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Lucifer, by William Blake
Lucifer, by William Blake

The Hidden Forces of Ahriman

It is convenient to delve a little more in relation to our psyche. We have talked a lot about the ego, the I, the self, the self-willed, but today, we are going to penetrate into even deeper aspects... 

Ahriman was worshiped in ancient Persia. Undoubtedly, the cult to Ahriman does not belong to the Aryans, but to a certain number of people, survivors from the submerged Atlantis. I want to  emphatically address the Turanians. Unquestionably, for them Ahriman was the center of their worship. Steiner speaks of "the Ahrimanic forces,” and many other authors study such forces.

Lucifer is the light bearer, the archangel maker of light [Lucifer literally means “bearer of light”]. Lucifer is not that anthropomorphic creature that the dogmatic clerical ignoramuses present to us. Certainly, each one of us has his own Lucifer, who in himself is the reflection of the Logos or our Inner Logoi within the depths of our psyche — the shadow, we might say, of our Logoi, in the depths of our own psyche.

It is evident that when we were not fallen, when we were still living in Eden, this interior Lucifer gloriously shone within our depths. But when we made the mistake of eating the forbidden fruit of which we were told, "You shall not eat of it," then our intimate Lucifer fell, and became the Devil spoken of by all theogonies.

Now we need to "bleach the Devil,” it's true. We must die within ourselves, here and now. When we achieve the dissolution of the "ego" in a radical way, that Devil of mythologies is whitened, resplendent; he transforms into Lucifer, the bearer of light. When he mixes with our Soul and our Spirit, he transforms us, for that reason, into glorious archangels.

Ahriman is something very different, my beloved brothers and sisters. Ahriman is the other side of the coin of Lucifer, it is the negative aspect of it. It is expressed in the form (of that Ahrimanic Fire) of the ancient Turanians of Persia. It is fatality, the dark powers of this world. 

Properly, Ahriman is still beyond the ego itself...  In our last meeting we said that Ahriman is the ego; yet now, advancing didactically, we must say that Ahriman is the basis of the ego, the foundation, that is beyond the myself. Ahriman is the iniquitous of which Paul of Tarsus speaks to us in the holy scriptures, the man of sin, the antithesis, we might say, or the other side of the coin in relation, precisely, to the Son of Man. It is the antichrist...

The Apocalypse or Revelation of St. John mentions the "beast with seven heads and ten horns." Those "seven heads" are the seven capital sins: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, with all their derivations. As for the "ten horns," they represent the wheel of Samsara. This means that the beast evolves and devolves incessantly. This is why it is stated that "it ascends from the bottomless pit and goes into perdition.” It corresponds to the wheel of Samsara. We must reflect on this profoundly… 

Another "beast with two horns" is also mentioned. Revelation also states: 

"And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed and lived…” —Revelation 13: 11, 12

One needs to know and comprehend that one can end up with the elements that constitute the ego, and nonetheless they can resuscitate in the beast, in the antichrist, in the monster of the seven heads.

For instance, when one has absolutely annihilated the demons of anger, it is as if one has wounded one of the heads of the beast, but then that wound is healed and that defect is fortified in that wounded head and the beast is healed. It is as if one ends with greed in all the 49 regions of the subconsciousness, when the inhuman elements of greed are annihilated; then greed revives more strongly in another head of the beast and so on…

When one has totally died in oneself, then only the beast remains. This is why it has been said, my dear brothers and sisters, that "before Christ comes, the antichrist shall come.” Before the Christ resurrects within someone, the antichrist, the beast that must be killed, is revealed...

This is why it is well said in Revelation 13:10: 

“He that leads into captivity shall go into captivity: he that kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” 

This means that on the basis of infinite patience, the antichrist can be killed in us, but this requires patience and work…

Unquestionably, the antichrist performs misleading "miracles" and “wonders." He invents atomic bombs (this is how he makes “fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men")... He is skeptical by nature and terribly materialistic by instinct. When has it been heard that it has been said that Ahriman is mystic? Never! This is why when the Turanians wanted to dominate the world, they established the worship of Ahriman, which is the cult of the antichrist.

There are two sciences of all eternity: one is the pure science known only by the perfect ones. The other is the terribly skeptical and materialistic science of the beast, the antichrist. That science is based on subjective reasoning. It does not accept anything that resembles God or that is worshiped; it is frightfully gross.

If you take a look at the world today, you will see the science of the antichrist everywhere. As it was said by the best prophets of antiquity, that: 

“…the day of the great apostasy would come, when nothing like God would be accepted, or worshiped…"

That day is here; we are in it. After the great apostasy in which we are in (which has grown and will grow even more), will come the final cataclysm; so it is written by all the great prophets of the past. What we need is enough comprehension in order not to follow the beast.

Unfortunately, everyone carries the beast in the depths of their psyche. If it were only an external beast, as some assume, the problem would not be so grave. But the grave thing, my brothers and sisters, is that everyone carries the beast within, and it has a terrible force. Observe yourselves and you will discover it...

If you are sincere with yourselves and meditate, concentrate within yourself, trying to self-explore, you will be able to evidence two perfectly defined aspects: the first aspect, sincere, the one of true mysticism of those who long, who really want the realization of their Being, who want to know their Self; yet there is another aspect that you yourselves have felt, that you know exists: the aspect of the beast who rejects these things, who opposes those longings and who, even though one is very devout and sincere, one has moments in which despite being so, so sincere, one marvels that there is something in oneself that definitely opposes those spiritual yearnings, and moreover, even laughs at those longings.

So there is a struggle between those two aspects of our psyche: the one who longs for the truth and who is the pure science, and the one of the beast, who laughs about these things, who is grossly materialistic, who does not accept them.

So, if you are going to be honest with yourselves and self-explore, you will be able to evidence the reality of what I am telling you. Indeed, the beast, Ahriman, the antichrist, is not interested in spiritual matters. Certainly, the only thing that he is interested in is the physical, dense, coarse matter... Precisely, the Marxist-Leninist atheism, the Soviet materialism, has its foundation in Ahriman...

But I tell you: you need to be honest with yourselves. In you there is a part that is faith and feels the yearning in your psyche, but there is another part that you do not like, yet, it exists, even if you do not like it: that is skepticism…

Behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. —Revelation 17: 8

It does not exist and it does exist. It is the antithesis of what you want, and the worst thing is that you too are that antithesis. Obviously, that antithesis is that of the antichrist, that of Ahriman...

For example, you know that morbidity, lust, is disgusting, abominable, but there is something in your psyche that laughs about your longings for chastity, that sometimes manages to win the game, that makes fun of you: that is Ahriman, the beast…

You know that anger, for example, is disgusting, since because of anger clairvoyance is lost, it is ruined. You intend to not have anger, but at any moment you will be all "thunder and lightning." Obviously, you do not doubt that this anger relates to the “I”s of anger and you even manage to control them, but something that mocks your good intentions emerges from within the depths, from behind those “I”s.

One could end with anger, and yet at any moment one might feel it, even if one had finished it, because any head of the beast, wounded by the sharp point of the sword, is again healed; behold the power of the beast. This is why it is written: 

“They worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him…” 

The antichrist? Those who suppose that the antichrist was born in Asia, and that he is heading towards the west and that he will appear in a given year, performing miracles and wonders, are completely mistaken. Everybody carries the antichrist within their interior. He is the beast. He is Ahriman. He is, we might say, the other side of the coin of the causal human. The antichrist is formed by all those ancestral, criminal causes that from life to life we have created since ancient times. The antichrist is the negative aspect of the causal human...

Therefore, if we are sincere, if we are honest with ourselves, if we have the courage to self-explore judiciously, then we come to discover that really "the iniquitous,” of which Paul of Tarsus speaks about to us in the holy scriptures, is each one of us.

Anything with even a hint of God, that is worshiped, is mocked by the wicked. Observe yourselves: you have had your moments of mysticism, of praying, devotion (these are delicious moments), but despite all of this, at any moment, at the least suspected moment, the iniquitous emerges who laughs at all these things. When you see it, it is too late, you have already laughed…

Indeed, everyone carries the iniquitous inside, and it is very strong, very powerful. He makes miracles and wonders. He has invented all of that false science.    

This is why all of those learned ignoramuses in chemistry, physics, mechanics, and biological labs, who cannot see beyond their noses, with a disconcerting pride and cynicism say, "That? That does not exist, it is not proven! That? Bah, those are legends, superstitions, of ignorant people of old!” Such is the science of the iniquitous, the antichrist!   

But there is another beast, before the iniquitous, who has two horns: that beast is the ”I”, the ego, the myself, who is able to do all of those wonders and signs before of humanity and who, endowed with great power, defends the Iniquitous. 

These are the two beasts of the Revelation of St. John. Many succeed in destroying the first beast: they submit themselves to the ordeals of initiation and succeed, yet very rare are those who succeed in annihilating the iniquitous, the antichrist.

"Who is like unto the beast?" says humanity, thus every knee bows down and worship the beast. The beast makes ultrasonic airplanes, rockets that cross space at gigantic velocities; the beast creates plasma, medicines, makes atomic weapons of all kinds, the sparkling intellectualism, political leaders, etc.

To destroy the iniquitous… who can do it? Who could be strong enough to destroy the iniquitous one itself? Some have succeeded, yes, but afterwards they have committed delinquency... The beast has such a strength that it can be dead and resurrect...

Obviously, when the Son of Man comes to this world, he is always submitted to ignominy, exposed to all kinds of vexations. But who is his scoffer? Who submits him to ignominy? The beast, indeed! Since when he comes into this world, he has to enter into the beast, thus the beast scoffs him and submits him to ignominy; that is his jail, his prison...

Indeed he is brave, yet the beast is a coward. Then he is submitted to ignominy. If he is chaste, the beast is not, and he suffers the unspeakable. Yet when the beast is dead, when the beast is cast into the "burning lake of fire and sulfur," which is the Second Death, the Son of Man resurrects from among the dead and lives.

Well, you have seen how the divine rostrum is represented: the head of the Son of Man crowned with thorns. There are abundant examples of such heads in different places in the world. Those crowned heads come from the Bronze Age. And the face of the Son of Man is bathed in blood because of the vexations he suffers; inserted into the beast, he must suffer until the beast is dead...

It is written, therefore, that "before Christ is revealed, the antichrist is revealed," in each one of us. 

Now, speaking in a collective manner I will say: before the Golden Age arrives, the antichrist will become omnipotent on the face of the Earth. 

“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge (science) shall be increased.” it is written. 

The "false prophet who performs signs before the beast" is the ego, the myself, the self-willed, the “I.” And the beast who mounts the "great harlot…" Who is this? The abominable Kundabuffer organ, the tempting serpent of Eden… 

Therefore, brothers and sisters, it is necessary to comprehend what the beast is; it has terrible, gigantic powers. When one comprehend this, one is then concerned with making a new creation within oneself...

As Paul of Tarsus says (and it is true): 

"Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the commandments of God.… Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” —1Co 7:19, 2Cor.5 

What is this "new creation"? The creation of the superior existential bodies of the Being.

And what is the "mark of the Christ"? The stigmas we might say, the signs of the mercury with which one is working (speaking in rigorous alchemy). But if one, brothers and sisters, does not make a new creation, one has done nothing.

In the ancient mysteries of Egypt, when the initiate was to receive his first initiation, he would enter into a sarcophagus, a sepulcher, full of many words, and there he would remain asleep three days and nights, as if dead. Then, outside the physical body, he found himself face to face with his Divine Mother (ISIS), who had in her right hand a book, the book of wisdom, by means of which it is possible to be guided in order to perform the Great Work…

And what is the book of wisdom? The Apocalypse, the book of Revelation. Who understands it? The one who is performing the Great Work. Those who are not performing the Great Work will not understand it because that is the book of all Creation…

After the three days have passed, the initiate resurrects from among the dead, because he cones back to life. Of course, that was not the major resurrection, but a small resurrection, because in each initiation something dies in us and something resurrects in us. Thus, in that way, we are dying and resurrecting little by little. These three days are the three purifications through which one has to pass: three purifications by iron and by fire. The greater resurrection is only possible after the greater death.

When one resurrects in depth, when one passes through the great resurrection, Ahriman is dead; there is nothing that remains of the antichrist, nor of the beast, or the false prophet; for them is the "burning lake with fire and sulfur" which is the Second Death. Then the Son of Man rises. He is resuscitated in the Father, and the Father resuscitates in the Son, because the Son and the Father are one.

So, everything is within us. Therefore it is within ourselves that we have to work. Just as we are, we are a failure. We need the ego to be dead, thus having already achieved it, it becomes necessary for the beast—Ahriman, the "monster of the seven heads and ten horns,” the obverse of the causal human—to be dead.

Only thus, my dear brothers and sisters, is it possible a little later to be resurrected. Before that moment we shall have to be satisfied with little deaths and little resurrections, but the final resurrection is not possible before the death of the beast...

All the schools tell us about the initiate remaining three days within a sepulcher and that after that, it emerges transformed. Some schools take that literally, crudely; they really believe that these are three days where one is lying down there, stacked within a dead coffin, and thereafter one rises and become a god. They do not understand the reality of things. They do not want to comprehend that those three days are the three purifications by iron and fire… A lifetime of sacrifices is necessary to achieve that. Zoroaster, Zarathustra, began very young and he succeeded when he was old. There are those who begin at a mature or old age; Obviously, they do not manage to do so in a single existence, but can advance much further and in a future existence, or in their future existence, to finish the Work. But it is not possible, I repeat, to reach supreme resurrection without the death of the antichrist.

So far my talk tonight, my dear brothers and sisters... What time is it? Eleven?


Disciple: I want to ask you how is it possible and why the very same Master Jesus was tempted by the Devil?

Samael Aun Weor: All of the beings who are on the esoteric path, without making an exception of Jesus of Nazareth, were tempted and will be tempted.

Unquestionably, we need to transform the Devil, to convert him into Lucifer, to whitewash the Devil, to make him to shine within us...

Disciple: But Master... Jesus did not have Devil, and if Jesus had him, he had whitewashed him already, so he already had that reflection of the Logos, no? Because at least Jesus already had him whitewashed...

Samael Aun Weor: Think about it better!

Disciple:  I say, I think... 

Samael Aun Weor: You were thinking that way? 

Disciple: I suppose that Jesus should have had the devil already whitewashed, no?  

Samael Aun Weor: Well, all beings, including Jesus, had to whitewash the devil. If Jesus did not completely whitewash his devil, he had to whitewash him later by means of initiation. 

In any case, the cosmic drama of initiation is highly symbolic. The gospels are written in code. They were written by initiates and for initiates, and an entire life of Hermetic studies is necessary in order to comprehend the gospels, and after having reached elderhood is when one begins to comprehend them. 

One needs to have whitewashed one’s hair, we might say, with wisdom, in order to come to understand what the gospels are.

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