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Moses and His Horns
Moses and His Horns

The Summit of the Third Mountain and the Path of Cosmocreators

Let us take a look at what the Being can do, how it makes what must arise, how it disintegrates what it must disintegrate, and how it creates what it has to create. Truly, these are things only the Being can do.

Disciple: Master, regarding the work of chemical copulation, is a total surrender to the Being during the act necessary in order for him to work?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I'm going to tell you: without chemical intercourse, it is obvious that nothing can be achieved. First of all, you have to stop being a robot, but how do you stop being a robot? Well, by ceasing to be a mechanical entity. How does one stop being a mechanical entity? Well, by becoming independent from the forces of the Moon. The Moon is completely mechanistic. The Moon is the pendulum of all nature. This pendulum is necessary: so that the sap of the vegetables is placed where it should be placed; so that the conception of living creatures is realized; so that the high and low tides exist, etc., etc. But it is completely mechanical; all the movements of nature are mechanical.

Nature is a great machinery, or a great clock, with a great weight that is the Moon; it moves, ding-dong, ding-dong, and as it moves, everything works. Indeed, the intellectual robot, since it is completely mechanical, is governed by the laws of the Moon.

If you observe the laws of the Moon, you will find in the laws of the Moon the law of recurrence, because everything repeats itself: the high and low tides, the ebbs and flows; the movement of the sap in the vegetables. In increasing it rises, in diminishing it goes down. Ovulation in all forms within the female sex, etc .; conception, conservation and reproduction processes. All this is eminently lunar and is repeated incessantly.

Truly, the intellectual robot always repeats the same thing. The law of recurrence is lunar; it is clearly deduced from the very fact that all these processes are mechanical and are repeated. So, taking a good look at things, we find that as long as one does not become independent from the Moon, one will continue to be a mechanical robot.

In order to become independent from the moon satellite, it is essential to create a psychological moon within oneself. The moon must be created within, in order to no longer depend on any external moon, but on an internal moon. This act frees oneself from the outer moon, in order to remain dependent on the inner moon, to a certain extent, of course.

That inner moon is nothing more than a conscious center of gravity. You have to create that conscious center of gravity; it allows one to free oneself from the outer moon and to stop being mechanical. So that inner moon is a conscious center of gravity that needs to be created.

But how can the conscious center of gravity be created? It would not be possible if one of his own doing did not eliminate the heavy elements of the outer moon. What are those heavy elements of the outer moon? Well, they are the subhuman elements, the elements that correspond to the world of 96 laws, very heavy elements.

For example: the elements of hatred, sadism, selfishness, conceit, arrogance, elements of pride, self-importance, self-sufficiency, jealousy, excessive, exorbitant greed, tremendous anger; they are very heavy elements. If these elements, which are of 96 laws, are disintegrated through the work in the forge of the Cyclops, then a psychological moon comes to be created within us; that is, a conscious center of gravity. From that precise moment we are no longer programmed robots, no longer.

I am not saying that we do not have to fulfill our natural functions, which are, for example, serving those planetary forces that descend from above, from other worlds, which have to be transformed within us and then relayed to the inner layers of the world, the Earth. All of this continues to be fulfilled, but there is also something else: the superior designs of the cosmos are served. The higher designs of the universe are in fact the path of solar humanity.

So, really, really, we have to go down to the ninth sphere in order to establish a conscious center of gravity, a psychological moon within us, that allows us to become independent from the moon satellite and thus we will stop being robots.

But that is not all. If you want to expand your field of action, if you want to have the right to live on the planets of this solar system, or to have the right to reincarnate, let us say, in the different worlds of this solar system, what needs to be done to earn this right? To have this ability, the superior existential bodies of Being have to be created.

But for that, one has to go back down to the ninth sphere, to the forge of the Cyclops, in order to be able to manufacture the superior existential bodies of the Being.

This is an operation of Alchemy, of pure Alchemy, because naturally you have to think of the preparation of the Mercury of the sages, you have to think of salt, think of sulfur. They are fundamental chemical elements needed to create for oneself, through superior chemistry, the superior existential bodies of the Being.

We know the importance of salt. Salt is an element that participates in fire and air. It is fiery and it is also volatile. If we do not, go and perform an investigation on the coast. If you bathe and sunbathe, people believe that it is the sun that burns you in the sea. No, many times it is not sunny and yet it burns. What is that causes us to burn? Simply, it is the element salt, the salt of the sea burns us; it can burn the back, the whole body. I myself have burned myself bathing in the sea, strongly.

It is also volatile; this is demonstrated by the fact that if you leave your car within a certain distance of the sea, little by little, the sea salt destroys everything, the entire bodywork, it breaks it down. Why? It flies, it is volatile.

So, salt is closely related to the element fire and to the element air. Regarding fire, it is obvious that this means it relates with sulfur. In terms of the air element, it is obvious that it relates the salt with the mercury, and with the water, right?

So, let us see what salt is: it is the joiner of sulfur, and the joiner of mercury. Salt is formidable! Salt, esoterically, has to ally itself with sulfur and with mercury; and, sulfur and mercury, that is to say the elements of fire and air and water, always live in conflict. However, it is through the salt that they balance, they marry; that is what salt does, until it gathers all the elements, the four elements, in a single form, in a single figure, which is the philosopher's stone.

In the philosopher's stone are fire, air, water and earth; which are summarized by salt, sulfur and mercury.

So, what is this the purpose of this presentation that I am giving you, about mercury and sulfur? Of course, in its last synthesis, the salt also dies, and thus the sulfur and mercury are completely linked by natural spontaneity. But what does that have to do with it? Much. I know that this sulfur and that mercury are part of the higher existential bodies of the Being.

It is clear that through the transmutation of the sacred sperm, the mercury of the sages is obtained, the salt is sublimated. There comes a time when mercury and sulfur associate, join together thanks to salt, and there comes a time when salt dies so that the sulfur and mercury are free.

All that surplus of sulfur and mercury, which rises up the spine, coagulates and first becomes the astral body; in a second octave, it becomes the mental and in a third, the causal. When one possesses these vehicles, he is ready to one day incarnate, let us say, the inner Logoi, the Inner Magnes.

This is how the philosopher's stone comes to be built. But, as I said, you have to go down to the forge of the Cyclops.

In principle, only the astral, mental, causal bodies are created, which make one, in fact, a planetary human; a human who has the right to live on any planet in the solar system. That is the first step.

Having achieved that, you can take another step further: to become a solar human. First, we make the psychological moon; second, we become a planetary human because we create within ourselves a psychological solar system; third, if you want to become a solar human, you have to create the psychological sun within yourself.

How is the psychological sun created? Well, by understanding that the bodies, made up of salt, sulfur, and mercury, must affix gold in themselves. The gold is multiplied by one, it is created simply by eliminating the dry mercury, the arsenic sulfur.

The dried mercury is the psychic aggregates, and the arsenic sulfur is the infernal fire of the abominable Kundabuffer organ. If one removes these two elements, the atoms of gold are fixed in the bodies and the bodies become gold.

Golden bodies are bodies that can perfectly receive the intimate Christ, the Logos. When that happens, the solar human is born. Why? Because he has created within himself the psychological sun. But in order to create it, there has been a need to also go down to the ninth sphere, because it is in the forge of the Cyclops where the “vitriol” multiplies, that is, the salt, sulfur and mercury.

By working there, the initiate multiplies the vitriol, and through the vitriol creates the gold. The spirit of gold is in the sacred sperm, and the great masters of Alchemy have the sperm made gold, but true gold. With that I say everything. Gold.

So, in the name of truth, if one does not work in the ninth sphere, it is not possible to multiply, in the hermetic vessel, the salt, sulfur and mercury, that is, the vitriol of the sages. And, if the gold is not multiplied in the hermetic vessel, then neither can christification be achieved.

Only the fully christified human is a solar human. Thus, we must manufacture the psychological sun within ourselves.

Who affixes the gold to the bodies? Well, it is the antimony. What is antimony? It is one of the parts of the Being, an expert in transmutational science who can fix gold in bodies.

Thus, making the psychological sun is necessary, but in order to make it you have to go down to the ninth sphere.

Now, the one who has already reached such heights, the solar human who has already absorbed the solar intelligence into himself, the sun-human, has the right to progress a little further.

If you want to become a galactic human, for example, with the right to take a physical body in Sirius—because it is from there that this revolutionary spiritual wave that arises from the earth, towards Sirius... because it is obvious that in order to take a vehicle in Sirius, one has to be more than just a solar human, you need to be a galactic human.

But how do you go about becoming a galactic human?

Well, obviously, the initiate has to go back down to the ninth sphere, to manufacture there the vehicles that allow him to live in any corner of the galaxy, including Sirius, the center of this Galaxy.

What vehicles are those? Well, they are the four kayas. What are the four kayas? The body of nirmanakaya, the body of sambhogakaya, which has three degrees of perfection more than the simple nirmanakaya, that of adikaya and, finally, that of dharmakaya.

Those four bodies are millions of times more splendid than the astral, mental and causal bodies; they are the four kayas. Possessing the four kayas, there is a perfect right to reincarnate on Sirius; one can reincarnate in the central sun.

Around Sirius many millions of constellations revolve, and whoever is reincarnated as a Sirian, who enters the transcended church, for example, has the perfect right to advance a little more if he wants to. He could try to achieve, for example, infinite cognizance, the right to live as sovereign in all this infinity, which I would call Einstein's infinity.

To live in all this infinity and in all its paradises and be a true king, not a simple wren, but a real king of all this infinity, known by Einstein, I would not say known but enunciated by Einstein, it would be necessary to go down back to the ninth sphere to work there, create conditions, bodies, powers that allow him to live in all this infinity.

Disciple: May I ask you a question?

Samael Aun Weor: Of course.

Disciple: To achieve all that work in a single life... there is no doubt that a single physical body without arrangement, without prolongation, it would not be possible. So, would the elixir of long life be needed for that job?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes.

Disciple: I mean, that would be a fifty or eighty year job.

Samael Aun Weor: And that is nothing compared to what this work implies. But of course, for that you already need the elixir of long life and to be resurrected.

Disciple: So ... Another question arises, master. According to that, then, would the wife have to do the same or would she have to, indisputably, already place herself at the command of the Father or something similar? Or in what way could that work be done?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it is that it is not known in this life. For example, if it is the wife who followed such a path, she would not know if the husband would reach her for all these esoteric processes; and if he is the human in question, he cannot be sure that his poor little wife will be around him long enough to do such a long kind of work, since the poor little woman has her eightieth or ninetieth birthday already in sight, no... That is why I say: it is necessary to be resurrected, resurrected; only a (physically) resurrected master can do that.

Now, if you want to enter into the infinite order, if it is the will of the Father, after having come to give the highest "SI" note, as an infinite human, one can immerse himself in the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, forever. But it may also be the case that the Father, the Ancient of Days, resolves something else: he resolves that we enter the path of cosmocrators, that we have to go on to live in the next infinite.

To be entitled to enter the next infinity, any subsequent infinite cycle, as some galaxy or possibly a solar system, or a defined world, you must acquire the characteristics that are needed: bodies, substances and powers that are needed to enter those worlds. And one could not acquire them except by going down again to the forge of the Cyclops. Now if one does the work, we enter the next infinity and a specifically defined world.

forge of vulcan

In summary, the forge of the Cyclops is a forge where you can create everything you want to create; be it the conditions of life necessary to enter this or that firmament, in this or that galaxy, in this or that game of worlds, etc. The ability to create is found precisely in the burning forge of Vulcan, and that is why Hermes Trismegistus says:

“It rises from earth to heaven and from rejection, it returns below; it goes back up and so on incessantly. And thus, you will penetrate into every subtle thing and into every dense thing, you will have all the powers, those above and below.”

This is the key to all powers; thus, it has been taught by Hermes Trismegistus, the three times great ibis god of Thoth, in the Emerald Tablet.

First, they have to look for more. If in some eternity, an initiate wants to enter some particular infinity, a world that he does not even remotely suspect, the initiate will have to create the vehicles and forces necessary to enter there, and he can only create them in the forge of the Cyclops.

In the burning forge of Vulcan is where what is needed is going to be created: bodies or powers, living conditions that allow us to live on this or that planet, in this or that firmament. That is why in every sacred temple of the mysteries, the chalice is on the altar. That chalice is sometimes covered with a little cross over it when the master is not working on the forge of the Cyclops.

When the initiate is working, the chalice remains uncovered on the altar, on the golden altar. Each master has their own inner temple that is projected in the internal worlds according to, let us say, the achievements of the Being. There are masters who have their temple built in pure gold: the censers and the altar, everything is made of gold; the chandeliers, the stairways, all in gold; the balustrades of the steps, etc. There are masters who have made gold, and a lot of it. But there are masters who have not yet made gold, and all of the censers, the crucifixes, the chalices and the altar, and everything else, is not yet gold; they may be made of silver or of any other metal, but not gold.

To make gold, you have to work in the laboratorium oratorium of the third Logos, with the "vitriol." What is the V.I.T.R.I.O.L? It is the “visita interiora terra rectificando invenies ocultum lapidum,” which translates to "visit the interior of the earth, that by rectifying you will find the hidden stone," which of course is the philosopher's stone.

vitriol color

So, what I am saying to you is clear to me, since I have been able to experience all of this, that is why I can give the corresponding explanation.

Disciple: Master, a question. Suppose a master who has his internal temple made of pure gold and descends or falls again, and, as it is said, throws the stone falls from Lucifer's column, does he lose all that he made in gold?

Samael Aun Weor: You have to distinguish between a descent and a fall. You are confusing two separate things. One thing is to fall and another thing is to descend. If one needs to descend, go down to fulfill the aphorisms of the Emerald Tablet. One descends in order to make gold, in hell, in the laboratorium oratorium of the Third Logos, without ever spilling the glass of Hermes. But when that glass is spilled, there follows a metallic reduction. That is what a fall is: a metallic reduction. Later, when the master returns to work, then comes the regeneration of the gold; and the initiate can regenerate it by multiplying the salt, sulfur and mercury directly in the hermetically sealed glass.

Now if the initiate does not have a hermetic glass, well he adapted! What is such a one going to work with? What do you work with? If the initiate doesn't have it, you have to get it, whatever it takes; but to get it, to be able to work, because if it doesn't work, it will grind.

Thus, multiplying the vitriol in the glass, since it increases the gold, regenerates the gold and multiplies it; and this gold is gold of the best quality. That gold, I have seen that it communicates with light. Gold and light, light and gold, they combine so well, it is beautiful to observe how they combine.

But the foundation of the great work is precisely in salt, sulfur and mercury.

That salt contained in the sacred sperm must be sublimated, and this is due, as I said, to its nature; partly fire, partly air. So, it associates with the sulfur and it associates with the mercury, and binds them together, unites them. But in the long run, the salt itself dies, so that the sulfur and mercury become bound by themselves, without the need for the salt. That linked sulfur and mercury constitute the astral, mental body, and the causal bodies; they are nothing but sulfur and mercury, bound together.

seal of solomon

The seal of Solomon explains this, because the upper triangle of the seal of Solomon is sulfur, the lower triangle is mercury, and they are found united. The same is the cross of Saint Andrew, it has the same meaning.

francken frans the younger st andrew on the cross. fine art print poster. sizes a4 a3 a2 a1 001508 13936 p

I found, for example, a temple in Yucatan, a temple where there are more than ten thousand crosses of Saint Andrew; it is a Mayan “temple” in Yucatan. Well, there you can count ten thousand crosses of Saint Andrew. This reminds us of ten thousand whales.

With just reason the Old Testament says:


“And the women answered one another as they played, and said, Saul (Hebrew Sheol, שאול meaning, “Hell”) hath slain his thousands (Aleph), and David (דוד) his ten (Alephim - אלפים) thousands.” 1 Samuel 18: 7

These are the ten thousand whales or the ten thousand psychic aggregates that must be eliminated in order to become a solar human.

“Saul has slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands”; there are ten thousand whales (in Yetzirah, the Second Mountain).

I learned this, in principle, from Master Morya. Once he told me: "The master so-and-so (he gave me the name of a master) killed ten thousand whales." I replied: "Frankly, this is something that, in itself, I do not understand, venerable Master Morya."

I shook his hand to say goodbye and I resolved to kiss his hand, but at the time of shaking his hand, I observed that something extraordinary regarding his hand, it turned into a skeletal hand, of the deceased. "Ah! I do understand, Master Morya; now I do understand.” And, I said goodbye.

He was very happy; I was also very happy.

Disciple: Master, a question. When seeing golden beings—because there are other beings that look silver, like light—have those golden ones made gold, internally?

Samael Aun Weor: Gold, solid gold, and of the best quality. They have superior existential bodies of the being in gold. I, for example, had to manufacture gold and I had to manufacture it in quantities in the laboratorium oratorium of the Third Logos. That's why my vehicles are made of gold, because I made them working hard, very hard, in the forge of the Cyclops, eliminating the dry mercury, which is useless, and that poisonous sulfur that is arsenic or arsenic sulfur, do you understand?

Disciple: Yes, master.

Samael Aun Weor: Listen closely, and comprehend with your intuition the story I am about to tell you:

Once a master arrived at a house, said hello, and asked, “Does the master “so-and-so live” here?”

"Yes, he lives here, but he doesn't receive visitors."

"Wow, he doesn't receive visitors? But, if it's me? I want to see him!”

“Not even the eyes of the Buddha can see him.”

The next day he returned to see: “Is the master here?” “I'll see...” After a while the master comes out, then, the visitor gives him a blanket, which he put on the floor like that, so that the master would sit down and he would sit at the master's feet (such as are the Eastern customs). Then the master from afar saw the blanket there and said, “It is not necessary.”

Then, the visitor again picked up the blanket from him, circled the master three times, and left. Thus, they had already understood each other.

This, without any talking.

That is being! That's being! That's being!

Disciple: Not even the eyes of the Buddha can really see the being of the being of being..., nor even the eyes of the buddha can see him?

Samael Aun Weor: We have to learn to intuitively comprehend the images, etc, that we see, when in the presence of masters (like when I shook hands with Morya.)

Disciple: Well master, we thank you infinitely. Master, at what point does the initiate, the inner Being, become a Buddha?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, what kind of Buddha are you referring to?

Disciple: Well, when I entered into Gnosis I heard about the living Buddha. Later, I heard that the living Buddha was fallen...  Is this living Buddha something that abides in some, but not in others? Or, how is it that an inner Being can become a Buddha?

Samael Aun Weor: There are two kinds of Buddhas: there are transitory (earthly) Buddhas and there are permanent Buddhas. Of course, Julio Medina, for example, is the Bodhisattva of a living Buddha. That is why he is called a living Buddha, because he is a Bodhisattva of a living Buddha. He is a Bodhisattva and is at that level; whether he is standing or fallen, that is not important, but he is the Bodhisattva of a Buddha.

Now, we must distinguish between the earthly Buddhas, to be more clear, and the prototype Buddhas. The prototype, for example, of Gautama, of the earthly Buddha called Gautama Sakyamuni, his prototype is a Buddha of contemplation; he is the buddha of contemplation, Amitabha.

So, Amitabha is a Buddha of contemplation. Amitabha emanated from himself a ray, which is the earthly Buddha, which manifested as Gautama. But Gautama is only a passing reincarnation Let us not only think of Gautama; what of, for example, Tsongkhapa?

Tsongkhapa is of the same ray that incarnated as Gautama, projected by Amitabha. Amitabha Buddha is a Buddha of contemplation, a permanent Buddha. Do you understand?

Now, a bodhisattva is a germ, like a microscopic etheric organism, which may or may not develop. If it develops, it gives rise to a heavenly human, and if it does not develop, it is a lost reincarnation.

Disciple: Currently, there are many lost reincarnations.

Samael Aun Weor: There may be many bodhisattvas today; they are but mere germs. If you examine one such germ, I repeat, it is an etheric organism from which a celestial human, a Buddha, can develop, unfold; but among the Buddha he develops and unfolds; it is the earthly Buddha or bodhisattva.

There is a great difference between that Buddha, and the prototype Buddha or Buddha of contemplation.

As for Buddhas, beyond Amitabha is the supreme Buddha (Adi-Buddha), which is the Logos, the verb, perfect multiple unity. From there (Adi-Buddha) the Buddhas of contemplation emerge. And from the Buddhas of contemplation, the earthly Buddhas emerge. Now I do believe that you have understood the difference between the Buddhic states.

Disciple: Yes, master. A question regarding this case, master. Since this helps us to teach: what is the specific difference between the germ of a Buddha, and a person who has never achieved mastery?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, there is the difference that exists between a man and a programmed robot.

Disciple: But in a Buddha not yet developed, that is to say the mere germ.

Samael Aun Weor: The mere germ? Well, in any case, that germ possesses the superior existential bodies of Being. And, therefore, he is a human, right? A gestated human within whom is the germ of the Buddha, the germ of the Buddha that can develop or that can give origin or birth or development then to the celestial human...

A bodhisattva is nothing more than that, a germ that may or may not develop. If it cooperates with the Being, it develops and from it the celestial human comes to be born; and if you don't cooperate with it, it doesn't develop.

Better to cooperate with him to develop the heavenly human, and become a true Buddha, an earthly Buddha. That earthly Buddha, after all, is swallowed up by the contemplation Buddha, the prototype Buddha.

Disciple: I want to ask another question, master. If a person, someone possesses the germ of the Buddha, does the bodhisattva possess the germ?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, since that germ is deposited in the sexual glands, it is nothing more than a germ, and that is what a bodhisattva is, a germ. Later, a heavenly human, a Buddha, may or may not develop.

Disciple: Master, what I ask is that, by law, sooner or later, does that germ not have to develop and return to its original developed state?

Samael Aun Weor: If the earthly human, the bodhisattva, wishes to do so...

Disciple: And if not?

Samael Aun Weor: If not, no.

Disciple: Does it remain as an essence that never achieved self-realization?

Samael Aun Weor: It remains a germ that lives latent in its original prototype, which is a Buddha of contemplation.

Disciple: And if that Buddha develops, what difference is there between the Buddha and a master? For example, as we already discussed regarding the master so-and-so. Since we understand that among masters, there are masters and masters and masters, levels and levels. But let's say, a master, then, decent, right? That many times through his books, whether he is a master of the fifth, of the sixth initiation, is already a master who is just beginning to seek, well, perfection, or the rating, or whatever it's called. But I mean, from buddha to master, what difference does it make?

Samael Aun Weor: Every Buddha is a master, and every master is a human, but a real human. So, in this there are different Buddhic degrees, and that is all.

The most exalted Buddhas are those with nine tridents on their horns. In the horns, those are the most exalted Buddhas. You already know that the horns are from the Nahuatl Lucifer, and that belongs to the bullfighting mysteries. Of course, tridents and horns, etc. all of that belongs to the mysteries of Taurus, the terrifically mysteries of Taurus. Lucifer's mysteries tell us about his horns on his forehead. If you count the number of tridents, forks, on the horns of Lucifer, on any Buddha, you already know what his degree of development of objective reasoning is; how far such a one has developed. And therefore, with that, everything is known. Because to reach the degree of total liberation and to be able to fixate on the sacred Anklad, it is necessary to possess exactly nine tridents on the horns.

Disciple: Is Ain the holy Anklad the same Absolute?

Samael Aun Weor: It is the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, the all-merciful, the all-sustaining infinity, the great ocean.

Disciple: Anklad, master?

Samael Aun Weor: Anklad, with a k.

Now, a master who only has, for example, six tridents on his horns, obviously, is just a master who has already done the great work, he is a solar human. But he is still not yet a master who can establish himself in the holy Anklad. So, there are degrees and degrees, that are known by the horns.

Disciple: Just be looking at Lucifer's horns, you already know on what level the initiate is?

Samael Aun Weor: Of course, this is how it is.

Disciple: Wow, to what you said!

Samael Aun Weor: Yes sir.