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The Need to Light the Fire and Become Elohim

I stated in the lecture The Seven Minds and the Seven Truths that the seven minds have their synthesis in the mental body. But it is one thing is to have the mental body and another thing to have the seven modifications, the seven minds. Obviously, these seven modifications or seven minds are related to the seven centers, namely, again, intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctual, and sexual centers.

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I also emphatically stated that there are two higher centers: the higher emotional and the higher mental. I said that each of the seven centers has its own mind, so we have seven minds that control our body: one is the mental mind, another is the emotional mind, another is the motor mind, another is the instinctual mind, and another is the sexual mind, and another are the higher emotional, and another the higher mental minds.

I said that in each of these seven minds there is a truth, and that for everything there are within us seven truths contained in the seven minds. But we need to be always alert and vigilant, like sentinel in times of war...

We must not allow the intellectual mind to do its thing, to lead us down the paths of morbidity and lust.

We must not allow the emotional mind to lead us down the path of negative emotions.

We must not allow the motor mind to turn us into simple soccer players, or boxers, or make us do something useless.

We must not allow the instinctual mind to be altered by wrong concepts about the organism, about life, since this has the specific defined functions of making each one of our organs work correctly.

We must not allow the sexual mind to lead us down the path of lustful sensualism.

It is necessary to develop in us the superior emotional mind with pure emotions, with worthy art, with the symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart, or Liszt.

It becomes necessary to develop the [superior] mental mind in us, with the culture of the spirit.

Each of the seven minds will be perfected as we eliminate the psychic aggregates.

When one eliminates the psychic aggregates of the intellectual center, the mind remains at the service of the spirit.

When one eliminates the psychic aggregates of the inferior emotions, the superior emotional center shines in us.

When one eliminates the psychic aggregates of the motor center, represented by wrong habits, bad customs, etc., worthy actions shine in that center.

When one eliminates the lower animal instincts from the instinctive center, this wonderful center then performs its functions perfectly, directing the eurythmy of our entire body, in full harmony.

When one eliminates all the psychic aggregates of the sexual center, then it works wonderfully, transforming the sacred sperm into creative energy.

Whoever has eliminated all the psychic aggregates in themselves by means of the sacred fire of Vulcan will possess the higher emotional and the higher mental centers. Then one will integrate one’s personality, and it will be at the service of the Being, and the messages that come from the highest parts of one’s own Being, passing through the superior centers, will reach each one of the five cylinders of the organic machine. This is how the fire will make us sacred individuals. This is how the fire, burning, will completely disintegrate the psychic aggregates; will turn them into flames.

The Fire

We have to attract the fire first in the body, then in the soul, and later in the spirit. When these three wicks of fire burn within us, we will emerge within our divine prototype, because each of us has our own prototype in the fire, and for this reason we will become Elohim.

It is necessary for you to understand the need for us to become Elohim. It is necessary for you to understand the need to become sacred individuals. It is necessary for you to understand the urgency of once and for all entering the army of the word, the army of the demiurge creator of the universe. It is necessary for you to take the three fundamental steps within the seven regions of the universe.

Without the fire you could not transform. In the physical world, scientists know nothing about fire. They think that fire is the product of combustion. What's more, they are wrong, the reality is the other way around: combustion is certainly the outcome of fire. Let us take a match and strike it: we have the fire; obviously, scientists would say that this flame has sprung from combustion, but they are wrong, what happens is that we have eliminated the receptacle in which the fire was enclosed. And the arm, the hand that moved the match, has fire, otherwise the fire would not have sprouted, the match would not have moved and therefore it would have contained the fire in its completely virginal state.

The time has come to understand that before the match burns, the fire exists. The time has come to understand that after the match goes out, the fire continues to exist. So, what is the origin of the fire? Where is it? Fire does not have a beginning; it does not have an end.

As I have already said, and I repeat: what interests us is the fire of the fire, the flame of the flame, the astral signature of the fire. It is by means of that Vulcan fire, that is, the solar Christic fire, that we will be able to really burn all the psychic aggregates, reduce them to cosmic dust.

What is locked inside the psychic aggregates? The essence, and what is an essence? It is living fire. When the psychic aggregates have been burned, what will remain? The fire, the consciousness is fire that crackles, fire that crackles within the fiery aura of the universe.

I repeat: all the sacred books that have been written, were written with burning coals. Their authors worshiped fire. Thus, work with fire and I assure you, in the name of the truth and justice, that you will be freed. Today all of you, are nothing but fireless coals.

The time has come to light the fire. The time has come to understand that we must shine like igneous flames within the aura of the universe.

Here end my words.

Questions and Answers

Now there is complete freedom... ...esoteric type questions, related exclusively to the theme that we have developed. The brothers and sisters who want can ask in relation to this topic; do not be afraid to ask questions, there is freedom for all.

Student: Venerable master, in relation to self-remembering, and alluding to the words of Master Jesus: "Let the dead bury their dead"... is a person who does not live in self-remembering a dead person?

Samael Aun Weor: That's right; he is an automaton, a robot programmed by the law of recurrence.

Any other question? Yes brother...

Student: Venerable master, in relation to the fire that you spoke about at the beginning, such as fires of candles with which the dead are watched over, the fire in the kitchen, in the stove, could we consider these aspects as negative fires of the great holy fohat?

Samael Aun Weor: No! There are simply many kinds of fire and that is all; there are many levels of fire.

Any other question? Yes brother.

Student: Venerable master, many years ago, I had a very happy experience. When I woke up I felt deeply moved...

Samael Aun Weor: The fire is undoubtedly compassionate, and it also tends to help those who are fallen, those who walk in darkness, that is why it has been said that we must lift the torch high up to light the path of others. That's it.

Do any other brothers or sister need to ask any questions?

Student: What relationship does the aura have with fire, venerable master?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the aura is also igneous radiation. Obviously, the body is latent in the aura, in each atom, although in reality it is really only a lower fire. Well, you should be interested in developing in us the fire of Vulcan, because it should be interesting to take the three steps within the seven regions, if in reality we really want to become soldiers of the army of the word.

Any other question? Speak brother...

Student: Master, can we singles wake up the fire without a partner?

Samael Aun Weor: The fire of Vulcan, it is written that it only awakens in the forge of the Cyclopes, without (orgasm).

However, single people can work on the ego, and through transcendental efforts, with the help of the divine mother Kundalini –which is fire– they will be able to destroy 25%, 30% even 50% of the psychic aggregates. However, later they will have to go down to the burning forge of Vulcan if, in reality, indeed want to finish one hundred percent of their psychic aggregates.

Any other question?

Student: Venerable master, according to your lecture, the Father is fire, the Son is fire and the Holy Spirit is fire, the Divine Mother is fire. Can we, let us say, conceive any difference in gradation?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, there are degrees and degrees: because one is the Father: superior flame. Another is the Son, the Logos, the Christus, who is fire too; it is the igneous fire that shines in the consciousness, the fire that crackles between the rocks, the fire that is crucified in the interior of the earth, the anima mundi. And another thing is the fire of the Holy Spirit, the fire of Pentecost, the sexual fire that can only be known in the ninth sphere.

Student: Venerable master, does fire have its counterpart?

Samael Aun Weor: Fire has no counterparts, fire is fire, it is what it is, what it has been and what it will always be; so, fire exist yes, in the reality of truths as diverse gradations of the fire.

Any other question? Yes brother...

Student: Is our real Being intrinsically fire?

Samael Aun Weor: That's right, undoubtedly, he is fire.

Another question? Let's see brother...

Student: Venerable, you spoke to us about two ones: the unmanifested and the manifested. Is the reason of to be of the manifested Elohim to be in the unmanifested?

Samael Aun Weor: The unmanifest, the unknowable, is Aelohim. Moses worshiped Aelohim. The manifested one, the second one, is the demiurge architect of the universe, he is fire, he is the Cosmic Chrestos; he is Vishnu, who can penetrate all that is, has been and shall be. Obviously, the reason of to be of the manifested Logos is to create and create again.

When we, all of us, can absorb ourselves as Elohim within the deep bosom of the unmanifested one, then we will know the living secret of the profound manifestation of each mahamanvantara. We already know that the periodic mahamanvantaric manifestations arise from within the cosmic navel. This has no beginning, this will have no end; but we only know its fundamental truth, the root of it, after having turned into flames, on the day on which we will definitively submerge ourselves within the bosom of the common eternal cosmic Father.

Thus, my dear brothers and sisters, Aelohim is what is, what always has been, and what always shall be. What is hidden behind the fire is the unspeakable. Blessed are those who will immerse themselves definitively and forever within that which is the truth. But now we have to work a lot on ourselves, now it is up to us to chisel our seven minds, now it is up to us to know the seven truths contained in our seven minds.

It is also urgent, as I said in a past lectures, to know that the seven sublime lords exist within us, seven parts of our own being. Obviously, by law of philosophical analogies, and of correspondences, and numerology, in the macrocosm there are seven minds related to the seven worlds, seven sublime lords, seven buddhas of contemplation.

Thus, there are seven worlds above in the macrocosm, seven minds, to speak more clearly, and seven sublime lords; and within us, here and now, seven sublime lords, seven minds that we must deeply chisel, chisel and perfect. This is only possible by reducing to ashes the psychic aggregates, contained in the five cylinders of the organic human machine, and perfecting our superior centers, of each one of us.

Understand that our seven minds must shine; understand that the seven sublime lords must act within each one of us, that they must be known; understand that within us there are seven truths, we have no choice but to work with fire, to become columns of the temple of the living god. In the the book of Revelation it is written:

“He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more.” – Revelation 3: 12

Is there any other question? Yes brother...

Student: Venerable master, what percentage of consciousness is necessary for self-remembering?

Samael Aun Weor: Self-remembering is self-remembering. Many will start with the 3% they have, others will work with 5%, and others with 10. After all, the percentages will increase little by little. The more the percentages of consciousness increase in each one of us, it is obvious that we will remember ourselves in an increasingly splendid manner, each time better. But we could not increase the percentages of consciousness in each one of us, if we did not eliminate from ourselves the red demons of Seth, that is, those dark creatures, those monstrosities of the earth, living representations of our psychological defects.

The schools that do not teach the path of Christification, the schools that do not teach people to work with the marvelous fohat that weaves and unweaves the entire loom of the universe, are dead schools; the lunar cold reigns over them.

Any other question? speak brother...

Student: Master, about the dissolution of the ego... ...a question regarding that order of the Bons...

Samael Aun Weor: Certainly, there are two orders in Eastern Tibet: one of the red-caped Drukpas, and the other of the Bons. Unquestionably, the adepts of the Drukpas clan work with infernal fire, with arsenical sulfur, with poisonous, abysmal fire.

Another thing is the Bons. I don't deny that they are one hundred percent radical, but they work with fire.

If someone were to knock on the doors of a Bon monastery for the purpose of asking for initiation, he would then be greeted by a high priest dressed in a blood-colored robe, a red miter on his head, necklaces with the bones of the dead, and a bloody dagger in his hand. the right hand he is the Bhon priest, who ask a question: “what do you want?”

Then the devotee answers: “I want to withdraw from this universe forever.”

The Bhon priest takes him to the patio and ask the devotee “pronounce this mantra”, the devotee does so; then he drops instantly dead, and the subject is disembodied.

In the astral world, those Bhons put the subject in close relationship with the father-mother, and subject him to rigorous tests. The mother kundalini, acting on the son, will help him, and thus the psychic aggregates will be annihilated.

Hard work awaits the aspirant who has passed through that door. The cosmic mother will have to work severely with him until she manages to disintegrate his entire ego; his consciousness free from them then, he will plunge into the bosom of the one who is not of time. But since she has not yet created the superior existential bodies of the Being, he undoubtedly will not have reached adepthood because of that; he will be a flame yes, a small star of the infinite universe. Blavatsky has said:

"If Sun thou can’st not be, then be the humble planet. Aye, if thou art debarred from flaming like the noon-day Sun upon the snow-capped mount of purity eternal, then choose, O Neophyte, a humbler course." - Voice of the Silence

He will not be an adept, but he will be able to separate himself from the cosmic scenario and submerge himself within the bosom of the great Alaya of the universe.

Another matter is when the aspirant, before the Bhon priest, affirms emphatically that he wants to follow the path of adepthood. Then he is taken to the solitary forest, he is locked inside a cabin, not one of those luxury cabins as they exist here in the lands of America, but a real cabin, made with pods and reeds of all kinds. There the subject will have to go through frightening terrors, through unspeakable ordeals. A bugle will resound, and it will be made of the bones of the dead. Bhons priests will advise the aspirant to stay away from that path. He will be told: “there are better ways; they exist in the wheel of samsara; there are other ways." But if the disciple says: “no, the only thing I want is to become an adept”, then they will invoke his psychic aggregates. With special formulas, the Bhons crystallize such aggregates, making them visible and tangible inside the cabin. And they leave him there. The initiate will have to deal with those his aggregates, some of them are bestial and monstrous. He will have to fight them all night and if he survives, if he doesn't get strangled, if he survives, he would already know what kind of aggregates he has and would work on them with full success.

If he passes the test, he is taken to another place, to a secret temple where he is taught Eastern Tantra, where he is taught the secret secretorum of alchemy, where he is told that one works with fire to achieve adepthood. That is the way of the Bhons; a path of violence and death, which is why Blavatsky believed that such a school was of black magic, but it is not; it's radical and violent, very dangerous, that is all. I have explained.

Any other question? Let's see, brother...

Student: Venerable master, how is it possible that the gods being gods that some are fallen?

Samael Aun Weor: Well they manifested themselves in the world of form, when they took the three steps, those from above to below through the seven regions of the universe, but they made the mistake of "throwing the philosopher's stone into the water." That is why now they are fallen, they are dead, and in the superior worlds each one of them is represented in the form of a statue, a stone sculpture, that is all. So, it has been and so it always will be.

When they take the three steps upwardly, when the fire in them burns in their physical body, then in their soul and finally in their spirit, and at last they return to their divine prototype, they will continue to be the gods of always and will return now in a superior form, terribly divine, more powerful than before, due to the experience, understood?

Student: Yes of course.

Samael Aun Weor: Well… are there any other questions? Speak...

Student: Venerable master, so in a case like us, who are sleeping people, does our real Being manifest in life?

Samael Aun Weor: How is it going to manifest the Being in the state in which each one is, with the ego alive and very alive? The Being and the ego are incompatible, they are like water and oil: they cannot be mixed.

Either there is the ego or there is the Being. If the ego is there, the Being is absent, and if the Being is there, the ego must die, it must have to be disintegrated before. Now, you are nothing but robots programmed by the law of recurrence, machines driven by the ego, and that is all, understood?

Let's see brother...

Student: Venerable master, a person who is experiencing karma... ...if he kills the ego that originated that karma, is he released from it?

Samael Aun Weor: That is only possible based on negotiations with the lords of the law. If such a negotiation is achieved, the corresponding psychic aggregate is eliminated. There are psychic aggregates linked to the law of cause and effect. Only through negotiations and corresponding payments, it would be possible to eliminate such aggregates, but I do not mean to say that all aggregates are linked to the law of karma, I clarify, only certain aggregates, that is all. When one has made a negotiation of those, and finally has achieved the disintegration of the corresponding aggregate, it is obvious that one is free of that debt.

I think brothers and sisters that with this we have already spoken clearly. Now we are going to give the gnostic unction.