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Useless Dreams

Let us now talk about something very important: I want to emphatically address the subject-matter related with dreams. The hour in which we must delve deeply within this topic has arrived.  

I acknowledge that the most important thing is to stop dreaming, since indeed, dreams are nothing other than mere projections of the mind and are, therefore, illusions; they are worthless.

It is precisely the ego who projects dreams, and obviously those dreams are useless.

We need to transform the subconsciousness into consciousness.  We need to radically eliminate not only dreams, but moreover, we must also eliminate the very possibility of dreaming, and this is difficult, since it is unquestionable that such a possibility will always exist so long as subjective elements continue to exist within our psyche.

We need a mind that does not project; we need to exhaust the process of thinking.  The projector-mind projects dreams, and these are vain and illusory.  When I talk about the mind as being a projector, I am not referring merely to “projects,” such as the ones made by an engineer who sketches or designs the blueprints for a building, a bridge, or a road, no; when I am taking about the mind as a projector, I am addressing the mind of every intellectual animal.  It is clear that the subconsciousness always projects not only houses, buildings, or things of the sort; to be clear, it also projects its own memories, its own desires, its own emotions, passions, ideas, experiences, etc.  Again, the projector-mind projects dreams, and it is clear that projections will exist as long as the subconsciousness continues to exist.  When the subconsciousness ceases to exist, when it has been transformed into consciousness, then projections cease, they can no longer exist, they disappear.

If we want to attain authentic illumination, then it is necessary and urgent to transform the subconsciousness into consciousness. Indubitably, such a transformation is only possible by annihilating the subconsciousness. Yet, the subconsciousness is the ego; so then, we must annihilate the ego, the “I,” the myself, the self-willed. Yes, this is how the subconsciousness is transformed into consciousness. Consequently, it is necessary for the subconsciousness to cease to exist, so that the objective, real, and true consciousness can appear and occupy its place.

In other words, as long as any subjective element—as insignificant as it might be—continues to exist within each one of us, here and now, the possibility of dreaming will persist; however, when the subjective elements are terminated, when not a single subjective element lingers within our psyche, then the outcome is objective consciousness, authentic and true illumination.

Thus, an individual who possesses objective consciousness, who has eliminated the subconsciousness, lives completely awakened within the supersensible worlds, and while his physical body sleeps in the bed, he will move in those worlds willingly: seeing, hearing, and perceiving the great realities of the superior worlds.

Therefore, it is one thing to go about within the hypersensible worlds with objective consciousness, in other words, with awakened consciousness, and it is another to do so in a subjective or subconscious state, in other words, by going around projecting dreams.

Lo and behold the great difference between the one who goes around projecting dreams within those hypersensible regions, and the one who lives there without making any projections, who has his consciousness completely awakened, illuminated, in a state of a super-exalted vigilance. Obviously, the latter is truly an enlightened one, and can (if he wishes) investigate the mysteries of life and death and know all of the enigmas of the universe.

A certain author states somewhere that dreams are nothing other than disguised ideas, and if this statement is factual, we then can clarify this matter a little more by stating that “dreams are projections of the mind” and therefore, are false and vain; thus, whosoever lives awakened no longer dreams.

Without having died within themselves, without having annihilated the ego, the “I,” the myself, no one can live awakened; this is why I want all of you brothers and sisters to occupy yourselves with the disintegration of your egos, because only thus, by disintegrating your terrible legion, can you be radically awakened.

Indubitably, to eliminate our subjective elements is not easy, since they are many and widely varied.  This elimination is processed in a didactical way, little by little. Therefore, accordingly, as one is eliminating such elements, one is objectifying one’s consciousness. Thus, when elimination has become absolute, then the consciousness has become totally objectified, awakened; then the possibility of dreaming has been terminated, concluded. 

The great adepts of the Universal White Fraternity do not dream, since they possess objective consciousness; for them, the possibility of dreaming has disappeared. Thus, one finds them within the superior worlds in a state of intensified vigilance, totally illuminated, and directing the current of the innumerable centuries, governing the laws of nature, converted into Gods who are beyond good and evil.  

It is therefore indispensable to comprehend this matter in depth. Thus, in order for all of you to have an exact summary of this, I want to tell you the following:

1. The subconsciousness is the ego; thus, annihilate the ego and the consciousness will awaken.

2. The subconscious elements are infrahuman elements that every one of us carries within, therefore destroy them and the possibility of dreaming will cease.

3. Dreams are projections of the ego and therefore they are worthless.

4. The ego is mind.

5. Dreams are projections of the mind.

6. You must mark down the following with much attention: It is indispensable to stop projecting.

7. We must not only stop projecting things of the future, but of the past, since we live constantly projecting things from yesterday.

8. We must also stop projecting every type of present emotions, morbidities, passions, etc.

The projections of the mind are therefore infinite; as a consequence, the possibilities of dreaming are infinite. Therefore, how can a dreamer be considered an illuminated one?  Obviously, the dreamer is nothing other than a dreamer who does not know anything about the reality of things, about that which is beyond the world of dreams.

It is indispensable that our brothers and sisters of the Gnostic Movement concern themselves with their awakening. Thus, for this, it is required that they truly dedicate themselves to the dissolution of their “I,” their ego, their myself, their self-willed; may that be their main preoccupation. Accordingly, as they are dying within themselves, their consciousness will become each time more and more objective; thus, the possibilities of dreaming will diminish in a progressive way.

It is indispensable to meditate in order to comprehend our psychological errors. When one comprehends that one has this or that defect or error, one can give to oneself the luxury of eliminating it, as I taught in my book entitled The Mystery of the Golden Blossom.

To eliminate this or that error, this or that psychological defect, is equivalent to eliminating this or that psychological aggregate, this or that subjective element, within which subsists the possibilities of dreaming or projecting dreams.

When we want to eliminate a defect, an error or a psychic aggregate, we must first of all comprehend it. Nonetheless, brothers and sisters, it is not enough to only comprehend, it is necessary to delve even deeper, to be more profound: it is necessary to “capture” the deep significance of that which one has comprehended, and one can only achieve such a “capture” by means of a very internal, in-depth, profound meditation...

The one who has captured the deep significance of that which has been comprehended has the possibility of eliminating it.  To eliminate psychic aggregates is urgent.  Psychic aggregates and psychological defects are basically the same; thus any psychic aggregate is nothing else than the expression of a type of psychological defect...

That there is the need to eliminate them, this is clear; however, we must first of all comprehend them and also to have captured their deep significance.  Thus, this is how we die from moment to moment; the new comes to us only with death.  

Many want to be awakened in the astral, mental, etc., planes, yet they do not preoccupy themselves with psychological death, and what is worse is that they confuse their dreams with true mystical experiences. Dreams, which are nothing other than simple projections of the subconsciousness, are one thing, yet real mystical experiences are another thing.  Any authentic mystical experience demands the state of alertness and awakened consciousness. I cannot conceive of mystical experiences with sleeping consciousness. Therefore, the mystical, real and authentic experience only arrives when the objectiveness of the consciousness has been achieved, when we are awakened.

May all our brothers and sisters profoundly reflect upon all of this. Study our book The Mystery of the Golden Blossom. May everyone preoccupy themselves with dying from moment to moment. Only in this way can they achieve the total objectiveness of their consciousness.

Question: Master, are all of those crowds who go everywhere running like mad people asleep? Are they going around projecting? Are they dreaming? Are they alienated to themselves?

Answer: Indeed, those people who go everywhere in a mad rush, running, they are dreaming. It is not necessary for their physical bodies to be resting, snoring in their beds at midnight, in order for them to be dreaming. People dream right here in flesh and bone, just as you see them, running as mad people in the street, as they go around in this constant coming and going, like machines without rhyme or reason, nor any orientation. Thus, in the same way they go around within the internal worlds when their physical body sleeps in their bed.

Regrettably, what happens is that people who are daydreaming in their life, that go around dreaming in their wrongly called “state of vigil” (since, in that state, one always see them sleeping, dreaming), when the hour in which their physical bodies must rest in their bed arrives, they abandon their physical vehicle and penetrate within the supersensible worlds; however, they carry their dreams to such regions. In other words, each one carries their dreams to the internal worlds, as much as during the hours in which the physical body is sleeping, as well as after their physical death.

Indeed, people die without knowing how, and, dreaming, they enter into the internal worlds and there they live, dreaming; thereafter, they are born without knowing at what time or how, and continue going around dreaming in their practical life constantly.

Therefore, it is not strange that people accidentally die under the wheels of cars, that they commit so much madness, since this happens because they have their consciousness asleep, since they are dreaming...

It is indispensable to cease dreaming.  The one who ceases dreaming here and now also ceases dreaming in any corner of the universe and can then go everywhere awakened.  The one who awakens here and now awakens in the infinite, in the superior worlds, in any place of the cosmos.

What is important is to awaken here and now, in this very moment in which we are talking, to awaken from instant to instant, from moment to moment.

Excerpted from the Spanish edition of "Tibetan Exercises for Rejuvenation."