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The Power is in the Cross

ImageFor the Gnostics, the Cross is not, by any measure, a conventional symbol, but the representation of an invariable Law, which covers (without any single exception) the entire gamut, the entire range of the actions of Nature.

Whoever studies the fundamentals of chemistry knows that the reaction of the elements happens only when they are crossed with others; for instance, H2O, the chemical formula of water, is simply the crossing of two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen. So water, this precious fluid indispensable to organic life, is the outcome of the Cross.  The power to produce water is in the crossing of hydrogen with oxygen.

The harmonious march of a system of worlds depends on the cross - the magnetic point where the two forces (centrifugal and centripetal) are found equilibrated. Therefore, the power which supports the worlds is in that magnetic Cross of space.

A masculine cell (named zoosperm) is crossed with a feminine cell (named ovum) in order for the human entity, the outcome of this cross, to emerge.  Consequently, the human being is the outcome of the crossing of a masculine zoosperm with the feminine ovum.

Nothing can come into existence without the power of the Cross.

The sincere and ideal shaking of hands crosses and harmonizes the mutual affection of two people. Therefore the Cross of the handshake originates the living affection between two souls.

Walking on the street, a handsome youngster finds an attractive damsel; they glance at each other, and from that prodigious, subtle and impalpable Cross (yet palpable in its magical power) affection, love, is born, which later organizes a home.  Their Cross will produce astonishing effects, such as the multiplication of their species, the grandiosity of a country, and perhaps the birth of a new genius who will increase the progress of science or philosophy for the sake of the world.  The magnetic crossing of two views shows and demonstrates that power is in the Cross.

A seed is introduced within the earth and it crosses its power with the chemical elements which constitute the structure of the planet; thus, trees, flowers, fruits and new seeds are produced, which will eventually increase their species and multiply them ad infinitum.  Therefore, the power is in their Cross.

Nothing new can exist, nor can the old be transformed without the Cross.  For such causes, we, Gnostics, wise to such excellence, know precisely the power of the Cross and this is why we offer reverence to the Cross.  This reverence to the Cross is not based on a belief, but on an absolute and immediate knowledge. We, Gnostics, are mystics of the Truth and are always willing to know all things, leaving aside (as a worthless thing) any type of belief, since belief makes a person foolish, stupified, and unconscious. Audacious people always take advantage of stupidity and unconsciousness, in order to govern and command the naive crowds, who as sheep follow their chiefs, who are as stupid and unconscious as the crowds.

The cause of all the events of nature is in the Cross, and exceptions do not exist in this.


When someone reveals some philosophical, social or scientific idea, it is crossed with the ideas of those who listen, and this is how new reactions are produced, either for finding the truth of what the speaker presents, or rather (if his knowledge lacks a good foundation) to reject his pretensions of being a sage. Therefore, intelligence is tested and truths are discovered through eliminating what is incorrect, by means of the crossing of ideas.

When our sight is crossed with a being or object, an experience about beings and things is acquired.

The protean substances of the food that we ingest, when they are crossed with our physiological, cellular life, produce crossed reactions that renew the life of the worn cells and create others new.  If the substance is not good for our organism, then the biochemical crossing of the substance with the secretions of our specific internal organs produce reactions in order for that substance to be properly eliminated from our organism.

The Cross encloses the mystery of all imaginable powers, whether these are physical, intellectual or moral.

A person who can find some philosophical, scientific, or rational fact, which does not depend on the power of the cross, does not exist.  Thus, once again we can emphatically affirm that the power is in the Cross and that the natural and scientific Cross of the Gnostics has nothing to do with beliefs nor with any such instruments of torture.

The Cross of the Gnostics is the power of the Universe constructing atoms, molecules, cells, organs, organism, worlds and any system of worlds.

The intellectual aspect of Gnosis is the outcome of the crossing of luminous ideas, which produce new states of consciousness.  In the moral or emotive aspect, the power is in the Cross that produces all the marvelous sensations that ennoble and dignify the soul. Likewise, when musical melodies cross with the psychosomatic hearing capacities of the one who listens, a beautiful manifestation is produced within the sensibility of the soul, producing an harmonious, internal sensation as the outcome of this precious Cross of sounds.

When a person crosses his sight with the natural beauty of a flower, or a man crosses his sight with the natural beauty of a woman, feelings of divine inspiration appear within the soul; these feelings reveal unto the consciousness the utmost sources of perfection which are found in the harmony of shapes.

When thought is crossed with feeling, then the human being is not only in perfect harmony with himself, but moreover, he has more capacity to confront with success the labor which he is willingly doing.

It is necessary to think as a philosopher and to feel as an artist, because the magical, enchanting amalgam of the soul of the true superman emerges from the precious cross that unites the elevated thought of the philosopher with the divine sensibility of the artist. This Cross of thought and feeling, in a perfect harmony and concordance, is what allows the development of the mystical and spiritual sides of existence.

Blessed and Divine Cross, in thy precious structure is found hidden all the mysteries of Nature and Life.