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The Crystallization of Divinity Within Us and the Power to Create

What exactly is the object of these studies? For what purpose, what is our objective? What do we want? This is something that all of us must reflect deeply on.

First of all, I want you to know that behind this sun that illuminates us and gives us life, is the sacred solar absolute. Each one of us has in the sacred absolute the very root of our Being.

We have been told a lot about the Ain Soph Paranishpanna; this Ain Soph is the inner star that has always smiled on us. A very wise author said:

“I raise my eyes to the stars from which help will come to me, but I always follow (the Ain Soph) the star that guides my interior” ...

That star is the Ain Soph Paranishpanna.

Undoubtedly, my dear brothers and sisters, from the Ain Soph emanates the incessant eternal breath, profoundly unknowable to itself: the active omnipresent, omnipenetrating, omniscient Okidanock.

Undoubtedly, from that active Okidanock, from that tremendous ray that unites us to the Ain Soph Paranishpanna (located as we already said in the sacred solar absolute), the three primary forces become; We will call the first “holy affirming”, the second, “holy denying” and the third, “holy reconciling”.

In the Hindustani language, the first could be called "Brahma", the second, "Vishnu", the third, Shiva. They are the three forces: positive, negative, and neutral. Each one of us, in ourselves, particularly, have that ray that unites us to the great reality. Each one of us, in ourselves, have these three forces. In short, each one of us is connected to the sacred solar absolute.

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Thus, thinking in a macrocosmic manner, no longer only from the point of view of the microcosm-human, we will see how the holy omnipenetrating, omniscient Okidanock remains involved in the worlds, but not imprisoned in the worlds.

During the manifestation, the Holy Okidanock emanates from himself the three forces for creation; Without these three forces (positive, negative, neutral), all creation would really be impossible.

If we carefully observe the creatures of all nature, we see that in the cephalopod animals, that is, with only one brain, such as snails, such as insects that last only one summer afternoon, mollusks, etc., express only one force. In bicephalous or higher order animals such as birds, quadrupeds, etc., two forces are manifested. But, only in the "intellectual animal" mistakenly called "human", the three forces are expressed. That is why only the "intellectual animal" could crystallize, within itself, the three primary forces of nature. And that, precisely that, my dear brothers and sisters, is what the sacred solar absolute wants.

It is our duty to fight to achieve, in ourselves, the crystallization of these three primary forces of nature. When someone manages to crystallize the three primary forces in themselves, they undoubtedly reach the logoic state, reach the goal, and earn the right to return to the sacred absolute sun.

That is precisely what the sacred solar absolute wants in the psychophysiological, in the psychosomatic, etc., to perform within us, which is, the crystallization of the three primary forces of nature.

Only in this way can we become what is called the “Celestial Adam”, the “Adam-Kadmon” that the Kabbalists speak about.

Let us reflect, we are called, then, to crystallize these three forces of nature within ourselves, here and now.

Who is the master Kuthumi? He is a man who crystallized the three primary forces within himself. Who is Morya? He is a man who crystallized those three forces within himself. Who is Jesus of Nazareth? He is a man who managed to crystallize those three forces in himself. Who is Sanat Kumara? He is someone who managed to crystallize, in himself, the three primary forces of nature and the cosmos.

Listen my dear brothers and sisters, the incarnation of the three primary forces is not a simple enterprise; if we fill a glass with water, it can be lost when the glass overturns or breaks; another thing is to crystallize such water inside the glass, so it remains fixed, firm.

The same happens, my dear brothers and sisters, with the Logos: if we only incarnated it, it would remain just an inhabitant (something like water in a glass, it can escape), it would no longer be there inside our body, but visiting. Thus, crystallizing it is different, and that is precisely what we need.

But let's go to the bottom, my dear brothers and sisters: we are gathered here with the purpose of knowing, we want to know, and it is obvious that each one of us can become a logos, it is obvious that each one of us can achieve the crystallization of the three primary forces, in himself and within herself, here and now. The important thing is to know how, the procedure, the method, the system that does not fail, that is exact, that is precise; and luckily there is.


First of all, if we really want to achieve the crystallization of the three primary forces within ourselves here and now we have to start by awakening the kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

This kundalini-shakti is also prana, life. It is coiled, as we already know, three and a half times inside the muladhara chakra; such magnetic center is located exactly in the coccygeal bone; in Christian esotericism it is known as the “church of Ephesus”.

There are many procedures with which you want to awaken the kundalini. I once saw in a film something very curious that happens in the lands of Hindustan (barbaric by the way): a yogi appeared there with that coccygeal bone naked, uncovered; they had opened that part with a knife, that is, they had removed the skin that covers the bone, and even the meat itself had been opened (the procedure was barbaric), and another yogi, with a cloth or piece cloth, intensively rubbing the victim's coccyx, of course; objective: to awaken the kundalini. A barbaric system, obviously; the way he moved that rag (very similar to the procedure used by shoe polishers to clean shoes when they are polishing them), inflicted pain on that monk, was... ...of course ignorance, ignorance; this is not how the igneous serpent of our magical powers awakens, never through this procedure wakes up.

Others try to awaken devi kundalini through pranayama (inhaling through the right nostril, holding it, exhaling through the left and vice versa; controlling the breath with the index finger and thumb). I do not deny the value of pranayama, it is great for vitalizing the physical body; but it does not serve to awaken devi kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers. However, some sparks jump from the coccyx, which circulate through the nadis or organic channels and moments of illumination come, then the yogi believes that he has awakened the kundalini, but no, the kundalini remains, it is still coiled inside the muladhara chakra.

Some suppose that some holy man can stretch out his hand on the disciple to awaken the igneous snake, but that concept is also wrong.

The magical serpent only awakens, my dear brothers and sisters, with a single procedure: the sahaja maithuna [sexual transmutation]. I have taught it in all my works, I have repeated it in all classes ad nauseam. At this point we could be called "sex freaks"; thus, the human being seeks evasions, justifications for his weaknesses, loopholes, various forms of self-deception, etc.

Once (I have already told it many times here, but I must always repeat tirelessly), being in the state of samadhi or satori, I asked devi kundalini in the following way, "Is it possible that there in the physical world there is someone who can attain self-realization without the need for sexual magic?"

The answer was terrible, "Impossible, my son, that is not possible!"

I was left reflecting; when we think of so many sincerely mistaken people that abound in the world, and who believe that it is through celibacy that they can reach the intimate self-realization of their Being, one cannot help but feel true compassion for humanity. Those who think this way, those who defend celibacy, deep down, "not only ignore, but also ignore that they ignore"; “not only do they not know, but also, they do not know that they do not know”; if they had their spatial sense completely awake, they could verify for themselves, directly, the harsh reality of the “intellectual animal”; then they would fully realize that they do not really possess those supersensible bodies that the pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists speak about.

When someone who has really developed the chakras carefully studies people, he can fully realize that all people have only one body: the physical body, and nothing else.

The seat of life, the Linga Sarira of the Hindustani, the Mumia of Paracelsus, what of it? This is really nothing more than the four-dimensional section of the same physical body.

The Ego

And beyond that physical body with its vital seat, what is it, really, that people have? The ego: they do have something else: the ego, the I, the myself, the self-willed.

This ego can be confused with the astral body, as many pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists have already confused it; not only did they confuse it in the past, but they still keep confusing it.

The ego is a sum of negative values; a bunch, let's say, of passions, hatred, jealousy, mistrust, fornication, etc., etc., etc. This ego is not the astral body.

Getting to see this reality is necessary, but it is only possible through the awakening of the chakras. Getting to see this crude reality of the "intellectual animal" is very important. Only one who awakens the consciousness can verify this. The unconscious, the asleep, could never verify this truth.

The various pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult schools of thought tell us that "the humanoid has a mental body." I accept this for a man; but I could not accept it for the "intellectual animal" mistakenly called "human".

I repeat, the three-brained biped, or the rational homunculus to be clearer, does not have a mental body, does not have a mind; he has "minds" which is different. Let me explain: if the ego is a sum of psychic aggregates, or pernicious entities that personify our errors; it is obvious that each of these has a mind of its own.

Speaking in different terms, I will say: the ego is a sum of “I’s”, there is not one “I” but many “I’s” within each individual (this little can be understood by some, and yet we must all understand it). The “I” of anger, the “I” of hatred, the “I” of fornication, the “I” of envy, the “I” of violence, etc., etc., etc. (they are different “I’s”), with the naked eye they are not seen, with the spatial sense they are. Whoever has the spatial sense will be able to verify what I am saying.

That set of “I’s” is very varied and constitutes the ego. That each one of those “I’s” has its own mind, it is true... ...when we are full of hate we see everything black; when we are full of eenvy, we see everything green, we dislike the triumph of others, etc.

When we have projects in mind, it seems that we are "geniuses" (so we feel). And each I that controls the capital centers of the organic machine feels like the master, the lord, the only one, the boss.

The individual who today swears eternal love to a woman, tomorrow is displaced by another “I” that has nothing to do with that oath. The “I” that today is enthusiastic about this kind of studies, that attends here, at this center, tomorrow is displaced by another “I” that has nothing to do with these studies, and then, we see how the subject leaves, does not return.

Thus, we are machines managed by many perverse entities; we are not individuals, we have not yet individualized ourselves, we are in a sorry state, but we believe we are “gods”. We must reflect on this deeply.

Likewise, then, we have, if today the mind thinks one thing, tomorrow it is displaced by the mind that thinks something else. The "intellectual animal" does not have a mental body. Finding ourselves, then, in these conditions, we must reflect...

We are told that "we have a causal body" (so the pseudo-esotericists say, so the pseudo-occultists emphasize). But the causal body is the body of the conscious will. The one who has conscious will is never a victim of circumstances; that one can determine them, yes, at will, but not be a victim of them. One who is a victim of circumstances does not have a body of conscious will, does not possess it, because if one possessed it, one would not be a victim of circumstances.

However, the pseudo-occultists believe that the humanoid has that body of the conscious will and the facts show the opposite and facts are facts and before the facts we have to surrender.

Thus, the only thing we have inside is the "beast", the animal ego.

There is something more decent that we have, yes, I mean the essence, it is the most elevated thing that we have inside. But this essence is bottled up within all that set of quarrelsome and loud-mouthed “I’s”; thus, this essence is processed according to its own conditioning.

That is the state we find ourselves in, my dear brothers and sisters. And the only panacea that the enlightened ignorant of pseudo-occultism and cheap pseudo-esotericism give us is "celibacy." Do you believe that such absurd celibacy could make us gods? There we have entire communities (I don't want to name any), of celibate religious: which of them has attained self-realization?


In the humanoid, or in the "intellectual animal" mistakenly called "human" (although the three forces can manifest themselves) really, only this one activates in all its power and in all its fullness, the first: the holy affirmation. In the "intellectual animal" called "woman" the second force is active, the holy negation.

If you want to make a creation, obviously, you need to activate the three forces; that is the mystery of creation. When the holy affirming and the holy denying are reconciled by the third force, when they are united by a third force, when these three merge, a creation results, a son or a monster, or whatever, but something, something it has been created.

If you want to create the astral body (about which Philip Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim spoke), the eidolon, the sidereal vehicle, obviously, we have to use the three primary forces of nature; thenceforth, man and woman united in the forge of the cyclops, can create the astral body.

The important thing is, as we already know, not to extract the sacred sperm [sexual energy, whether in men or women] from the organism, rather, to produce it to transmute it and convert it into energy. When it is wisely transmuted, the result is the crystallization of the astral body within our own organism.

Much later we will have to create the body of the mind. It is through love, through sexual union (man & woman), that we can create that wonderful instrument; and finally, the body of the conscious will.

We have already clearly talked about what sexual hydrogen Si-12 is. We have said that by not spending the sperm, by not extracting it from the organism, the hydrogen contained there comes to crystallize in the figure of the astral body; we have also said that such hydrogen, not being eliminated, transforms into the mental, and finally, into the causal.

We need sexual union to completely create the superior existential bodies of the being. This is precisely what the enlightened ignorants do not know; only the one who has created the superior existential bodies can truly incarnate the human soul within oneself, and become a human with a soul, a true human. And only authentic humans can aspire to self-realization; before that, before such longing, we must become humans.

Thus, brothers and sisters, the kundalini only awakens through sexual contact, and the superior existential bodies of the Being can only be created through the sahaja maithuna, in the forge of the cyclops.

“Intellectual animals” are not humans, but they think that they are. They have within themselves the seed that, developed, transforms them into humans. It is necessary to make a revolution of the seed itself, in order to become humans.

Celibacy is, therefore, the opposite, because through celibacy no one can create the superior existential bodies of the being. A single force, the masculine, could not create the superior existential bodies of the Being; a single force, the feminine, could not create such supersensible vehicles. The union of the masculine force and the feminine force is needed, through the conciliation of the third force. The three forces can indeed originate new creations; that is what many enlightened ignorant do not understand.

The sahaja maithuna has various transcendent and transcendental aspects. In the sahaja maithuna there is “solve et coagula”, that is, “dissolve and coagulate”: dissolve the ego, yes, the I, the myself, and coagulate the sexual hydrogen Si-12 in the form of the superior existential bodies of the Being. That is the way to become authentic, legitimate and true humans.

Once converted into humans (in the fullest sense of the word), one can aspire to the supreme Christification. Through the sahaja maithuna we create the superior existential bodies of the Being, and also using the lance of Longinus or the lance of Achilles, in those instants, we can disintegrate the “I”, the myself, the ego.

Some human beings want to run away, go to the mountains, become vegetarians, etc., they think that this way they can be self-realized. I really tell you the following: we need to live in society, in the world, because in the state of coexistence we can discover ourselves; the defects that we carry hidden surface, but if we are alert and vigilant then we see them. A discovered defect must be submitted to analysis and meditation; and once comprehended, then we proceed by eliminating it.

So, there is a need to comprehend and eliminate. We could comprehend that we have the defect of envy and continue with it. It is necessary to eliminate it, and it is only possible to eliminate it in the forge of the cyclops, that is, in the maithuna; then we ask the mother kundalini to eliminate this or that error and she will do so, and we will be free from that error. But previously it is essential to have fully comprehended it in each of the 49 levels of the subconsciousness.

In coexistence, then, we managed to prepare the way for the crystallization of the second force; in coexistence we prepare the way by crystallizing the third force, that of the holy spirit, that of the holy conciliation; we crystallize it by working in the forge of the cyclops.

In coexistence we discover our errors, and such error discovered and eliminated, is replaced by a virtue, by a quality; then, in coexistence, in relation to humanity, we accumulate within each one of us the essential values ​​for the crystallization of the second force. And if we learn to obey the father “in heaven as well as on earth”, we undoubtedly prepare the way for the crystallization of the first force.

Therefore, coexistence is essential for the crystallization of the three primary forces. However, those who have already dissolved the ego, who have already created the superior existential bodies of the being, who no longer possess subhuman subjective elements within their interior system or within their intimate microcosm, can afford to seek solitude, because it is in solitude that the powers of the adept are fortified. However, seeking solitude when we have not yet dissolved the ego is absurd.

Something about Gautama, Sakyamuni Buddha, comes to my mind right now. Gautama, the buddha, spoke out against the abominable kundabuffer organ; you already know that this organ was developed in archaic humanity; I am referring to a certain tenebrous Luciferian fire that rushes from the coccyx downwards towards the atomic infernos of man.

In the past, the "intellectual animal" had the abominable kundabuffer organ excessively developed. It is clear that when the gods eliminated that organ, humanity, all of it, was left with the results of that organ.

The bad consequences of the abominable kundabuffer organ are, undoubtedly, all those psychic aggregates that constitute the ego, the myself, the “I”; and Gautama, the buddha, comprehending that, pronounced himself against the abominable kundabuffer organ; His entire doctrine goes against that organ of abominations, against that tail of Satan that the tenebrous ones wear.

His doctrine was wonderful: he taught the dissolution of the ego, and in secret, sexual magic, and admonished his disciples, inviting them to sacrifice for humanity. After Gautama Sakyamuni Buddha disincarnated, a group of sectarians decided to create monasteries in Eastern Tibet, emigrated from India, and settled in the Himalayas. Each one of the applicants emigrated with his wife, he took his wife with him. That conglomerate was a true people of mystics, anchorites...

When the buildings were already established, for the groups of those hermits who aspired to the dissolution of the ego and who interpreted the doctrine of Gautama in a somewhat negative way, the protest of the women came: they were horrified when they saw that kind of hermitages in that those anchorites were going to lock themselves up; half of the building had such hermitages, the other half was accommodated for general services...

But observing those strange hermitages where each hermit was going to lock himself up, it was something that caused fear: they were small rooms, where there was hardly a small hole through which the temple servants put food for the penitent, that is, those monks became practically sandwiches...

Something very similar to what happened in that time of the colony, where so many became sandwiched, stuck between four walls, without ever being able to get out of there again.

Undoubtedly many women protested and there was a division between groups. Some, obeying their wives, withdrew; others, faithful to their purposes, settled a little further afield, migrated a little further, and established their monasteries. Practically two kinds of monasteries were established: ones that could be called "orthodox" and others a little more liberal.

The Orthodox became unbearable. Each monk entered a cloister, let's say, in one of those hermitages; he was a man sentenced to death. Through a hole they put food, consisting of bread and water nothing more; until he died.

Whoever reached for the food, who attended to the hermitages, naturally aspired to take his place in some cloister, in one of those corners; when a hermit died, he was removed from there, he was buried or his body was cremated, and whoever brought them food, happily, went on to replace him. That was, then, something abominable. The goal was to dissolve the ego, but how!

We, my dear brothers and sisters, would never accept such a monastic life: terrible, absurd! That is not the way. And the most serious thing is that those cloistered men abandoned their wives. They aspired to die within themselves in order to immerse themselves in nirvana; it is obvious that this is a terrible interpretation of the doctrine of Gautama, the buddha.

Why run away from women? Why look at her as something sinful, if it is through her that self-realization can be achieved?

Why run away from society? That is only to run away from ourselves. By running away from society we are only running away from ourselves, and that is absurd. Because in relation to humanity, in contact with the whole world, it is how we come to discover the defects that we carry inside; and in relation to the opposite sex is how we can create the superior existential bodies of the Being; so why run away?

Many hermit monks in the Middle Ages followed similar customs. We are now in the 20th century, beginning the era of the Aquarius; asceticism has not been renounced, no; the ascetic of this new age is different: if the past ascetic fled from sex, the Aquarius ascetics seek sex, because they consider that in sex there is that marvelous power that can radically transform us. Our ascetics, then, do not run away from sex, they look for sex.

Single life is only for those who have already achieved the elimination of the ego and the crystallization at least of the third force. But those who do not possess superior existential bodies of being, those who have not finished with the myself, with the “I”, what are they looking for in solitude? Why do they want the path of celibacy? Why do you yearn to live an absurd life, like that of the misguided Himalayan monks that I have quoted?

We are going towards a revolution of the consciousness, to make a radical transformation. Within each one of us there are extraordinary powers that are dormant, latent; we need to wake them up, put them into activity.

And it is only possible to achieve that when we enliven the fire and dissolve the ego. You have to enliven the flame of the spirit with the force of love. Unfortunately, people do not understand what we are saying because they are asleep. We advocate for the awakening of the consciousness, only in this way is it possible to comprehend.

My dear brothers and sisters: we must be practical; it is only possible, I repeat, to evidence what I am saying, if we wake up.

Astral Projection

Those who have already begun the work of awakening must urgently learn how to go out in the astral body, if they do not have the astral body, learn to go out in the essence.

We say "astral body" in a symbolic or allegorical way, or conventionally, because people don't have it.

There are moments in life when one can escape from the physical body at will, to see, hear, touch and feel the great realities that I am talking about. One of those moments, my dear brothers and sisters, is the one that exists between wakefulness and sleep. In those moments in which we are dozing (not asleep I clarify, dozing) we can escape from the physical body at will. If in those moments we are alert and vigilant as a sentinel in times of war, we can achieve it; the important thing is to monitor the dream, become spies of our own dream, and then, when the first daydreams begin, feeling ourselves to be spirit, fluid, something intangible, get out of bed.

When I speak like this, this must be translated into deeds. It is not about thinking that you are going to get up, or thinking that you are thinking, etc., what matters is doing it; doing so will produce the projection of the personality. If at such moments, already standing... bed, we look to see what is left there, we will see, with astonishment, that our physical body has remained.

And so, outside the body, we can move away from the bedroom, go out into the street, float in the atmosphere, search, inquire, investigate, discover the mysteries of life and death. When we sleep, we all escape from the physical body...

At the precise moment of awakening, in such moments, if we close our eyes, we must imagine ourselves at the last point in which we were dreaming. Suppose we were dreaming in the Zócalo of Mexico and woke up. What are we going to do?

1. Do not move on the bed.

2. Vividly imagine the Zócalo, and with the imagination try to follow the dream where we went. We close our eyes to fall asleep, intentionally reliving the dream as it was going with our imagination and following it as it was going, close our eyes and try to follow the dream intensively, as it was going; if we were talking to someone, continue the conversation with that someone, through a flashback, in time we do to fall asleep again; the result will be that the projection will take place, we will see each other again in that dream but in a different, cognizant manner.

It is therefore necessary to learn how to go out in the astral body at will, to see, hear, feel the great realities of life and death.

Some time ago  in the suprasensible worlds, I found a certain subject who in life had studied gnosis; With great pain I was able to verify the crude reality that this man was sleeping. I fully realized that I had not managed to manufacture the astral body in his life. I invited him to reflect, I told him: “Friend, you are dead, your body is in the pantheon”. He didn't believe me. “Friend, take a little jump with the intention of floating”. He did it, but since he did not float [he did not believe] ...

So, we have to think about it and do it. The work is hard, bitter and difficult, but not impossible. That yes: it is necessary to carve the stone, the hard rock, until chiseling it. That is essential for in depth self-realization.

No one can do this work for us, no one can replace us.

It is up to each of us to face the hard task of crystallizing the three forces within ourselves, here and now.

So we end here for now, my dear brothers and sisters.