch, in some eternity. They do not ignore it. They do not ignore that when one comes to this physical world, one is given one hundred eight existences. I can say that every human being is entitled to one hundred and eight existences on the stage of life, and that when these one hundred eight existences are fulfilled, if one is not self-realized, then one descends to the infernal worlds, returns in time, is reduced to powder in order to restart a new cycle, a new journey inward and upward. This they do not ignore, because they are awake, yet in evil and for evil. 

So, the important thing is to awaken in the light, and this is possible by means of the techniques, by means of sanctity: by dissolving the ego, by reducing it to cosmic dust, no matter what the cost might be.

Student: How should we respond when someone asks at a lecture how can we prove the one hundred and eight existences?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, with pleasure, my dear brother, we will give you the answer so that you understand and thereafter tell your friends. This about proving is very nice, but how does one prove anything to a sleepy one? Let the awakened ones prove it, because those who are asleep, asleep they are. If you want to prove it, as you say, or better say, to verify it, then wake up! What are you doing asleep, my esteemed brother? Awake, awake! Get out of that dream in which you are sleeping! The day you awaken your consciousness, then you can verify for yourself the accuracy of my words. 

Nonetheless, what I am affirming has documentation. Remember the hundred and eight beads of Buddha’s necklace. Remember also, brother, the one hundred eight laps that Brahmins in India make around the sacred cow while praying, yes, with a rosary or necklace of one hundred and eight beads. They then go vocalizing those sacred mantras known in Tibet as OM MANI PADME HUM. There, before the Chinese communists invaded that sacred land, extraordinary religious festivals were celebrated, then women tidied splendidly their hair loops; the great ladies were attended as always by their courtiers, their servitude or slavery, who should arrange for them their hair in the form of one hundred and eight loops. Meditate on that, my esteemed brother, meditate.

tibetan 108 braids

A Tibetan woman with 108 braids

Student: Venerable master, how can we who are practicing the Maithuna have children that will not be of the devil?

Samael Aun Weor: Oh! How you are struggling in order to have children that are not of the devil! Right? Still you are devils, yet you want to have children that are not of the devil. Is it perhaps possible to have children that are not of the devil, when one is a devil? What is better for you is to stop being a devil so that you will be able to have children of God, because the devil cannot have children of God. The devil is the devil, and what the devil engenders are little devils, whether we like it or not.

Student: Would you, Master, be so kind as an aid to the brothers and sisters who will get this message, as well as for ourselves, by talking about the Luciferic fire?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, my esteemed brother, so you want me to talk about the fire, and with the greatest pleasure I will... This fire is indeed extraordinary. In past Christmas messages I have spoken about the Luciferic fire in its negative form, since this is how we have to deliver the teachings: in a didactic and dialectic, pedagogical, progressive manner. 

Parsifal Unveiled by Samael Aun WeorSo, we must now talk about the creative fire in its positive form. We have talked about the Luciferic fire in its purely sinister, aspect fatal; however, I tell you that in the Christmas Message 1970-71, that is entitled "Parsifal Unveiled,” I wrote about the Luciferic fire in its transcendental, positive form. 

It is obvious that the Luciferic fire is, we might say, something divine; it is cataloged as if it were an archangel. It is clear that from the transcendental point of view, Lucifer fell from the nimbus of the Sun, and became fixed on Earth by the force of gravity and the weight of the atmosphere. It is the Azoth and Magnesia of ancient alchemists; it is the Flying Dragon of Medea, the INRI of Christians, the Tarot of the Bohemians. 

It is an extraordinary, wonderful fire. Without fire it would be impossible, really impossible, to do the work in the forge of the cyclops. Think about this, my esteemed brother: the connection of the lingam-yoni could not be performed without the Luciferic phosphorus. Thus, based on this principle, it is obvious that the work in the Ninth Sphere would be more than impossible without the Luciferic agent. 

Lucifer, in short, in itself, is neither good nor bad; everything depends on the use made of it. If used for good, it is good, and if used for evil, it is evil. It is like electricity. You know that electricity is used, for example, to illuminate homes, industry, etc., but in the USA it is used for the electric chair, for killing. Then electricity has a dual use: it is good or bad. It depends on the use that people make of it. Likewise the Luciferic fire, my esteemed brother. 

Lucifer, in itself, is the Prometheus of the ancient Greeks. It is the shadow of the Solar Logos, the Lord of the Seven Mansions, the Guardian of the Temple, who only allows those who are anointed by wisdom to pass, those who know the secret of Hermes, and who carry the Gnostic lamp in their right hand. Only those indeed have the right to enter into the sanctuary. 

Lucifer is therefore the foundation of the Inner Self-realization of the Being. Self-realization is impossible without fire, my dear brothers and sisters. Without fire, it is impossible to work Alchemy. Who could, for example, transmute lead into gold without the Luciferic agent? Does the crucible, by itself, do the work? The flaming fire must be under the crucible. Without fire, self-realization is impossible.

When the Solar Logos wanted to help us at the dawn of the mahamanvantara, it emanated from itself, from its reflection, a powerful archangel who became Lord of the Seven Mansions. I am speaking in allegorical sense, thus I am not addressing an individual, I am addressing the fire. It is with that fire, indeed, that we can transmute lead into gold, that we can become transformed into something different, into terrifically divine gods. 

Lucifer Prometheus is the same Maha-asura of the Hindustani. Lucifer is the one who has descended from the Sun in order to be crucified on our world. The terrible vultures of reasoning corrode his bowels and the flames of human passions burn him horribly. 

The Logos, wanting to manifest itself in every world, in every planet, emanated from itself its shadow, its minister, its Luciferic fire. From that point of view, I can tell you that the throne of Lucifer is the footstool of the Lord, and that the semblance of Lucifer is the face of the Solar Logos. "Demonius Est Deus Inversus," meaning "the devil is God but inverted,” as the ancients say. 

I think that with this you are understanding, my esteemed brother, what the Luciferic fire is: Prometheus chained to nothing other than the hard rock of sex. Prometheus, suffering for humanity. 

Prometheus Bound by Scott Eaton c1996


Within this great bonfire we might called "Lucifer," there are angels and devils, columns of gods and demons. Remember the Agnishvattas, the Lords of the Flame, who live on the positive side of the divine Luciferian force. Likewise it is not irrelevant to remember the Luciferic, tenebrous ones, the failures of the ancient Earth-Moon, the dismal and awful Hasnamussen-Lucifers. So therefore there are many things within everything: angels and devils. Fire is fire, my esteemed brother.

Student: Venerable master, for the good of the brothers and sisters and all others who will receive this message, could you please answer if after searching the path for so long, could I find the path at my age, given that I am seventy years old?

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously, my dear brother, now you are on the path, you found it. Now what you have to do is to walk it firmly; that is all. Naturally, you have to work with the three factors of the revolution of consciousness. Jesus himself said, 

“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me.” —Luke 9: 23

“To deny himself,” my dear brother, is a matter of dissolving the ego, the myself, the self-will.

“To take up the cross daily” is another thing. Remember that the vertical beam of the cross is male and that the horizontal beam of the cross is female; in the crossing of the two beams, the key of all power is found. Eminently, the cross is sexual, phallic. It signifies nothing less than the Ninth Sphere. It is necessary to descend into the forge of the cyclops in order to fabricate the solar bodies in order to reach the Second Birth. 

“To follow Christ” is the third factor. It means sacrifice for humanity, to be ready to do what he did — that is, to give the last drop of blood for all human beings who populate the world.

Therefore, to die, to be born, and sacrifice for humanity are the three factors of the revolution of consciousness. Thus, you have come to the path, you are on the path. Follow the path firmly, my dear brother, follow it.

Student: Thank you, master, for your wise teachings. Yes, it is true I am on the path, but I remember that you told us always that to walk the "path of the razor's edge" is difficult, and therefore we must necessarily kill the ego, those multiple selves within us, the red devils, about which you have spoken much to us. So I ask you, Master, can I, despite my age, reach that divine light, that I long for with so much intensity?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed, it is clear that you will, brother. First of all, we must take into account the power of the sacred spear; remember what that great power is. The lance, in itself, is the emblem of the male virile sexual force. We must learn how to use that wonderful energy of the Third Logos, and one can do it by working with the lance... 

At this moment, into my memory comes the remembrance of Wagner's Parsifal, at the very moment when Kundry, the seductress, intends to make him fall. Extraordinary moments! When she sees herself failing, she calls, she invokes Klingsor. The dark one throws the spear against the youth — this is the spear with which Longinus wounded the side of the Lord, but the spear could not harm him: Parsifal catches the spear with his right hand, and then with it he makes the sign of the cross. The castle of Klingsor collapses, it becomes cosmic dust, it falls into the bottom of the horrific and terrifying precipice. 

So it is interesting to know that the spear is nothing less than the sexual force, the famous IT, extraordinary particle, formed by the letter I, and the T, a magnificent Atlantean key. If at the supreme moment of pleasure, that is, during the sexual act, we concentrate our attention on our Divine Mother Kundalini, and we beseech her to hold the spear, that is, to wield the power of the creative energy in order to destroy the red demons, indeed, she will do so. 

But in all of this there is a didactic. Indeed, first of all, it is necessary to comprehend the “I” that we want to eliminate, and this must be integrally comprehended in depth within any of the forty-nine regions of the subconsciousness, and thereafter we plead unto the Mother Kundalini. If we ask her to throw the spear with force, with power against this or that “I,” she will do so, and will reduce to dust, one by one, each of the aggregates from that “I.” Yes, at the supreme moment, the moment of voluptuousness, we must ask her to wield the spear so that she can reduce that “I” to cosmic dust. Thus, little by little, with the power of the spear, she can disintegrate the ego and thereafter to finish with the three traitors, and finally finish, put an end to the dragon of darkness and finish with all the beasts of the underground world, within which our consciousness is bottled up. 

I am giving you an extraordinary, tremendous, wonderful key. I know, my esteemed brother, that you are already advanced in years, but the power of creative energy has not yet disappeared from you. The sexual cycle lasts until eighty-four years of age, and you are not eighty-four yet. Thus, take advantage of this wonderful energy. That is what I say, my friend, my brother.

parsifal spear