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The Transmutation of Sexual Energy (2)

What there may still be left for me to say, here in this talk, is how one can turn the sperm into energy. It will be my pleasure to explain to you a singular, very special craft that medieval alchemists used to teach to their disciples.

The artful device I am going to teach you was also taught by different scientists, such as Brown-Séquard in the United States.

Image Dr. Krumm-Heller, colonel-physician in our glorious Mexican Army, taught it too, and so did Carl Jung. It is also taught by the Asian schools of Eastern Tantra.

It is not something I have made up, by myself and for myself: I have learned it from all those sages and I, in turn, pass it on to you, but not as something to be blindly believed, or as an unshakable dogma. Accept it if you want, or do not accept it if you do not want to. Many schools have accepted it and many have rejected it. All people are free to think as they wish and I am only giving you my humble opinion.

Dr. Krumm-Heller used to give the formula in Latin. He would say, “Inmisium membrum virilin vaginae femina, sine ejaculatium seminus.” In synthesis, we would define that craft as follows: “lingum-yoni connection without ever spilling the ens seminus.” What should one understand by “lingam?” The male sexual organ, the Greek “phallus.” What do we understand by “yoni?” The sexual organ of women. So, therefore, the key lies in the union of the lingam-yoni, but without ejaculating the entity of the semen.

Some modern scientists have accepted it; the Oneida Community, in the United States, experimented with that formula. See what they did in the Oneida Community: about 25 couples, man and woman, set themselves to work on sex; they were instructed to copulate over a period of time, but without ejaculating the entity of the semen, and clinical studies were made about them afterwards in the United States.

Complete semination of the brain was observed, together with an increase of the hormones in the blood, overall improvement of the organism, strengthening of the sexual power, and so on; and many conditions disappeared. Deciding that conception of children was necessary, scientists would give the community freedom to copulate with seminal ejaculation; thus they achieved reproduction. Many experiments in this fashion were made in the Oneida Community.

In any case, what is interesting about this artful device - the Secretum Secretorum of medieval alchemists - is that the sexual glands do not end up degenerating. We have already said that when the sexual glands degenerate, all the glands of internal secretion degenerate, too; the whole nervous system goes through processes of degeneration, then comes decrepitude and death...

However, by means of this fine craft, the lingam-yoni connection without ejaculation of the Ens-Seminis (as described by the famous physicians Arnold Krumm-Heller and Brown-Séquard), it is then possible to preserve the activity of the sexual glands one’s whole life through.

This means that a man who practiced such a system would reach the age of 90 and 100 years still able to copulate and free to enjoy the sexual pleasure, which is not a “sin,” or a taboo, and must not be a motive for shame or something to be hidden, but is - I repeat - a legitimate right of man.

With transmutation one can enjoy sexual pleasure without deteriorating. Commonly, after copulating, one feels exhausted; but if one does not ejaculate the entity of the semen, after copulating one still wants to repeat it a million times, always happy and joyful; one enjoys it without ever becoming weak.

To enrich the blood with hormones is not a crime. It has been taught by the Oneida Community in the United States, it was also taught by Jung. Throughout the world, it has been taught by the wisest people.

Image Besides, by transmuting the entity of the semen, extraordinary psychological changes occur, such as the development of the pineal gland. This gland used to be active in other times, in remote times in history. Back then, human beings possesed the Eye mentioned by Homer in his Odyssey: the eye of the Laecertids, the eye they saw on that giant who tried to devour them. That eye of the Laecertids is not merely a legend without any basis... Through sexual transmutation that gland develops, becoming active again; there we find the eye that allows one to see the beyond of everything.

Our world is not just three-dimensional, as the “learned ignoramuses” believe, but it exists on a fourth vertical. Furthemore, we can assert - and emphatically so - that there exist a fifth, a sixth, and a seventh vertical. This means that we have not seen our world as it really is. And we have not seen it because our five senses are degenerated, our pineal gland is atrophied.

There are other senses within us that are for perception, but which are utterly degenerated. If we manage to regenerate them, we will be able to perceive the world as it is, with its seven dimensions.

ImageSo the harsh reality of facts is that the pineal gland and the other senses now atrophied can be regenerated by means of sexual transmutation. Thus, we would have access to a world of extraordinary knowledge. In that way, we would have access to the higher dimensions of nature and the cosmos, so we would be able to see, hear, touch, or feel, the great realities of life and death. We would then be able to grasp all cosmic phenomena in themselves, as they are - not as they seem to be.

What matters, therefore, is to take full advantage of all the sexual potential, in order to seminate the brain and develop the pineal gland, and even the hypophysis and others. In this way, one would achieve a wonderful organic transformation.

Transmutation is the key: transforming the sperm, turning it into energy. That is what is fundamental. The time has come to fully understand all this, profoundly, completely...

I can tell you, with great emphasis and absolute certainty, that if a man set himself to abide by this formula, which is so simple (that artful device taught by Brown-Séquard, taught by Krumm-Heller, and taught by medieval alchemists), such a man would, in the long run, transform himself into a Super-Man.

We all feel the need to become something different - that is, if we are not reactionary; backward, old-fashioned people who do not want to change. But when one is truly a revolutionary, one wants to change fundamentally, to transform oneself into something different, to become a Super-Man, to make Nietzsche’s doctrine real.

It is possible to change by means of sexual transmutation. The sexual force brought us into existence in this world, that you cannot deny. We are existing, we are alive, because we had a father and because we had a mother. Ultimately, in synthesis, the root of one’s own life is in the copulation between a man and a woman.

Obviously then, if the sexual force had the power to bring us into existence, it is the only force that really has authority to radically transform us.

There are many ideologies in the world, there are many beliefs in the world, and people are free to think whatever they please, but the only force with the power to transform us is the one that created us, the one that brought us into existence: I am emphatically referring to the sexual force. To learn to manage that wonderful energy of sex means to become master of creation.

The psychosomatic is closely related to the sexual. A suprasexuality also involves, in fact, something suprasexual within the psychosomatic. That is why I would tell you, clearly, that suprasexual men were, for example, people like Hermes Trismegistus, or like Quetzalcoatl, or like Buddha, or like Jeshua Ben Pandira (who is none other than the great Kabir Jesus). Those were suprasexual people; the suprasexual person is Nietzsche’s Super-Man.

One can reach the stature of Super-Man by entering the field of suprasexuality, by enjoying love, by enjoying the spouse, by living happily, with more emotion and with less useless reasoning. Emotion is what counts, and it is worth more than anything else.

Therefore, from a revolutionary point of view, we can become real Men-Gods, if we so wish. We would only need to regenerate the other areas of the brain, to put them all to work, and then we would at last make a better world. At any rate, I think, it is indispensable to know that the key for transmutation is also the key for regeneration...

Sexual Abstinence

There is no doubt that the Law of Seven has seven fundamental magnetic centers. Undoubtedly, the sexual and magnetic powers, infinite sexual forces, pass from one region to another, they descend from one world to another through the seven different magnetic centers, which have come out of the forces of sex in their process of descending. Obviously, they cannot be interrupted and they normally produce vehicles; that is, they become the generative force by which all species multiply: this the children of fornication, the intellectual animals, do not ignore.

When the creative energy has descended from the higher worlds, when it has passed through its seven magnetic centers, when it finally crystallizes in the physical world, if we want it to return inwards and upwards to realize new creations, it then has to undergo a special shock, otherwise it will flow downwards to produce new organisms.

The Sacred Absolute Sun serves as an example to us: the life that descends from one region to another emanates from it, until it afterwards collects its forces from the same life; that is, it receives a shock from the external world and, by receiving it, sustains itself. The esotericist should also proceed in that way.

When we analyse this question, we understand the mistake the abstaining monks made: they set themselves the goal of abstinence, of keeping the sperm, but since they did not know the science, they degenerated terribly, they became charged with awfully malignant Poisonioonoskirian vibrations. Clearly, when the sperm does not receive a special shock, it degenerates terribly, giving rise to the abominable Kundartiguator Organ. - Samael Aun Weor, from a lecture “Message Addressed to the Gnostic Youth”

Clearly, either the sacred sperm is either used for reproduction of the race, or it is not.

We are faced with a basic question of the utmost importance: if the sperm is not used for reproduction of the race and it is not transmuted either, but there is only abstinence, a forced celibacy and nothing else, that sperm then will involute (in a woman the sexual secretions will involute; what I am saying applies to women, too).

Devolution of the sexual secretions produces certain malignant vibrations, known in esotericism as “Poisonioonoskirian vibrations.”

Already poisoned by evil Poisonioonoskirian vibrations, any abstaining person undergoes horrific catastrophes in his biology, physiology and psyche. Some individuals build up fat in their bodies, while in others it turns into something different and makes them become scraggy, thin as a rake, covered by pimples, with marks on the skin, etc. Now from a psychological point of view, the involuting sperm produces a personal idiosyncrasy: on the one hand, it becomes extreme fanaticism, and on the other hand, very highly expert cynicism.

Let us look at the men of the Middle Ages, the great inquisitors: abstaining, celibate, fat individuals, loaded with fat, real pigs; others thin, gaunt, ugly, horrible, with their skin full of spots. After they burned a victim at the stake, or tortured him, you could see their cynicism, their eyes were glittering with fanaticism.

So, in that kind of person we find on the one hand fanaticism taken to the extreme, and on the other hand disconcerting cynicism. After burning an innocent victim, they would shrug their shoulders and justify themselves in a really cynical way.

Devolution of the sperm, devolution of the sexual secretions, is really something very plausible and not to be recommended at all. Everything in nature is continuous, and obviously the sperm needs to follow its path for animal reproduction or be converted into energy by transmutation.

Image People who do not transmute the sacred sperm and allow it to involute with the absurd practice of celibacy or sexual abstinence inevitably become charged with those terribly malignant Poisonioonoskirian vibrations and, in the long run, put the abominable Kundartiguator Organ, “Satan’s tail,” into activity (an atom in the coccyx directs the creative force downwards, which internally becomes a kind of satanic tail or appendix).

So misfortune is always the result of such absurd abstinence. The consciousness of those people is asleep. If it were awake, they would be able to check for themselves, through direct experience, the enormous activity of the malignant Poisonioonoskirian vibrations in their Lunar Bodies (the ghostly bodies people at present have in the higher dimensions of nature) and they would eventually see with unspeakable terror the horrific development of the Kundabuffer organ in their submerged animal natures.

People who are sincere but mistaken do not want to understand that whoever wants to go up has to go down first.

Many mistaken ascetics live in the hell worlds, abstainers who renounced sex but had not first manufactured their Solar Bodies (the divine bodies with which one can consciously access the higher dimensions of nature) in the Ninth Sphere (sex): people who had not achieved their “Second Birth,” that birth of which Jesus spoke to Nicodemus.

The path leading to the abyss is paved with good intentions. The avernus is full of sincere but mistaken people.

There are many asleep pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists in this sorrowful world in which we live who dream they have awakened, not understanding that the sleep of the consciousness still has them in its claws and that inside themselves there are vengeful shadows lying in wait for them.

Those poor people think they are enlightened and renounce sex, without first having worked in the Ninth Sphere, without having achieved the Second Birth (the creation of the Solar Bodies).

Mystical pride is a characteristic of the Pharisee-ic inner condition; those who think they are Initiates, holy and wise, without first having manufactured the Solar Bodies, without ever having worked in the Ninth Sphere, end up renouncing sex and developing the abominable Kundabuffer Organ.

Those sincerely mistaken people are very difficult to put right; they feel themselves to have transcended everything, they think they are Gods, and yet they have not even laid a foot on the first rung of the Holy Ladder...


1 - Charles Edouard Brown-Séquard (1817-1894) made many important contributions to the scientific understanding of endocrinology.

2 - Dr. Arnold Krumm Heller, German physician and Rosicrucian.

3 - The Oneida Community, founded circa 1840 in the state of New York, USA. The Oneida Community practiced “male continence,” in which “a couple would engage in sexual congress without the man ever ejaculating, either during intercourse or after withdrawal.” Their ultimate dissolution can be attributed to a lack of understanding the necessary psychological work that must accompany this technique.