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Moses and the Serpent of Brass
Moses and the Serpent of Brass

Three Forces, the Seven Deadly Sins, and Awakening Consciousness

With greatest pleasure I address everyone in general. Indeed, you are here to listen to me and I am here to speak to you. The purpose of this lecture is to explore a little what is called the human body. Undoubtedly, when I address you, I do so with the desire to guide you positively in the knowledge of one’s body.

It is necessary to know the limits and possibilities of the human body to the maximum. If we see a person, we think we know his physique and, indeed, we really do not know it.

The physical body is not everything. The physical body is made up of organs, the organs of cells and the cells of molecules; the molecules by atoms. And if we disintegrate an atom of the human organism (of starch, iron or albumin, etc.) we will release energy. Ultimately, the body is summed up in different types and subtypes of energy.

So, indeed really, the body is determined and determinizing energy; determined by ancient modalities or undulations and determinative of new undulations...

The “I” is a knot in the free flow of cosmic energy, a knot that must be untied. The I, in itself, is not something exclusively homogeneous; I mean emphatically that it is heterogeneous.

Energetic Values

I was stating this morning that death is a subtraction of fractions, and it's true. Each one of us is a mathematical point in space that agrees to serve as a vehicle for a certain sum of “values”. Obviously, once the physical body has died, that is, the mathematical operation has concluded, the only thing that continues are the values ​​(these are energetic). Actually really, the values ​​continue inside the unknown dimension; values, themselves, continue to be processed within psychological space.

We could destroy the physical organism, but we could never destroy the energy values, because physics has taught us that energy cannot be destroyed. It can be modified, yes, or transformed, but never destroyed. Until now, no scientific procedure is known to destroy energy. We can untie the energetic knot of the “I” so that the energy flows freely; we can dissolve the psychological values, but the energy will continue in another form, with other modes of cosmic movement.

So, indeed really, death itself, I repeat, is a subtraction of fractions. The energy values, however, are reincorporated sooner or later, they continue in a new organism and this is proven.

Within us, in truth, there are energetic, psychological values ​​that in the past existed within another organism. The values ​​are from Nature exactly and there are negative values ​​and cosmic values. It would be very lucky if we had, for example, in ourselves, in our psyche, the values ​​of Hermes Trismegistus or Quetzalcoatl, but in indeed we do not yet possess those same values. The values ​​of Nietzsche, for example, are very different from the values ​​of Buddha (that is obvious) or those of Jesus of Nazareth.

Within each of us there are values ​​that belonged to some personage in the past. That personage may have been a genius or a mediocre humanoid, but values ​​belong exclusively to nature, and we have them. If they belonged, for example, to a carpenter or a doctor or a craftsman or an astronomer, they would obviously manifest themselves in our personality sooner or later. In any case, I want you to comprehend that when these personages die, those values ​​continue, I want you to comprehend that those values ​​return, they are reincorporated in a new organism.

We are present here, but the energy values ​​are not seen much. Unquestionably, these belonged to someone else in the past; these, all of them, have been living among us for some time and if we want to know something about these values, that is, about our own lives, we undoubtedly have to go through many changes and get to know ourselves...

An organic machine is very interesting, so it is worth knowing about it. The human body in and by itself has its biology, its anatomy, its pathology, etc., and each area of ​​the brain undoubtedly has many vital powers in reserve.

three brains, five centers

Our Three Brains

There are three brains that we cannot deny: first, the intellectual brain; second, the emotional brain and third, the motor brain. There are energetic values ​​in the intellectual brain (the values ​​that Nature has placed in the intellectual brain). For example, criminals have mediocre intellectual values. ​​And when we have magnificent development, there is no doubt that brilliant values ​​are expressed through us, through our intellectual brain, because I repeat, values ​​are from Nature.

The emotional brain is also very important. The emotional brain is located in the heart and specific nerve centers of the great sympathetic nervous system, as well as in the solar plexus.

Emotional values ​​are extremely important for life. If there were no emotional values, we would not be enthusiastic about an idea, we would not be happy on a sports field, and life would develop without the different factors that it supposes, with a frightening indifference.

If we existed without emotional values, even among art, for example, if a famous pianist or singer appeared on the scene; not having emotional values, we would not really feel any interest; or we would appear in public completely indifferent, we would not applaud the artists, we would not be happy about the show...

The motor brain, located at the top of the spinal cord, is also of great interest to us. The values ​​that are located in that brain allow us to walk, move, go from here to there in different directions: play baseball, basketball, do gymnastics, etc. If we did not have values ​​in the motor brain, we would practically not be interested in sports, or walks, or excursions, or anything related to movement.

So, in truth, the three brains are very important. Now, when we try to learn sports by abusing, obviously the values ​​of the motor brain are definitively depleted.

And if in the gym we consider that the emotional brain and the motor brain is something that we have to be relating at all hours (hitting, gesticulating, shouting, arguing, etc.), there comes a natural moment when the values ​​of the motor brain are exhausted, and in those conditions such a brain has to die.

Many people who are in the "mental rest clinics" that is, in the asylums, it is because they exhausted the values ​​of the intellectual brain.

Many people who are in a state, let's say, "coma", have exhausted their vital values ​​(fatal result of living in the wrong way).

There are others who have exhausted the vital values ​​of their emotional brain. Consequently, they suffer from palpitations and nervous disorders, that is, they tend to suffer from heart problems, so, without a doubt, a myocardial infarction will come sooner or later. The heart attack appears a lot among sports fans and among artists; between the emotional and sentimental ones who have exhausted the values ​​of the emotional brain.

And what shall we say of the motor brain? This, we have already said, allows us to play a little, it allows us to play soccer, baseball, etc., but if we abuse the motor brain, sooner or later that brain will die and then, obviously, we will have diseases such as cerebral embolism, paralysis, etc.

One always dies by thirds. For example, some time ago a friend of ours became ill, he had abused the intellectual brain too much. This man was very little excited and began to get sick one day. He had exclusively dedicated himself to the intellect and one day he had a stroke. We observed the case, we investigated it and when visiting him, it happened that his intellectual brain could not coordinate the ideas. Days later his motor brain died; then it's obvious that he couldn't move anymore. Ultimately, his emotional brain passed away, he went into cardiac arrest. So, we always die by thirds and that is already proven. All of this is serious and in some way is closely related, either with the intellectual brain, or with the emotional brain, or with the motor brain.

There are some scientific experiments in this regard, such as those carried out by a Brazilian doctor.

What has been determined, especially about the motor brain, is extraordinary. However, this not all. In order to have a long and harmonious life, the important thing is to learn to manage the three brains with perfect balance.

There is a Buddhist religious community in Central Asia; that community is very interesting: the members of that community have learned to manage the three brains with perfect discipline, they never abuse those three brains. Suddenly they are "skiing", running together, while others dedicate themselves to cultivating their body, putting their motor brain into activity. At any other moment, we see them dedicated to art, be it music, be it sculpture, dance, etc. As they keep the three brains balanced, this allows those Buddhist monks to live to ages of 300 and 400 years. They do not use, exclusively, a single brain (remember that we are three-brained). So, they are smart enough to manage, in turn, the three brains of the organic machine...

Unquestionably, what is harming us is the abuse or excessive use of the intellectual brain; we abuse the intellect too much, we spend the vital values ​​of the intellect.

So, frankly, with what could we compare someone who only lives inside the intellectual cerebration, someone who doesn't play sports, someone who never listens to nice music, who doesn't get excited about anything in life? I think we could compare them to one of those strange creatures, one of those that live for this time at the bottom of the oceans...

Such a person never develops as a human, in the full sense of the word. It seems to me that we must start with the harmonious development of the human and that would only be possible if we learn to manage the three brains in a balanced manner.

If you are intellectually tired, if you have studied a lot, go outside for a while, go for a bike ride, attend a soccer game, etc., or listen to good music, go see a painting exhibition, go to a theater. Do something emotional. If we manage these three brains (sometimes the emotional, sometimes the motor, sometimes the intellectual), but in a balanced manner, we can assure you that you will achieve wonderful health and that you will be able to live a very long life. Remember what I just told you about those Buddhist monks who live up to 300 and 400 years...

Transformation of Three Forces

Well, we are just "intellectual animals", that is, we gave instinct intellectual form; the natural instinct of the different animal forms is now rational in us. Rather, to put a little more emphasis on this question, we are "intellectual bipeds."

But there are various kinds of creatures in the universe. There are one-dimensional, one-dimensional creatures. For example, an insect that only lasts a few hours in the summer has only one brain: the instinctive one. There are two-dimensional creatures, that is, they have two brains: the instinctive and the emotional. Such creatures are the higher animals: the horse, the elephant, the dog, the cat, etc. And there are also creatures that have three brains: the instinctive, the emotional and the intellectual.

Obviously, such species acquire higher formations. Unquestionably, I am referring to the "intellectual animal" mistakenly called "human".

There is a very big difference or gap between the "intellectual animal" (which can correct its sensations and perceptions) and the two-dimensional creature. A horse, for example, or a donkey or a lion, cannot correct their sensations and perceptions; that's obvious.

Now, each existing creature in this very thin film of organic life plays a great role in the economy of the universe. Unquestionably, each creature captures certain types of universal energy. For example, creatures of only one dimension, one-dimensional, can perfectly capture certain types of energy from planet Earth, can transform it and retransmit it back to the interior of the Earth for its economy. The two-dimensional creatures capture other types of energies that they can perfectly transform and then retransmit to the previous layers of the planetary organism, and the three-dimensional creatures will capture other types of energies that come from the cosmos, and will then be able to transform and retransmit them to the previous layers of the planetary organism. .

Obviously, the Earth lives on all those types and subtypes of energy that the different animal organisms transform. It is also very true that plants fulfill a great function, even though some of them only transform the energies of the Earth itself, to later retransmit them to the interior of the planetary organism. There are plants that capture energies from nature and the cosmos and transmit them to the interior of the world; and lastly there are plants that capture energies from the infinite, coming from the megalocosm, and that later transform and retransmit to the interior of the world. With all these types and subtypes of energy, I repeat, the vital energies of planet Earth are sustained...

Of all the animals (one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional), the "intellectual animal" is the most important. One-dimensional animals, for example, could never transform the energies coming from the cosmos. Do not forget that the three primary forces of nature and the cosmos are fundamental for the different sustenance of life. These three forces are positive, negative and neutral. A one-dimensional animal senses only one type of force, nothing more. A two-dimensional creature captures two types of forces, but the three types of forces can only be captured by "intellectual animals", this is why it is the superior animal of nature.

Therefore, we need to know how our body can capture the superior forces of nature and the cosmos. For this, it is good to keep in mind that the cosmic consciousness is in everything that is, in everything that has been, and in everything that will be.

The Three Forces

The ancients worshiped the Sun, and this is something that is well worth knowing in its entirety. So, how is it explained that peoples as cultured as the Mayans, the Nahuatls, the Zapotecs, etc., worshiped the Sun and yet all their things belonged to a very high culture? It is not our sun, the physical sun, that they worshiped, but rather the cosmic energy and the Sacred Absolute Sun. The idea of Quetzalcoatl worshiping a physical sun would never occur to me; nor would I ever think that a Manco Cápac (in Peru) would worship a material sun. The ancient Egyptians (as evidenced by their archetypal ideas and solar architecture) also did not worship a physical sun. Obviously, the Egyptians worshiped RA, the Midnight Sun, the Sacred Solar Absolute. All the traces left by the Egyptians confirm this...

From the Sacred Absolute Sun emanates the Great Breath, profoundly unknown to itself, that is, from the Sacred Absolute Sun emanates the omnipresent, omnipenetrating, omniscient sacred and active Okidanock. Unquestionably, the Great Breath, that is, the omnipresent, omnipenetrating, omniscient active Okidanock, emanated (at the dawn of this creation) from the Sacred Absolute Sun. Thus Okidanock must unfold into three fundamental ingredients in order to create: the first, the force positive; the second, the negative force; the third, the neutral force. If these three cosmic forces (positive, negative and neutral) did not affect a given point in the universe, any type of creation would be impossible. That is why these three forces (positive, negative and neutral) coincide at a given point and where they meet, a creation arises.

Let's take a man as an example: he alone could not create a child, and a woman alone could not conceive either. It is necessary for a man to be sexually united with his woman in order to create. The positive pole (man) joins the negative pole (woman) and the neutral force reconciles them both; then the creation of a child takes place. Just as it happens here below, it happens in the infinite cosmos: the positive force joins the negative force and the neutral force reconciles the two opposite forces to carry out some creation.

So, my dear friends, thanks to positive, negative and neutral forces, we all exist in the world. It would be interesting to be able to crystallize, within ourselves, the three superior forces of nature and the cosmos.

In very old psychology, the positive force was called "Holy Affirmation", the negative force was qualified as "Holy Denying" and the neutral force as "Holy Conciliation". These three forces are the causa-causorum of all creation.

We must learn to manage these three forces, so that they crystallize in our organism; we need to know how they are processed at a certain moment (the three primary forces) in the three brains: the intellectual, the emotional and the motor-instinctive-sexual.

If we, for example, learned to manage the third force, we would unquestionably be able to crystallize it in ourselves; but it would be necessary to study the doctrine of Quetzalcóatl, or Hermes, or Jesus or some teaching of a Gnostic type. We should also study Dr. Krumm Heller, Medical Colonel of the Mexican Army and Professor at the University of Berlin, who wrote very interesting data on the transmutation and sublimation of creative energy.

If we have enough will to be able to transmute the sexual “libido”, unquestionably we would incarnate the third force in ourselves and we would obtain extraordinary faculties that would manifest in our human organism. Those sublimated forces, that transmuted creative energy, already implies the management of the three forces, but in any case, the sublimation of the "libido" develops in us extraordinary faculties and leads us to the crystallization of the third force in ourselves.

It is also necessary to create in us the second force, that is, the “Holy Denying”, this is possible if we learn to welcome the unpleasant manifestations of our fellow men and women; that's obvious. A short time ago, in another talk, we talked with the brothers and sisters about the "Main Psychological Trait" of each one of us. There is no doubt that if we work on that "Main Psychological Trait", on that basic or fundamental "element" that characterizes us, we will be able to eliminate the “I” of experimental psychology; it would be easier to eliminate all of the other psychological defects. So, whoever is interested in annihilating their psychological defects, to eliminate them, then we must learn to welcome the unpleasant manifestations of our fellow men and women. Because we could not crystallize the second force, which is the "Holy Denying", by taking a different path.

And finally, whoever wants to crystallize the first force, which is the "Holy Affirmation", will have to learn to tell the truth, will have to learn how to obey the highest parts of their own Being. It is worth clarifying to you that in the depths of ourselves, live the highest parts of the Being, which are completely divine. Those who learn how to obey the highest parts of the Being will undoubtedly, sooner or later, crystallize in themselves the first force: the "Holy Affirmation".

Those who manage to crystallize in themselves (thanks to their three brains) the three main forces of nature and the cosmos, they will unquestionably become (truly) supermen and superwomen, in the fullest sense of the word.

Unquestionably, between the intellectual mammals, the human and the superhuman, there are enormous differences. There is a need to create the human in ourselves, before the superhuman is born in us. That's obvious.

The Kundabuffer and Our Defects

However, I believe that the most important thing is to awaken the consciousness. The paradisiacal primeval humanity had awakened the consciousness. Unfortunately, due to a mistake of certain (superhuman) holy individuals, the comet Kondoor collided with planet Earth. And as a consequence or corollary, the geological layers became unstable. Incessant earthquakes and terrifying tidal waves shook the bowels of the continent Mu or Lemuria. Thus, the organic life on the face of the Earth was in danger...

It was then, when a commission of sacred individuals arrived at our planet. Among them was the very respectable and very venerable archangel Sakaki. The commission studied the problem and came to the conclusion that they had to give humanity the abominable Kundabuffer organ. Said organ is the appendix of the dorsal spine projected downwards, just as we see it in some apes, monkeys, etc.

Undoubtedly, since the human organism is a machine, it collects cosmic energies from the megalocosm and transforms them automatically, and later retransmits them to the previous layers of the Earth. Thus, the Earth is nourished as a living organism with all types and subtypes of cosmic energies.

There is no doubt that plants also serve as a channel for the energies that come from the megalocosm. The same can be said about the different double-brained and uni-brained species; but, undoubtedly, the type of energies collected by the three-brained biped is even more useful to the bowels of our world Earth.

But when making an organic modification, the forces that then penetrated the human organism were also modified: they became lunar due to the abominable Kundabuffer organ, and as a consequence or corollary, the geological layers of the Earth were stabilized.

This means that the earthquakes that were so frequent in that age, and the terrible tidal waves that were incessantly processed at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, were put on hold.

Unfortunately, mistakes are never lacking. And if the collision of worlds was due to the mistake of certain sacred individuals. It is also no less true that the Archangel Sakaki and his highest commission were wrong with their transfinite mathematics, in relation to the duration of the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

The highly respectable Archseraph Loisos became aware of the matter and intervened to eliminate such a nefarious organ from humanity. But he intervened really too late.

This new mistake was disastrous for all of this suffering humanity: when that organ disappeared from the human anatomy, its consequences remained in the five cylinders of the organic machine. These five cylinders are:

  1. intellectual center
  2. emotional center
  3. motor center
  4. instinctive center
  5. sexual center

The first is located in the skull, within the merely intellective brain.

The second in the heart and specific nerve centers of the great sympathetic (emotional brain).

The third, obviously, the upper part of the spine.

The fourth, the bottom of the spine.

The fifth, in the organs of generation (the motor, instinctual, sexual brain).

Thenceforth, deduce for yourselves the consequences of the aforementioned organ. It is clear that the inhuman psychic aggregates (which even today exist among all the human creatures that populate the Earth), were the crystallization of those terrible consequences! The ego, in and of itself, is a sum of all of those aggregates or sequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ. Such psychic aggregates are duly classified in experimental psychology; there is no doubt that the main seven are: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, and gluttony.

Obviously, if we made a list, we would be amazed as Virgil, the poet of Mantua who said:

"No, not even if I had a hundred mouths, a hundred tongues, and throats of brass, inspired with iron lungs, I could not half those my horrid crimes describe, nor half the punishments those crimes have met.” —The Aeneid

It is good that you understand that such defects or psychic aggregates were known in the Egypt of the pharaohs with the qualification of the "red demons of Seth". So, in truth, due to this issue, the human consciousness was bottled up, stuffed, engrossed within those terrible consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

If before the consciousness was fully awake, one hundred percent, the basic reason to enjoy the paradisiacal or Edenic state, when it remained engrossed, it undoubtedly became conditioned and fell into the hypnotic process of sleep.

Today, in truth, human beings (better said humanoids) are subjected to collective hypnosis; I want to say emphatically that the hypnotic force of nature influences all humanoids massively. Unfortunately, we become aware of hypnotism exclusively when its hypnotic force flows precipitously, as in the case of a hypnology session.

The Two Serpents

But it is true and absolutely true that hypnotism flows everywhere. In ancient times, the rooster of the Abraxas was represented with a double snake leg, this invites us to think of the "Od" and the "Ob" very distinguished gentleman Reichenbach...

There are two serpents, Eliphaz Levi tells us. One is the one that ascends the rod of Aesculapius, the god of medicine. The other is the horrible seven-headed python that crawled through the mud of the Earth, and that the enraged Apollo wounded with his darts.

In strictly biblical language we would say: the first is the serpent of bronze that healed the Israelites in the wilderness, the one that coiled around the generating lingam or the Tao of the biblical Moses. The second is the tempting serpent of Eden.

So, when the serpent of bronze ascends the spine, she totally enlightens, transforms and revives us.

We well know that although Christ is our intimate redeemer according to the philosophy of the Salvator Salvandus, the beloved one could not do anything without the serpent of bronze; such serpent is the outcome of the transmutation of the sexual libido, which concerned so much ... ... and which was later analyzed by Sigmund Freud in his psychoanalysis.

The negative aspect of the igneous serpent of our magical powers is obviously the tempting serpent of Eden, the abominable Kundabuffer organ, the horrible python...

In ancient Lemurian times, in those times when the rivers of the water of life flowed with milk and honey, the sacred serpent of bronze ascended victoriously through the tree of life (which is represented in our organism by the dorsal spine of the Gnostic ascetic).

Unfortunately, due to the quite deplorable mistake of those cosmocrators, who by mistake caused the comet Kondoor to collide with our planet Earth, terrible measures were taken in order to, later, endow the human species with the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Unquestionably, disastrous rites mixed with the original sin, launched the python from his coccygeal bone towards the infernos of the human being. If this had not happened, the evil consequences of that abomination would not have arisen in our nature. So, now, we would have our consciousness objectified, awake.

This wretched humanity has been the victim of the mistake of some sacred individuals, and this is unfortunate. Of course, they will have to suffer the consequences of their mistakes, and in a future mahamanvantara they will have to cancel their debts.

They are not evil or anything like that; keep in mind that the most respectable and most venerable archangel Sakaki is one of the four tetrasustainers... ... we are sorry that he came too late; otherwise, the fate of this humanity would have been very different...

Well, today, we have to accept things as they are, the consciousness is asleep, that's obvious; it is embedded in the ego, and this is terrible.

The inhabitants of the Earth are abnormal: they have a subjective, incoherent, imprecise psyche. Now you can deduce the consequences...

It would hardly be possible for a human couple (husband and wife) to be happy; it would hardly be possible for peace to reign among the nations; it would hardly be possible for people to behave correctly. The state of human unconsciousness is frightening, and therefore, the abnormality is total.

The Seven Deadly Sins

We have cited seven deadly sins, thus, observe the imbalance that they cause.

Look carefully at an angry or enraged subject: bulging eyes, uttering incoherent words, saying damnations; clenching the fists of the hands, with gnashing of teeth. Unquestionably, such a subject, in a more advanced planet, would be taken not to a prison, but to a clinic, which is different; it is about a mentally ill person, an abnormal person.

Behold, a greedy person: he wants inordinately a handful of coins, perhaps a house; in time he must become rich, brave... ...or some piece of land that he never made; he is abnormal. He comes to... ...between brothers, possibly because of concerns; when he works... a big company, he usually comes to acquire stomach ulcers in his body; he is filled with terror at the possibility of a failed sale, etc.

Now look at a lustful person: he acts like the beasts and perhaps worse; because you have never seen a bull sexually seek the female when she is pregnant or when she is menstruating. The lustful is capable of all of that and even more. He can become a rapist, and in this case, he is worse than the brutes, he is something impossible to describe with words, a satirical madman. The outcome of such lustful creatures always is failure.

In the field of literature we have the Satiricon, a work that Petronius wrote at the time of the decline of Rome. A long time ago I studied such a book, not fully, I got part way through it and threw it away in disgust. However, that work was highly appreciated in the time of Nero by the rhetoricians of Rome, this is not ignored by the scholars of classical literature.

And what shall we say about the envious? How much they suffer for the good of others! If they have a car, they cry and despair when they see their neighbor with a better car; and if their house is humble, they pull their hair, twist their lips. They suffer beyond words when they learn that their friend “so-and-so” has a better house: “how is it possible that he has a more beautiful mansion, if he was my schoolmate. Where did I come from with so much luck?” And here comes the slander: “possibly without a doctorate, how is it possible that he is so well now?”... ...what strange, they suffer because of the good of others!... much pain they endure ...

One day, as I penetrated those Akashic records (mentioned by Mr. Leadbeater, or by Annie Besant, or Blavatsky) among these records, I found the one who in life was known by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte. That man still lived in the region of the sacraments. He was dressed with his emperor's mantle, imposing he walked; his gaze was that of a sleepwalker convinced that he ruled. "Who are you?" I asked him.

He answered, "I am the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, King of Rome..." His pride was unbearable. Unquestionably, in that psychological space, his pride made him appear ridiculous in the fullest sense of the word, terrifyingly ridiculous.

The proud can be mortally wounded by the just; the proud dismally falls before the word of the just. The worst enemy of pride is called "justice".

How abnormal the proud is! He sees everyone else as small. How strange his behavior, how ridiculous! He believes to be very grandiose when, in reality, it is extremely insignificant.

What looks, what poses of the proud! Such a person is not a normal person. What attitudes, what way of walking, what way of proceeding with his fellow men and women! He is delusional yet he thinks he is colossal, perfectly normal.

And what about the lazy one? He is abnormal; he doesn't want to work. Inertia reigns in him, he does nothing to live. In the field of agriculture, he does nothing. The places where the farmers are lazy, there is hunger and desolation; and in all fields of practical life, there must be stagnation.

His activity is urgently needed, nonetheless he rests in his hammock; he does nothing when he should do a lot; he wants to eat without working; he wants to exist, but does nothing for his own existence. Such a person has and does not have life, something that weighs on the shoulders of society, a parasite that feeds on the life of others; something abnormal

And what about the glutton, what shall we say about him? Note that people who are too obese, too fat (with a few exceptions due to thyroid issues), are usually gluttonous. Every so often they are eating; these subjects enjoy having a deformed belly, why? How horrible they look! They eat and eat incessantly; they look in the mirror and do not realize that they are hideously ugly; they keep eating; behold the glutton.

I have mentioned only the seven deadly sins, so that you will realize that the ego makes us abnormal; the psyche of human beings is abnormal. The consciousness embedded in the psychic aggregates is processed by virtue of its bottle, that is obvious.

What do we urgently need?


It is unquestionable that, first of all, we must wake up, we urgently need to wake up, we need to wake up. Would it be possible for the consciousness to awaken if we did not previously eliminate the psychic aggregates? Obviously not.

The "intellectual animal" mistakenly called "human" has only 3% of consciousness...

...finally, there are people who don't even have 1%. They are absolute automatons; this is unfortunate.

Would the death of the physical body solve this problem? Do you think that perhaps some religious creed, with its post-mortem promises, could give rise to the awakening of the consciousness in an afterlife? I will have to tell you categorically that this is not possible.

Death itself, from a strictly mathematical point of view, is a subtraction of fractions. If we do such a subtraction, having concluded the arithmetic operation, what will continue? Could someone here answer me?... the values ​​continue in the psychological space. These are positive and negative at the same time.

Undoubtedly, the positive psychic aggregates could be qualified as "good" even if they never knew how to do good, and even if their good actions always led us to error.

Clearly, negative psychic aggregates can and should be qualified as "bad"; that's obvious. The values ​​in the psychological space and in the post-mortem state attract and repel each other according to the law of universal magnetism. Subsequently, according to the great law known as return, they return, rejoin a new human organism, in this three-dimensional world of Euclid. Then, they repeat the different events of the previous life, according to the law of recurrence. The usual comedies, dramas and tragedies reappear on the scene.

This invites us to understand that we are repeating our previous life. Those present here, who are listening to me, have come to hear me and I am here to speak to them. Could this be the law of recurrence? Undoubtedly yes.

They must understand that in their past existence they also listened, it would not be here in this building, but in any corner of the city. This is the law of recurrence, so that return and recurrence work in coordination.

The lives of all of you are recurring! That's serious, but I say: why don't you remember me? What is the cause of that? Could someone give me a satisfactory answer?

Student: Because our consciousness is asleep...

Samael Aun Weor: Of course! If you had your consciousness awake you would have recognized me by now; possibly, recognizing me, you would embraced me or perhaps started a retreat. Because there are different events, at that time I was (the one who is speaking here) a fallen bodhisattva, who taught you in a very cruder manner, however, I taught, and that is what matters.

I am not speaking to you now with phenomenology, I already spoke to you in your past existence in that way. Now I invite you to wake up. But for you to have come, it was necessary to speak to you, previously, with phenomenology; these made an impact on your psychology and now you are back. Thus, my friends, this is how the law works...

I want you to wake up, and it is possible if you learn to "pierce"..., you need to disintegrate something, receive something; something must die in you and something must be born in you.

You must learn how to handle the ray of the kundalini (this word terribly impresses the fools of certain organizations). You need to handle the lightning and for this you need a certain inner discipline, to know the technique of meditation.

It is urgent to develop a sense, I am referring, specifically, to the sense of psychological self-observation. Remember that an organ that is not used atrophies. You have such a sense, but it is latent there, it is atrophied; you must develop it, and this is possible through daily self-observation. The sense of psychological self-observation, to which I allude, is extraordinary.

I say: you can educate it and invigorate it. I have come to give you a technique to educate you, today I come to give you a key: get used to the self-observation of yourselves.

You must never forget that in relation to our relatives or in the street, or in the office, or in the field, the defects that we carry hidden spontaneously surface, and if we are alert and vigilant like the sentinel in times of war, then we see them.

A defect discovered must be worked on. When one finds, in oneself, some defect, one must open it with the scalpel of self-criticism, to see what one really has. It must also submit it to the self-evident self-reflection of the Being [ie. meditation]. You must comprehend it, fully, in all the corners of your mind. Once you have comprehended it, you are ready for its disintegration.

The mind alone could not fundamentally alter any defect. It can label them with different qualificatives or names, substantives, but never radically alter them; the mind can pass it from one department of understanding to another, hide them from itself or from others, justify or condemn them, but never, I repeat, really alter them. It takes a power that is superior to the mind. Fortunately, that power exists in each one of us; I want to refer, emphatically, to the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

It doesn't matter what name we give unto her. The alchemists called her "Stella Maris" (the virgin of the sea), the Egyptians named her "Isis", the Cretans... ...the Hebrews "Marah", the ancient Nahuas "Tonantzin" etc... Only she could burn any undesirable psychic elements to ashes. It is obvious that we must address Devi Kundalini-shakti with complete spontaneity, in the way that we addressed ourselves before, to our divine earthly mother. No formalities are necessary to address to one who is the author of our days, just have a calm heart and she will help us, disintegrating that psychic aggregate that we have previously comprehended at any of all the levels of the mind.

When it has turned into dust, the percentage of consciousness embedded therein will be released. Along this path, working with Devi Kundalini, one day we will have broken all the undesirable psychic elements, then the consciousness will awaken.

When the consciousness awakens, we can see, hear, touch and feel the mysteries of life and death. When the consciousness awakens, we can remember our previous existences and see in advance, among the pure akasha, through meditation, our future lives. When consciousness awakens, we are ready for sunyata (the direct experience of the illuminating void).

Actually really, in the East, the consciousness... ...absolutely awake and developed, receives a substantive word as its name, which basically is also a qualifying word, even if it is in Sanskrit: bodhichitta.

Bodhichitta must be created, in us and within ourselves, here and now. Before someone can become a bodhisattva one must create  bodhichitta.

A bodhisattva, obviously, is something very big. In the Eastern world, two classes of sacred individuals are known. The first is that of the pratyeka buddhas and sravakas; the second is that of the bodhisattvas of compassion.

The pratyeka buddhas, obviously, never work for humanity, they only care about their inner development, they would never be able to climb a scaffold to give their lives for the human species. The sravakas are mere aspirants to pratyeka buddhas.

Bodhisattvas are different: they sacrifice themselves for humanity, they give their lives for all living beings; they are launched among the multitudes, to carry the word of truth.

In our Gnostic movement, the missionaries follow the path of the bodhisattvas: they give preference to the third factor called "sacrifice for humanity."

The bodhisattvas, through successive mahamanvantaras, sacrifice themselves for the planetary humanities, and finally, one day, they receive the Venustic initiation. It is certainly in such an initiation that the bodhisattva incarnates the intimate Christ.

But the pratyeka buddhas and the sravakas (or aspirants) will never embody it. It is good to know that the one who incarnates it becomes christified.

“Whosoever knows the word gives power to, no one has uttered it, no one will utter it but only the one who has the word incarnated"...

It is well worth following the path of the bodhisattvas; but before the bodhisattva arises within us, it is necessary to create the bodhicitta, that is, the awakened consciousness...